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Chapter 171: Enlightenment

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“You, you…!” Things went beyond Lu WeiMing’s imagination and almost pissed him off. With an old face and at the risk of offending his colleagues and superiors, he’d tried to get his nephew’s game a little closer to Bai Li’s. Although it was rejected in the end, he felt that he had done his nephew a favor.

And what happened? In the end, his nephew wasn’t sad and desperate like he thought. He didn’t even have negative emotions. He was happy at home and brushing a starblog. In just three minutes, he’d left ten messages under the Imperial Research Institute’s starblog!

All of them were messages questioning the 90% “mental comfort” of Carefree Farmstead.

Look at what he said.

fellow netizen1: [Impossible. 90%? Hey, this is too high. Could it be a mistake on the part of the Imperial Research Institute? Just look at the name of the game. I have no idea how to play it. How does it get such a great therapeutic effect?]

Lu Hui V: [What do you mean by that again? Song’s Blunt Opinion, the anchor who loved to do game reviews a few months ago, started out just like you, questioning the playability of Carefree Farmstead and openly calling it a hot chicken game in the forum ( LiLi sorry that wasn’t my intention), but now he’s playing more than anyone else, and the game is doing well in his live! If he hadn’t kept that post and topped it with an apology to LiLi, we wouldn’t have forgiven him so easily. If you haven’t played, you don’t have a say, right?]

fellow netizen2: [I found the official website of this game and went in to look at it. The introduction wrote, ‘a relaxing farming game.’ Just this? The developer is too unmindful. Shouldn’t he write a small 800-word essay boasting about his game, right? The second place,  In the Universe Wandering is very well done. More than 2,000 words of introduction letting you immediately see the sincerity of the developer.]

Lu Hui V: [Thank you, one of the main characters uninvited. The game I made can be loved by all without any publicity. Who wants to write such a long introduction? However not because there is no bottom in the heart. TAT A famous author wrote something about how when they write their novel can it be explained in just a single sentence. It’s the same reason, ah! LiLi will only write such a sentence, which means he has great confidence in Carefree Farmstead and knows it will soar to the sky.]

fellow netizen3: [It’s just farming, harvesting, fishing, mining, gathering…Well, only the food in the game is a little more attractive. The farming or whatever, we Interstellar people are tired of playing. Now the agricultural planets all rely on farming robots to plant. This technology has long been eliminated, and you have not seen the world as a treasure to pursue. I still prefer to play the combat class virtual reality game.]

Lu Hui V: [→_→ Your last sentence seems like it was added a little abruptly. I almost believed your lies! If you are not interested, will you understand thoroughly? Even the main gameplay of the game is clear, and I still have the nerve to say that they like combat games. I, as the second place in the data, will take the lead in expelling you from the powder!]


Lu Hui’s optical computer was in projection mode, and the replies on Starnet were obviously displayed in front of Uncle Lu WeiMing’s eyes. Lu WeiMing looked dizzy for a while and felt that he had never known his nephew before. Or was it that he, an “old man,” had lost track of the trends of young people?

The promised Virtual Reality Game Design Competition! What? Why was there no sense of competition at all? Lu WeiMing didn’t expect that the clown would be himself. He was depressed when he heard his nephew shout out.

“Crap!” The wall of the projection screen had an additional chat box, as well as a picture of food that was specially enlarged. “Yu Xiao, that sly dog, why is he showing off again? Damn! This time he actually opened a roast chicken! The meat on this chicken leg looks so tender and fragrant, it’s delicious! I don’t believe I can’t grab a spot next month!”

Lu Hui cursed furiously. It was only after he finished that he realized that he wasn’t the only one at the scene. There was also his uncle who came over to see him with fruit.

“Hey, Uncle, you’re not scared, right?” Lu Hui was quite vain. “I’m not usually like this. I can be polite! This time I’m furious, and only cursing someone out. Yu Xiao is a good buddy I grew up with. We both signed up for the Holographic Game Design Competition this year, and together we noticed the Carefree Farmstead game. We agreed to grab game slots together this month, but he got it, while I, and a few other friends, didn’t. This is great, but he is so proud of himself that he shares his game experience in our chat group every day, and also sends out pictures of the food he opened from the Food Basket three times a day!”

After he said that, he followed the rhythm of several other friends and sent several angry emojis in the group.

Lu WeiMing, “…” I never thought my nephew would have such a crazy and childish side.

