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Chapter 183: Great use of event Items.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

One game was only 30 minutes long. Even if they added the preparation time after entering the map, it was not more than 35 minutes. With such little time it wasn’t long but also not short. However, in that 30 minutes of time, many players felt their long life and a desire for peace. Vegetables were stolen, vegetable baskets were robbed, people were beaten, and points were lost.

Even people like Bai Li and Wen XingYao, who just want to stay out of the mess and develop indecently, were forced to join the scramble for vegetables afterwards. It was then that their nimble stances and tricky movements impressed the rest of the group of people.

Tang Ying was chased and as he panted, he was thinking that the world was so mysterious. Bai Li was actually so powerful? He could actually keep up with Wen XingYao’s pace, and the two almost robbed his vegetable basket to the bottom! His land was also stolen to the hilt!

Song Xinran had lost the idea of competing for the top 50 titles in the village, and was holding on to his vegetable basket to the death and had to be careful to guard against the approach of others. While he harvested the ripe crops that hadn’t been collected from everyone else’s fields, he stared at Bai Li’s figure with glowing eyes and screamed in his heart, Oooooo! His master was really strong!

Mo Song, after his initial arrogance, had already tasted the bitterness of regret. He hadn’t  expected that there were so many hidden dragons and crouching tigers among that group of people. His own brother and his two friends, not to mention those few young girls who were flexible and with their petite bodies would steal other people’s baskets so that in the end, he didn’t dare to put the basket in his hand on the ground.

What he didn’t expect was that Li Bai and Demon Xing, those two big brothers, were also so powerful. It seems that the rumors in the forum last month were really not false, ah…

Jiang Huaibi and her parents were the most united of the group. They were originally a family of three, and had at least one person who had mixed into the village points top 50 goals. Jiang Huaibi became the first beneficiary, and counting on her parents, it was the same as one person having 300 pieces of land. She simply didn’t have to rob others of vegetables. They collected it all into one.

Heart’s Jade’s father and Heart’s Jade’s mother only needed to sow seeds on the vacant land and help their daughter chase away the others who came and tried to rob them. However there was a prerequisite for them to do that well, and that was that their plots needed to be assigned together, or at least next to each other, or they would still be stretched to the limit.

As the game clock ticked down, everyone was panting and slowing down their movements, as they reduced their physical contact in favor of a war of words.

Finally, the thirty-minute countdown ended and the first round was over. Eighteen people stopped moving at the same time and looked up at the scoring panel suspended in mid-air.

The final points that players could earn were made up of several parts. First was the number of crops that were planted by the players themselves and that matured successfully during the course of the competition. The second was the number of crops that players grabbed from others or stole from the fields. The third was the number of crops that were accidentally damaged by players during the scramble. While the fourth was the performance score for the entire competition.

The first two added to the total points, while the third deducted or added points. That involved complex system calculations, but the final result was accepted and understood by all.

In the first round of the competition, Jiang Huaibi was ranked first in points, while opposite her, Heart’s Jade’s mother and Heart’s Jade’s father, had points that were relatively low, but not to the extent of being at the bottom.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao came in second and third place respectively, and weren’t much more impressive than Jiang Huaibi who got 275 points in one go. The last two were Song Xinran and Bulging Belly, one got 51 points, and one 52 points. The two little brothers hugged together and shivered. In the process of the game, they were robbed badly!! QAQ!

After they looked at the rankings, and received the points, a group of people were transported out.

The Village Chief’s house at 1:00 was even more lively than the players’ evening market since most people were there. Players who had already completed a round weren’t in a hurry to proceed to the next round. The scene had revenge, there were grievances, but also crying with others about their experiences in the game.

“Ooooooooo! My friend is too much! I can’t easily grow a big head of cabbage, then without even saying a word to me she plucked it! I don’t want to team up with her!”

“My brothers and I were together in a team. We were afraid to fight from the game to reality. Maybe to team up with people I do not know is a little safer, ah. Sister, we should team up!”

“Hmm? The team was disbanded? Can I be included? I have a few people here. We just played the simple mode together, it feels fine. I won first place, with a total of 93 points.”

“Hmm? The first place on the easy map is only 93 points? I just finished the hard map, and the third place got 156 points!”

Mo Song had just been teleported out when he heard the players discussing the points they had obtained, and when he found that the two people talking were both more up to date than he was, he immediately joined the chat.

