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Chapter 43: If One Day…

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“Omelette, fully cooked?” Han Tian asked.

“…Okay.” Qiao Xi wasn’t quite awake yet.

Last night, when Han Tian’s lips gently touched his forehead, he felt his heart was about to explode.

Han Tian, just now, just now, kissed me?

Even though it was only on his forehead?

Then he heard Han Tian whisper in his ear, “This is a spell to pray for a good night’s sleep. Sleep well. Good night.”

Qiao Xi, who thought he would roll around all night again, really fell asleep.

He slept so soundly that when Han Tian came knocking on the door, he was still dazed and not awake.

Now, with his unkempt hair and rubbing his eyes, he sat frozen at the dining table, listening to Han Tian frying eggs and squeezing juice in the kitchen.

Then he saw Han Tian come out with a slightly ugly, strangely shaped orange salad.

How could Han Tian make such a strange and unattractive thing?

Qiao Xi snapped out of it—wasn’t this the fruit plate he wanted to make for Han Tian last night? Is it so ugly?

“This… this…” Qiao Xi stammered and asked, “That, the fruit, no, it’s not too fresh, right?”

“Hmm?” Han Tian sat down opposite him, picked up an orange segment and looked at Qiao Xi and said, “No, I think it’s fine.”

Then, he took the orange into his mouth.

“But, I don’t get it, are you trying to make a pile of oranges into some kind of shape?” Han Tian asked as he wiped his fingertips with a napkin.

“…” Qiao Xi held the fresh orange juice and froze again.

Tell him directly, want to make a heart shape? It seemed a bit hard to say.

Han Tian ate another orange and said with a smile, “You don’t want to make a little yellow duck, do you? That’s pretty hard to do.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m practicing making a duckling! Yeah!” Qiao Xi said without thinking, and added, “Mn, I think if we make the fruits into different shapes of animals, it should be quite suitable for the cafe too?”

“Oh…” Han Tian nodded, fiddled with the rest of the oranges and picked up several cherries from the fruit basket, then pushed the fruit plate to the center of the table and laughed, “I thought, you wanted to make a fruit plate in this shape for me.”

It was a complete, cherry-dotted heart.

Qiao Xi’s face turned red, feeling that all his “lies” had been exposed on the spot.

He lowered his head and mumbled, “I just heard Sang Sang say that it was easier to make a heart shape. It still turned out to be difficult… I don’t know how to make anything else…”

“I recognize it,” Han Tian said softly. “I recognized it as a heart. I like it very much, thank you.”

Why does hearing these words make my heart feel more panicked?

Qiao Xi’s head hung lower and his eyes fell on the pendant on his chest.

“Ah yes!” Qiao Xi lifted his head; his face was not red, and his speech was not stuttering. “Han Tian! I have something very important to tell you!”

Han Tian’s eyes changed slightly, and a slight look of helplessness flashed across his face, but he still asked gently, “Hmm? What?”

Qiao Xi sat up straight and asked seriously, “Han Tian, do you have a brother?”

This should have been a question that could be answered immediately without even thinking about it, but Han Tian leaned back and put his knuckles to his lips for a few seconds before asking, “Why do you ask that?”

Looking at Han Tian’s reaction, Qiao Xi’s previous suspicion that Han Tian and Luo Lin’s relationship should not be good was confirmed. But even so, he answered seriously, “Because—I saw Luo Lin! He looks so much like you that at first glance I almost thought it was you. However, after he had a cup of tea in the cafe, I realized that he actually doesn’t look anything like you!”

After hearing what Qiao Xi said, Han Tian asked, “Luo Lin?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “Mn, Luo Lin.”

“Did he say anything else?” Although Han Tian’s face and tone of voice did not change, Qiao Xi felt that his attitude was extremely serious.

Qiao Xi thought about it and summarized the story that Luo Lin told him in a few words, and then carefully added, “Luo Lin said that when you were a child, you were especially, especially fond of him? You even gave him a little star?”

“Little star?” Han Tian’s brow furrowed. “What little star?”

Qiao Xi pointed to his chest and said, “This is it. When he saw the little star I was wearing, he first asked if I could take it off and show it to him, and then he said you once made him a little star exactly like this?”

Han Tian’s eyebrows were knitted together, but he did not answer immediately.