As for his nephew’s friend Yu Xiao, he also knew him. Even that child’s entry also took a place on the test report’s appeasement ranking. Not too high, not too low, it just happened to be tenth place.

The result was that the participant actually ran to play the first place designed game? Lu WeiMing raised his head and observed their chat group in front of his nephew openly. Since they all knew each other, everyone used their real names. It was a great surprise to him to see that all those who were babbling seemed to be participants in the Holographic Game Design Competition. He asked his nephew to confirm that, and his guess was confirmed.

“Yes! This group is full of fellow contestants. Some of us met after the competition started, and after chatting about our personalities we got along so we created a special group.” Lu Hui said. He stopped halfway, and sighed. “Unfortunately, we don’t know LiLi, otherwise we would have pulled him into the group and became good friends. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about grabbing the game quota…”

Here, Lu Hui’s mind drifted away again. He had said so many words for LiLi on the starblog, would he have seen? Would he be moved to give him a game slot?

If Bai Li knew about the resentment that Lu Hui and the others had because they couldn’t reach him, he would feel quite innocent. He didn’t even think that the contestants could contact each other, and he really didn’t have any other recreational activities during the day except for doing the game well, working hard on farming, and petting cats and foxes. He didn’t read many of the private messages on the starblog and forums, and there were too many people sending him messages. Nine out of ten of them begged him for more game slots, and the remaining one was a vigorous confession to loving Carefree Farmstead, and he was getting tired of saying the words, ‘thank you.’ Don’t blame the others for contacting him, it was that he was really too antisocial and lazy.

When he saw his nephew inexplicably start to giggle, Lu WeiMing’s mind was full of the line, Finished. All finished. The class of players has actually all fallen. like a crazy screen. He didn’t  even know how he said goodbye to his nephew, or how he left his nephew’s home and got back to his own home.

When he finished digesting the news, it was already night, but the discussion of Carefree Farmstead on the Starnet was still very heated. Fellow netizens who had already watched a wave of live streams and returned were on fire inside, and they, coincidentally, ran to the official website of Carefree Farmstead and left their first impressions of the game in the comment book. 

A scene from the past: [Before I watched the live broadcast, I thought that farming in the game was done by operating various farming robots, but I didn’t expect the game to be all about human power. I thought I would get tired of watching repetitive actions like digging pits, sowing seeds, covering with soil, and watering in a few minutes, but I didn’t expect that an hour would pass by the time I came back to my senses. Now I just want to say, begging for a spot in the game! I want to get in on the game planting!]

Wendy: [Watching people planting is actually okay. I actually watched people build chick cottages, raise chickens, and feed chickens for two hours. Time was like running water. Those chick cottages, ah, ugly like a ghost! (PS: begging for a game spot)]

Xi: [Compared to farming and breeding, I prefer fishing. Although fishing a fish takes more time, the wait is part of the process. I feel as relaxed physically and mentally as the game anchor. In addition, every time you throw the hook, guessing what fish will be caught is also a necessary part of the process. I want a game spot too! QAQ!]


There were countless afterthoughts on the live stream such as these, and soon the number of new messages exceeded the original number and was still growing by leaps and bounds. These people wanted to have their own thoughts all expressed. They were satisfied that the game’s developer, Bai Li, would certainly see their views, and quickly give the corresponding feedback, such as upgrading his virtual reality game builder to increase the number of game places and so on.

With such thinking, they weren’t anxious to exit the opinion book. Instead, they turned to the beginning of the opinion book since they wanted to see the initial group of players. What was their view of the game? It was also considered alternative archaeology.

However, as they looked at it, the fellow netizens found a strange phenomenon. How come…even at the beginning of the game, it was all voices urging the game developer to increase the number of game slots? There were no serious suggestions, and even if there had been, they would be drowned out by the sea of voices. With a kind of bad feeling, the fellow netizen’s hearts began to understand. No wonder the number of messages in this comment book was so large. Every one was to urge him to “upgrade.”

Lu Dan was one of the fellow netizens.

As a combat class virtual reality game enthusiast, she’d almost never heard of the Carefree Farmstead name. She occasionally saw it on the Starnet, and directly pushed it to the back of her mind. After all, she had a daily routine. Either fighting in the game, or on the way to the battle. However, the long battles hadn’t made her Genetic Collapse Disorder improve in the slightest. On the first day of March, Lu Dan woke up and found long rabbit ears on her head…

The violent rabbit felt that if Genetic Collapse Disorder was an entity, she would use her long and powerful rabbit feet to kick it hard!

