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Chapter 54: The Last Seduction

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi did not quite remember what he had said. He couldn’t even remember, at the end, whether his tail and wings were exposed or not.

In the middle, he seemed to be crying and saying he was sorry while covering his eyes.

Han Tian sighed while kissing him, telling him not to worry.

However, the more he had such an attitude, the more Qiao Xi felt like an asshole.

So, he couldn’t stop crying, and Han Tian had to stop and hold him in his arms, constantly soothing him.

“Han Tian, I… I actually… I started out… I just wanted to, to capture you,” he sobbed.

“Mn,” Han Tian responded gently, as if he knew everything.

“But… but… I’m… I’m… It’s not because of this, that… It’s…” He sobbed, unable to utter a complete sentence.

“I know. You like me.” Han Tian hugged him a little tighter.

Qiao Xi nodded vigorously, the soreness in his heart finally subsided, but his tears flowed even harder. He hugged his partner tightly and said with a trembling heart, “If, if I suddenly have an extra tail later, you, don’t be afraid… I will try to restrain it…”

Han Tian sighed again and tenderly held his face, forehead against forehead, and whispered, “It’s okay, I won’t be afraid. You… No need to restrain.”

The snow fell all night.

The snowflakes were gentle at first, falling gently, not forgetting to play with the branches; gradually, the snow fell more heavily, wrapped by the wind, hitting the branches one by one, causing the leaves to tremble; finally, the snow was so strong that it looked like it was going to break the branches. In the end, the branches cowered and whistled, and were finally completely covered by the snow.

When Qiao Xi opened his eyes, there was something like a snowflake floating slowly in front of him. He struggled to raise his arm and grabbed at the snowflake—hmm?

This wasn’t snow, this was… a feather?

It was white and soft, and in his hand, extraordinarily light.

Why were there feathers in the house?

Also… . where was Han Tian? Did he go to prepare breakfast? As lovers, “love breakfast”?

Before he could think about it, he heard the ringing of his cell phone. He probed and looked and found that the ringtone came from the pants that had been dropped on the floor.

As for why the pants were lying so sloppily on the floor, it was not necessary to think about it.

With a red face, he reached down with difficulty and pulled his pants over and pulled his phone out of his pants pocket.

What? It was a strange number?

He cleared his throat, but still a little hoarse, and answered, “Hello?”

“Qiao Xi! Are you with that Han Tian guy? Get out of there!” It was the dean’s voice.

Qiao Xi rolled over and sat up, putting on his clothes and pants haphazardly, while asking nervously, “Dean? What do you mean, Dean?”

“Alas, there is something wrong with our intelligence system; even I was fooled last time. That Han Tian, he is not human at all, he is an angel! He is an angel! And he is the Seraph who is in charge of arresting us!”

Qiao Xi gripped the phone, his face stunned, completely unresponsive. “Hmm? Dean? What did you say?”

What was Evans talking about?

Why do I not understand at all?

He said Han Tian… What is it?

Evans seemed to be in a hurry over there. “Qiao Xi, look around, did Han Tian put his watch nearby?”

Qiao Xi’s head buzzed and he turned his head in confusion, then saw the familiar black wristwatch on the bedside table.

“It’s nearby, I see it.” He replied mechanically.

“You pick it up and press the spot with the red dot on it, and you’ll know!” Evans ordered anxiously.

Qiao Xi picked up the watch.

His hand was a little shaky, but that didn’t stop him from fumbling and pressing the red dot.


A clear hologram was projected from the wristwatch.

[Han Tian turned to Miquel without a trace of warmth in his voice, “It’s done. I will monitor him 24 hours a day. As soon as he reveals any intention of harming humans, I will immediately—dispose of him.”]

[Han Tian floated in a white space with a cold face.

“I think you all already know that the Demon World has sent a SS-class demon to lurk around us with the purpose of capturing the souls of humans, even angels. What an arrogant provocation!”

“I will make this demon, who dares to tease us, be dominated and subjugated by the heavenly realm, and become the prey of the angels, so that he—willingly—will rip off his wings, pluck out his horns, and become a complete and utter, loser.”]

Qiao Xi’s hands were shaking so much that he couldn’t hold the phone or the watch.

The person in the image was Han Tian.

What did he mean by what he said? He—he already knew who I was? He already knew what I was going to do?

The phone and the watch both fell to the wooden floor and landed at his feet.

The feather, too, floated gently down and brushed past the back of his foot.

He looked down unconsciously, Oh, I’m not wearing shoes again.

A ridiculous thought suddenly came to his mind: If Han Tian saw it, he would have frowned and said why I wasn’t wearing shoes again while picking me up…

That must be the case, right?

What angels, what entrapment, it’s all fake, right?

Just then, the bedroom door opened.

Han Tian, accompanied by a body full of icy cold, stood in the doorway.

Behind him were two wings that were whiter than snow.

