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Chapter 65: Who Am I To You?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: Oh nooo, why is GG sick? What could it beeeee?


Gu Ang swallowed the discomfort, “No, I’m just a little sick to my stomach, I’m not throwing up.”

Ye Fei let out a long sigh of relief, “I was so surprised, I thought you… Hated me that much.”

Gu Ang looked at the usually high and mighty man, now he was cautious, there was a little bit of heart. Did he do it too much and bullied people too hard? Gu Ang eased his expression and coughed awkwardly twice, “You’re a little too glassy-eyed.”

Ye Fei looked at him with resentment, “You’re the one who hurt me.”

“Blaming me? Oh, it was all my fault.” Gu Ang’s anger came back.

Ye Fei heard the suppressed fire, and quickly changed the subject, “Date cake is also delicious, sour.”

Bai SiNing craned his neck to listen to their conversation, sighing in his mind. It feels like the future of family life was simply clear as to who was of lower status. He, Brother Ang, was so hot-tempered, he was like a dirt bully or the kind that hit people at the drop of a hat, who could stand that? Obviously only before when the two stood as a CP, did it feel equal. But now, he just wanted to brush up on the fanbase os: God Ye was really miserable.

Gu Ang shoved the date cake into his mouth, chewed it and felt instantly relieved, “Where’d you get this?”

Ye Fei sold out, “It’s far, I went over there for half an hour and waited in line for an hour to get it.”

He lifted his chin slightly, a fawning face begging for praise that looked somewhat comical when combined with that high, cold face.

“Mn, what you mentioned, what are you going to show me?” Gu Ang didn’t bother with him and changed the subject.

Ye Fei glanced at Bai SiNing, “Xiao Bai, I have something to tell Gu Ang, go play with Lin XiuYong for a while.”

Bai SiNing, “????” He spat, “What am I going to do with him in the middle of the morning?”

Ye Fei added, “Then go run for a while and get some exercise.”

Bai SiNing nodded, “Got it, got it, make room for you guys. Okay, I’ll go.”

“What were you driving people away for?” Gu Ang resented.

Ye Fei squeezed his hand and said soothingly, “It’s really important.”

“Okay, okay, okay, CP’s the biggest, I’ll take my leave.” Bai SiNing finished the last sip of milk and walked to the foyer to put on his shoes. He bounced twice and looked back at the man, “How many days do I need to be gone, huh?”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes, “Half an hour, I think.”

“Half an hour’s enough to do something.” Bai SiNing knew very well, stroked his chin, and after much deliberation, “Give you three days, and I’ll go stay at Lin’s.”

“Eh, you…” Gu Ang’s words hadn’t even fallen, when student Bai ran off in a blaze of glory. He muttered in a low voice, “That’s giving yourself away.”

Once Bai SiNing left, the room cleared up a lot. Gu Ang finished the last piece of date cake and wiped his mouth, “The people are gone, so talk.”

“I’ll show you a treasure that will make sure you’re not angry anymore.” Ye Fei spoke slowly.

After the words were said, Gu Ang suddenly looked at Ye Fei as he slowly reached his hand down. You’re gonna show me your big baby? I’m not that superficial.

Gu Ang’s cheeks flushed and he deliberately looked away from him, unable to resist turning back again. His eyes widened and he fixed a deadly gaze on Ye Fei’s downward reaching hand.

Thinking about Ye Fei’s recent nasty moves that have been turning over frequently… It wasn’t nice to be so direct in the middle of the day.

Then he saw the dog ex-husband’s fingers drop to his belt, and with a sudden shake of his right hand, he quickly shoved it into his pants pocket and pulled out a tiny instrument, handing it to Gu Ang.

Ye Fei waved at him, “Want to come along and see what information I’ve got?”

Gu Ang looked at Ye Fei with a cold face, then brought his fist up and gritted his teeth in a tone of voice, “Say it properly or I’m afraid you won’t be able to walk out of this door.”

Just read the information, what was the point of making the action so erotic?

Ye Fei pursed his lips, I’m not just livening up the atmosphere. He cleared his throat and set up on the holographic projector, projecting the instrument screen onto the white wall of the living room.

“Haven’t we been suspicious before that someone from within the Empire has revealed our winter camp itinerary?”

