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Chapter 182: “Brave players, not afraid of difficulties!”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The sky was dark and dreary in the early morning hours, and the Village Chief and a host of other NPCs who had previously entered their rest time were forced to open for business. When Bai Li and his group arrived at the entrance of the village chief’s house, there weren’t too many players around. It was not that this month’s event was not attractive to players, but the majority of players had already teamed up to enter the game map and hadn’t come yet at that time.

They were either riding a genuine bike or riding a copycat version of a bike, Bai Li’s group confidently guessed.

The group of nearly 20 people contained all the anchors in the village, and at first several people discussed whether to leave one person out for live, while the remaining four people focused on the game, but his proposal was wildly rejected by the audience in the live room.

[Don’t! It’s only fair that everyone is on the air (I won’t admit that I plan to watch your live streams together and count on watching your hideous expressions for dinner)!]

[Agree not to turn off the camera, and you guys go into the map without us. What to do? Do not let the pop-ups affect your final score.]

[The anchor is brave to fly, and the audience will always follow…Cheer, ah! Towards the village top 50 rush rush!]

[Really, you believe me. Just never leave a shot! With one game down, let the audience pay attention to the details you do not notice for you, and when we review, you may be able to have more experience in the game. Oh…]


Under the persuasion of the audience, Mo Song and the others finally agreed not to close the live camera. But they also gave a reminder beforehand that they might not necessarily take care of them after they entered the game. To this, the audience said they could understand very well and didn’t mind.

“Say, which difficulty do we have to choose?” Heart’s Jade’s mother, as the oldest woman present, exercised excellent patience and meticulous observation while she was taking care of her daughter Jiang Huaibi growing up. When several people were still struggling with the number of live shots, she had already gone up to have a conversation with the Village Chief and understood clearly the difference between the three difficulty maps.

When the crowd finally cleared up the issue of shots, she explained what she had learned and asked the others what they thought.

“There’s a lot of us, so why don’t we go to hell mode! Let’s challenge the high difficulty first, and then adjust according to the situation afterwards?” Bulging Belly touched his belly as he proposed with great enthusiasm.

Young people just liked exciting ways to play. As soon as his proposal was put out there, several people’s eyes began to glow with excitement.

“I think it’s okay.”

“It seems like a lot of fun. When we all get together, the battle will be intense!”

“It’s just hell mode. Hahaha!”

Long after the others said that what he said would definitely not happen, Bai Li simply shut up. Even with the map choice, when they now had to get everyone’s consent, he also said that it didn’t matter which one he chose. Now he was an emotionally uninvolved tool.

Wen XingYao was naturally watching Bai Li but just had a ‘if my husband sings, this husband will follow’ posture.

Tang Ying’s cold eyes watched the interaction between the two, and was secretly envious of the others present who didn’t know that these two were together. If time could be turned back, he would have preferred not to have eaten that breakfast that morning, and not to have Wen XingYao take the initiative to tell him the news. The days of being forced to eat dog food were too bitter, too bitter! QAQ.

Hell mode was agreed to by all, and Heart’s Jade mom, who was closest to the Village Chief, made the selection, and soon all of them were transported into the game map. It was also just a few seconds of work, while the event started to squat near the Village Chief’s home. The event had truly begun with the first team, 25 people who directly chose hell mode before the game players were teleported out.

However, now their appearance was wretched. The clothes on their bodies had been torn, their hair was messy as if blown by a tornado, and several people’s faces also had suspicious palm prints and nail marks. Not to mention that their bodies were littered with mud spots and crops’ tattered “corpses.” If someone didn’t know better they would have thought that they had just returned from scavenging.

Although in only about ten minutes, these states would be automatically refreshed by the system, disappeared didn’t mean that they never existed.

Before they entered the tournament map, these 25 people were very close friends. Although they never met before playing Carefree Farmstead, but became close in the game because of their similar interests, they hate to pay a tribute to the brothers of the opposite sex. However, on this day their friendship became precarious.

“It’s you! It’s you! I planted that watermelon with great difficulty. I just blinked, and you actually snatched it away! I remember that after I succeeded in growing watermelon before, I brought it over to eat with you! Why did you go against me?”

“Humph! I haven’t blamed you yet, how come you’re the first one to sue? Who first took advantage of my inattentiveness and jerked off a row of small onions that had just grown in my field? All five plants and the points added up to two points more than the watermelon. Obviously I was the one who lost out!”

