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Chapter 170: Meal Substitute for “Easy Field House”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Bai Li, are you nervous?” Wen XingYao asked.

Around 10:00, Bai Li and Wen XingYao came out of the gaming pods and cooked a big table for Tang Ying, Fox One and Fox Two, and then completed the “handover” of Zhu MoLing’s playing rights at Fox One and Fox Two’s request.

According to Fox One and Fox Two, the three of them had successfully met in the game, and made the decision to fight for the title of the 66th newbie village. When they were talking about it, Fox One also had the presence of mind to avoid Tang Ying and Wen XingYao, and spoke to Bai Li secretly.

Those two were the top brass of the military department, and the military department had so many warriors in the game, that each village was estimated to have hundreds of them. If they knew that they could still use this method to “brush” the mission contribution, they wouldn’t get their share of the village title.

In order to do the task properly to collect materials, and also enjoy the game time, Zhu MoLing didn’t want to follow Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s game, work and rest schedule. He would let either Fox One or Fox Two take his infant form in the gaming pod. He must play more.

Bai Li listened to the two people’s explanation, and didn’t have any objections, but rather felt that there were a billion points of amusement. Why would the Patriarch of a large family have a strange insistence on the village title right of a virtual reality game? Even if the village was crowned with his name, his statue wouldn’t stand at the village entrance, ah.

What Bai Li didn’t know was that Zhu MoLing really had some ideas about that.

After he talked to Fox One and Fox Two, Bai Li went to talk to Wen XingYao and announced that from now on he would be liberated, and wouldn’t have to carry the fox cub when playing games.

Wen XingYao, who had no reason to disagree, directly dumped the black fox cub on the two.

The poor fox cub didn’t know anything. He thought that Bai Li didn’t want him anymore, and was held in the arms of Fox One as he stared pitifully straight at Bai Li, until he realized that he didn’t seem to be leaving the house. Only then was he reluctantly reassured, the gaze went from pitiful to sorrowful.

Humph, this human is so hard-hearted!

Nothing else happened, so when the Imperial Research Institute posted their test results on Starnet, Wen XingYao asked his earlier question to Bai Li.

“Hmm? I’m not nervous, what’s there to be nervous about?” Bai Li asked with some confusion.

Wen XingYao was now back to his huge lion state. The wings on his back were carefully gathered and attached to the bones of his body, as he sniffed and waved his strong and powerful tail. The flame on the tip jumped up a circle, before he explained, “Now that the Carefree Farmstead data is out, everyone will pay attention to this game. The game will get more attention than you can imagine, and maybe someone will force you to upgrade the virtual reality game builder, or ask you to give them a few game slots.”

“But I’m participating in the Holographic Game Design Competition. Even if these people pay me to upgrade my builder, it’s not allowed, right? The competition has a rule that contestants can not accept other people’s investment during the competition. Everyone can only rely on themselves. And even if they force me, as long as I don’t agree, there is nothing they can do to me. The Empire takes the safety of every citizen very seriously, and there are robots patrolling everywhere outside, so people won’t just come to my house and bully me, right?” Bai Li asked rhetorically.

Even if they wanted to come, they would have to be able to find out his address first. It’s just that too much harassment on Starnet might cause a little trouble in his life.

The game had been upgraded several times, and he had never changed his plans because of the emotional pleas of fellow netizens, but had done it in a step-by-step manner.

Bai Li had an emotional attachment to the game.

The big lion’s throat let out a dull laugh, “My thinking was too complicated. You don’t have to feel nervous. I was going to comfort you if you did. The citizens of our Empire are impulsive and hot-tempered, but they will never do what I suggested. At most they will whine on Starnet. You can go at your own pace.”

“Haha! That’s good. I’m quite experienced in what you’re talking about, so there’s even less need to be nervous now.” Bai Li stroked his palm and laughed. After laughing, he felt that he still needed to care about his partner’s health, so he asked, “By the way, has your body changed recently? Has it become more stable again? I see that the time you stay in human form seems to be getting longer and longer. Now that Tang Ying has also come over, have you talked about when to go back?”

When it came to this, Wen XingYao’s mood became a bit low, but he didn’t show it. He told the truth, “Maybe ten days or so. At present my beast and human form still can’t be switched freely, so I’ll have to continue to trouble you to help me.”

“Hey, what’s the trouble? We’re friends, aren’t we?” Bai Li waved his hand. “If you have any requests, just ask. As long as I can do it, I will certainly not refuse.”