Gu Ang grinds his teeth, “Yeah, and you pretended to be a mystery man to trick me back then.”

You have no sense of perspective.

Ye Fei squeezed his grumpy fist, “Take it easy, listen to me.”

Gu Ang deflated, “Go on.”

“Since you know all about the family mission, I won’t hide it from you. At that time, I didn’t suspect that it was Lu ChangBai who was sending messages to the Federation, but the truth was that according to the feedback from the Ye family informants, the Lu family’s base hasn’t fired any messages in the direction of the Ice Blue Star recently.”

“Which means it was not Lu ChangBai?” Gu Ang raised an eyebrow and seemed a little surprised as well.

If it was not the Lu family, did that mean there were other forces other than the Lu family targeting them?

“I didn’t say that, keep reading.” Ye Fei continued in tandem with the projected information.

“It’s kind of a blessing in disguise, in this signal transmission line, we found a new source of base signals, which was previously hidden from even our Ye family as a latent force. But whether it was a branch of the Lu family’s side, I’m afraid we’ll have to confirm it together.”

Ye Fei tapped the screen, “This spot, it could be the beacon that was transmitting about our whereabouts in the first place.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his brow, “Then why not just present the evidence? Collusion with the Federation, and whoever is found out is guilty of treason and their nine generations would be exterminated.”

“Although I don’t want to admit, Shen Fei Zhou told me the direction of the source of this message, and there was no way to locate it so precisely, the current lack of evidence, the conviction was difficult.”

After complimenting his love rival, Ye Fei took another turn, “Of course, I could tap into this force of the other side also because of the timely cooperation of the Ye family, and it wasn’t all Shen Fei Zhou’s work.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh” and spoke quietly, “Shen Fei Zhou is very powerful.”

“Want to chat with him?” Ye Fei suppressed his displeasure and asked with interest, “Dare to go?”

This dog ex-husband, able to focus on his own interest.

Gu Ang was piqued, he was angry before originally because Ye Fei wouldn’t let him get involved, now he has to find out the manipulator behind it himself, and maybe catch information that would hammer Lu Shen for cheating… Go, definitely want to go. But, it couldn’t be too obvious.

“I’m not interested in a dare or anything.” Gu Ang mendaciously said, “But seeing as how you don’t seem to have much stamina lately, it wouldn’t be much of a relief for me if someone found you dead inside.”

Ye Fei curved the corners of his mouth a little and made the decision for him straight away, “Then let’s go now.”

Gu Ang ground out, “Seems a bit far.”

“School hasn’t started yet, let’s just go over there and have fun.” Ye Fei pulled the man up from the bench, “Come on, count it as me begging you. “

Ye Fei went back last night and thought carefully about the way to appease Gu Ang. Gentleness didn’t work and toughness hit a wall, so he had to address the source. Gu Ang was pissed he wasn’t bringing him in, so he was bringing him along now. If something did go wrong, at least he was around.

The target wasn’t far from Red Flame, and it would only take two days to get there by the fastest airship. Gu Ang was too much trouble, Moon River House had branches in every galaxy, and there just happened to be one near the target. He smuggled himself directly to the Moon River House near the target point with the help of the logistics channel established by the Moon River House.

No worries about being tracked and easy to use, two birds with one stone.

Based on the feedback from the general manager of this branch, it seemed that the place they were heading to this time was just an ordinary warehouse, nothing special. That area was on the outskirts, in the middle of nowhere, with patches and patches of abandoned warehouses.

Moon River House had all rented a piece of that neighborhood, only to later switch to a different location to stock the food because the price of the land had gone up.

The manager double-checked, “Young master, you really want to go? That place isn’t safe.”

Gu Ang didn’t take it seriously, “It’s just not safe to go.”

But wherever it looked broken, there could be a bigger end inside.

Ye Fei was afraid that the two would be too big of a target and easily exposed, and hesitated for a while before asking Gu Ang, “Should we disguise ourselves and go over?”

Gu Ang stared at him, “You let me use that shit too?”

“For safety’s sake.” Ye Fei pulled him into a separate room next door, “Just commiserate.”