This was one of the manifestations of Genetic Collapse Disorder that showed that it had become severe; beast features appearing locally and they cannot be freely retracted. Lu Dan had no choice but to count the days until the Imperial Research Institute announced the game with the highest “mental appeasement” that year.

A study showed that even if a new game had the same “mental appeasement” level but a person had never played the game and usually always played a different game, the Genetic Collapse Disorder treatment effect will be higher with the former.

Then Lu Dan saw the big words “Carefree Farmstead.” When she knew the name of the game, it was natural to do something. She followed the comments at the bottom to find the game’s live stream, and she became inexplicably addicted to it. Lu Dan pressed down the urge to continue to look at the game’s official website and went to leave a message in the opinion book, then after doing the alternative archaeology, she accidentally pressed the refresh button, the page reverted to the latest message there.

What a coincidence, she saw a reminder from people who came over to them, to those new to the pit of the cloud players.

Forever Moon: [Fellow netizens please note, fellow netizens please note! This advice book is reserved for use as a reminder only, and only has the effect of giving psychological comfort! As a poor person who hasn’t been able to grab a game slot, I just want to say that LiLi is still very tight in this area. The game quota will only be issued at the beginning of each month, and after grabbing it, there is no more! It’s useless for you to rush, it’s almost impossible for LiLi to add new game slots, so you should just wait for next month’s opportunity with us!]

Lu Dan, “…” A bad premonition came true.

There were so many of them but they couldn’t do anything about the game developer, so they could only go back to the live stream.

Fortunately, the choice of the anchors were good. She could watch more than a dozen live broadcast booths so that none of them were repeated, which was not too friendly for those who want to understand the game as soon as possible.

Bai Li stopped paying attention two hours after the Imperial Research Institute’s test report results came out and went straight to the game.

The panda cub was especially fond of Bai Li as its master. As soon as Bai Li released it from the pet space, it didn’t even chew on its favorite bamboo and came straight to his side. Sometimes, when Bai Li was harvesting ripe crops in the field, it would get on its hands and knees and firmly hug one of Bai Li’s legs and pretend that it was a giant leg pendant.

“You, you.” Bai Li bent down and shook his head helplessly at the panda cub’s white forehead. His fingers touched the soft fur which tickled his heart. He untraceably swirled his fingers on the surface of the fur, and saw them move slightly before he continued in satisfaction, “Aren’t you tired of hugging like this? Why don’t you go rest in the shade? There’s still your favorite bamboo over there. You can eat and I’ll be back with you when I’m done.”

However, the panda cub was still small, and didn’t quite understand Bai Li’s words, only looked up at his beloved master with his mouth slightly open to reveal a pink tongue. He looked dumb and cute.

Wen XingYao came to the entrance of Bai Li’s yard, saw that scene, then took one more look at the newborn panda cub, and only thought that it was too bold! At the same time, a sense of irritation rose in his heart. He wondered why, whether in reality or in the game, Bai Li would always have such a greasy little cub at his side? Why was his attention focused on the kids around him? Where was there extra energy to pay attention to the people around him?

While he was thinking that way, Wen XingYao forgot that there was a time when his own infancy took up most of Bai Li’s life.

When Bai Li saw Wen XingYao coming, he hurriedly opened the door and let him in. He didn’t ask the other man what he was doing here. What was wrong with neighbors visiting each other’s homes?

“Bai Li, let me take my pets out too so that the three of them can play with your panda and you can speed up the harvesting of your crops,” Wen XingYao suggested.

He now has three pets: a golden koi with a “Fu” pattern; a milk lion that was 60 to 70 percent similar to his cub form; and a macaw whose birthday was the same day as the panda cub. Wen XingYao’s pets weren’t as coddled as Bai Li’s. He only let them out at regular times when they needed to be used or to be fed, but otherwise he kept them loose in the pet space. However, his pets still loved their master because Wen XingYao was generous enough to treat them.

Bai Li thought the panda cub might not cling to him so much once it had a playmate, so he readily agreed. Wen XingYao let the three pets out, gave them orders to take the panda cub to play, and then started pulling things out of his backpack.

The top of the line fish feed, the very best canned cat(?) food, a box of cereals with a rich creamy aroma, followed by a large pack of a dozen pet milk cakes, crispy dried fish, toy bubble balls, a small cat scratching board maze, colorful feather shuttlecocks…In addition to the food at the beginning, he also prepared a large portion of milk specifically for the panda cub.

