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Chapter 64: Seeing Me Makes You Feel Like Throwing Up?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is lazing


Ye Fei’s expression was a little hurt, and he took two steps back, feeling incredulous. He thought they were in love, but he didn’t expect to get a kiss now, in return for a hard punch. A heart, wounded everywhere, oozing with blood, hurt everywhere. He put his palm over his chest, suspecting he’d wake up tomorrow morning with a bruise.

Ye Fei opened his mouth to sell his misery, his tone pitiful, “You hurt me.”

Gu Ang rubbed his fist, expressionless, “Oh, I’m trying to teach you, early on, to get rid of the hand-holding.”

Ye Fei thought to himself, When you were chasing me before, you also used to make a move, what did I say? He rubbed his aching chest again, thinking that he couldn’t push people too far, “Then be good and go to sleep, I’m off.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, how this wasn’t quite what he’d made up in his own head. He had expected someone as doggy as Ye Fei to have the cheek to share a quilt with him. He opened his mouth, wanting to tell him not to leave at night. But just now, when his temper got the better of him, he couldn’t help but yell at someone and punch them in the face.

Body hormones have been pretty messed up, and Gu Ang knew how hard he could punch. It should hurt quite a bit if he didn’t control the force. He didn’t know what was wrong with him lately, he felt particularly grumpy. Like dry straw, a little spark, a little bit and it burned completely.

Gu Ang was considering how to put it politely when he felt a light kiss fall on his brow. The touch, much like when Ye Fei had held him in his arms the first day they’d lived together on the ship. He was in a daze that day and felt a touch on his brow as well, thinking at the time that it was a finger.

But now, the slightly cool lips on his forehead almost created an overlap of memories. This man took advantage of him again while he was delirious. Kissed the brow, bit the neck, planted strawberries, what else could he have done?

“Good night.” Ye Fei just touched it lightly, not making much of a dent this time. Sensible, gentlemanly, with restraint.

“Go to bed early.” He rubbed Gu Ang’s head again with a smooth hand, turned and walked out and closed the door.

Gu Ang was rubbed in the clouds, still staring at the empty door. Gee, this guy was really, really leaving when he said he would. Thinking back on the events of the entire day, Gu Ang frowned again. His mood was up and down, and he couldn’t tell him what it was like.

Ye Fei was hiding too much behind his back that he didn’t know about. Now it was a little bit that he found out for himself and he spit it out a little bit, but, what about the ones that didn’t? He couldn’t think about it, and the thought of it made that nameless fire rise up again. Forget it, this man couldn’t freeze in the cold either, let him reflect on himself for two days. He shrank back under the covers and stared into the latter part of the night, barely able to sleep for two hours.

Bai SiNing got up early and was in the kitchen by seven o’clock to fix breakfast. He’d kept his movements light, but Gu Ang himself wasn’t deeply asleep, and the slightest rattling woke him up.

“Good morning, Bai.” Gu Ang scratched his head, feeling dizzy.

Once he opened his eyes, they were bloodshot, which startled Bai SiNing.

Bai SiNing asked him, “You didn’t sleep last night?”

Gu Ang shook his head, even as his temples began to pop, “Didn’t sleep well, took a nap.”

Bai SiNing muttered, “Strange, did God Ye not come over last night? Not like him.”

Gu Ang buried his head in his arms, “Here we go, and I’m blown away again.”

“Blown… Blown away?” Bai SiNing scratched his head awkwardly, “You’re the only one who dares to do that to him, and he’s still not mad. I think God Ye’s so miserable and humble.”

Gu Ang lifted his head and asked him lazily, “You’re not mad that Lin XiuYong sneaked up on you and bit you and lied to you in the process?”

Bai SiNing touched his stomach, his cheeks inexplicably tingling a little as he remembered the last time he had been bitten, “Didn’t he defend himself? I’m at fault, too, so we’re even.”

