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Chapter 44: Live Licensing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li really hadn’t expected that Mo Song would find him for such a matter.

Live streaming in the game? At that time, when he looked at the introduction of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, he seemed to have seen something about it, but because he was in a hurry to design the initial world, he just skimmed over a lot of the content and didn’t pay attention to it. It was only when Mo Song came to talk to him today that he remembered that there was such a thing.

Nowadays, the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition was in full swing, with tens of thousands of new virtual reality games popping up every year, and most of the virtual reality game designers had direct access to live streaming, so as long as there were hosts who wanted to broadcast live in the game, they could apply directly on the game’s official website.

Bai Li actually had an interest in this field, but earlier he didn’t know in detail about the game live content. Therefore he had to study and research first, and when the research was clear, he could give Mo Song a positive answer.

“Mmm, okay!” Mo Song nodded repeatedly. In his opinion, Bai Li hadn’t directly rejected him, which was a good result. The success rate of this matter had reached seventy to eighty percent.

Not wanting to disturb Bai Li’s thinking, Mo Song said hello to him, agreed to meet at Bai Li’s doorstep at 9:00 the next morning, and left first. As a result of the things in his heart, Bai Li was not going to stay in the game. He harvested the ripe wheat, planted seeds for kidney beans, and returned to the small hut. On the control panel, he found the interface to upgrade the small hut. He chose to add a new room, and swish, a large part of the money saved over the past few days contributed to it.

The ‘stingy’ game designer grimaced in pain.

The first upgrade to the house took eight hours, and Bai Li chose to go offline after he made sure he had nothing to forget. This time he didn’t linger on Starnet and nimbly closed the gaming pod. When he opened his eyes, he was confronted by Supreme’s brilliant golden cat pupils that looked a little confused. It made him appear a bit dumb and cute.

Bai Li somehow felt himself in a good mood, cupped the furry cat, and lovingly rubbed it several times before it was too much. The dizzy Supreme also left the gaming pod.

Supreme wasn’t completely awake, so the whole process was highly cooperative, and he didn’t struggle at all.

…Actually, it wasn’t that he didn’t struggle, he ‘mimicked’ and stretched his body to give Bai Li a passionate ‘return gift’ but Bai Li openly ignored the past, and after kissing him he then set him on the floor and ran to the bathroom to wash up.

Supreme didn’t succeed in playing with his tail for a while, then headed towards Bai Li’s bed, leapt onto the mattress and curled up next to the pillow to wait for his human to return.

As for the luxury cat nest Bai Li bought for him, he hadn’t even taken a look at it. It wasn’t as tempting as the fragrant human. How could he be willing to sleep in that cold nest?

After washing up, Bai Li put on his comfortable pajamas and nestled in bed. He habitually rubbed Supreme’s soft belly while he looked up live game related content on the Starnet.

First of all, if a game host wanted to broadcast live in a game, he or she had to first obtain the permission of the game’s designer, which meant getting authorization. For some major games, a certain number of spots were released at the beginning of the game’s launch, and as long as the anchor applied, he or she would usually be approved. For new games like Carefree Farmstead, since the designer was new, they may not notice this aspect. For the time being, there was no authorization to open the live broadcast, which required the anchor to take the initiative to contact the game’s designer and get the authorization.

Second, if the game designers opened the license to the anchors, they were able to get the game usage fee, which was usually calculated separately after deducting the anchors’ share with the live streaming company, usually within the amount of 5% – 10%. According to what Bai Li found on StarNet, the fees charged by those large virtual reality games to game anchors were at 5%, but because there were many players in the game and a wide live audience, there was still a lot of money to be made.

Regarding the game’s royalty, the designer didn’t need to share it with the game party, and if they wanted to extract it they still needed to deduct certain taxes and fees. Unlike the former, it was a real 70% of the total revenue, and even the problem of paying taxes was solved by the contestant.

Bai Li was not good at arithmetic and would only pay attention to how much he would get when he could withdraw his earnings. He thought that if he gave Mo Song a live license, he would set the fee at 5%.

At least he was a unique seedling, so he couldn’t scare him away.

However, Bai Li had a problem with whether to turn on taste sync and smell sync. If these two things weren’t turned on at all, as Mo Song said, would the audience really not mind? Just like watching The Voice on mute, the fun would definitely be greatly reduced.

Bai Li decided to open both of these so the only question left was at what percentage should he open them to? 