He looked at Qiao Xi, glanced at the black wrist watch that had fallen on the floor, and his lips curved up in a sneering arc. “Heh, it seems that you have already found out…”

The lips, which last night still exhaled the most tender love; the lips, which just now gently fell on Qiao Xi’s forehead with incomparable warmth.

Qiao Xi’s teeth chattered and his face turned blue. “You… you…”

“Hmm? Didn’t you already see it?” Han Tian’s tone was the same as in the projection, gloomy and ruthless. “Or are you so stupid that you can’t even see it, and you need me to tell you again myself?

“We…we…we…are not lovers…” Qiao Xi’s eyes were filled with tears, yet they did not fall.

“We? Lovers?” Han Tian asked back with a disgusted face.

“There never was any us! You are just, a soulless demon, an object to be hunted by me, a somewhat uninteresting prey.” Han Tian here, as if he thought of something interesting, let out an extremely bad laugh. “Ah, but the taste of demons, in the end, is not the same as human taste. No matter how you toss it, it will come up on its own—tsk, no shame to be a demon without shame!”

Qiao Xi’s tears froze.

His voice was weak and wispy. “You knew that from the beginning?”

“Of course!” Han Tian laughed out loud. “I recognized you from the earliest time you were in the cafe, acting in that scene. I wanted to drive you back to the Demon World immediately, but I didn’t expect you to be so stupid that you couldn’t even tell who I was.”

“So what, I thought, why don’t we stay and have some fun?” Han Tian licked his lips. “As a result, you really did not disappoint me! How dare you try to seduce me? Capture my soul? Watching you come up time and time again with those poor excuses, those unorthodox tricks, I was laughing in my heart—thanks to you, my life was not so boring.”

Han Tian’s every word was like a thunderbolt blasting past Qiao Xi’s ears.

His head buzzed and he felt he couldn’t hear a single word, but he knew that Han Tian was still talking.

Han Tian looked at his face and finally gave a cruel smile and said, “Now, I’m not interested in you anymore. That’s the end of your value. Come here, my little prey, let me slowly rip off your wings as a gift to the heavenly realm.”

Han Tian said as he raised his hand, a stern aura all over his body, whistling at Qiao Xi.

To escape…I should escape…

Academy said, when you see an angel, you should run away immediately…

But why did I lose the motivation to run away?

Why, until now, was I unwilling to believe what Han Tian had just said?

At that moment, a gray-black vortex suddenly cracked in the air.

A silver-haired figure jumped out of the vortex, shielding Qiao Xi and shouting back, “Qiao Xi! Why don’t you run away?!”

“…Dean…?” Qiao Xi said dumbfounded.

“Get out of here! Escape into this passage that I just opened! Go back to the Demon World! He can’t catch you!” Evans shouted as he grabbed Qiao Xi and threw him into the vortex.

A moment later, the vortex disappeared.

Han Tian’s wings, too, disappeared.

He was holding the doorway, locking his eyebrows, his eyes were tightly closed, and his face was slightly twitching, as if he was suffering from great pain.

Looking at Han Tian’s appearance, Evans did not dare to disturb him, and could only wait quietly.

Half a minute later, Han Tian opened his eyes and said, “Let’s go.”

Evans hesitated and asked, “Your Excellency, you really don’t need to rest a little more?”

Han Tian shook his head.

He looked at the little white whale and shark that had been kicked to the floor last night and took a deep breath, “His heart, it’s probably all broken.”

Evans shrugged, “Can’t help it. The more painful his memories are, the more his heart is broken, the more likely it is that the whole thing will be replaced in his sleep. For Qiao Xi, there’s nothing like what just happened to break his heart.”

Han Tian picked up the two dolls and, without looking at Evans, said softly, “Su Rui’s new skill, is it reliable?”

Evans said, “Of course. I drew the magic formation together with the little Sandman. Don’t worry, when Qiao Xi wakes up, he will…have the life you want him to have.”

Han Tian held the little shark in one hand, staring in awe.

Half a sound, a drop of liquid, falling from his eyes, hidden in the small shark’s plush belly.

Han Tian took a deep breath, lifted his head, hid all the reluctance and longing in his eyes, and calmly said once again, “Okay. Let’s go. “

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September 1, 2023 3:11 pm

Ohhh noooo😭😭😭

HT engineered all that scenario to save QX and give him a new Life?!

September 1, 2023 4:09 pm

Nooooooo 💔
I am not happy at all.
QX finally got his ‘this and that’, to then have his heart broken, even if it was all a reuse.
Poor HT is also in pain.
This must all be part of saving him, but it’s just so unfair on them both.
Hoping the story turns around and we get a happy ending 🙏
Thank you Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

September 1, 2023 7:58 pm

Oh my gosh why?!😭😭😭 I know they’re doing this to ‘save’ him, but did it have to be like this? 💔

I don’t like that QX is still being manipulated and lied to. Why do this? I’m very upset.

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