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Chapter 37: “Master, I will work hard…”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Such a speculation was like a bolt from the blue for the players. Many of them evolved from the game’s passerby black powders to nowadays self-watering fanatics, and privately they had made a big effort to amuse their friends and relatives with this super fun game. The friends and relatives who had been successful in being amenable to the game were also ready to rush to grab a spot when the next game quota was released.

The game’s designer had not explicitly stated it, but the second batch of released quotas would likely only have a maximum of 4,500. How could that be enough?

Several hundred players were dumbfounded by this news, and reacted by going offline on the spot.

“No! I have to hurry to talk to my parents, so that they won’t be like grabbing the discounted vegetables on Amoy, thinking that no one will be able to look at these game places. A second too late may cause regret!”

“Yes! I absolutely have to remind them that now is not like before when just a few people wanted to play! Maybe a hundred or hundreds of thousands of people are grabbing together, if you can grab one, you are considered lucky!”

“Damn, damn, damn! Why didn’t I think of it! Who was the one who sent the game to Starnet in the first place? I hope that person won’t get a turn in this batch, and never want to play our treasure game for the rest of his life!”

The players were cursing and whining, and Wen XingYao, who was listening to their conversation from a short distance away, couldn’t help but nod his head. Indeed, everyone’s guess was similar. The second batch of game slots wouldn’t be very many. He was about to go on to his little hut when he suddenly gave a lurch, a moment of consternation flashed across his face, and the next second, his figure disappeared from the game.

He was taken offline.

Going offline meant that his consciousness would soon fall into a deep sleep again. Wen XingYao was already very used to this situation, and left his mark in the subconscious as usual.

The other thing was, when Li Bai got on the game and saw the vacant land in his yard, would he wonder about it? After all, before today his yard had never been empty for so long.

Darkness fell as expected.



At the same time, in the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition forum, there was a slight change in the direction of the discussion about Carefree Farmstead. Bai Li made an announcement on the game’s website at around 6pm, telling everyone that new game slots would be released soon.

When the netizens saw this announcement, they went to the forums to tell their fellow fans who didn’t pay much attention to the official news so they would know the news earlier. However, they didn’t know when, but there were suddenly a lot more posts with strange titles in the forum.

[Emmmm…Am I the only one who thinks that a certain game dances too much? Except that it is intended to increase the number of game slots, is the entire forum of netizens accompanying you for the big year?”

[Brainless water friends please open your eyes wide, don’t be fooled by a certain game. Your ecstasy today will only turn into a boost for it to be on the star blog hot search!]

[I’ll say it straight, Li Bai’s Carefree Farmstead, in the end is this game worth spending time to play?]

[After playing the game for most of the month, I decided to quit the game. If anyone is like me, please make sure to come in and see my experience.]

There were many, many similar posts, which made the players of Carefree Farmstead wonder if the designers of other games in this year’s competition, hired a water army specifically to blacken Carefree Farmstead. Otherwise why, once the second batch of game slots was issued in the stall, would suddenly so many more people resist it?

Mo Song was one of those who had the above speculations. However, he had an additional layer of identity over the ordinary players, that was as an anchor of virtual reality games. Although he had pigeonholed his fans for most of the month in order to play Carefree Farmstead, the instinct of being an anchor was still there. After noticing so many strange statements in the forum, his instincts told him that it wasn’t simple.

So he went into one of the most popular threads, the one with the most heat, the Li Bai post.

In today’s increasingly serious Genetic Collapse Disorder outbreak, the word ‘sanity’ had become an obsession, and anyone who had a little connection with this word would be immediately concerned. In a very short time, the Li Bai post was seen by a lot of people, including Carefree Farmstead’s real players. There was excessive concern by the game of cloud players because of the previous Starblog, and only a little understanding of the game by ordinary netizens, who were also there to see the hilarity of the crowd and to to eat melons.

The four camps were each sticking to their own arguments, and from their own perspectives, they were justifiably discussing whether the game was worth playing or not, and the most common thing that appeared on the floor was the content of the discouraging statements, as if to conclude that Carefree Farmstead was a boring, time-wasting game.

Mo Song went in with a dark and sullen face. even his eyes were vicious. If the person posting was standing across from him at this time, such a look could definitely put a scare in people. However as he slowly browsed the post from the beginning to the end, he suddenly let out “pfft,” a laugh, followed by a big laugh, then he slapped the table and laughed wildly.

After he had laughed enough, he closed the post, and didn’t look again.

So, these people were playing with this idea, ah…

After he thought about it, he sent a message to his brother, telling him not to believe those posts in the forum, the time had come to grab, and he should still grab with little hesitation.

After sending the message, he just reboarded the game and went back to farming.


Chu family.