Gu Ang was now an Omega, if the target place was really Lu ChangBai’s territory, wouldn’t this entry be a sheep into a tiger’s mouth? To ensure safety, he straightened up and pulled out his disguise machine, tapping on the option, “Choose which face you want.”

Gu Ang laughed mockingly, sliding his fingers out of thin air and putting the pieces together. Within moments, another brand new face appeared on the virtual screen. Ye Fei scanned it, momentarily speechless.

Gu Ang picked the combination of Lu ChangBai and Lu Yan’s faces, the top half of the face showed old age, while the bottom half of the face looked young and looked particularly weird, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

With a face like that, you’re afraid he’d do something bad? It was true that he couldn’t kiss the five senses of his enemy when confronted with them.

“Yeah, deliberately disgusting you.” Gu Ang replaced it, poking his cheek with satisfaction, “Come on, you change.”

Ye Fei was too lazy to toss it out and used the same combo as before. With two new faces on top of each other, the two men were so diabolical that they didn’t even want to lock gazes Not daring to go through the front door either, they went out through a side window and headed straight for the warehouse.

No transportation, all on foot.

Ye Fei walked behind him and felt compelled to say something, “After hearing from the general manager of your restaurant, I’m now even more certain that something was really wrong with this target warehouse.”

Gu Ang didn’t want to care about him, it was annoying to look at that face. He spoke coldly, “By the point in time when the price of the land went up, it could be deduced that this secret base was established just recently. Something’s definitely wrong, what’s the sell out?”

“Pretty smart.” Ye Fei complimented him, “Tell me what else could you analyze?”

Gu Ang basically didn’t talk to him the entire way and the atmosphere was stifling. It was hard to get Gu Ang to open up, and this time Ye Fei finally caught a break and wanted to talk a bit more to lighten the mood.

Gu Ang didn’t think much of it, and continued, “Calculating from several things, the time we left Red Flame to arrive on Ice Blue, the time it took for the Federation border troops to receive the news to react, and the time it took for the news to spread. ” He glanced at Ye Fei and brought his eyes back, “All things considered, one could simply calculate the distance of the information launch base from Red Flame. Big difference, it should be here.”

“Great brain.” Ye Fei continued to go out of his way to compliment him, taking the opportunity to affirm him. He added, “That’s right, if the secret base transmitting the signal was too far away from Red Flame, then it would take more time for Red Flame’s traitors to get the message to this secret base, and with the constant time it takes for the message to travel through the universe, it would also create a situation where the message was received by the Federation frontier forces in such a short time that it would be too late to react.”

Gu Ang hmmed, “This area is all warehouses, there’s no way to definitively mark it as one of them. However, by drawing a circle with the maximum distance of the secret base from Red Flame Military Academy as a radius, and making a line in the direction of the previous information dissemination, the overlapping part has a great probability to be their base.”

“How are you so good at this?” Ye Fei smiled, “So, how could you suspect Lu ChangBai?”

“Pompous, how many times do you mean with that complimentary tone of a child’s voice?” Gu Ang glanced at him.

“That’s not even a question, judging by the insane spike in land prices of this land starting a month before you entered school, it should be this secret base that started to be established around the time you entered school. Coming at you so directly, who else could it be but your old Ye family’s arch rival, the Lu family?”

Ye Fei was a little relieved that Gu Ang, who had crossed back, was really much smarter than the freshman he had only met before. The analysis was spot on and to the point. He lowered his voice, “If we could find proof here that the Lus betrayed us at Red Flame, we’ll be done with it once and for all.”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes, “Think beautiful, the secret base that your Ye family didn’t even discover, it’s estimated that there’s no way to find the connection between this secret base and the Lu family. When the time comes, it’s likely that the Lu family will launch a few scapegoats out to take the knife, and this matter might just pass.”

He was sure Ye Fei would have thought of that too, and he was really going out of his way to brag about himself. It did feel pretty great to be chased and held and coaxed into everything. Gu Ang even suspected that Ye Fei had let him chase him for over a year in his last life, just on purpose.

As they spoke, the two arrived at the warehouse door.

“What’s the plan? A strong attack or?”

