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Chapter 155: Homemade banners

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Mo Song had teased on the Starblog that the start time of the live stream was 9:00. At this time, it was still ten minutes before 9:00, but there was already a full blown buzz around.

Fortunately, the open space in the center of the village was left empty by the person who designed the village layout, so when a large number of players entered, there was enough room for the players to gather at that time. As the crafter for Mushroom Village, Give Me a Bowl of Rice took the initiative to take over the task of setting up the event venue. With his own woodworking skills he made a circular display table of thick wood with twenty pits. The pits were also padded so that the players with pet eggs could stand behind the display table and put their pet eggs into it then fix them in place to protect them.

Of course, he couldn’t let these players stand, so he also made some high stools.

In addition to the display stand, he made a huge sunshade. The space around the display stand would be a tight fit. Both were a little ornamental, but many players couldn’t help but praise them as good, and ran to Give Me a Bowl of Rice to make reservations. Such a construction in the village square, wasn’t it similar to the vine shelves of the LiLi family? Handicapped players liked it, along with those who had very poor hands-on skills, and they would choose to buy ready-made ones directly. _(:з”∠)_

After that, Give Me a Bowl of Rice found Jiang Huaibi to negotiate some more, and successfully got a huge, long, red blade of grass. The leaf was so long and thick that when it was cut with a stone, a deep black mark was left on it. With that thing, Give Me a Bowl of Rice casually picked up a stone, and with a wave of the hand, wrote on the top “Mushroom Village Pet Egg Breaking Conference.” The ten big words, their font was smooth, and it was a breath of fresh air.

Without waiting for the surrounding players to see what was written on the top, he called people to hang the big leaf on the awning that had looked a little conspicuous blank. At that point, the onlookers understood that this was a homemade banner that came out of nowhere.

Mo Song’s camera recorded it all completely. The live viewers were first shocked at the big brother’s unusual idea, and then they were all talking about the idea.

[Big Brother 666, ah! The banners are there, why not also arrange the couplets? I think the pillars on both sides of the awning are good, just hang two more leaves.]

[Forget about the couplets, we’re not professionals and we can’t think of anything suitable. I say, the Carefree Farmstead live broadcast always has a lot of people watching. According to past experience this time the number of viewers should not be a problem to break a small tens of millions. How come no boss thought to come to the game to advertise? LiLi and Blunt Opinion could discuss cooperation, show the name of the product to the live broadcast, then in other places for a better effect?]

[Hahaha! Thinking about it, it makes sense. However that kind of cooperation is not recommended for Taste Ancient Food and others such as a nutrition liquid company to participate. Unless their nutrition liquid tasted like the food here, then I hope I can claim some. :)]

[Ah! You reminded me of the previous thing. Another day to look forward to LiLi’s cooperation with the nutrition liquid company!]

When he saw that the audience’s conversation seemed to be turning in the direction of food, Mo Song hurriedly spoke up and pulled their attention back.

“Good morning everyone, there are still about ten minutes left before the event starts, so you’ve almost seen the venue, right? So, I’ll take you to see something different. Although today is supposed to be a live show to observe the hatching of pet eggs in the hands of the twenty lucky players on the scene, the number of players here is not just these twenty. So, let us go to see what other players are doing!”

With that, the audience was led to an extremely lively place.

This was a “street” formed by the players who had gathered together. On both sides of the road was a sheet of green fabric, or “merchandise display” made of stone, wood, tables and stools. Behind each table a player sat or squatted in front of all kinds of items, as they enthusiastically greeted the players coming and going.

“Does anyone need golden farming tools? I opened the Golden Tool Set repeatedly. Only exchange, not sell. Brothers and sisters who have the same idea do not miss it, ah!”

“Copper ore, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore, and a variety of gems! The number is limited! First come first served…”

“Shells, conch, starfish, a large number of pebbles, house upgrades, yard decoration and other necessary materials! The first three to buy 20 can be discounted 10%, pebbles more than 100 up to 20% off! Special price feature rack. Son, don’t pass by, don’t miss it!”

“Handkerchief, scent bag, hairpin, belt…the needs of the sister are rushed. All the colors are rare models, with a whole set of skirts! Simply perfect!”

In addition to the sale of these miscellaneous items, there was more and…

Mo Song silently turned the camera in a certain direction. A snack street showed up in front of the audience. Grilled meat, grilled fish, stir-fried vegetables, pancakes, and even cucumber juice and tomato juice were on the street. There were all types of food, and there wasn’t a single stall repeated.

This place was also the most crowded with players as they walked around. Many people held a handful of meat skewers in their left hand, while their right hand held a sizzling pastry. Twist the head to the left for a bite, the head clicked for the right twist, as they ate from one or other hand. They also pulled out from their backpacks charred fish, then took a bite of the snow-white fish, still smoking hot, as the smell came to the nose.

