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Chapter 142: A clean, ordinary player

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At present, it was the first time to “eat meat”. Even Zhu MoLing, who was used to seeing good things, could hardly resist the temptation at that time. HIs new setting was that he had suddenly become a foodie. Anyway, he was wearing a hand-made face, and as long as he didn’t say anything, who would know his real identity? With that in mind, he simply took out the remaining nine Food Baskets and without stopping lifted the covers one by one, revealing a gourmet dish underneath the cover.

Sweet and sour pork1, salt and pepper fried pork2, Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup3, diced chicken in spicy sauce4, stir-fried white bamboo shoots5, strawberry matcha daifuku6, stinky tofu7, chicken katsu8, and a large glass of mango pomelo sago with half sugar on ice9. Nine kinds of food, there were dishes with meat, vegetables, a dessert and drink.

Zhu MoLing bought a separate table, and couldn’t wait to take these things to the house to eat. With the food lined up on the table, he took a bite of vegetables and a bite of meat. A piece of stinky tofu and a piece of chicken katsu. A sip of the mango pomelo sago to relieve the grease in his mouth, and felt for the first time what it was like to “live like a god.”

Therians had always eaten a lot, not to mention in the game where they couldn’t die. Zhu MoLing was satisfied with a lot of food, and even his original rejection of the stinky tofu because of the smell diminished after he tried a bite. He even exclaimed, “It smells bad, but the flavor is so fragrant!”

Plus beginning with Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, there were the whole ten dishes. He ate until his belly was round, and did not even know what day it was. His last little bit of skepticism about the game Carefree Farmstead also disappeared.

This game, it’s damn sweet!

When he looked at his neighbors to his left and right, they were the first to talk about the Food Basket, but at this time they hadn’t even tasted a single dish yet, they were just watching someone’s food broadcast.

It was only when Zhu MoLing had eaten all the food, leaned back in his chair and squinted, that they woke up as if from a dream, and wiped the drool from the corners of their mouths while impatiently removing the cover of the Food Baskets they had just bought.

But their luck was not as good as Zhu MoLing’s. The ten dishes that were opened not only had duplicates, but there were even things like boiled water, roasted wheat, and boiled corn. The first of which was only for quenching thirst, the last two of which they were said to be able to make themselves when they had bought all the “equipment”.

Zhu MoLing listened happily to their mutterings for a while, and was pleased with the fact that although his face was black, his hands were red. When he had enough rest, he got up and went to the village chief, intending to finish all the newbie tasks early.

He sold crops, built fences, improved living supplies, made a meal with his own hands, and finally wandered around the stalls near the village entrance, exchanging the duplicate farming tools he had opened with players he didn’t know. At the end, the two even added each other as game friends.

This was the first time Zhu MoLing had added friends in a game, and it felt quite new. At this point, the newbie mission was almost over. He came to the old village chief’s side and took the last and most special task from him.

The village chief’s residence.

This task was still in a pending state, when taking the task, the village chief showed Zhu MoLing four pictures of the house, letting him choose one of them as the final form of the residence after completion.

In Zhu MoLing’s opinion, the first two pictures were too simple, while the last two have their own characteristics. He stood in place for a while thinking, and finally chose the palace-style residence.

In his opinion, the easy to finish one was definitely cheaper, and only the kind that looks expensive was challenging. Not only him, the other players around also frantically discussed which style was better to choose, they each expressed their own opinions, and the scene instantly became rowdy.

“Choose the fourth one. We have already seen what the third type of mansion looks like when it is completed. Don’t you guys want something new? Something exciting?”

“In fact, the first and the second are also good. The material needed must be less than the third. Don’t forget, the Mushroom Village gang, they spent almost half a month gathering the materials!”

“Haha! I don’t care. Anyway, when everyone has voted, we will know the result. There is this discussion of the work, we might as well go to practice life skills, for the time to compete for the title ‘well prepared!’”

“Pet eggs! White horse! Taming grass! Suck it up! It’s over, I’m dreaming before the quest even starts! TAT!”

“…” Zhu MoLing understood, the village he was now in should not be the first village in the game, the one called “Mushroom Village” was the first. The players in that village had entered the game earlier than they did, and had a wealth of experience for them to learn from. It was said to be learning, but the new players were still more than happy to build on the original foundation in a village style they prefer, so there was now a disagreement.

Seeing that the players were all like “I know it all,” Zhu MoLing was relieved that the task would be completed smoothly.

It didn’t take long for nearly 80% of the players to make a choice, and the number of players who chose the fourth picture, the palace house, also exceeded 50%. The final result was already obvious, the village chief directly announced the list of materials required.

“Palace residence material list: soil X10,000,000, stone X5,000,000, tile X2,000,000, copper ore X1,000,000, wooden board X1,000,000, flower seeds X500,000, glazed stone X100,000, silver ore X100,000, gold ore X100,000, koi X50,000. Rare tree species X5,000, turtles X50, tigers X20, lions X20, ordinary small animals X500, rare wood to build a number of furniture.”

Various materials followed by a series of zeroes, so many that the number of people couldn’t count. A player with a good memory did the math on the spot and let out a wail, “Oh my God! The amount of materials is actually ten times more than the previous one! It took them half a month to build a garden-style house, and now the quantity has become 10 times as much. Won’t it take us half a year to complete this task?”