Chu QingLin, Mother Chu, Father Chu, and Gu YuPing sat around a table, Chu QingLin seriously advised the three adults. “Mom, Dad, and Uncle Gui, this is the situation. For the last few days you have always wanted to go to the game with me, now the opportunity is right in front of you. Tomorrow the game’s production will raise the quota. You must hurry up and grab it. I don’t know when there will be a third raise if you miss this one…”

“Don’t worry, son!” Mother Chu patted her chest very proudly. “I’m ready, just wait to meet us in the game!”

“…I’ll just try my best.” Father Chu didn’t have much hope that he could grab a spot in the game, he just wanted to do his best.

The one who reacted the most was Gu YuPing, who pulled up his sleeves to his elbows and moved his wrists on the spot, as he said smilingly, “I can definitely get it. I’ve been practicing my knife skills at home every day for the last few days, I can definitely beat the others.”

The Chu family of three thought of how every day Gu YuPing would fry shredded potatoes, cold shredded potatoes, shredded potato cakes…Their faces were green. Especially Chu QingLin, after eating the potatoes in the game, and then offline to nibble the strange taste of shredded potatoes, his mouth simply didn’t taste right!

He had hoped more than anything at this moment that Uncle Gui could grab a spot. QAQ.


The Jiang family.

Jiang Huaibi projected the virtual page on the bedroom wall, while frantically battling with people in the post, while jumping up and down on the big bed without a moment’s silence.

“Ahhhhhhh! I’m so angry! What the hell are these people saying? How can Carefree Farmstead be the boring and hypnotic game like they say it is? How is it not too much fun, OK! And compare it with a mega game like Interstellar. Here the two are not even the same type of game, OK! How can a game that kills be compared to a game that is relaxing and casual? And this, what game quota out of no one to grab, huh, believe it or not a second for you to grab all? When your face is swollen, don’t cry and go back to your mother! Damn it, damn it, damn it, since you guys don’t like this game so much, don’t grab it with me if you can, let me have all the game slots by myself!”

After almost two hours of ‘fighting’, Jiang Huaibi felt a little tired and left the post without looking back, lying down in a ‘大’ shape on the soft bed and taking a few minutes to regain her strength.

When rested enough, she sat up from the bed with a plop and took out a large book from under the pillow, half of which was already full of content. If Jiang Yu had been there, he would have recognized the book as “Interstellar’s Guide to Farming”, which his daughter had treated like a treasure.

Author: Jiang Huaibi.

This “Guide” was used by her to record her own gardening at home, every time a plant died she would write down in this book to demonstrate the mistakes she made at that time, so that she would not make them again. However, after half a year, the Guide recorded no less than a hundred kinds of miserable experiences, but Jiang Huaibi hadn’t succeeded in growing a single plant.

Things turned around after she found the game Carefree Farmstead. She heard that in this game, as long as you dig a hole, scatter the seeds, fill in the soil, and add some fertilizer and water, you can harvest a batch of mature plants in a few hours. Plus, she listened to how the game players described those crops, they have their own charming fragrance, the smell was simply addictive. Even with your eyes closed, you could clearly distinguish their names.

Instead of being like reality, where all vegetables, fruits, grains, the taste and smell tended to be the same, except for the different appearance.

Jiang Huaibi picked a blank page, and wrote big words on it with a big stroke of her pen: Change your face and start over!

And then, on another page, made the initial plan after entering the game.

She must reclaim the most land in the game and grow the most plants! Jiang Huaibi shook her fist. Then when the time came, she definitely would not waste a minute, and must be fully engaged in farming!

The girl sitting cross-legged on the bed suddenly shook her whole body, and then the person on the bed with clothes disappeared, replaced by a small figure pressed by the big book of the Guide.

The little hamster rubbed her bulbous soft cheeks and crawled out, rolling around on the soft quilt and finally laying flat on her back. A closer look at her expression showed that she was in a cozy state.

However, her father, who felt the energy fluctuations of his daughter’s bestiality, quickly rushed in, “Jiang Huaibi, who told you to turn back into a bestial state! Hurry back! If you continue like this, you’ll never come back, and then your mother and I would have to go all the way to Hope Star to see you! How pathetic!”

He didn’t know if this ‘pathetic’ was referring to him and his wife, or his daughter, or both.

Jiang Yu was so nervous because his daughter was actually suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder, and was in the early to middle stage of transition. Normal people in this stage were generally unable to control the appearance of animal signs on their bodies, such as ears, tails and so on, but Jiang Huaibi did not have them at all, and could even freely control whether she was bestial or remained in human form.