“Aha, I just got out of hell mode. It’s a bit hard, but I came in 7th place and got 214 points, so it’s better to have a harder map.”

In Mushroom Village, there was no one who didn’t know Mo Song, and after they saw him, he searched around and found Bai Li’s figure, and cast a resentful gaze at him. It was this bad guy who designed such a challenging and complicated game that was too much. However, once they thought of the large number of redeemable items behind the points, the players self-regulated again and quickly regained their composure.

After that it was time for Mo Song to grab a few people. As they madly discussed it, in the end a few people got together as a team and chose a mode map in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

The facts had been laid out in front of everyone. The more people, the more difficult the map chosen, the more rewarding the final points would be. According to the data that came out in the first round, the point limit for the easy mode was 100 points, for the hard mode was 200 points, and for the hell mode was 300 points, but that was only a guess by the players and not fully guaranteed.

As opposed to the top-ranked players who were getting generous rewards, the bottom-ranked players ended up getting slightly more points awarded for choosing the easy map instead.

If they had confidence in their physical strength and combat ability, it didn’t matter if they chose the hell mode for ten chances a day, but if they wanted to fish in the water during the game and get more points within their ability, they had to think about it.

Fortunately, there was enough time to think about it. After the first three chances, if they wanted to enter the game map again, they had to do a mission first.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao intended to do the first three times all at once, but Jiang Huaibi was urged offline by her parents for the reason of “you have experienced the contest, and promised us to try the game once before you went offline to sleep in the end, then continue after you wake up,” so they had to reluctantly say goodbye. 

After the Jiang family went offline, Xiong Pili also said with an embarrassed face that other friends they knew had also invited them, and excused themselves as they intended to go for a round. After having sent three more people away, there were only 12 left of the 18 people. Bai Li thought about it and suggested that their team should simply be disbanded right there. Mo Song agreed to the decision, although he felt sorry for it.

Bai Li, Wen XingYao, Tang Ying, and Song Xinran; these four weren’t separated, and in the follow-up they pulled a full team of 25 players, and made two trips to the hell map. It was the fastest speed to brush up the free opportunity.

Although the ranking of those two times was high and low, the points they received weren’t the most among the players. However, because they were playing with players they didn’t know, they could let go of their hands and grab other people’s stuff without having to go soft and the game experience was much better compared to the first time.

Before he went to bed, Bai Li silently complained. He clearly wanted players to play with their friends this time, so how had everyone once again embarked on the road of cooperation with strangers? And did he forget something? Oh, come to think of it, those specially designed items for the event. Someone should have found out about them by now, right?

Si Yue and KeKe were undoubtedly the more fortunate of the new players to exist. In reality the two were very close girlfriends and were actually also assigned to the same newbie village. The two people knew each other, and played the game together so they had more fun than fighting alone.

In the last ten days, the two girls completed the newbie tasks together, purposely built their houses together, learned the exact same life skills and got together every day to study the various ways of playing the game.

This time, the two girls also said they would participate in the event together.

The first three free opportunities, the two experienced the easy, hard and hell mode, and because it was a gradual test of their relationship, the two girls united together to resist the players’ guerrilla and harassment tactics on the same team, so they achieved a good result.

After that, they had to do some tasks first.

Once they completed the task entrusted by the Village Chief and received the slippery green liquid in a small jar from the Village Chief, a clear doubt appeared in Si Yue’s eyes. What was this thing? What was the purpose? Besides adding to the number of games by completing the task, there were actually item rewards?

When he saw Si Yue’s confusion, the Village Chief smilingly explained, “This is the event-specific item. You can take it into the game to use. At the right time, use it and it may have a miraculous effect.”

After the Village Chief’s explanation, Si Yue checked the text of the item’s description. It turned out that the thing was called “Slippery Slime,” and could be poured on the growing crops, and the effect on the crop was that, except the owner, others could never touch it. Even if their hand was on it, it would “slip” to other places because of the item’s effect.

Good stuff, ah! Si Yue’s eyes lit up. With this item, they would no longer have to worry about the high-value planted goods being stolen!

It was a pity that the item had a limited number of uses. The Slippery Slime could only be used five times, so she could only guarantee that five high-value crops wouldn’t be stolen.

This was really difficult for her. After she experienced the wonderful use of that item, how could she go back to seeing the normal crops without the item bonus? How could she protect anything well?