Because the number of players had increased dramatically, Bai Li was able to obtain more and more faith power every day. Although the more you cultivate, the more faith power you will need, but still even to help Wen XingYao and Zhu MoLing, in fact, it was still only a small amount. There was also the part needed to maintain the normal operation of the game world, but these two wouldn’t make Bai Lijue feel stressed for the time being.

“Hmm, well, I won’t be polite.” The dark golden pupils blinked slowly, as he tried to suppress a certain eagerness inside. Wen XingYao raised his eyes to look at Bai Li, and seemingly unintentionally lamented, “In fact, I’m quite reluctant to leave. This time in your home is the most relaxed, the most comfortable period of my life.”

If Tang Ying had heard what he said, he would have said, “How can you be uncomfortable? You eat, sleep and eat every day, and you can play games with kryptonite.”

However, Bai Li didn’t hear the hidden meaning, just raised his hand and habitually petted the lion’s fur, the same way as when he petted Supreme, and said, “But you can have to go. You are the Empire’s Admiral. The Ministry of the Military is such a big mess, and it can not always be left to Tang Ying to help you handle things, right? When you go back, deal with the things that should be dealt with, and when you are free, come back to me to play. I am very welcoming, or I have time to go to the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star to find you, now that the travel is so convenient.”

Apparently, Bai Li wasn’t taking the upcoming separation to heart. In his opinion, the two of them just became far away. It wasn’t a fading relationship between friends, when they wanted to meet, it was just a matter of words. The two of them were neighbors, and it was easy to meet up.

Wen XingYao, “…”

He suddenly felt that he wanted to say something on purpose, and have a serious Bai Li comfort him, but it really didn’t fit. However, the words had been said to that point, and it wasn’t to say more. He still felt a little reluctant, so Wen XingYao thought about it, and planned to continue to make efforts.

“In the future, if I always come to you, you won’t feel it’s too much trouble? You won’t think I’ve delayed your work or life and so on?” When he said this, Wen XingYao felt a fragrance of tea permeate his surroundings, but he didn’t know what the reason was.

“How could that be? How could I think of you like that? We are not ordinary friends.” How special it was to be raised from the cub period to his current human form?

At that, Wen XingYao’s heart was happy and he couldn’t wait to ask, “Mn? Is it really more than just a normal friend relationship?” He thought that when Bai Li answered, he could take advantage of the situation and reveal a little bit of his own feelings to Bai Li, without being too obvious, so that he would notice a little bit first.

“Of course! You…” Before Bai Li could finish his sentence, Tang Ying ran out of the guest room he had been given, with a cheerful step. He was kicking and tapping, and showing the joy of his heart. Tang Ying said excitedly to the two of them as he ran along, “Did you see the news on Starnet? The Imperial Research Institute published the test results, and the fellow netizens blew up after reading it!” 

When he got closer, he received a depressed and angry look from Wen XingYao, the lion, and was a bit puzzled. However, he had been with Wen XingYao for many years, and was very used to his occasional displays of moodiness. He didn’t take the look to heart, and just waited with one eye on Bai Li’s reaction. As a result of Tang Ying’s appearance, Bai Li was interrupted in the middle of his sentence, and couldn’t continue, so he simply put his attention back on the comments under the Imperial Research Institute’s starblog.

[90% ‘mental appeasement.’ A normal virtual reality game, the one in 2nd, reached 61%, the third 59%. The difference is too obvious. I just want to say, developer bully! developer bully!]

Night storms love to drink: [Why, who dares to believe it? When I first saw this result, I also looked up the name of the starblog, suspecting that this was a fake Imperial Research Institute. After confirming that it is true, I went to look up the calendar. Today is not April Fool’s Day either, it’s actually true. It’s actually true! I feel like my Genetic Collapse Disorder is saved…I don’t have to leave my family to go to Hope Star…]

End of the day: [my mom asked me why I was kneeling down to look at the starblog series. I just saw the 90% ‘mental pacification’ when I yelled out and drew my whole family over, and now well, we’re bouncing around the house making the neighbors suspect we’re having a party!]

The sky is raining: [The game is called Carefree Farmstead right?! I need it immediately! I’m going to play it! Such an awesome game. I actually just learned its name for the first time today. How much therapy time did I miss…]

Hot fox called White: [Wait a minute in front! Although I am very happy that the treasure game I am playing is known by all Interstellar, I must regret to inform you that the game quota of Carefree Farmstead has been snatched up at the moment. Even if you want to play now, there is no chance…You still have to wait. Wait a little longer.]