“Of course it’s a strong attack, watch out for my closing.” After saying that Gu Ang headed straight for the warehouse door. As he ran, Gu Ang raised his hand and tossed the mecha he carried in his arms. The mecha, which was originally the size of a hand-me-down, turned into a ruddy stream of light in the sunlight.

In a second, Luminous transformed into a mecha two to three meters tall and landed right in front of Gu Ang. Gu Ang was agile and jumped right into the hatch with a single stride, landing just inside the cockpit. With two skillful taps on the control screen, he closed the cabin and instantly burst inside the old warehouse.

Ye Fei stood still, watching Gu Ang’s set of smooth movements flowing without turning his head. He laughed helplessly, then opened his mecha and hurried up after him. There was a high probability of running into each other later, and it was good to take out the anger on someone else when Gu Ang was still angry.

That way, he’d get less of a beating.

Gu Ang had just entered the warehouse and immediately started the scanning process.

A red glow took Luminous as the origin and spread out in all directions 360 degrees without perspective.

True to one of Dean Jiang RuiYuan’s masterpieces, the scanning system carried by the Luminous mecha instantly broke through the “stealth” protection of the underground secret base inside the warehouse, projecting the entire 3D structure of the secret base onto the projection beside Gu Ang. The outdated, ramshackle pile of warehouses became instantly superior in the projection. There was tightly packed equipment and weapons all around, and a dense assortment of testers.

Gu Ang gave Ye Fei a copy of the message in the same way with a left hand stroke, “Stay close.”

After dropping two words sharply towards the communicator, Gu Ang’s body flashed and instantly appeared over a huge container. Raising his hand, he swung out. The simple outburst was accompanied by a matchless punching wind that shattered the entire container directly, revealing the secret passage hidden beneath.

Gu Ang took the lead and went straight into the secret passage. And the move instantly stirred up alarms throughout the secret base.

“Warning! Warning!”

“Enemy intrusion detected, please destroy the intruder immediately.”

“Number of invaders: 2”

Mechanical dull voices kept ringing throughout the secret base, sending out the highest level of alert. All the vigilantes in the base were on alert and had begun to move immediately.

Gu Ang twiddled his fingertips, “That’s a bit of a dare in there.”

Looking at the channeled laser cutters and the countless unmanned electronic pulse turrets in front of him, the corners of Gu Ang’s mouth lifted slightly, showing some excitement.

Ye Fei’s expression was loose and his tone was doting, “As long as you’re satisfied.”

Gu Ang had a tough mouth, “Don’t get too happy before you die inside.”

He concentrated and looked for a breakthrough before he started a breakout in his mecha. The entire mecha was like a most sensitive feline, relying on dodging and striking decisively in a web of firepower woven by countless fires.

Hard, unharmed, killed a way out swimmingly, with a few playful touches. As he continued to break through his opponent’s defenses, Gu Ang mumbled and pontificated about the mecha.

“The laser cutter launcher response time was 0.3 seconds slower than normal, so it should be that the usual care wasn’t in place.”

“The dual particle spiral turrets were nine percent more powerful, but they’re too noisy and don’t have the raid feel they were meant to have, poor.”

“But this unmanned electronic pulse turret was kinda interesting, both in terms of reaction time and tracking capabilities, it’s quite a bit superior to the stuff on the market.”

Ye Fei caught the meaning and returned very uppity, “When we get out, get Gentoo to help you optimize.”

Sure enough once the fight was over, the atmosphere was much better. Being out on a mission and rounding up was considered a date in disguise. Two more gates and Gu Ang’s anger would probably be gone.

Gu Ang grumbled, “Stingy, optimize what? Why don’t you buy me a new one?”

“Buy. Buy whatever you want.” Ye Fei looked relaxed.

It was a secret base, but after all, it wasn’t the main base of the battlefield, and the defenses were still relatively easy to break through. As if they were playing around in a playground, the two soon broke through the first layer of the secret base’s defenses and arrived at the second layer. As soon as he entered, an uncountable stream of mecha poured in from all sides of the passage.

Combined with a number of professional soldiers armed with anti-mecha barrels, a second line of blockade was formed. In such a small space, however, the advantage of quantity was compressed to the extreme, while the advantage of quality was infinitely magnified. This increase and decrease made the Gu AngYe Fei duo feel more relaxed about the difficulty of the breakthrough.

