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Chapter 47: Mo Song’s live broadcast (I)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat



Song’s Blunt Opinion V, [Are you still crying because you didn’t grab a spot in the Carefree Farmstead game? Are you still torturing your imagination because you can’t brainstorm how delicious the food is? Are you still frantically brushing the forum just to keep an eye on the latest news of Carefree Farmstead? Today at 12:00, there will be Fox Live waiting to take you to explore the wonderful taste of the game, we will see you there!]

After Mo Song sent out the live announcement, he turned off the star blog page and stopped paying attention to the storm above. As he expected, this announcement attracted the attention of many netizens and his fans just a few seconds after it was sent out.

Milk Green Green, [Look what I saw! Carefree Farmstead actually has a live game stream! Am I finally going to evolve from cloud farming to conscious farming? Wipe tears.jpg]

Corgi with golden flowers, [Aaaaaah! The fairy game! Fairy anchor! Yesterday we were asking when Brother Blunt Opinion could give us a live broadcast of his life in the game, but we didn’t expect it to be scheduled today! Brother Blunt Opinion is good, I’ll never say I’m your black fan again!]

Jingxi, [Anchor you see what this is? This is the resentment of hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t grab a spot in the game! Today, I’m definitely going to drag my family and chase sharks to your live stream!]

Since it was the first live broadcast of Carefree Farmstead, most netizens were looking forward to it, but there were also unknown people who came in by mistake and left messages in confusion.

The replacement messenger is actually me, [No, it’s not just a new virtual reality game that came out, why are you all so excited?]

No worries, [I remember that the anchor was specialized in live broadcasts of fighting monsters before, but now he actually ran to farming? What, do you want us to watch you running around in the mud with a robot in command? Then I’ll lol :)]

Comments such as these occasionally popped up, but they were quickly squashed by the excited cloud farming players, [No way! No way! No way! There are still people who don’t know what kind of game Carefree Farmstead is at this time? This is a great way to get the most out of your life! Time is up if you can be ruthless enough to exit the live room. Brother Blunt Opinion could live stream upside down and people would still watch it!]

Mo Song, “????” I’m not, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Mo Song was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he was also determined to wait for the start of the live broadcast. He must, he must make these bad guys cry!

From 11:50 onwards, Mo Song renamed the live broadcast room as “A Day in Carefree Farmstead,” and many people came in one after another, and even before 12:00, the number of people had already exceeded one million.

Mo Song was very satisfied and knew that he was on the right track in taking the initiative to talk to Bai Li about licensing. Mo Song looked carefully. Most of them were curious about the gameplay, while a few of the viewers who knew more about the game had already brushed up on what they wanted the host to show them live.

Unfortunately, they knew once they entered this live room the anchor would go according to his own rhythm. If they wanted him to broadcast some unplanned content, they would have to fork out additional money!

Mo Song suddenly laughed happily a few times. When he finished laughing, he realized that twelve o’clock had arrived. He immediately turned on the live broadcast. He first flew to show the audience who had not yet reacted to the in-game environment, and then showed the camera his face.

“Good afternoon everyone, this is the anchor, Song’s Blunt Opinion. Today is my first day of live streaming in Carefree Farmstead, thank you all for coming over to support us…”

A sparse text-based applause sounded on the pop-ups, accompanied by small gifts like “sweet and sour radish” and “spicy diced chicken”, but more often than not, Mo Song was urged to move the camera away from his face and back to the scenery of the game. The game’s landscape…It’s so green, it’s so comfortable for the eyes, and they hadn’t seen enough!

Mo Song smiled, pretended not to see the urging on the pop-up screen, and said, “Since this live broadcast is with a new game, I will first report the live time and related settings to you. In addition to today, the live time is fixed at eight to twelve in the morning, thirteen to seventeen in the afternoon, and nineteen to twenty-three in the evening. Twelve hours a day, yo.”

“Also, for everyone’s live experience, the live room will open 30% of taste synchronization and smell synchronization. Although 30% is only a little, I discussed it with the game designer yesterday. In order for him to be able to gain more players, I told him he did not need to open either one but the designer took the initiative to open part of it.” Mo Song put 70% of the pot directly on himself, and saved the unknown audience from finding trouble for Bai Li’s. Then he continued, “But you can rest assured that although only 30% is open, I have secretly tried it myself and the experience is still superb! If you don’t have any comments, I’ll open up these two syncs now.”

After informing them of those two things, Mo Song stopped and took the time to look at the pop-ups.

As a result, after reading a few of them, his face couldn’t help but darken.

[Blunt Opinion you were not like this before. Why are you now so girly!?]

[That’s right. Before not when bursting foul language, or when going up to fight with the monster, you scared me so much that I thought I had gone into the wrong live room…The front is right, it really is the mother of all!]

[I know, I know, you’re right. Can you start broadcasting? I can’t wait! Really, today the anchor nonsense a lot of oh…]

[Okay, I think there’s something wrong with it. It turns out that the smell and taste synchronization are not yet on? Anchor hurry up, I’m ready!]

[What?! Synchronization actually did not open? I thought it was open, just that one or two seconds of footage obviously had a big impact.]

These pop-ups were accompanied by gifts of ‘stinky tofu’ and ‘canned herring’ from the black fans.

If the sweet and sour radish and spicy diced chicken meant ‘sprinkle flowers,’ then the above two items mean ‘stomp.’ The audience was upset that Mo Song was stalling with them.