All along, the Imperial Research Institute’s test report on virtual reality games was the game weathervane of the Interstellar people. As long as the Imperial Research Institute had stamped the virtual reality game as confirmed to be effective in the treatment of Genetic Collapse Disorder, the top ten games in terms of “mental pacification” especially, would become the top games of the year.

However, in the previous years, the top ten ranked virtual reality games had very little difference in “mental pacification,” sometimes even just 0.5% difference, so with only a little difference the players paid no mind, they were able to choose the virtual reality game they were interested in. game.

Even if the number of players available for a game was full, they could also choose the next best thing.

But this time the situation is a bit awkward. The discerning eye could see the huge gap between 90% and 60%, and as long as the brain is normal, people will choose the 90% the first time. However, the number of players of the game Carefree Farmstea’, which had a 90% “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” rating, had long been full, and even if there were remaining game slots, they were in the hands of the game developer and wouldn’t be easily taken out for fellow netizens to grab again.

Knowing that there was such a divine game, and that even before they had time to inquire about the game play, their fellow netizen said the game quota had been exhausted, which brought out the bad news, the mood was said to be like falling from the sky. But soon, some warm-hearted people came forward to comfort them, and told them to calm down first and not cry like the world was ending once again.

Junmou: [Don’t cry, don’t cry. It’s not like there’s no solution. So many people are waiting for new game quotas to come out now, you’re not the only ones. Come on, I’ll introduce you to some meal replacements. Enter ‘You Fox Live’, you can find the special category of Carefree Farmstead. It just so happens that LiLi announced the new game anchor candidates in the early hours of the morning. These new anchors have also started to live one after another. The old and the new add up to a total of 1,000. There are enough for you to find something of interest in them, right? Although we can’t play the game for now, we can watch the game live first! I personally feel that watching the Carefree Farmstead game live is also quite therapeutic.]

Charm heart heart: [Hey, isn’t that exactly what I was going to say? Since the old man upstairs has already said exactly that. I’ll recommend a few game anchors that I think are more interesting to you! The first are the five from Mushroom Village. They have been live for a period of time and are old anchors. Their live quality is still good, and each takes a different route, like for food, see ‘Peaches are So Delicious’ and ‘Old Dream of Stars’ or ‘Song’s Blunt Opinion’. Heart’s Jade’ likes to do treasure hunts. And for some crafts, ‘Give Me a Bowl of Rice’ is definitely the perfect choice for you. In addition to these few, I found a few new anchors today that are also more interesting. The list is already out, the number is more, you see for yourselves! [picture]]

Moore’s Manor hitman: [Boy, I came here to give you some interesting anchors. I didn’t think I’d get a reverse amenity, so okay, no more, I’ll go to their live room and hang out.]

Ye revised brand Stepford wife: [Family, look at me. Forum name is the name of the game, I am the 101st newbie village game anchor, and every day at mealtime I’ll give you live food of all sorts of turnovers practice, only you can not think of turnovers. No I cannot do dark cuisine, so interesting live, sure do not come in to see it?]

The pen reflects melancholy: [Good guys! How can you be everywhere? The woman’s food is literally dark, no matter what she can make it look black! She and I are in the same village. Her forum name is also her name in the game. Meal time to see you might as well see me. I am doing a big appetite to eat broadcast! (PS: never want to work with this woman again, almost killed me!)]

Their fellow netizens were shocked. The new anchor list had just been announced half a day earlier and the same village of anchors began to roll? One live to do dark cuisine, one to do a big appetite eating broadcast, and it also looks like a competitive relationship, ah?

In the end, they discussed and analyzed that this should be “a meal caused by the bloodshed.” Under the two comments it was quickly filled by [Hahahahas]. This was how much revenge, how much grudge. One dared to do, one dared to eat, they could only say that those two anchors were ruthless, ah.

It didn’t take long for the two players’ sand sculpture live experience to be praised on the Starnet hot search. Soon, the unknown fellow netizens quickly understood the gameplay of Carefree Farmstead through the commentary of others, and became intensely curious about this game which was full of accidents at any time.

As the kind-hearted fellow netizen who was interested in the game live said, if they can’t play the game, can’t they watch the game live first? In short, if you want to quickly understand how to play the game, watching live is the best choice.