In one round of competition, she could plant at least 500 crops, so only five uses couldn’t really affect the final result of the competition, right?

“Yue Yue, what’s wrong with you? The task is completed. Don’t be dazed about it, let’s continue to do the next task.” KeKe took the mission from the Flower Lady. She hadn’t gotten additional rewards after completing it, so she didn’t know what was happening on Si Yue’s side.

Si Yue was awakened by the voice of her friend. She used a hand to pull Ke Ke and dragged her to a corner. When she had observed that there was no one else around, she pulled out the jar of Slippery Slime to show KeKe.

Ke Ke looked very surprised, but after the surprise fell into the same distress as Si Yue.

“Hey, it’s a pity that this item can’t be used many times. If you could use this all the time in the whole game, we wouldn’t need to worry about not getting more points, right? Maybe we could even rush the 25-player hell mode!”

“That is to say, it’s really too little. Even if I could get one item for each of the seven missions, it would still be a drop in the bucket…” Si Yue muttered in a downbeat tone.

Ke Ke lowered her head and did not know what she was thinking as she didn’t respond to Si Yue’s words. Suddenly, she jumped up from the spot, so excited that she lost the ability to manage her expression.

In a small but trembling voice she said, “Yue Yue, look at the game store. LiLi actually secretly shelved a new game item. It’s called ‘Event Limited Time Gift Pack.’ As long as you spend 30 star coins, you can open 30 different kinds of activity items. Do you think?…Will there be Slippery Slime in that one?”

“Holy shit! It’s true!” Si Yue also checked the game store, found the abrupt additions, sniffed thoughtlessly and expressed her certainty, “I guess there is. You wait for me, I’ll buy one to try!”

Select and pay in one go.

The gift bag was opened directly in the backpack, and in the blink of an eye there were a lot of new items. White potion, red potion, invincible gold, invisibility cloak…And the Slippery Slime that she discussed before, it was all there!

Si Yue almost couldn’t contain her scream, as she grabbed Ke Ke’s hand and bounced in place a few times.

“Buy! Quickly buy with me! With these things, we can’t be afraid of entering the village top 50! Hurry up before the others react! Let’s go for another round of competition!”

This time, they must get 25 people and choose the hell mode! She didn’t think about doing the remaining 6 missions before going to the tournament, since there were already players doing the missions one after another. Soon someone would definitely get an extra mission reward, and then, like Ke Ke, take a look at the game store and find the existence of the Event Limited Time Gift Pack.

Right now time was money and time was points. She couldn’t lose because of small details. Right now a moment of greed could cause them to miss the best time to get high points.

Si Yue, as she held Ke Ke’s hand, rushed in the direction of the Village Chief. On the way, she explained her reasoning.

Ke Ke was hard pressed to disagree with her little friend and said, “Yue Yue you’re right. If we go and do all the quests first, there will already be a lot of players who have discovered the existence of that item, then we’ll lose the first opportunity. Once everyone can use items during the game, that will be real chaos, ah…”

“It just so happens that my pocket money isn’t much right so I can only buy a few gift packs. I’ll buy three first. Let’s rely on items to play a game or two, and after that we’ll see if we want to continue, or call that good.”

The two weren’t very old and had limited pocket money in their hands, so usually in the game their kryptonite was very restrained, and they wouldn’t buy non-essential items. They were part of the micro-kryptonite party, but that was when playing the game without the premise of an event. Once the event began, and they found that as long as they had a little kryptonite gold, they could lead other players by a lot, the two were still moved.

After Ke Ke’s words, Si Yue followed suit, bought two more limited time gift packs, and soon had a total of 90 small items in her backpack.

At the same time, in order to make the items have the maximum effect, the two decided to separate their team, not work in the same group to compete for the first and second places. With their golden finger on, they were both going to get first place!

The two came near the Village Chief, and in a short while they each formed a team of 25 people and entered the map of Hell Mode.

What Si Yue didn’t notice was that one of the players happened to be the loser of her last game. In the last game, she got first place, Ke Ke got third, and this eye-candy player, sandwiched between the two, was the second place.

Bai Qingning had already discovered Si Yue’s presence. She gritted her teeth, looked at that hateful smiling face, and a flame of anger flashed in her eyes. In the last round, with just 5 points more, just 5 points, she would have won the first place. It was undoubtedly a high moment for her in the first two rounds of the competition, only to be in the bottom of the results.

