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Chapter 42: Good Night Kiss

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

At the old castle on the outskirts of town, in the half-dark terrace, Luo Lin opened a bag of dried fish and sprinkled it into a cat bowl. Shortly after, the little black cat, smelling the smell, quietly paced over and buried its head to taste the extra meal.

Luo Lin leaned against the wall and watched the little black cat eating with a complicated expression. He was right, Han Tian really did spend a lot of angelic power, condensed into a guardian spirit weapon, used to shelter the demon.

Moreover, the power of this spirit weapon was powerful. Even he could not easily pierce the invisible net.

Han Tian’s “favor” of this demon did not surprise Luo Lin.

Even arguably, this was precisely part of his plan.

Only, he did not expect, he actually failed to make this demon remove the guardian spirit weapon.

When he first saw the guardian spirit weapon, Luo Lin secretly made a “murder weapon” that was similar in appearance but the opposite in function.

In order to get Qiao Xi to accept it, Luo Lin created two lies.

In the first lie, he plays the role of a good brother who cares for his younger brother. If Qiao Xi is really capable of “good” intentions, as they claim, then he should agree to help himself by taking the “murder weapon” and passing it on to Han Tian.

Of course, Luo Lin did not think that the demon could really have “good intentions”.

His original bargaining chip was pressed into the second lie. All of his words were a subtle way to make Qiao Xi hate him. In the end, he simply told the demon that by secretly dropping the star, he could sever the connection between the “brother” and Han Tian. Due to the demon’s natural desire for destruction and jealousy, Qiao Xi should not hesitate to accept this offer.

Either way, as long as Qiao Xi really accepted the dull star, then the barrier created by the guardian artifact would instantly disintegrate, and the arrogant little demon would immediately become his own possession.

However, these two lies, in front of this demon, actually did not produce an effect?

This demon, just how cunning it is!

Thinking about Qiao Xi’s last look of nastiness, the gloom in Luo Lin’s eyes grew deeper and deeper.

If you can’t break through the guardian barrier, there is obviously no way to continue with the next move.

It seems that the maggot that was kept in the basement can still play its role for the last time.

So thinking, Luo Lin squatted down and scratched the little black cat’s chin, straightened up again and walked slowly towards the basement.

In fact, the demon, who was “so alive and well” in Luo Lin’s eyes, was now torn in a tizzy.

“So should I tell Han Tian that his strange brother is looking for him or not?”

Although he had already rejected Luo Lin, Qiao Xi was still extremely uneasy.

Especially after the man had walked away and he had cleaned up the cafe, he began to worry: Hey, did I go a little too far?

But at least he didn’t take Luo Lin’s star and throw it away secretly.

He was tempted to do so for a while. However, he would think that if he did, Han Tian might be disappointed with his behavior?

Anyway, he was Han Tian’s own brother!

Although he did not want this “brother” to have any more contact with Han Tian, he did not want Han Tian to be disappointed in himself.

He couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for him to feel if Han Tian looked at him with a “so you’re such a demon” look.


Thinking about this, Qiao Xi felt that it was pointless to stay at the cafe, so he simply closed the store early and slipped back to Han Tian’s apartment.

Han Tian, of course, hadn’t returned yet. The note on the dining table was still there as it was.

Qiao Xi originally thought that his thoughts would be clearer when he got home. But in fact, after he saw everything in the house, especially the note on the dining room table, he felt even more panicked.

What happened last night, just like that?

He wanted to pretend that nothing had happened and just get by, but he couldn’t help but ask Han Tian what you were thinking last night.

However, who is qualified to ask this question?

In fact, not to mention asking Han Tian, even the thought of “meeting Han Tian face to face” was enough to make him walk around the room with anxiety.

What to do?

Qiao Xi suddenly felt that in his 20-year demon career, he had probably never been so torn.

Qiao Xi, who was at his wit’s end, took out his phone and posted anonymously on a forum dedicated to “sharing study materials”: [What should I do if I almost kissed my friend by accident? Waiting online.]

In less than half a minute, someone replied: [LZ tell us in detail, what friend? What time? Why is it almost kissed?]