Two men fighting was more than enough.

Ye Fei let the kid out into the limelight and barely made a dent.

Gu Ang pressed the action button, “Get down.”

“As ordered.” Ye Fei lowered his mecha and dutifully did as he was told. He knew that Gu Ang was going to just let loose with a big move.

“Then try the new thing, the proposed gamma radiation destruction couldnon.” Gu Ang manipulated the mecha with a twist, and a light green glow instantly spread out from the sides, swirling over the entire room like a fairy scattering flowers. It was quite beautiful to look at and very lethal.

All the mecha immediately made a click, click, click sound after being illuminated by the light green light. Immediately afterwards, the surface of almost all the mecha swelled up at the same time, growing larger and larger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the metal on the surface of those mecha swelled up again to a limit that the metal could withstand, they all instantly exploded into pieces. Only the cockpit, which wasn’t made of metal, managed to land intact and barely survived.

“Stay in your cockpit and I won’t kill you.” Gu Ang’s voice echoed throughout the secret base, “Anyone who wants to come out and play, I’m here for you.”

It wasn’t loud, but the bullying was top notch. Those on guard who were hiding in the cockpit craned their necks, not daring to move. People’s lives were at stake, no kidding. They were all people who got paid to eat, and people have said things like surrender and you’ll live, there was no need to jump out and get killed at a time like this.

When no one came out, the two didn’t make any stops and drove straight to the deepest data room.

Dang! Clang! Twice, Gu Ang violently dismantled the door to the data room.

Ye Fei followed behind, his expression in a whirlwind. He felt a slight headache and a vague pain in his chest from the beating he’d taken from Gu Ang. It was so violent, he even thought Gu Ang could throw a punch with one hand now with more force than he could.

Gu Ang walked over to the platform of messages without looking back, intending to transfer all the messages directly into the mecha and take his time to read them when he got back. Just as he was about to do so, a light appeared on the platform. A familiar figure was projected through the hologram to the two men.

A white dress, long hair, a lean figure, and a very familiar look.

“Hello again, oh no, I think it’s a first time meeting.” A figure with a ridiculous mask bowed slightly to the two men and gave a salute. Oh, and even the shadowy voice was familiar.

Ye Fei lifted her eyes, “Lu ChangBai?”

Lu ChangBai hid behind his clown mask, showing his teeth and grinning, “Oops, I’m not any Lu ChangBai, you’ve all mistaken him for someone else.”

After he finished, he gently smiled and pointed at Gu Ang, “You look quite like Lu ChangBai. Just, a bit older, like Lu ChangBai’s father.”

Gu Ang spoke with disgust, “Don’t pretend, is it fun to talk in a mask?”

Ye Fei helped, “You’re not going too far with this voice changer either.”

The voice laughed lightly twice, “You guys are the ones not going anywhere with this easy face. Right, Ye Fei, Gu Ang? Besides, I said I’m not Lu ChangBai, so you guys shouldn’t set me up.”

Gu Ang didn’t bother to fool around with him, “Lu ChangBai, come out and fight.”

Ye Fei furrowed his eyebrows, he knew that when he let Gu Ang meet Lu ChangBai head on, Gu Ang would be provocative as soon as he opened his mouth. People weren’t even on base, and provoking it would just stir up resentment on both sides.

Sure enough, Lu ChangBai reached out with his hand and brought the white bone’s wine glass to himself from outside the holographic projection, slightly kissing the mouth part of the glass.

He slowly spoke, his voice like falling snow, cool and mocking, “By the way, the excitement method didn’t work either, oh. Trying to get me to say I’m Lu ChangBai myself and then go and frame the Lu family and then have the Lu family’s nine generations executed won’t work.”

Ye Fei had seen his glass of wine, and he suspected that Lu ChangBai was the one who blew his own cover.

This guy was about as sick as they come and just loves to see them pissed off and anxious that they couldn’t catch anyone.

Gu Ang was enraged, “It seems that the person who revealed the information to the Federation was really you! Lu ChangBai, it has been a tradition since the founding of the Empire for the families to fight within the Empire, but for you to collude with the Federation is a big crime, were you crazy?”

