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Chapter 154: Invitation from “Taste of Ancient Food”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At 19:30, Qi Jia’an, Miao Qiangwei, Yu Chan and Xiang Xuejiao were frantically discussing their experiences in the game in the “Let’s Plant” group. When they found that Lin Wenhuan was also bubbling, they urged her to tell them if she had any special gains in the game.

[Wait, let me slow down first. I just finished talking to my parents!] Lin Wenhuan sent a salted fish lying emoji, and after two or three minutes she slowly began speaking up, [You also know, I am in accordance with Big Brother Demon Xing. In the game cheats posted on the Starblog our process should be similar, but to say that there are special harvests well…It’s not that there aren’t any…]

Miao Qiangwei, [What are you selling here? who doesn’t have some new experience in the game?]

Yu Chan, [Yes, yes! I opened a golden hoe from the first charge pack, and I didn’t even say anything about it!]

Xiang Xuejiao, [What? You opened a golden hoe? Why didn’t you say so before?]

Yu Chan, [Hey, it’s not waiting for Huanhuan to come over. Such heavy news, of course, we have to wait until everyone is together.]

Lin Wenhuan, [0.0 I thank you for specially waiting for me to come and say, but I do not envy you. I bought a few Golden Tool Sets and a Clothing Surprise Box, and…how to say… I also opened a few golden tools and a complete appearance set.]

After she said that, she issued a screenshot of the game. There was a golden scythe, a kettle, clippers and a light pink dress embroidered with various butterfly patterns. The rest of the four people were drooling down the drain.

Qi Jia’an seemed to be a bit lost. [Huanhuan’s luck is great. I also bought these after entering the game, but got nothing good when I opened them, just a few seconds of silence for my pocket money. But these two days of Food Basket, there were no duplicate dishes, I ate twenty different dishes, simply too good.]

Saying that, she posted a photo of twenty different dishes put together, giving the group a food storm.

The photo was enlarged and carefully examined from the beginning to the end before she said with feeling, [When I watched the live broadcast, I knew that the food in the game tasted very good, and at that time I thought that this was only 30% taste synchronization and smell synchronization. Even if I said it was 100%, I guess no one would believe it, right? The result tells me that the difference between watching live and experiencing it in person is still very big. Now I feel that the live broadcast only shows one tenth of the realism of the game. If you can’t  play you really can’t experience it fully!]

She said the words of the other people’s inner thoughts, and got the approval of all of them.

Yu Chan also said that she had, in the forum, secretly shown off that contrast for those who weren’t able to grab a slot and her fellow netizens were gluttonous, ah, and wailing. Close to spilling and rolling as they begged LiLi to continue to upgrade the virtual reality game builder.

Lin Wenhuan laughed for a while, then voiced her concern about the small partners in the game who received the task. [By the way, our village finally chose the same garden-style house as Mushroom Village, and compared to the number of materials for the fourth style it seems like we’ve become thieves. Now all the villagers are working hard to do the task, trying to finish the mansion faster! What about you guys, which one did your village choose?]

When they spoke of that, Miao Qiangwei was angry. [I’m about to die. I don’t know what others think, actually many have chosen the first style, where the final result is also a country house. It looks really good, and the materials it needs are only a little. I estimate that it will take them three to five days to complete. The contribution of the first competition can be fierce. Anyway, I have given up. Moreover, the task is so simple, I always feel that the final reward will not be too good, hey…]

[Haha! I suggest that Rose and their village be called ‘Salty Fish Village.’ It was so easy to grab a spot in the game, how come they chose the easiest one? No effort at all!] Xiang Xuejiao laughed. [I and Huanhuan’s are the same. We also selected the third. An said before, hers is the second. Jia Jia do you have the first kind?]

Qi Jia’an cried out on the spot, [My life is so miserable! Our village chose the fourth one, the most difficult one! Sisters, when your village chief has a big house to live in, don’t forget to think about me, the poor kid who is still moving bricks QAQ!]

The four people did not expect that there was such an unlucky egg among them, and they  all laughed loudly. They touched her head to calm her, just let her think more of the good side. Once their mansion was completed, their village could turn over the serf to sing!

Qi Jia’an’s character was still optimistic, so after she cried and got the comfort of the ladies, she soon stopped thinking about that sad thing.

After they exchanged their kryptonite harvest, the five people talked about how many levels they had reached, how many crops they had grown, what life skills they had learned and what tasks they had received from the five new NPCs.

After they had chatted for almost half an hour, Lin Wenhuan, who had set an alarm for her carrots which were ripening in the game, said “bye” to her buddies and rushed back to the game to collect the vegetables.

At the same time, staff member Zhuo Rui contacted Bai Li and told him something.

“Wait, what did you say?” Bai Li looked puzzled. “Someone from the nutrient solution company found your side and said they wanted to contact me to form a business cooperation?”