Qiao Xi replied honestly: [The friend who lives together. I went to see him at night and sat on the couch, and I asked him if he wanted to kiss me. Then he looked like he wanted to kiss me.]

Soon there was a neat line below: [And then what? And then what? And then what?]

Qiao Xi replied: [Then, his phone rang and it was interrupted. I also came to my senses. Now it’s just awkward and I don’t know what I should do.]

The following reply was: [Oh. That’s not funny.]

[Gee, I’m afraid you’re not here to show your love.]

[What’s so embarrassing about that? You asked him if he wanted to kiss you, and then he was ready to kiss you, which means he wanted to, but he was interrupted. What else can you struggle with, tonight push the person down again to continue kissing ah.]

[Just kiss? This has been pushed, should not… Ohhhh.]

[Upstairs is right. Remember to change a set of good-looking underwear. Oh! Safety measures should be prepared in place oh!]

[Hey, look LZ this active posture, I’m afraid to prepare some more props to be enough.]

Seeing the increasingly peculiar direction of these replies, Qiao Xi only felt greatly shocked, and then locked the phone.

These human beings, how come they all like to make colors more than demons?

Is there no reliable person or demon that can help me?

Even if I ask the dean of the house, maybe I would be accused. Who else has experience and is a little more reliable…?

Oh, yes! There is one!

With great anticipation, Qiao Xi dialed Sang Sang’s phone number.

After a little bit of tangent, Qiao Xi stammered, “Sang Sang, it’s like this. I have a friend… He had an awkward situation with another friend, who is still close to him. Now, my friend doesn’t know how to face his friend, so he wants to ask you, what should he do now?”

Sang Sang’s original cheerful tone suddenly became somewhat thievish. “Eh? Qiao Xi, why don’t you tell me first, your ‘friend’, what exactly happened to the embarrassing situation ah?”

Qiao Xi, who had just been shocked in the forum, decided to withhold some information and said with a dry smile, “Ah, well, he didn’t tell me either. Anyway, it’s just that it’s quite embarrassing, so embarrassing that he’s afraid to meet people now.”

“Oh…” Sang Sang was silent for a few seconds and her voice tone lightened up again, “So, you tell that friend of yours to think about whether he has any recent difficulties that he needs to discuss with ch… ahem, need to discuss with others? Or, that friend of a friend, does he have any troubles that you… Ahem, your friend can help with?”

Qiao Xi thought seriously and said, “My friend, the thing that’s bothering him the most lately, is this. As for my friend’s friend, he… He is the kind of person who can do everything exceptionally well and is exceptionally good in all aspects. I guess he has neither any difficulties nor troubles.”

“Hiya.” Sang Sang got a little anxious. “If you are a human being, you are bound to encounter such and such troubles. You guys, no, since they both live together, they will find out some little problems and secrets that no one else knows about, right? Think carefully, is there anything that no one else knows about and only your friend knows about?”

“Well…” Speaking of “little secrets” that no one else knows about, he really has one on hand, a ready-made, not-so-little secret.

“You see, you’ve already thought of it, right?” Sang Sang laughed pleasantly.

“Well…” Qiao Xi was still hesitant to tell Han Tian about Luo Lin, but now she had finally made up her mind. Indeed, it was more natural to tell Han Tian, “I just found out that you have a brother, and I just happened to run into him,” than to say, “I want to kiss him again,” with a lecherous smile.

Hey wait! Get your head out of your ass! I didn’t ask for another kiss! First of all, it didn’t work last time, okay?

Qiao Xi was probably silent for too long, Sang Sang snickered again and said, “Actually, besides helping each other solve problems or asking for help, there are also some very sweet little things you can do to express your feelings!”

“Hmm? Expressions of affection? What kind of feelings?” Qiao Xi was confused again.

“Ahem, expressing gratitude, expressing concern between friends, is that okay?” Sang Sang was a bit helpless. “For example, your friend, I don’t think he can cook, right? If you can cook, you can prepare some bento with love. If you don’t know how to cook anything, you can make a simple fruit plate! I’ll send you the URL! Just follow it, or have your friend follow it!”

Soon Sang Sang hung up the phone and sent over an illustrated “love fruit plate making tutorial” and a “tell your friends to do it! Just one more step!!!” 

What is the last step?