“Good guys, I thought I was the safest in the corner, but you guys actually started rolling all over the place, and not only crushed the seedlings that just grew in my field, but also knocked over my vegetable basket, so half of the vegetables fell out at once. It caused me to be at the bottom of this game. I’m so angry!”

“I have the highest points but what is the use? It’s difficult to grab a lot of vegetables by hand because the lack of multiple arms and legs wasn’t allowed by the system. Forget counting the points, I said you should grab when the action is lighter, and each of those are points, ba, and rounded up is a pet egg!”

The 25 people fought again, each with a red face, a thick neck, and filled with a heavy anger, as if their Genetic Collapse Disorder had broken out, and they would wreak havoc in the game. It took another five minutes of fighting before the resentment in their hearts subsided a little and they could calm down and discuss the arrangements afterwards.

“Ahhhhhhh! I never want to play Hell Mode again, it’s just too hard. If we keep playing like this I’m afraid we’re going to have a feud, right?”

“No! I’m not happy that I just lost to XX, but I got more vegetables. Besides, hell mode gives more points rewards. Didn’t the Village Chief also say that the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward factor? We’ve already had one experience, maybe if we try again everyone can get more points rewards so, are you still not impressed?”

“Hmph, isn’t it just to prevent the things you planted from being robbed? I don’t believe that I can still be robbed so thoroughly next time. Go, go, go! Continue to choose the hell mode!”

It was like there was no turning back without hitting the south wall. The 25 players who came out of the first team actually, unbelievingly chose the hell mode again after they bickered and fought, then entered the game map with bright dreams of getting more point rewards.

While they were bickering, one after another, other players also ended their games and were teleported out. Each of them had anger and resentment on their faces, with only a very few of them having satisfied smiles on their faces. As they watched the 25 people fight, no one felt that it was out of line, but instead thought that it wasn’t normal. No matter who had just finished robbing the crops, the mood wasn’t too wonderful.

However, who knows why, although it seemed like the activity was toxic, no one had retreated. Instead they quickly regained their spirits, and pulled the same teams of players once again into the game map.

There were also people who originally chose the easy and hard mode, and after they listened to the bickering of the people around them, they had an inexplicable yearning for the hell mode. They wanted to know what kind of map it was that could make people flip out like that, and so after they entered the map for the second time, they stupidly raised the difficulty level of the game.

“Brave players, don’t be afraid of difficulties!!!” Someone shouted towards the other players before they entered the hell mode map. That accidentally became the qualifying slogan for the month’s event.

For nearly three days afterwards, the players were tortured by the hell mode, but they remained resolute in their choice, as they shouted slogans and pushed forward towards higher points.

Since they had entered the hell mode map, Bai Li and his group were unaware of what had happened outside. They spent the two minutes before the game officially began, taking stock of everything around them. There were 18 of them, and they were each stepping on the 100 pieces of land assigned to them; five in a row, the last three in a separate row.

The land was grouped together, distinguished only by an inconspicuous white line. When the game started, the scene was chaotic, and there weren’t many people paying attention to the meaning of those white lines. As long as a person could see a ripe crop, they would grab onto it.

Everyone had an extra packet in their hands, filled with various seeds. To make it easier to see, the top left corner of these seeds was marked with their maturity time in the map, while at the bottom right corner was an “∞” 1, which indicated that there was no limit to the number of those seeds.

In addition to the packets, each player was assigned a vegetable basket. The capacity of the basket was like an abyss. No matter what was put in it, it wouldn’t be filled, but if the frame was accidentally tilted or knocked over, half of the total number of vegetables inside would fall out in one breath.

If a person were quick, they could take advantage of the other people around them and grab some before all the vegetables were put back. However, if a person were robbed, and their bad luck in this situation happened more than a few times, then the round would be considered as a waste of time.

“Wow! So many unseen seeds! LiLi, are these going to be unlocked only after our character level is higher?” Jiang Huaibi had the sharpest tentacles for things she hadn’t seen before, and as soon as she noticed it, she hurriedly raised the question.

“Mn, yes,” Bai Li said. “The more forward seeds mature faster, but the fewer points you get after harvesting and vice versa, so when you choose seeds, pay attention to controlling their timing and quantity.”