She was an isolated case, and neither the hospital nor the Institute had found the reason for it. However, to be on the safe side, it was still recommended that she not take the initiative to bestialize if she could. This advice was heard by the Jiang Yu couple in their hearts, but they couldn’t stop Jiang Huaibi from occasionally missing her soft cheeks. When people were not paying attention, she would secretly change back…

The little hamster couldn’t hide herself anymore, so she reluctantly reverted to her girlish state and said, “Okay, okay…”


After a good night’s sleep, the next morning, Bai Li was awakened by the “ding dong” sound of the star coins arriving on his bracelet, and when he clicked on his account, he saw a long string of 2,390,000 dollars, which successfully brought him back from his sweet dream state to reality.

He was rich!

The excitement of having his savings skyrocket from three figures to seven figures overnight was indescribable. After waiting for a few minutes, Xiong Pili replied that the money had been received and that the electronic agreement between the two men had since expired.

As he looked at the remaining money in his account, Bai Li sat on his bed and giggled for a few minutes, until he felt movement in his arms and grabbed Supreme. He couldn’t help but mua on his hairy face before he decided to get up.

Supreme was kissed dizzy, but did not feel disgusted or resist.

After he got his breakfast ready and left Supreme a bowl of warmed up Spirit goat’s milk and a stack of diced beef in popping sauce, Bai Li got on the game alone, quickly took care of the ground in front of his house, and didn’t bother to check what was going on at Demon Xing’s house next door. Then he hurriedly got offline.

After that, Song Xinran knocked on his door around nine o’clock, and the two of them gathered at the balcony to take care of the vegetable seedlings that had already grown a little bit.

“Master!” Song Xinran looked at Bai Li with starry eyes. “Are you going to put out the game quota today?”

“Mn, yes.” Bai Li replied without raising his head. He had already thought about it. He was waiting for Xiong Pili to come over at 11:00, then starting from 12:00, he would give the game a six-hour “downtime” to update, release all the prepared updates, and then he would release the new game slots at 18:00, as the game reopened.

The virtual reality game builder upgrade was actually very fast, and wouldn’t even need an hour to upgrade from E to D. Bai Li left so long also to give everyone a buffer time.

“So, so…” Song Xinran’s voice suddenly trailed off and he squirmed. “Can Master tell me what time it is? So, I’ll be there on time to grab it…”

Bai Li, “Oh.” He remembered. “I forgot to tell Xiao Song about it. I held five spots back, and left one for you. As you have called me master for so many days, how can I, as a master, not spoil my little disciple?”

Since he became Agricultural Deity, Bai Li had accepted several hundred human apprentices, not thousands, and had long summed up a set of experience with apprentices. He loved teasing the little apprentices just so he could see their big red faces.

When Song Xinran heard this, his face really slowly turned red, half was shy, half was excited. He secretly pinched the flesh of his thighs to keep from appearing too excited, but still felt like he was dreaming. He got a game slot here? The fact that he lived across the street from his master and had the cheek to become his master’s disciple, he easily got a spot for nothing?

Such a special skill of grabbing a place, he wouldn’t tell out of fear that no one would believe it.

“Oooh, master, I will work hard…” Song Xinran looked at Bai Li with a childish expression and choked up.

Then there was a knock on his head.

“What silly words. Hurry up and water this plant, then we’ll go in and eat the fruit.”

“Oh, QAQ!” Song Xinran buried his head in the watering. Sure enough, when it came to his Master, there was nothing other than gardening.

Supreme finished his share while the two were talking, and was now sitting on the wooden flower stand next to them, as he watched the interaction between the two with a noble and cool expression.

The “Palace” pose was going to be sufficient.

When all the work was done, Bai Li took Song Xinran back to the living room, and he didn’t forget to take the Supreme into his arms.

The “fruit” Bai Li prepared today was cucumber. Not the kind from the agricultural planets sold on TaoTao, which was a straight dark green, a bit dry with little moisture and was like eating a  strange plastic cucumber, but from the stock in his storage space.

Bai Li’s hand-grown cucumbers were smaller than normal cucumbers, and the color was bright green, like the finest emerald. When he cut it with a knife, there was an audible ‘click.’ The cucumber broke off with a sound, along with its refreshing aroma, the juicy flesh inside was revealed.

Song Xinran had already eaten a lot of fruits from Bai Li, and each one was so delicious that he changed his list of the best fruits every day. Seeing that the master had cut two cucumbers into small pieces, he spontaneously found toothpicks and enjoyed today’s portion with Bai Li.

After they ate the cucumbers, Song Xinran repeatedly said he could stay and help Bai Li, but he was still driven back to rest by Bai Li. The child was obviously more introverted and shy, so he should not force himself for him.

“Okay then…” Song Xinran lost, but was still cheerful towards Bai Li as he waved goodbye, and decided to go back to his home, to keep watch at the door. He was secretly paying attention to the sounds of his master’s home. If there was any accidental situation, he would rush over to his master to help!

Five minutes short of eleven, Xiong Pili arrived at Bai Li’s door with Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi and their professional equipment to upgrade the virtual reality game builder. The four met and exchanged a few pleasantries before getting to work.


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