“And there are additional material requirements, turtles, tigers and lions are fine, but why do they need 500 ordinary small animals? Is it to open a zoo? Can I be counted as a beast? So many materials, just kill me!”

Before this player pointed it out specifically, other players weren’t too sensitive to the numbers. However, once the figures were there and they knew that the comparison, they all sat down and froze a few seconds then cried out. There was also a person who slid forward, kneeling. They hugged the village chief’s thigh, and asked him if he could still change his mind? He suddenly felt that living in the country house was also good. Flashy didn’t matter, the main thing was the mood!

The village chief did not like to hear this, “Young man, this old man has been out walking for many years, and always says what you want to do. ‘For a gentleman’s word, a team of horses was hard to follow’ have you not heard this truth? How can you change a decision that was made by so many people together? I believe that with your hard work, you will be able to complete the residence of the old man and his wife as soon as possible. When the time comes, I will prepare a generous thank-you gift for you, together with my wife.”

This was true, as all virtual reality games had always been worth it. The more difficult the task was completed, the more generous the reward that the players would get at the end. This was the only way to be happy after hearing this bad news.

Zhu MoLing did not realize at first, how terrible this result was, but when he listened to the cries of the players around him, his face also followed and darkened. It seems that they had chosen hard mode for themselves. At least there were 5,000 people with him, so he wasn’t alone.

Since the matter had been settled, the Interstellar players did not hold on to this matter, and actively discussed what they should do next after such an accident.

“What to do…?This is ten times the amount of material, should we go to the forums and tell the others?”

“Tell my ass! Why should I keep collecting materials while they can easily complete the task because of our reminders? Let’s sink together, ho, ho, ho!”

“Older brother is right, ah. For such a major matter, how can we listen to the advice of the next person? Of course, we should follow the choice of the heart. If they choose the easy one, we have nothing to say, but if their choice is the same as ours, the next six months together we will call them brother!”

“Will this not be good, walking in the jianghu, where are our martial virtues?”

“Yuck! Are you infected by the village chief? What kind of jianghu? What kind of martial virtue? Do you believe that of the 199 newbie villages, they won’t choose the fourth type of palace-style housing? Would any of them run to the forum to remind others? They will even vigorously advocate the benefits of palace-style housing, as they try to cheat other villages!”

This kind of mutual pit, the operation of pulling people into the pit, was the correct way to open the game forum, ah. The above ideas and speculations were simply to the point, and not easily eliminated. The players, with only a drop of conscience, looked at each other, and all revealed their unspoken “vicious” smiles.

Infected by the atmosphere, Zhu MoLing also smiled. The corners of his mouth were only half pulled upward, and the smile on his face froze. The assimilation effect of this game was too strong. He had only been playing this game for how long, ah, and actually became a wolf with the others.

It wasn’t advisable, really not advisable. He still wanted to be a clean, ordinary player. Now that the list of materials had been released, the players had accepted the reality after the initial grief and anger, and then it was time to learn life skills and struggle hard to gather the materials.

Zhu MoLing lined up in front of the village chief’s wife, and after thinking about it, he learned two life skills, “fishing” and “mining.”

After he received the special tools, Zhu MoLing was planning to go to the river not far from the village to test it out when he felt a sudden blackness in front of his eyes and soon lost consciousness. Before he officially quit the game, he cursed Fox One and Fox Two in his heart. With only so little healing time, was it enough to do anything? Quickly send him back to the gaming pod, and let him continue to play the game!

Unfortunately, this matter wasn’t led by Fox One and Fox Two, as he thought, but instead a certain small-minded man.

In reality, Wen XingYao opened the hatch of the gaming pod, and his eyes quickly locked with Bai Li who was waiting outside. Subconsciously, he smiled at him, then quickly reacted to the fact that he was in his beast form, and that the other man was likely to not see his smile.

“How is it? Can he log in the game normally?” Bai Li looked at the fox cub who had just woken up and was still a bit dazed, and remembered the time when he had taken “Supreme” into the gaming pod.

At that time, Supreme was also lying in his arms like a good boy, and his cute attitude after waking up made Bai Li regret why he didn’t take some pictures of him.

Wen XingYao nodded, “He went on board. The latest gaming pod has added the function of ‘logging in’ query. I just looked at it, and indeed two people logged in at once.”

One was him, and the other was naturally Zhu MoLing.

Bai Li was relieved to hear the affirmative answer and smiled. “I’m relieved then. It’s late. Let him go to bed first, and we’ll continue playing tomorrow.”

“Mn, okay. I’ll send him back to his room, you go ahead and rest.” The big lion gracefully came out of the gaming pod, and as usual, with a roll of his tail, he lifted the fox cub up, put him on his back and took him out the door.

Bai Li touched his nose uncomfortably, followed behind Wen XingYao then dashed back to his room.

Why did he say go and rest? Did he forget that he was in his room?


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Translator Notes:

  1. (糖醋里脊)
  3. 开水白菜
  4. 辣子鸡丁
  5. 清炒茭白
  6. 草莓和抹茶大福双拼
  7. 臭豆腐
  8. 炸鸡排
  9. Mango pomelo sago (杨枝甘露)


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