Qiao Xi was confused.

And, did he just say something? I don’t think he said that the two imaginary “friends” were living together, so how did Sang Sang know that?

Never mind, it’s not important. The important thing is, how to make this love fruit plate?

Qiao Xi studied carefully and found that the practice of this fruit plate is really not difficult: peel the fruit, cut everything, and then arrange it into a nice shape. The fruits that would be used are apples, oranges and cherries, which Han Tian bought and kept in the fridge.

Hm, I can now make a good black tea, cut a fruit or something, it does not matter!

So, Qiao Xi rolled up the sleeves of his home clothes, put on his apron, put his phone aside and began to learn how to do it step by step.

However, how could it be so difficult to peel an apple when it should be so simple?

Looking at the apple in front of him, Qiao Xi put down the knife helplessly and gnawed away the remains of the apple with a click.

By the time he reached the third apple, it was already dark.

And on his fruit plate, still only lay a circle of oranges, barely a heart shape.

At that moment, he heard the entry door click.

Han Tian! Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be back today?

I haven’t figured out how to tell him about Luo Lin, and my fruit plate isn’t ready yet!

Inexplicably, Qiao Xi panicked, throwing the fruit knife in his hand, tearing off the apron, rushing back to the bedroom, snapping off the lights, jumping into bed, and hiding under the covers.

He huddled under the covers, his eyes wide in the darkness, listening intently to the movement outside.

The sound of footsteps outside the door was so soft that it was almost inaudible.

But Qiao Xi still felt that Han Tian was walking step by step toward this bedroom.

He counted silently in his heart, 1, 2, 3…

When he reached 30, there was a soft knock on the bedroom door. “Qiao Xi, are you still awake?”

By some miracle, he got his head out from under the covers and answered, “I’m asleep!”

Just after he finished speaking, he covered his face and fell on the blanket: Am I out of my mind? What kind of person can answer when they are asleep?

Sure enough, Han Tian outside the door also seemed to give a light laugh.

Qiao Xi yelled in his head with a sense of righteousness.

However, Han Tian spoke again, “Qiao Xi, you left your phone on the kitchen counter, can I bring it in for you?”

Qiao Xi was shocked and hurriedly felt the pocket of his home clothes, thinking, Oh no! Just now I was on my phone cutting fruit, I really forgot!

Now, he could only hug the blanket and say sullenly, “Mn, you can come in.”

At the end of the sentence, Han Tian slowly pushed open the door.

He didn’t turn on the light. In the whole bedroom, only a little moonlight came in through the slit of the curtain that had not yet been closed.

In the dull moonlight, Han Tian’s face was blurred, and only one pair of eyes, still as clear as spring water, could be seen.

Qiao Xi hugged the blanket, his heart beating faster than ever, and whispered, “You’re back.”

Han Tian smiled, slowly walked to the bedside, put Qiao Xi’s cell phone on the bedside table and said, “Mn.”

Qiao Xi hugged the blanket a little tighter, not daring to look up at Han Tian again, but only lowering his head and muttering, “I’m really asleep.”

“Mn, then you can lie down. I’ll go out when you’re done.” Han Tian’s voice was still so warm and soft.

Qiao Xi obediently slid down, and also took the little white whale and the little shark in his arms.

“I’m lying down,” he said.

“Close your eyes,” said Han Tian.

“Oh.” Qiao Xi meekly closed his eyes.

Then, the air seemed to stand still.

In this almost still time and space, Han Tian half-kneeled down in front of his bed and, with an almost reverent gesture, dropped a kiss on his forehead.

So soft and gentle, so warm, as if a feather gently brushed across Qiao Xi’s forehead.


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Oooh that Luo Lin! (`皿´#)

August 20, 2023 11:51 am

Sooo amusing reading about QX’s emotional roller coaster struggles 😅 I’ve forgotten who Luo Lin is??

Can anyone help refresh my memory please 🙏🏻

August 21, 2023 6:41 pm

Dread to think what’s become of ZT in that basement. QX has really messed up Luo Lin’s plans 👏👏 but what’s he preparing to do now?
I hope QX tells HT about LL, asap.
QX has gotten himself into such a tizz, but…. HT kissed him!
Thank you Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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