When Song Xinran came over early the next morning to look after the vegetables and study with him and Supreme. Bai Li asked this question, wanting to hear his young apprentice’s advice.

The young apprentice was a native Interstellar, when they first met, he looked shy and introverted, but now that they were familiar with each other, he had become an enthusiastic sunshine. Bai Li thought he should have some knowledge about live streaming.

“Wow! Master, you want to open live authorization?” Song Xinran showed Bai Li unexpected excitement, “Live? Wow, I think the Carefree Farmstead live broadcast will certainly be very interesting! Did Master find a cooperative anchor? If not, I can help!”

“Hmm? How do you want to help me?” Bai Li didn’t understand, it was hard to believe that Xiao Song thought he was going to personally take the lead in the live broadcast of Carefree Farmstead.

Song Xinran was asked and gave a blank stare. He suddenly remembered that he had never told his master what he was doing, so scratching his head embarrassed, “Master I forgot to tell you, in fact, I will occasionally do live games to earn some pocket money.”

Song Xinran’s live career actually didn’t go very well. On the one hand, his personality was the reason he could not let go and do live audience jokes and interaction. On the other hand, his force value was not high. If he needed to fight with monsters in the game, he was often chased all over the map. The response in the live room was mediocre, but it was a live room with a small number of fans. He had several big fans, every time he broadcasted, they would give him hundreds of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall gifts.

Each week he only went live for a few hours, just enough to get him enough money. After three years, he could eat for three years.

Because of that, Song Xinran never mentioned it to Bai Li. He also only dared to say he would give temporary help, which let him go live alone. He was afraid to do his master a disservice. If his live content was too boring, and indirectly made people who hadn’t played the game feel that the game was not fun, that could be a bad thing.

Bai Li nodded his head, indicating that he understood. Just when Song Xinran was relieved to think that he had nothing to do, he heard Bai Li say to him with a smile, “That’s good. Since you have experience in this area, I will also reserve a place for you, so you can also try out live.”

“Huh? I can’t! I can’t! It would be a waste to give me this spot…” Song Xinran was so shocked that he waved his hand repeatedly, saying no.

“It’s okay, it’s just for fun. You just leave the live stream on and do what you need to do.” Bai Li said that it wasn’t a big deal, and that when playing the game, the most important thing was to have fun.

Song Xinran was touched again. Master was so good to him! What kind of luck did he have to meet such a master?

Supreme, who couldn’t stand it, gave Song Xinran a slap on the back of his hand with his cat paw, then jumped nimbly into Bai Li’s arms, and posed as a favored cat emperor.

Song Xinran had seen Supreme’s appearance so much that he didn’t care. He hesitated for half a minute, but finally decided to agree, “Then…Then I’ll go live! Don’t worry, Master, I’ll try my best to make everyone like the game Carefree Farmstead!”

This time, he must make a change from the original attempt, at least not to disgrace his master! After that, he had to make a sincere confession, “Master, you are too kind! Besides my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, you’re the best person to me!”

Bai Li noticed that this statement and his previous perception of Song Xinran seemed to have produced a slight error. His smile flattened slightly as he tentatively asked, “Xiao Song, your parents, and older siblings…where are they now?”

Song Xinran’s grateful smile immediately froze on his face. He was finished! He said something! His face turned white, he twitched his lips and looked at Bai Li, unable to say a word for half a day.

Bai Li’s face also became serious. He didn’t say a word, as he waited for the child to come forward to confess.

In the end, Song Xinran chose to retreat under Bai Li’s gaze, and told the truth about having run away.

“Brother Bai Li, you don’t have to worry. I just want to prove to them that I have grown up and don’t have to hide behind them all the time and need their care before…Only when I left home, I don’t go to dangerous places to take risks. I also earned money all by myself, and now I am a successful adult!” Song Xinran was so nervous that he even forgot to call him ‘master.’

Bai Li sighed, stroked Song Xinran’s head, and reasoned with him, “But you are only fifteen years old, and your family will be worried if you run away alone. If you haven’t contacted them, they might even be very sad.”

Following Bai Li’s words, Song Xinran quickly pictured his parents and siblings getting anxious because they couldn’t find him, and the guilt inside him came like a tidal wave. But soon, he suddenly remembered something and raised his head and said, “But I also have a brother who also ran away from home when he was fifteen years old. They stopped looking for him after a while, saying that they believed that with his intelligence he would not put himself in danger and would come back automatically when the time came.”

Bai Li, “????”

What’s going on in your family, little brother, leaving home at fifteen has become a family feature?


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