However, Qiao Xi, who had said a lot of things, simply finished in one breath, “Then he also showed me the star you gave him, and it was really the same as mine!”

Han Tian’s hand was pressed to the dining table, his eyes were staring straight at Qiao Xi, and his tone was unprecedentedly serious as he asked, “You just looked at the star, you didn’t touch it, right?”

Qiao Xi hurriedly shook his head. “No.”

Although he wanted me to take the star and bring it to you, I refused him, huh.

However, Qiao Xi did not intend to tell Han Tian about his refusal.

Han Tian’s face eased a bit, tapped his finger on the table and said, “You just said that Luo Lin and I look alike?”

Qiao Xi showed a confused expression and said, “Huh? You don’t remember what your brother looks like?”

Han Tian’s tone took on a bit of helplessness. “Maybe it’s because there’s a big age difference between Luo Lin and me. And then… After all these years, I don’t even remember this person, much less his appearance.”

Qiao Xi’s heart skipped a beat. “But…. Luo Lin said that you liked him a lot as a child and always followed him. You learned to make black tea especially for him. If you like him so much, how could you forget what he looks like?” He didn’t realize how strong his aggression and dissatisfaction was in these words.

Han Tian sighed. “Qiao Xi, drinking black tea is a common hobby in our family, I am not going to learn to make black tea for anyone else.” He paused and added, “So far, I’ve only learned how to cook for you.”

Qiao Xi’s face, which was already slightly red, now turned even redder. His eyes drifted and he muttered for a while before finally speaking out. “He said that the little star you gave him was the star you made when he was sick and you cried while saying you would watch over him.”

This time, even Qiao Xi himself realized that the words were a bit sour.

Han Tian did not sigh again, but reached out his hand and gently put it on the back of Qiao Xi’s hand, saying, “Qiao Xi, I have not given stars to anyone else except you.”

Qiao Xi’s hand and body shook gently, and his eyes were fixed on Han Tian’s hand.

Han Tian’s hand was dry and warm, and it felt very comfortable to the touch… It made him want to be wrapped up in him and not want to let go…

Huh? Speaking of which, it seems that when I first met him, when I was touched by him, it was like an electric current running through my body. Why don’t I have this feeling now?

Besides… I want to be held in his hand all the time? Shouldn’t it be better to pull back… Although it seems that I have held his hand more than once… Wait, why did I want to hold his hand at that time? Ah, there must be a reason!

Perhaps Qiao Xi was in a daze for a bit too long, Han Tian spoke again, with a heavier tone. “Qiao Xi, there is no one else, just you.”

Only then did Qiao Xi feel a jolt, realizing that Han Tian was probably still explaining about the stars.

As if to cover up his embarrassment, he smiled and withdrew his hand, pressed both hands on his hair, and said, “So, it’s Luo Lin who’s talking nonsense?”

Han Tian thought for a moment and said, “Except for the star thing, he wasn’t all talking nonsense, he just said it in a way that could be misunderstood. “

“Huh?” Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian with a confused look.

Han Tian didn’t explain further, instead he reached out and picked up an apple from the fruit basket, held the knife in his right hand, cut it sharply into 8 pieces, selected another piece, peeled the top into a warped V shape, and handed it to Qiao Xi. “Bunny apple, like it?”

Qiao Xi was a bit puzzled, but happily took the “rabbit” with the ears curled and nodded. “Yes.”

“What did I just give you?” Han Tian asked.

Puzzled, Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian and said, “A rabbit, ah no, a rabbit apple.”

“Mn, so.” Han Tian peeled an apple, made it into the shape of a rabbit that Qiao Xi liked, and gave it to Qiao Xi. “That can be used to describe what I just did, right?” Han Tian said, “Similarly, ‘Han Tian cut an apple into eight pieces, but gave only one of them to Qiao Xi’ can be used to describe what I just did. Think about it, these two statements, stating the same fact, but the feelings they sound like, aren’t they completely different?”

Qiao Xi thought about it again and realized. “Oh! So you’re saying that what Luo Lin said, he said it on purpose—uh, but why would he want people to misunderstand…”

Han Tian rested his elbow on the table, propped his hand on his chin, tilted his head, and said, “Yeah, why would he deliberately want you to misunderstand, do you think?”