Although he was the designer of this event, it was also the first time he entered the map. His mind was empty of theories, and he hadn’t yet had time to practice, so he could only give a simple reminder. As to what direction the competition would go after it started, he didn’t know.

The land they were given after entering the map was randomly assigned, and he was located in the second place of the third row, so, not coincidentally, there were people in all directions. If they thought about it, they could guess how difficult it would be for him to guard the vegetables he planted when the game started.

After they listened to Bai Li’s words, everyone also rushed to prepare, and at least to hold the seeds in their hands and raise them over the land when the cue sounded.

Song Xinran was lucky enough to be assigned to the corner. He took a look at the seed list and decided to win by quantity. He grabbed a large handful of wheat seeds in his hand, and planted them as quickly as possible when the prompt sounded.

Wheat seeds had a maturity time of 30 seconds, so by the time he had planted a hundred plots, the earliest wheat planted should have matured. After that, he continued to replant while he harvested, and formed a virtuous cycle, while he didn’t worry about not being able to save more activity points.

There were a few people who had the same idea as him. Skilled Target, Shaded Nettle and Heart’s Jade mom also planted only wheat on their land. They were honestly developing themselves and just waiting for the points to accumulate to a certain level before they made changes accordingly.

Those four should be considered the slow and steady school of thought.

Apart from them, the choice of seeds for the others was more diverse.

Mo Song chose the one with the longest planting time, hugging kale, which took a full three minutes to grow, so while Song Xinran and others were flying around planting and harvesting, he took it easy after he scattered the seeds and even took time to chat with the viewers in the pop-ups.

“Haha, you guys asked me why I didn’t choose the short ones? A wheat plant is only worth 1 point, while a kale plant is worth 8 points, and the time required to plant it is only 6 times that of wheat, so it’s a better deal for the latter! As for the possibility of being snatched and stolen by others, hey, I’m prepared for that! The old fans should know that I just retired from the military not long before I became an anchor, in the military long-term training out of the ability to still exist! Watch, later I’ll let you see brother’s real ability, but do not be fascinated by my flexible body posture…”

Mo Song didn’t lower his voice when he was boasting, and caused several people around him to be unable to stop from laughing out loud.

Xiong Pili had known Mo Song for a long time, and Mo Zhu was Mo Song’s brother. They knew Mo Song’s ability, and did not think he was talking big. But…they were also from the military, were they not? It wasn’t clear who would win and who would lose!

Xiong Pili quietly squeezed his bulging muscles. Well, his usual exercises weren’t in vain.

The two current top brass of the military, especially Tang Ying, first looked in the direction of Wen XingYao, then couldn’t help but sympathize with Mo Song. That poor person. It was one thing to say what was good, but to just say that they had been trained by the military, and later encounter the military’s Admiral Wen, it may have to test the results of their training.

Wen XingYao seemed to be unaware of the dark tide that kept surging around him. He was concentrating on observing Bai Li’s movements. What Bai Li planted he planted, which ground Bai Li planted was the ground he planted, so the act of hugging the thigh was clearly arranged.

Bai Li didn’t notice Wen XingYao’s observation of him at first. He was preoccupied with laying out his own plot of land. He divided the 100 plots into three layers: inside, middle and outside. The further in the layers, the longer it took for the seeds planted to mature, while the outside circles were planted with crops like wheat and corn instead.

In Bai Li’s opinion, these crops even if he were too late to pick them and they were stolen by others first, he wouldn’t care too much. The most important thing was to surround the innermost plants. As long as they were well, his points wouldn’t be too low.

After he completed the arrangement of his own field, Bai Li looked up, found that Wen XingYao was following his example in planting and gave the other a look of approval, as he thought they were thinking of the same thing. However, he didn’t know that after receiving that look from him, Wen XingYao’s hand movements missed a beat. There was a skip in his heart, and he was on the other side of the idea of his arrangement to follow.

The rest of the people were just about to plant out their land. Some chose the right time to mature, some were fixed for planting, but some didn’t care and just grabbed a handful of seeds and threw the seeds like they were scattering flowers to a heavenly woman, so what grew was what they picked.

During the first crop before its official growth, they could maintain a surface calm.

The wheat planted by Song Xinran, Skilled Target, Shaded Nettle, and Heart’s Jade’s mother was ripe, but then a breeze blew through, bringing a faint aroma of wheat.