“Hahahahaha, since you have to call me Lu ChangBai, then I’ll be called Lu ChangBai.”

Lu ChangBai laughed grimly and coldly for a long time before looking at the two again.

“But speaking of crazy, I am indeed crazy. All I want now was to get rid of you two as soon as possible so I could hurry up and accompany my stupid brother. He was just too stupid, and he’ll definitely have a bad time in his next life if he didn’t have me with him.” Eyes with endless love, Lu ChangBai reached out his hand and gently stroked the white bone human head cup as he said sorrowfully.

Gu Ang raised the corner of his mouth mockingly, “Seeing as it was admitted, the trip wasn’t in vain.”

Lu ChangBai was still chanting, “Not only you two culprits, but also the Lu family who did nothing and had to make my brother go on some bullshit secret mission, and the Empire who set this rule of raising a general compulsion, one day, I would have to make all of it a martyr for my brother.”

He nudged his fingertips at the two, “You are nothing more than appetizers.”

Ye Fei disdained, “That also depends on whether you have the ability to do so.”

“To hold out until the Empire’s strongest Lieutenant General Shen Fei Zhou came to the rescue, you guys are quite impressive. But I also blame that Federation Lieutenant General for just being too inadequate, wasting the stage I worked so hard to set for him.”

Shaking the cup, Lu ChangBai turned it upside down and shook it to find it was out of water, so he waved at the two, “Mn, brother says he’s hungry and I have to go feed him. You guys enjoy the little gift I bought for you.”

The projection was turned off and the room fell back into dimness.

“Bared…” A scent of burnt circuitry reflected through the sensors within Gu Ang’s and Ye Fei’s mecha.

Ye Fei lamented seeing the other side physically erase the evidence remotely, getting away as cleanly as ever.

“Tell me, what did he mean by a small gift?” Gu Ang asked, suddenly speaking up.

“Guess it’s nothing good, so hurry up.” Ye Fei reached out to pull him in and smoothly held Gu Ang’s hand. He tugged the man outside, instructing as he did so, “In case he did lose heart and get the miniature black hole triggers, it’s not a dare, it’s a crematorium.”

The way out was clear and the two drove the mecha all the way back to the exit without incident. As soon as he revealed his head, an indiscriminate bombardment from nowhere detonated instantly, directly blowing the warehouse that had been used to hide the entrance completely to pieces. The dense mecha piled up from all sides, stopping the two men in their tracks.

Gu Ang snickered, “So that’s what he calls a little gift.”

Ye Fei hmmed and said, “No wonder the secret base was set up in the warehouse district, you could hide your ambushers in a nearby warehouse.”

Lu ChangBai’s powerlessness wasn’t working, but his brain was quite good. Kind of a tough act to follow compared to his brother.

After the countless mecha surrounded the two, it still didn’t stop growing, and a steady stream of them drove outward from the other warehouses and surrounded them in the direction of the two.

Ye Fei’s heart was still thinking about what Lu ChangBai had just said in praise of Shen Fei Zhou, and he was so slightly offended.

“Lu ChangBai, just now, seemed to have said that we were able to escape all thanks to the rescue of the Empire’s strongest Lieutenant General Shen Feizhou, right?”

Gu Ang knew he was being more aggressive and deliberately disliked him, “What people said was also true, we did rely on Shen Fei Zhou to escape from Ice Blue Star.” He pursed his lips and added fuel to the fire, “And it did seem that the internet was now boasting that Shen Fei Zhou is the number one lieutenant general in the Empire. Not even mentioning Ye Fei.”

“There’s something so unpleasant about being underestimated.”

Ye Fei choked half to death and drove his mecha directly at the swarm of mecha cascading before him. If he couldn’t hit Gu Ang, he could hit the fodder and let off some steam.

Gu Ang joined the fight while not afraid to die to deliver the final blow, “It’s not cool to be saved by the strongest lieutenant general of the Empire, Shen Fei Zhou.”

The glow-in-the-dark scanner activated again, and dense red spots appeared on the flat map.


“Number of enemies: 689.”

“I’ll prove to you that I’m awesome.” Ye Fei heard the number quoted and ground his back teeth, “This way, we’ll both compete to see who kills more enemies. If I win, you’re not allowed to be mad at me anymore and we make up.”