Today was a good day for his first live broadcast in Carefree Farmstead, and Mo Song was going to put up with it, but these people were going overboard in calling him a girl. How could he, a man, put up with it? “Do you fiends have a problem? This is called gentle. Gentle, you understand! You guys are all big and thick, you must never have a gentle time. I’ll tell you this. As long as you can enter this game, your emotions will naturally follow and soothe down, and finally become the state I am now. It’s just a pity that the game quota that was so easily released yesterday was snatched up in a flash!”

These cheap and skinny words no one but Mo Song dared to say directly. While the live audience’s anger had not yet completely erupted, Mo Song hurriedly shifted the camera towards the distant scene outside the village.

Mo Song opened the live broadcast in the courtyard of his house. Most of the old players’ residences were in the west side of the village, and before the game was upgraded, the scenery in the west side was actually quite barren. But after an upgrade, the game map expanded by a full 100 times, and the place outside the village that was originally just a small forest became a forest with a huge area.

The entrance to the forest was on the east side of the village, and the view from the west side was more of the rolling hills. Due to the distance, the mountains looked a rich green, but each kind of green was a different color, dark and light, varying in intensity, at first glance, especially for Interstellar people who rarely saw green, it was a kind of shock to the soul.

At that moment, the words that came out of their mouths were curses that were swallowed back. What they thought in their heads and what they saw with their eyes was vivid, vibrant and energetic colors. For a whole minute, there were no new pop-ups floating through the live room. And after a minute, there were people who came back one after another.

[Although I have been squatting in the forum for almost a month and have seen a lot of photos from the game, but those photos are really not as shocking as what I just saw with my own eyes!]

[“I don’t know why, when I came back to my senses, I actually shed a tear…Who would have thought that I, a fierce man of one meter nine in height, would actually cry?]

[Cried +1, I do not know why, but just somehow very moved ah! The color is really too beautiful, why is there never such a color on our planet?]

Mo Song said thank you while thinking thankfully in his heart, fortunately he was smart and diverted everyone’s attention directly, otherwise the first day of the live broadcast would have been a flop.

As expected of Carefree Farmstead, even a few ordinary mountains could make people so excited. As for whether he dared to say something to stimulate the live audience next time? Sorry, next time, he still dares.

After three minutes had passed, Mo Song turned the camera back. This time, he pointed the camera at the ripe corn in his yard. The tall corn stalks were neatly arranged in the warm sunlight, each one meter six tall, with the same number of stalks growing on top, as the long, dense whiskers of corn slowly fluttered in the breeze.

While the audience was engrossed in watching the scenery, Mo Song silently turned on the taste sync and smell sync. Without waiting for the audience to protest and let Mo Song move the camera back again, a light and dominating smell swept in, burrowed into their nostrils, seeped into their skin, and finally flowed from all limbs together to the heart. Their hearts pounded, driving the faces of these men to a slight blush.

What was that smell? So special, so tempting…they smelled it and forgot the world. There was only one thought in their minds, that was: Smell! Smell hard! Smell it all!

In the silence, Mo Song explained softly, “This crop is called ‘corn’, after character level two, it can be unlocked in the village chief’s store. The purchase price of seeds is 10 coins a piece. All the seeds are the same price, and it is a two-hour maturity crop. Corn maturity time, and lettuce and cucumber, later on, the same as the corn. There are also lettuce and cucumbers, which I will also plant later if I have the opportunity.”

The viewers of the live broadcast room exploded again when this science was introduced.

[What? So this is corn? But I saw on the forum, it was obviously not like this, ah! The forum corn is golden yellow, there are also neat corn kernels on the top, peeled off the corn kernels, actually become the material to make corn cake and popcorn!]

“Why does the smell of corn smell so good? Is this really the scent of corn, or was it envisioned by the designer of the game?]

[Emm…I just forced my heart to go out from the live room and ordered corn on Amoy, and now I can tell you all without hesitation that only in the game does corn smell like this! Also, do not go with me to buy the real corn. It looks good, but the smell is far worse, and super! Level! BAD!! TAT!]

Mo Song comforted the injured audience a few words, said he was going to harvest this batch of corn later, and then go to the village chief to sell a part of it as funds for the purchase of new seeds. Originally, he didn’t need to buckle down and calculate the money to spend, but who let him use all the copper coins he saved from before to upgrade his house. Now there were two new rooms in the house. There were not many copper coins left in his wallet, so he could only save up from scratch.

However, Mo Song’s decision was rejected by the entire live stream audience, [No! The corn is so cute and smells so good, how can you bear to harvest them? Besides, it’s so pretty, why not keep growing them?]

Aha! I knew you guys would say that, just like I did when I first got into the game!

Mo Song got excited, made a hesitant face and whispered devilishly, “But… If I don’t harvest the corn and sell it, I won’t get any coins, and without coins, I not only won’t be able to buy the seeds, but also the white steamed bun, which is a special food in the village chief’s store. Originally, I wanted to buy a few white steamed buns and give them to everyone to try.”

All the audience, “!!!”

That’s not a bad idea!

[Slow down…! We regret it! Collect, collect quickly! Buy, buy! Mua!]


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May 17, 2023 10:30 am

I remember when I was a child, the fruits and veggies tasted a lot yummier and smelt more fragrant than todays. Home grown and tree or vine ripened fruit always tastes much better👍🏻🤤

May 17, 2023 4:45 pm

The live stream commentary is really cool! Thanks for the chapter!!! Loving it all!!!

when you see the reflection in the mirror
when you see the reflection in the mirror
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LMAO the audiences reaction

well… they all would be in so much surprise than they have in their whole lives lol

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How I wish to be in a world where this type of virtual reality was real 😞

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And all these things are taken for granted; I would hate to live in a world like that. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a reality for our future generations.
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