Gu Ang froze for a second before cursing with laughter, “Idiot.”

Forget it, he was too lazy to get involved in other people’s business. Gu Ang lifted the covers and got up, stretched, and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Bai SiNing was quite considerate and had a disposable toothbrush. He squinted and looked around, seeing two identical ceramic mugs with a red and a blue toothbrush stuck in them on the swinging rack on the sink.

What was the difference between this and a couple living together? Gu Ang swallowed back his spit silently with his mouth full of foam.

Bai SiNing, ah, Bai SiNing, you really are too retarded in your brain. He shuffled out of the bathroom and propped himself up on the dining room table and casually asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Fried eggs and milk.” Bai SiNing took a spatula and turned the pan over and pressed the eggs, “Sit down, you’ll be ready to eat in a moment.”

“Okay, thanks.” Gu Ang sat on a high stool, one leg on the floor, bored, waiting. Some of it was because yesterday he had too little sleep, Gu Ang propped up his chin and started nodding off, drowsy and shaky.

Bai SiNing divided the two fried eggs on a plate, poured more milk over them and brought them to Gu Ang. Gu Ang’s forehead dropped and his broken hair almost planted itself in the milk.

“Eh, eh, eh, wake up.” Bai SiNing pushed against him, “So sleepy, what were you up to?”

Gu Ang lifted his eyes and gave him a blank look, “I’m not sleepy.”

“You’ve got your head on a cup.” Bai SiNing spat, “Get some sleep after you eat.”

Gu Ang responded lazily and looked down to see two sides of golden, oily eggs. Obviously the color looked pretty good and the sale was respectable, but it was just… It looked a little bit inviting to him. He felt his stomach flip and had a hard time pushing down the unpleasant feeling.

Bai SiNing didn’t notice the end, blinking and frantically enthusing, “Try it, it’s supposed to be the best thing I’ve ever made.”

Gu Ang picked up the egg with his chopsticks and shoved it into his mouth and took a bite, the vegetable oil curling over his tongue and spilling down the skin into his throat. The entire mouth, for a split second, felt greasy as hell. Gu Ang swallowed the piece of egg, didn’t hold back, and hit a dry heave.

There was so much movement that the hand holding the chopsticks shook and the egg fell to the floor.

Bai SiNing, “……” He looked at Gu Ang, who was pale and frowning, and mumbled, “Is my breakfast so bad? Lin said he quite liked it, ah.”

Gu Ang waved his hand, really ready to explain, when another bout of dry heaves hit him. He rubbed his chest, “It’s not you, it’s me, I have an upset stomach.”

“Oh, have some milk to keep it down, it might be cold.” Bai SiNing sighed in relief and pushed the cup to him.

Gu Ang reached out and cupped the glass, opening his mouth to take a swig. The milk mixed with the greasy fried egg smelled even more revolting. It was a disturbing morning, he rubbed his brow, “I don’t want to drink milk.”

Bai SiNing was bewildered, “No, we had breakfast together earlier, didn’t you say you loved milk the most?”

Gu Ang couldn’t find an excuse and pushed his cup to the side, “Bad appetite, want something else, I want yogurt.”

Bai SiNing lost his face, “Ancestor, where am I going to get you yogurt in the morning?”

“Forget it if you don’t have it.” Gu Ang didn’t expect him to actually bring it out, ad hoc.

The next second, Bai SiNing slapped his head, “Oh, I know.”

“What do you know?” Gu Ang licked his lips, with little appetite. He just wanted a mouthful of yogurt and now he was filled with that sour taste, he was craving it.

Bai SiNing hung his head and messaged Ye Fei without raising his eyelids, “It’s fine, nothing happened.”

“Goddammit.” Gu Ang wiped his mouth, feeling his mouth was bland, and nestled back on the tatami. He hadn’t been lying on it long when he felt the urge to pee and got up. Why did he want to run to the bathroom again when he had obviously just been on it and he hadn’t even had a chance to drink water yet?