Bai Li was a bit confused for a moment, he was an ordinary person who was running a farming game on the side while his job was an Agricultural Deity. What could be the connection with the nutrient company? It couldn’t be that they wanted to advertise in his game, right?

Compared to Bai Li’s confusion, Zhuo Rui, who had already learned of the other party’s specific intentions, seemed a bit excited. Through the Starnet, his face was red with excitement where Bai Li couldn’t see it, accompanied by rapid breathing. He wanted to grab Bai Li’s collar and tell him to say yes, regardless. However, reason told him that he could not do such an offensive thing. He had to speak properly with people.

“That’s right, it’s a cooperation,” Zhuo Rui said. “In the middle of last month, a fellow netizen watched several games of Eat Broadcast, and their appetite was completely raised. Also can’t you see that the hands of the nutrient liquid, got together to the starblog @Taste of Ancient Food, urging them to cooperate with Mr. Bai? However at that time they were still busy designing a new flavor of nutritional solution and forgot about it for a while. At the end of the month, a player sent his medical report to prove that Carefree Farmstead has great benefits for Genetic Collapse Disorder, and it was on Starnet once again. This time, they remembered the previous incident and got busy informing the leaders above.”

“Now the president of Taste Ancient Foods, Lei Bao, personally came over to discuss this with us, saying that he wanted us to help connect with you, Mr. Bai, to cooperate in the development of a new nutritional liquid with the taste of the game’s food. As for the distribution of benefits, I can’t find out anything. I have to wait for Mr. Bai to agree and then negotiate with them.”

Bai Li almost understood Zhuo Rui’s meaning this time. A nutrition liquid company discovered the business opportunities brought by the delicious food in the game, but suffered from a lack of relevant data. Their research couldn’t correspond to the taste, so they found him, the game designer, to try to see if they could cooperate.

Before that day, he hadn’t thought in that direction. He had planted a lot of fresh vegetables in the yard, but was just playing with the idea of being able to plant on a scale where he could sell ripe vegetables, but he’d forgotten that there were more convenient and quick foods in this world, that was, nutrient solutions. Most Interstellar people couldn’t afford to eat expensive natural vegetables, and nutrient solutions were their necessity.

However, the taste of the nutrient solutions wasn’t as good as described in the novel. Not only was the taste thin, but it also always was accompanied by a strange aftertaste. If there wasn’t any choice, who would like to buy them as their three meals a day? That’s why Taste of Ancient Food launched new products every month, so they don’t have to worry that buyers were tired of the taste!

However…however if the taste of the nutritional solutions was improved and had the taste of normal food, the situation would become completely different. Just to have the taste of one or two kinds of food…For those who had seen the live broadcast they had long been eager to really eat that delicious food directly. The fellow netizens would also go straight crazy, so there would be no worry over sales.

At the very least, Interstellar people would no longer see the consumption of nutrients as some sort of courageous challenge, and their palates would be saved.

Bai Li thought of those fellow netizens who cried on the game’s official website’s opinion book and the game’s starblog because they couldn’t grab a spot in the game, smiled and replied, “Then let’s meet. I have something to do tomorrow morning, so can we meet at 15:00?”

Zhuo Rui, who had no opinion, immediately said, “Can, can. I will help you go to talk to them. Mr. Bai, your ‘something’ is the breaking of your pet egg, right? Hey, I’ve already seen the live preview of Song’s Blunt Opinion.”

The two of them discussed a few more things, and agreed to meet in the meeting room of the Holographic Game Design Competition office building on the Starnet the next day at 15:00. After that, Zhuo Rui said, “I don’t want to disturb Bai Li’s work.” 

Bai Li got on the game, went out, and saw that Wen XingYao was busy in his yard, so he thought it over and told him about it.

After he listened to what happened, Wen XingYao thought for a moment and said, “I have an impression of Lei Bao. He is also a Therian, once a member of the military, who later suffered from Genetic Collapse Disorder. It coincided with the death of his father, so as the only heir he could only leave the military to inherit the family’s company. His company has grown well over the years, but the shortcomings are also obvious, a lack of innovation and an increasing number of criticisms of newly developed flavors. I’ve heard Tang Ying talk about how his Genetic Collapse Disorder seems to be getting worse, and he can’t control his temper from time to time, but apart from his impatient personality he’s still relatively decent.”

Bai Li didn’t expect that a random collaborator would be someone Wen XingYao knew, but after having listened to his words, if the two sides eventually launched a collaboration, it should be more reliable. After a peaceful night, the next day at 9:00, twenty pet egg owners, including Bai Li and Wen XingYao, gathered at the square in the center of the village to await the opening of the live broadcast.

At the same time, Zhu MoLing, who was online with Bai Li and Wen XingYao, also touched into Mo Song’s live stream room, sat down on the golden-backed chair in his room, held a large bucket of popcorn that had just been opened, and watched it leisurely.


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