Mo Song swallowed hard and had the urge to go up and buy some.

Of the players who came out of the snack street, none of them had an insatiable expression on their faces. The audience could see that they were so high on food that they had almost forgotten the purpose of coming there.

The pop-up screen between the live broadcast had long changed from [????] The players reacted to the fact that this was the anchor’s meaning of “looking at other things” which broke their defenses on the spot, and soon the pop-ups were raining stinky tofu.

Each piece of stinky tofu represented their hatred for the anchor.

[Damn it! I thought today wasn’t a lively day. What is wrong with these people? Why are they all acting like it’s a holiday!]

[Before watching the live broadcast, I thought it was just a party for twenty people, but I was wrong. It’s clearly a party for five thousand people! Twenty people got their pets, and the rest ate and drank well, had a good time, and watched a good time!]

[Holy shit! I just saw a thief who can eat big brother! He started to eat a second round, right? Obviously just before, he ate 50 big skewers of meat, 10 skewers of grilled fish, 5 flapjacks, 5 pieces of corn cake, a large bucket of popcorn, plus two cups of tomato juice. Now he’s starting again!?]

[Hahaha! Some people have to create food accordingly even if they don’t have the ingredients! Look at the stall about 15 meters behind Blunt Opinion. The player boiled a big pot of white sugar water and is using the boiled sugar water to paint. Not to mention, the rabbit drawing is quite similar …]

[I also saw it, it’s quite interesting, if the material is only sugar, is it possible to do it in reality? (said, pulling out a large packet of white sugar that has never been used since the family bought it)]

[Blunt Opinion, you’ve learned something bad! Is this the content that our poor viewers who can’t even enter the game can watch? I’m afraid I’m going to assassinate you in my dreams if I watch any more!]

[Oh, this live is quite interesting. Like inside the Mushroom Village, it’s also prosperous and lively when I am in my village, but here there really is an extra two months of development of the village, ah. I have not seen these things, I do not know the role of those items, don’t get to eat a lot, it is a pity…Now I can not go over.]

Zhu MoLing finished the last bite of popcorn and opened another Food Basket, this time it had an iced cola. He bit into the straw and took a big sip of the dark brown liquid. He felt the rich bubbly feeling in his mouth, squinted his eyes in satisfaction, and then sent a Buddha Jumps Over the Wall to Mo Song’s live stream as a reward.

This was the fifth Buddha Jumps Over the Wall he had sent out.

Mo Song wasn’t afraid of the audience’s dark warning, thanked the bosses who gave him gifts, and happily said that these booths were spontaneously formed by the players at first, but now had become part of the event. Shop for food and then admire the 20 cubs. This was a good game life!

When he said this, he once again controlled the live camera to fly around the two streets full of people, and then followed one of the players who ate and headed back to the display. The twenty pet egg owners, who made the appointment the day before, had arrived. He then looked at the time, it was just nine.

The players who had set up their stalls also noticed that the time had come, and hurriedly closed their stalls, without even doing the business they were hawking, and hurriedly came in that direction. When they arrived at the place, they followed the example of the others who were already present. They took out a small bench, sat down nicely, and quietly watched.

If it wasn’t for the number of people present, and the fact that the players were sitting neatly, Bai Li would have thought that this was a kindergarten activity. As he was thinking about that, he heard Mo Song mention his name, so he hurriedly withdrew his gaze and quietly waited for the event to begin.

Mo Song coughed lightly and announced to the live camera, “It’s now nine! Our Hatching Conference is about to begin! I’ll start by introducing the names of the players who will be participating in this event. There are 20 of them, so I’ll go in order: Li Bai, Demon Xing, Heart’s Jade, Peaches are So Delicious, What Are You Playing?, A Moth Covers the Sky, Yi Ran, An Ocean Doesn’t Exist Here, Dole, Romantic Painting, Clear Pears, yvyt XiXi, Song of Autumn Leaves, Blooming Youth, Lethe, Picky Sister, The Moonlight Filled Western Chamber, Masked Palm Civet, Overturn the Mythical Beast, and the last one, hey, is myself.”

After Mo Song’s introduction, the people who reported their names took their pet eggs out of their backpacks in turn, and placed them in the depressions on the table. After Mo Song finished, he sat in the last seat and also took out his pet egg.

In the process of putting the egg shell into its holder, he felt an obvious shake from the egg shell, and his face flashed with surprise. He couldn’t help but say to the camera, “Aha! My egg is moving! Maybe it will be the first one to hatch…”

However, the audience was so excited to see the long row of differently patterned pet eggs, that they couldn’t hear what Mo Song said.

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