The panda cub was really attracted to that pile of things. He hugged Bai Li’s leg for a while, to show that he wanted to go over but didn’t dare to. Finally, only after Bai Li nudged his butt in encouragement, did he twist and turn in the direction of the other three pets.

The three pets didn’t reject the panda cub because they had been ordered to join it by their owner, so they enthusiastically invited him to try their rations. The panda cub rubbed a mouthful of cat food on this side, a mouthful of dried fish on the other side, and also grabbed a small handful of grain and stuffed it into his mouth to bite with a crunch. Finally, he was able to quench his thirst with basin milk, so he couldn’t explain how happy he was while eating.

Of course, as a polite little baby, it also invited the three little friends to come together to drink the Bon-Bon milk. After all, its belly wasn’t big and one panda cannot finish such a big portion of Bon-Bon milk.

“Look at how harmoniously they get along,” Wen XingYao concluded to Bai Li with a smile.

The Imperial Admiral, who was not short of money, thought proudly, If you could solve a problem with money, it wasn’t a problem. If it couldn’t be solved, you must not have used enough! He was so prepared that he was able to get rid of all those “birds and bees” with ease.

Bai Li also laughed. “You’re too spendy. It seems that you are the main buyer of the new pet food that I have in the game store.”

Wen XingYao felt Bai Li’s words were a compliment to him, and took pride in them. “What can I do? After all, there are three mouths in the house.” Plus, he bought for more than the three mouths, so Bai Li’s family was able to join in.

Bai Li was once again amused. They were obviously pets, but Wen XingYao spoke like it was a family of children. However, it also made him think that the other side of the words wasn’t without reason. With a larger number of pets, wouldn’t related expenses also follow the boat up?

As for the question of whether it would cost too much, in this regard, he no longer wanted to pull the wool over Wen XingYao’s eyes. Before he only knew that Demon Xing wasn’t a not bad kryptonite and a star warrior. Now that they had taken the initiative to take off their vests, as an Empire Admiral, he could only be richer than Bai Li previously guessed…

Maybe Wen XingYao didn’t spend as much money in one hour, as all his assets combined earned him in one hour.

“That’s right,” Wen XingYao suddenly said with a straight face. “Our chat was interrupted by Tang Ying at noon. What did you want to say then?”

Bai Li thought back for a moment before he remembered the answer he hadn’t given at that time. He was about to open his mouth when he noticed that Wen XingYao’s expression seemed a bit off. It wasn’t the kind of obstinacy that insisted on knowing the answer, but a strange look of expectation with reserve, and reserve with apprehension.

That pair of dark golden eyes, at this time, were like a quenched layer of light gold. His eyes fluctuated, and gave the feeling that he wasn’t able to look straight at him for a long time. Anyway, Bai Li was quick to let his own eyes look elsewhere.

Bai Li had a feeling that his answer afterwards was very important to Wen XingYao. His heart followed, and inexplicably sped up its beating. He recalled the days Wen XingYao looked into own gaze from time to time, and he had a kind of enlightenment.

As the Agricultural Deity of the Immortal World, Bai Li often went down to the world to help and enlighten humans in agricultural matters, and he had been devoted to this cause for hundreds and thousands of years. However, this didn’t mean that Bai Li knew nothing else. While he walked on the earth, he had not only heard all kinds of love stories, but also seen a lot of lovers that could end up together. Men and women, women and women, men and men, all these combinations he had witnessed.

When he was on the earth, it wasn’t that no human men or women had expressed their love for Bai Li, but Bai Li had never had any interest in them and he rejected them all. For love, or his other half, Bai Li was still very open-minded. He was just letting fate take its course. Anyway, his immortal life was very long, so he could just wait slowly. Even if he couldn’t wait, he didn’t mind keeping the land and crops as his companions.

However, once he crossed over, he not only came to a future world where farming was difficult, but he also learned what it was like to have a heartbeat like a drum. With…fate? Then let’s follow fate.

Bai Li felt tense when he thought about Wen XingYao, and even after he forced himself to regain his composure, he didn’t know how to answer. Instead, he asked, “What kind of friendship do you want us to have?”

Wen XingYao, “??”

Was there a problem with the flow? Obviously he was asking Bai Li, why was it suddenly reversed and became Bai Li asking him?

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