So, many Carefree Farmstead players who were live-streaming were shocked to find that a large number of people suddenly came into their live-streaming room. These people didn’t know much about the game, but their curiosity was very strong. They asked on the pop-up screen one moment what the golden plants were called and why they had to be pulled, and another moment asked if the fishing rod could really catch fish, and why the fish caught would be put in a bucket instead of releasing them directly.

In short, there were 100,000 reasons why, so the new game anchors were at a loss for words. After the chaos, there were a lot of gifts, and many people made a lot of money.

Especially the original five who were mentioned under the Imperial Research Institute’s starblog, as well as the two players who ran over to advertise themselves, Ye Shuang’s Stepford Wife and Falling Pen Reflecting Melancholy, earned a lot of money and had a crooked smile.

Bai Li watched dumbfounded at the development of things, and had a feeling in his heart that as long as it was related to Carefree Farmstead, events would run wildly in a strange direction.

After he read up on the general situation, Bai Li looked up at Wen XingYao and said with a sigh of relief, “You were right. The people of the Empire are really good at…bittersweet?”

He couldn’t find the right word for the moment, but he thought this word was quite suitable to describe the mood of most Interstellar people at this time.

Wen XingYao lazily waved his tail as a reply.

Tang Ying, “?” What kind of riddle are you guys playing? Did you have any more discussions when I wasn’t there?

What Bai Li didn’t know was that before the Imperial Research Institute sent out the test report, some people within the Institute had actually suggested whether to lower the data of Carefree Farmstead a little bit.

They also gave what they thought was a valid reason, “The wind will destroy the woods when it’s in the forest. The emergence of Carefree Farmstead can be said to be a sudden rise. We have to prevent someone from doing something to it. Is it not a good idea to cover up its light a little bit? Besides, it’s 90% and the others are 60% and below. The gap is too big, it’s going to make other game developers feel the difference, it’s not conducive to their motivation to continue making games.”

Zheng Yi, who was also present at the meeting, looked up at the speaker and through his excellent memory, he vaguely remembered that this person seemed to have bragged that his nephew had also participated in this year’s Holographic Game Design Competition and that when they game opened, it was only online for a few days, and the number of players exceeded the capacity of the builder by a large margin.

Now several months had passed and the 1 million game slots should be full, but he didn’t know if the builder had been upgraded to a higher level.

Zheng Yi took a look at the test list again and found that the game made by his colleague’s nephew was just below ‘Carefree Farmstead’, with a 61% “mental appeasement” rating, which wasn’t low compared to previous years, but this year it was only living in the shadow of Carefree Farmstead.

No wonder this person suggested such bullshit.

It would be surprising if the hospital would agree!

Sure enough, the dean and vice presidents listened to this proposal, and immediately blew their beards and eyes up. They scolded the person, blamed him for not thinking of protecting such a treasure properly, and actually trying to chill the heart of the game developer, whose heart could be put to death.

The speaker soon craned his neck under the fury of several giants, and no longer dared to say the word “no.”

There was a follow-up to this. The person who proposed that damn proposal in the meeting was called Lu WeiMing. His nephew proposed the idea, so the results received a good spray, and he was completely disabused of the idea.

He could only be sorry for his nephew.

After work, Lu WeiMing thought he hadn’t seen his nephew for a while, and made up a meal of his nephew’s disappointed and despondent look because he was ranked second in the test report, and a wave of guilt rose in his heart, so he ordered expensive fresh apples on Taotao and went to his nephew’s house with a bag of apples upon arrival.

The nephew happened to be at home. He opened the door and invited Lu WeiMing in, and the latter found that his nephew was projecting the Imperial Research Institute’s starblog page on the big white wall, and it was obvious that the comments of the fellow netizens were very active underneath. [Don’t let it get you down, keep your game going, there are still a lot of people who like the games you make.] Never mention the face he lost at the Imperial Research Institute for trying to help his nephew out.

When Lu Hui heard this, he looked at his uncle strangely and asked, “What are you talking about, Uncle? I was just taking notes. After learning about Carefree Farmstead, designed by LiLi, I realized that none of the virtual reality games I’ve heard of or played before are capable of beating him. I’ll have to write down the names of these hosts and go through them one by one when the time comes to fully prepare myself to enter Carefree Farmstead in the future, hehehe!”

Lu WeiMing, “????”

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