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Chapter 143: The disappearance of 190,000 places

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Although there were not many players like Zhu MoLing who entered the game without knowing anything about Carefree Farmstead, there were some.

At this point, more than four hours had passed since the 18:00 quota grab. Most of the players who just entered the game had finished the newbie tasks and received the “Village Chief’s Residence” task, and were in a state where they have nowhere to vent their feelings about the game, so they exited the game and headed towards the game forum.

Liang Youhui was an ashes player of “Void War” and also the person who raised objections to the fact that Bai Li was both a game maker and a game player in the forum. After he was scolded by players and netizens, he was uncomfortable and had a lot of resentment. When he saw the enthusiastic attitude of the netizens towards the game quotas, he had a flash of inspiration and also followed to grab one.

He really grabbed one of the 800,000 spots, and in the spirit of “I’d like to see what kind of goblin has hooked the hearts and minds of so many people,” Liang YouHui entered the game.

Before he logged into the game, he deliberately told his friends about it in the Void War player discussion group, and told them to wait for him to return with a basket of tweets. Anyway, no matter what, he would not believe that just such a small broken game with 500 opening slots would have such a big charm. It was definitely the result of marketing and publicity.

And then…

From the moment he gave the character image a face pinch, he had a vague feeling of something not too good. Take the game nickname, fill out the questionnaire, enter the game, receive the first newbie task with the help of enthusiastic players, weeding, building a house, planting, harvesting…Every part of the game seemed to be ordinary, and every part seemed to be full of endless charm.

By the end of the day, Liang YouHui couldn’t even remember that his purpose of entering the game was actually to find its black spots.

It was embarrassing.

The bull that he blew out before he left had been responded to by many people, and the chat group, which was quite large in number, had been constantly urging him since 21:00, and wanted him to talk about what kind of game Carefree Farmstead really was. However, he never showed up. Now those who aired him were losing confidence, felt that they’d been tricked, and were cursing at him in the group.

It was at this time that Liang Youhui bubbled up in the group. His appearance was like a cannon exploding a fish pond. Instantly a large number of people came out to ask him questions.

[How’s it going, Liang? What’s this game all about? Is it as evil as the Starnet says?]

[I timed you. Haha! You disappeared for a total of four hours and 32 minutes. Tell me, were you in the game that entire time?]

[Haha! I’m only afraid that old Liang has also become one of those who have been hooked… I should have known that. I could have gone to grab a spot in the game…”

[Mn…] Liang Youhui felt that the matter could not be concealed, he had better admit it directly, [Carefree Farmstead, this game…It’s worth it! It’s really worth it!!!]

A bunch of question marks appeared in the group all of a sudden, and the group members wondered if Liang Youhui had been kidnapped. Was the one who answered them not actually Liang Youhui himself?

Without waiting for them to send out specific text, Liang Youhui simply sent a voice clip, and said all his thoughts about the game.

“I tell you, Carefree Farmstead and our Void War are two different games! We are constantly fighting monsters, either in the battle or on the way to the battle, fragments of time also have to try to do a good job of replenishing supplies and equipment repair, simply can not stop to rest, and the spirit is always in a state of tension. But Carefree Farmstead is different! The tasks in it are very simple, and there is no time requirement, you can do it whenever you want, as long as you are not afraid to catch up with the progress of others! The game you can freely choose a piece of land as your home base, build a house on it, planting, but also a fence to prevent others from coming in, you can stand in it, sit and lie down, whatever you want, the air is full of the taste of freedom…

“And, and, and! The most amazing thing is that the food in this game is flavored! All kinds of flavors, and each food taste isn’t repeated! The first food I ate was white steamed bun. As you know, Amoy online has it for sale, and it is hard as a weapon. But in this game, as long as 2 copper coins are spent, you can buy it. It is fluffy, sweet and delicious. A bite was like eating clouds. A light sweet taste filled my mouth, no exaggeration, and at that time my tears almost came down! I had thought that such a kind of food is the limit of the game, and then other players told me that there is an item called Food Basket in the game store, from which the food opened is the real beauty. I swore I wouldn’t spend a penny before going into the game, and I came out of the game having spent over a hundred star coins, but I don’t think it was a loss at all. Rather, I made a fortune!”

He said a lot more with a crying voice, but the group had no intention of continuing to listen. Damn, the more they listened to these words, the more heartwarming the situation was. Ah, this game was really interesting!

A group of adults were driven by Liang YouHui and boarded the game forum, and searched for Carefree Farmstead related things. There were even people who found a few live game videos just to see what the in-game food looked like.