She still remembered that in the last 30 seconds of the countdown, Si Yue took advantage of her inattention to the figure of her radish and quickly plucked it. Had it not been for those 30 seconds, she would definitely have been first.

Originally she wasn’t even going to remember this incident, but she didn’t expect to be grouped together again this time. Hmph, this time she definitely would not let that girl go so easily. She would steal it all, rob it all, and not leave a single vegetable for her! Plus look at her looks! As if she had no impression of herself, which made Bai Qingning even more assured. Later she will give her a surprise!

It just so happened that in this round of the game their land was next to each other, which was even more convenient for her to make small moves.

However, the situation didn’t develop as Bai Qingning expected.

After she silently calculated the time, ready to grab Si Yue 20 seconds to ripen her cauliflowers, she saw Si Yue pull out a bottle of white water, and sprinkle it on the 9 cauliflower. The next second, the cauliflowers were ripe, and she flew picking. After a few seconds of work, the cauliflower was picked and loaded into the basket.

Bai Qingning, “?”

What the hell was that white water?

While all the players were caught up in the scramble, having remembered that the vegetables they had planted would soon be able to ripen as well, in the afterglow she glanced at Si Yue who broke away from the scramble, and after a careful look around, pulled out another bottle of red potion and poured it on the vegetables in the adjacent field without blinking an eye.

Bai Qingning, “!”

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! This color shouldn’t be poison, right? What a vicious woman! The woman was so cruel that she tried to cheat the situation, but when Bai Qingning checked, she found that the vegetables, which were already ripe, had returned to the state of seedlings, and nothing happened.

Bai Qingning, “?”

When Si Yue finally perceived she was Bai Qingning’s target, and Bai Qingning was headed towards her as she flew with a hideous expression, she smiled faintly and took out a huge piece of fabric from the backpack to cover himself. The next second, Si Yue’s figure disappeared on the spot.

Bai Qingning, “????”

Where was that person? Where was that person! She had so many strange things in the end, ah!

She couldn’t find the figure of Si Yue, as she weighed the light basket of vegetables in her hands, and then looked at her own piece of land. Since she left it, it had been robbed to an extreme. Bai Qingning almost cried out. She gave up. She didn’t want to oppose that girl! And against no good results, she estimated this time again she would be sent to the bottom! QAQ!

After she gave up the struggle to enter the salty state, Bai Qingning suddenly relaxed. She began to do her best to remedy the situation with the experience of the previous three competitions, and quietly paid attention to Si Yue’s every move.

Then she saw, in the subsequent 15 minutes, that following the white potion, red potion, and cloak of invisibility, Si Yue used one item after another. Her vegetable basket wouldn’t have to get close to the plants, with the golden light item, the plants themselves grew feet and ran to the basket. Meanwhile, even in the last few seconds of the key moment, as she faced her to steal her kale, the kale wouldn’t budge. 

Bai Qingning, “…”

The rest of the players, “………”

In the process of waiting for the system to announce the results, one player couldn’t help himself, and with an ingratiating smile, he asked Si Yue, “That…Sister, ah. You used those things. What are those things? Where are they from? They look good…”

Si Yue, who was still in the ecstasy of her own snatched super veggies, sniffed, and thought about whether to share the information she’d obtained with the others. After all, even if she didn’t say it now, the players would definitely be able to know the cause and effect from other people after they got out.

“Those are the special items of this event. There is a chance to get it when doing the task, and they also can be purchased directly from the game mall. 30 star coins and you’ll be able to open 30 different items at random.”

“What?! There is actually such a good thing? Then I have to go and see…Ho, it’s really there!” The 24 players immediately clamored about. They didn’t even bother to pay attention to the results of the competition. Anyway, the first place was definitely the girl who pulled out a large number of “weapons.”

Sure enough, the system results came out, and Si Yue got a full score of 300 points in Hell Mode.

After they were teleported out of the game, the players on Si Yue’s team found that the outside was even busier than before they went in, with everyone talking about finding the event’s special items.

“What’s going on! With such an important thing, LiLi actually didn’t mention it in the announcement ! These items are treasures, ah! With them, I can definitely get more points! And I only found out about their existence after three rounds of competition…For crying out loud.”

“I’ll buy them first!”

Si Yue found her good friend Ke Ke in the crowd, who made a “1” gesture towards herself, and through the crowd, they looked at each other and smiled.

These items were so good!

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