Gu Ang finished walking the bird out of the bathroom with an annoyed look on his face and laid back on the bed once more.

Bai SiNing watched him go in and out, and looked down at the clock again.

God Ye was moving so slow, he wasn’t here yet. The thought was on his mind when there was a knock at the door.

Bai SiNing raised the end of his eyebrows, speak of the devil. He strode to the door and opened it, pretending to look surprised, “Yah, God Ye, what brings you here so early?”

Ye Fei, “……”

Didn’t you dare be more pompous? He raised the plastic bag in his hand, “I’ve come to bring Gu Ang his breakfast.”

Bai SiNing twisted his head and called to Gu Ang who was cowering under the covers, “Brother Ang, God Ye is here to see you.”

Gu Ang popped a head out from under the covers and stifled a voice, “Why again?”

“Begging for reconciliation.” Ye Fei changed his shoes and went in, placing the plastic bag on the dining table and turning to crouch down in front of the tatami again to look at the person.

Gu Ang reached up and pulled the covers over his head, “No, sleepy.”

Ye Fei rubbed his hands together to warm them up before reaching out to pinch his face, “After breakfast, I’ll show you something interesting.”

Gu Ang lifted the covers again, “What?”

“Get up and eat first.” Ye Fei reached out to pull him, “I got you yogurt and date cake.”

He lowered his voice and deliberately emphasized the word yogurt. This felt, probably, like the blandness of a schoolboy writing an exam paper with standard answers. An understatement, a done deal. Sure enough, Gu Ang’s eyes lit up and he rolled out of bed.

“Let me say this up front, just because I drank your yogurt doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you.”

Ye Fei cried and laughed, “Okay.”

It was a long road to coaxing the little one to do well. Gu Ang violently inserted the straw into the yogurt carton, and the taste that had just been imagined appeared in his mouth. He inhaled vigorously, his expression content, “Mmm, nice.”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, when did his tastes change? He returned good-naturedly, “Bought two flavors, so have more if you like.”

Gu Ang’s expression eased in a rare moment, like a cat being jerked around on its belly with a pleasant face. Ye Fei pulled out a stool and sat next to Gu Ang, staring unblinkingly at the man drinking his milk. The hair that had only just crawled out from under the covers was a mess, and a few more strands hung over his forehead, looking lazily handsome.

Thin red lips were pursuing that heel straw, tornadoing in fast. Ye Fei was in a better mood, and it was true that once he found a way, he and Gu Ang would soon be able to make up. His calculations crackled with this quarrel and reconciliation, and by the way the two of them got their feelings back together.

Everything was on schedule and perfect.

Gu Ang felt the burning eyes and turned his head to look at Ye Fei. Just drank the milk too fast and the gas that was sucked in gathered and formed a burp. He opened his mouth and was about to burp it out, when it reached his throat, it felt like something wasn’t quite right somewhere.

“I’m sorry.” Gu Ang reached up to shield Ye Fei’s face and couldn’t help but retch again, moving in an extremely exaggerated gag.

He must have caught a chill after standing on the balcony for a while last night, late at night and heavy with dew. Gu Ang let out a long sigh, he was quite delicate for an interstellar slugger.

Gu Ang slowed down and was about to resume his milk when he heard Ye Fei speak with a heavy lost voice, “Seeing me makes you want to throw up?”


Author’s Note: 

Light: Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything.


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Gu Ang seems to be pregnant 🫃🤣🤣🤣

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May 8, 2023 1:51 am

Gu Ang was having mood swings before he got pregnant. Now he’s a bundle of raw nerves, just reacting to his charged feelings, and aggressive too! Poor Ye Fei. Just wait till his little GuangGuang realises what’s happened!

May 12, 2023 6:11 am

Is he pregnant?

May 15, 2023 11:05 am

I wonder what these sudden mood swings and this sickness could be caused by? 😉👶
Buckle up guys.
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