“Okay.” Gu Ang replied lazily.

While trying to give Ye Fei a leg up, he wasn’t really looking to let go. It’s been a while since he last took the castle, and his hands were a bit itchy.

Faced with enemies hundreds of times their own, the two didn’t panic in the slightest, even as if they were participating in a parade carnival at the end of the parade. It was more like the two were playing with each other and weaving back and forth between the crowd than killing the enemy.

Gu Ang thought it odd that he’d been incredibly cranky in the two days since they had returned from Ice Blue Star. Now hammer mecha was even more so, Ye Fei was just throwing people out, he was destroying them in one direct hit. It was like the hormones in his body weren’t under his control and even his mood was starting to fluctuate?

According to what the doctor said earlier, was it true that the grumpier you are, the stronger you are?

Debris splattered in the warehouse doorway, and some of the downed mecha even rubbed out fire. Dark gray smoke billowed in all directions as two nearly intact mecha burst from the siege camp.

Ye Fei clicked on the screen to read the stats and a small smile surfaced under his eyes. He drove quickly away from the warehouse before speaking into his communicator, “You lost that fight just now.”

“We’ll talk about this when we get back to Red Flame.” Gu Ang wanted to play a little, Ye Fei. this person. was too serious, how could he not give him any face? He gave it his all and still lost to Ye Fei.

That gas, it just wouldn’t go down.

The two returned to Red Flame to change their faces back, retrieve the mecha, and sit by the parking lot to settle the score. Most of the students in Red Flame had already returned to school, and students coming and going were watching the two.

Ye Fei wrapped his arms around and lowered his eyes to Gu Ang, who was sitting on the floor, and again stressed, “You lost.”

“You’re the one who lost, your whole family lost.” Gu Ang was extremely defeated and tongue-tied.

Ye Fei thought about the bet and repeated extremely straight, “You lost, and according to the bet, you can’t be mad at me anymore.”

Gu Ang breathed heavily, not angry, how could he be angry? A loss is a loss, so what was the point of stressing over and over again when you know he loved to save face. He tilted his face up and decided to play it safe to the end, “Did we bet? Where’s the proof?”

Ye Fei, “……”

He never thought that Gu Ang could be rogue to such an extent. How could it be so hard to make up for something so simple?

Ye Fei sighed slightly, “I just said it all, you can’t back out. You promised me that I’d win and we’d make up.”

Gu Ang pretended not to hear, and ahhed. He scratched his ear, “I think the talk was that I won before making up.”

Ye Fei was speechless once again, kids were really, really nonsensical.

Gu Ang added, “I lost, then I can’t make up. I also felt outt Lu ChangBai today and got something out of it, so it wasn’t a waste of running. Goodbye, I’m going back to Xiao Bai’s house.”

Ye Fei was furious and resisted the urge to swear, “What the hell do you want me to do to make up?”

Gu Ang asked rhetorically, “What’s the point of making up? Who are you to me?”

The atmosphere froze and Ye Fei looked at him steadily. The eyes held a touch of sadness that wouldn’t go away.

Gu Ang pursed his lips, as if to say he went too far. He stammered, “It’s not that either… forget it, I take it back.”

He took two deep breaths and tried to say no more juggling. If you lose, you lose, and if you make up, you make up. But, it just wouldn’t open. Gu Ang spat at himself in his mind, trying to make a quick buck, and trying to save face.

Ye Fei crouched in front of him, his eyelashes slightly drooping as if he had made a great decision, “What am I to you? I’m the ex-husband you dumped without a word.”


Author’s Note: 

Two 26 year olds who travel back to fight like elementary school chickens.

Ye Dogs: A new trick, playing aggro.


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May 8, 2023 12:09 pm

That Ye dog guilt tripping! 😂😂

May 9, 2023 12:00 am

I love Ye Fei, Gu Ang don’t be so bad at the heart. Thanks for the chapter!

May 12, 2023 10:41 pm

He he he why are they so cute 😊😊❤️

May 15, 2023 11:44 am

GA is really using his younger body to be churlish; YF is just as bad.
Green card to not have to adult.
Will LCB’s words about Gen SFZ end up uncovering what really happened?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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