It was like dominoes. Every second that passed, one or two plants of wheat ripened in the order they were planted. The joy of the harvest flashed across their faces as they rushed forward with their baskets to pick them, while they didn’t forget to scatter new seeds for the next round of planting.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were also in high spirits when they saw that, and launched their pop-ups in unison.

[The next big man’s eyes are always looking at you. If you don’t hurry up, the wheat near him may be robbed!] This was the pop-up screen posted in Song Xinran’s live broadcast room.

Song Xinran was next door to Xiong Pili, and he was indeed, as the viewers said, very excited about the wheat that had grown. The golden wheat looked like a million hands were waving at him, and inviting him to harvest and collect them.

At this time, Xiong Pili, who was still relatively thin-skinned, was still hesitant to pick Song Xinran’s wheat, as he felt that he would then be a bit of a bully to a child. Then he saw a hand reach out in a flash from another field adjacent to Song Xinran’s, grab one of the wheat plants that was growing in Song Xinran’s field and plucked it with force, before it was quickly stuffed into his vegetable basket.

Xiong Pili, “????”

In response to his surprised look, Bulging Belly gave him a nuclear powered smile. Points couldn’t afford to wait. If you wanted a reward, you had to take advantage of things now.

Xiong Pili read something from this smile, and his cheek seemed to be covered with a thickening buff. He hung a naive smile on his face and followed suit.

[The main anchor, you are still frozen here. Do you not see that someone has already planted something ripe? Hurry up, ah, grab his acres!] This was the pop-up screen from other people’s live streams.

Mo Song received the most urging. His viewers were always watching the hustle and bustle, and couldn’t wait for the scene to be more noisy and chaotic. This time, how could he still sit still?

“Okay, I’m on it!” Mo Song said softly to the camera, and went down towards the nearest person, Skilled Target.

Several other anchors did the same. Not only them, but also those present whose crops weren’t yet ripe also took action, and seized the opportunity to pluck some. After that, they had to look at the sky and the ground but not at the victim, as they tried to pretend to be innocent and pure.

As a result, the wheat fields, which were still growing neatly, soon became bald in the east and west. During this period Song Xinran didn’t look up much, and didn’t notice that his live room had been going “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” to the screen. He harvested and harvested, and went towards the next wheat plant to grab, but his hand was empty. He didn’t catch anything.

Xiong Pili, Bulging Belly, even Bamboo and I Am Not a Chatterbox, who were farther away from him, had already touched him. Xiong Pili was holding a wheat plant and stuffing it into his vegetable basket.

Song Xinran, “!!!”

What happened and why did his land become like this in less than a minute? When did these people come, and how many wheat plants did they steal from him?

The viciousness of the human heart was completely exposed to Song Xinran, and he was at a loss as to how to react, as he stood there dumbfounded. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the corn in Xiong Pili’s field was ripe, and without thinking, Song Xinran rushed towards the nearest corn, as he shouted, “Ahhhhhhh! I want to take revenge for my wheat! You robbed my wheat, I will rob your corn and other vegetables too!”

His hands moved quickly, and he quickly broke three corn into his basket of vegetables, even though his ground hadn’t yet finished planting, and the next round of wheat was about to ripen he couldn’t care. All he could think about was, Revenge! Revenge!

Song Xinran’s roar was like a rallying cry. Not only did it let Xiong Pili know that the corn he had planted was ripe, but it also alerted Bulging Belly, Bamboo and I Am Not a Chatterbox that the seeds they had sown were taking longer to ripen, so they immediately ran in the direction of Xiong Pili’s field.

“Hey, hey, hey, old bear! We’ve been brothers for so many years, you shouldn’t mind if I harvest a few of your corn, right?”

“Brother! You let me pick your corn now, and later when my cucumbers are ripe, feel free to pick them too!”

“Brother Bear! If you let me pick corn today, you’ll be my half-brother!”

In the midst of the commotion, only Xiong Pili’s feeble voice was left to stop them, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Slow down! At least leave me half of the seeds I worked so hard to sow! Damn, Bamboo, you’re too much! You’ve picked the whole row!”

What they naturally didn’t notice in the scramble was that a small figure was quietly approaching the vegetable basket that Bulging Belly had accidentally left in place.

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