Qiao Xi didn’t dare to answer, looked around, put his hand to his lips and coughed lightly to cover up. “Ah, it’s almost 9 o’clock, are you going to the hospital or to school today?”

“…” Han Tian was silent for a moment and said, “I took a long vacation, so I don’t have to go anywhere.”

Qiao Xi blinked, trying to hide the joy on his face, and said, “So you can stay home all the time?”

“Mn.” Han Tian stood up and said, “Do you want to learn how to bake a cake? I can teach you.”

“Huh? … Why would you suddenly want to teach me how to bake a cake?” Qiao Xi felt that he was a little overwhelmed by all the information that had come one after another in the past day or two.

Han Tian’s expression had returned to normal and he asked with a smile, “Don’t you want to sell your own cakes at Angel’s Feather?” 

“Oh… I do want to… However, doesn’t Angel’s Feather always have a special supplier who delivers to your door every day? A mysterious, never-shows-up-but-extra-punctual supplier.” Qiao Xi asked curiously.

Han Tian’s eyes flickered and he said softly, “If one day… If this supplier suddenly can no longer supply, the cafe still needs to sell cakes, right? So, are you willing to learn? I will teach you a little.”

Qiao Xi also stood up with a face of expectation, waving his hand like claws. “Yes, yes! So, shouldn’t we go buy flour first? Right, we also need butter and sugar, right? Ah you wait I’ll go to my phone to check what ingredients are needed!”

Looking at Qiao Xi, who had dashed back to the bedroom to get his cell phone, Han Tian stood still, a vague smile swirling at the corner of his mouth. That smile exuded a little joy, but more loneliness and sadness.

While Qiao Xi was dragging Han Tian around the supermarket, happily comparing various types of flour, Miquel was once again standing in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel.

This time, Evans was sitting on a large swivel chair in the study, flipping through a book in a serious manner.

Even when he saw Miquel, he just looked up and said indifferently, “Here?”

Miquel walked up to the desk and put both hands on the desk. He leaned forward slightly, and his expression was incomparably serious. “Why is Han Tian’s angelic power decreasing dramatically? And he doesn’t seem to know about it?

Or maybe he knows about it, but is deliberately hiding it from the heavenly world?

Evans flipped another page of the book and replied without a ripple on his face, “Oh.” 

Miquel bit her lip and said hatefully, “Did you know that Qiao Xi was still alive and kicking without his awakening gift because he secretly drew on Han Tian’s angelic power? What the hell is he!”

Evans finally closed the book, swiveled his chair and said with a smile, “Of course I already knew that. Haven’t I given you the opportunity to have me tell you more than once?”

Miquel looked at this demon with a “gentleman” look. His heart was very clear that if this topic once again continues, this demon will certainly ask for a “deal”.

This bastard, this demon, from the day we first met, from the time he smiled and asked if he was willing to receive information from him, he had no intention of letting me go…

Miquel’s chest rose and fell sharply a few times, and his face turned from white to red, and then from red to white.

Finally, he took off his own glasses and casually put them on the table.

He took a step forward and looked at Evans from above, then pressed the other man’s shoulders, closed his eyes and sat down across the table.

In the next second, the back of his head was clasped directly.

The demon’s breath instantly enveloped him.


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August 21, 2023 1:48 pm

Uhhu Ohhh!! Miquel making a deal with a Demon🫨

Not good!! The plot thickens🤔

August 21, 2023 3:07 pm

Han Tian isn’t leaving, is he?😨 My paranoia can’t handle sad smiles.

Hopefully Miquel gets all the information with this deal and Evens doesn’t withhold anything with more technicalities and wordplay.

August 21, 2023 5:22 pm

When I tell you I SCREAMED oh my god!!!!

August 21, 2023 11:49 pm

Since QX decided not to take HT’s soul, he won’t say what HT wants to hear. He neither believe he’s deserving, nor that a ‘human’ would ever stay with a Demon. He wants HT to be happy.
So, HT is left feeling as sad and lonely as QX does 😔 HT needs to come clean.
HT didn’t seem surprised about Luo Lin and it seems they might be estranged brothers.
I’m beginning to think Evans doesn’t know squat and just wants to conquer Miquel.
Thanks Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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