That kind of thing, right, once the mouth was open, it was very difficult to close it. The new round of 800,000 game slots had been snatched up, but the 4,000 slots for the lottery hadn’t yet been sent out. The people in the group had set their eyes on the “Carefree Farmstead V” starblog and Bai Li’s post on the forum, so they were hurrying to operate a wave while there was still time.

After that, it was heads up, as they waited for the moment of the opening of the prizes.

Both were zero o’clock before the lottery, and this time there was a full hour before the opening time. The people who were waiting didn’t want to waste their time, and they all searched the game forums for relevant content.

Soon, a post that came out of nowhere caught their attention.

[Brothers you will never think about where the 190,000 spots that disappeared have gone!]

The most discussed game in the game forum today was definitely Carefree Farmstead, and today was the day of the release of the game quota. 800,000 places, to more than a 100 million competitors, was not enough. Those who hadn’t grabbed the game quota had long been curious about where the ones that were not released went.

A Virtual reality game builder C level could accommodate a million players, and with this number, Bai Li’s release of the game quota together the number of existing players together was not consistent, in fact it could be said to be a considerable difference. Now that someone came forward to solve their confusion, the netizens who did not succeed in grabbing the 800,000 naturally rushed in with their grievances.

However, not long after they rushed in, their faces were covered with a painful expression of “I can’t afford to mess with you.”

What’s the matter? Why were those places in the hands of the military? When the hell did LiLi “hook up” with the Ministry of Military Affairs, and just gave them so many places!?

All 190,000!

The netizens, who had big questions in their heads, followed the post and soon found out what had happened.

It turned out that a player was lucky enough to meet his neighbor’s older brother in one of the game’s many newbie villages. This person actually rushed into the game without pinching his face, and the older brother had been working in the military all those years. Since he suffered from Genetic Collapse Disorder, his situation wasn’t too good. In order to facilitate treatment, he hadn’t returned home for several years.

When the two men met, the player found that the other was in better shape than he had expected, and in the spirit of helping his neighbor to inquire, he asked some questions like “How are you doing these days?”, and after they talked a bit, the topic somehow came around to the Carefree Farmstead game quota.

The next was the content of their chat that the player posted with the other player’s permission.

“Brother, I really didn’t expect you to know about the game Carefree Farmstead. I thought you would only get into those popular holographic online games!”

“Why? You don’t understand. Who doesn’t know about this game nowadays? We’ve been working very hard there to get a spot in the game.”

“Yes, yes! I also spent a lot of effort to grab this spot, since early this morning I began to bathe and burn incense, forwarded 88 times Big Brother Demon Xing’s golden koi, and then also found the Ancient Blue Star Period’s  Buddha portrait worship, so I was lucky to grab it! Brother you are similar, hehehe! We both have good luck…”

“Well…No, I didn’t have that much trouble. We mainly see who is more seriously ill. Fortunately my Genetic Collapse Disorder has deepened a bit more during this time, otherwise I might not have been able to share a spot!”

“???? What’s up brother, what’s Genetic Collapse Disorder got to do with grabbing a spot in the game?”

“Hmm? I did not tell you. We have this quota, the Admiral paid for us to use it, a total of 190,000 slots for Genetic Collapse Disorder. The more serious have been allocated and to those who didn’t get allocated, they have to go to grab.”

On the other side, the forum onlookers’ fists have begun to harden.

Listen, listen, he’s speaking human words! They work hard and sleepless nights to grab a game quota, but those in the military, as long as they meet the requirements, they can get one for nothing. This was also too cool, ba! QAQ!

The crowd didn’t notice that the conversation had also appeared in their hearts for the past two months. Blinded by jealousy, in the left eye was written “poor,” in the right eye was written “poor,” they couldn’t help but guess how much money to buy these places in the end.

The first one was worth tens of thousands of dollars, that is. They not only can’t grab the second one, even the first one was still hanging, otherwise they would have sold the extra game places.

Now it was 190,000 places. Even if the price was discounted as low five thousand, all together it was still the price of the sky.

The owner really knew the heart of the public, and threw the doubts in his heart to the other side at that time.

[Those…190,000 places, they must be very expensive to buy! You are too rich!]

[That’s not true! I heard from the people above, it seems to be 5 star coins to buy one, and not even the Ministry of the military paid for it since the Admiral made the deal. It was the Admiral who directly paid the full amount.]

The netizens’ eager tears flowed down from the corners of their mouths, and they finally noticed a certain word that appeared twice.

Wait, Admiral? Which Admiral!


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