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Chapter 80: Taming the wild boar

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The old village chief counted the number of people affected, and pulled out a total of ten cloth bags from his cuffs. He handed them out one by one to the players whose houses had collapsed. When it came to Gray Scales, he opened the last bag and took out the so-called condolence from it. It was at this time that the players saw the real appearance of the condolences.

It was a grass dumpling, a round one. The appearance was green, the surface was also wrapped in fine grass leaves. They did not even have to get too close, before they could smell the aroma of grass. If this thing was used to eat, then the taste should be very good. Many players thought so.

However, the village chief’s description of this item afterwards made their faces stiffen.

“This thing is called ‘Taming Grass Balls.’ It is specially for animals to eat and has a strong attraction for them. A grass ball can increase 30 points of animal good sense. When the good sense is of 60 or more, there will be a certain chance to transform into a pet. There are three Taming Grass Balls in each bag, so I hope everyone can make good use of them and get their favorite pets.”

As soon as the village chief’s words fell, a huge commotion arose on the scene.

Taming! Grass! Balls!

What kind of magical item was this? One actually only needed to feed the grass ball to the captured animal to eat, and they could easily get a pet. Was this a lie?

And pets could be by the player’s own choice, unlike the previous wide net. Now they could catch what they wanted, and they did not need to have an animal species they didn’t want.

Those whose houses were fine, just simply came to see the players, and were quietly sympathizing with those people’s encounter, but now they were really jealous. They could not believe things went from houses collapsing to being unlucky ghosts!

A small hut was only worth how much money? Another could be bought directly in the game store, with four styles to choose at will. But the village chief’s Taming Grass Balls were different. These things were a priceless good thing and had only appeared once. They weren’t sure when the next appearance would be.

Many people stared anxiously at those who were holding the cloth bags with ecstatic faces, and began to think about the possibility of buying the Taming Grass Balls from them.

The latter soon felt those burning gazes, were startled into a cold sweat at the same time, and hurriedly put the cloth bag into their backpack. Just kidding, such good things are rare, they will not be brain-dead to sell them, their own use was not enough!

Seeing them coincidentally make the same action, the players onlookers knew that they would not be able to get the grass from these people and let out a sigh of pity.

Fortunately, the village chief’s next words diverted their attention.

“Well, it seems that the houses of some villagers in our village are still not strong enough. I have a drawing of a ‘stone house’, which I obtained by chance when I was young and walking outside, so I will present it to you today.”

When they heard the village chief’s words, someone in the crowd secretly muttered, “The old village chief had a lot of experiences when he was young, and a strange encounter at every turn…”

The people around him snorted with laughter, because that’s what he said when he gave Big Brother Demon Xing and I See the Good Life their recipes.

Gray Scales and others heard what the village chief said, and their already very happy faces were all smiles, as they nodded frantically, like they couldn’t wait to throw their heads out.

There was a need, of course there was a need! Their houses collapsed. They need to buy a new house, because of the collapse. They really have a psychological shadow of the small thatched hut that looked unbearable. If their house can be stronger of course it was a good thing. Not to mention that this ‘stone house’ was not something money could buy.

In a short period of time, only ten of them have such a strong house in the whole game, how proud to say it!

It was just that they needed to build it themselves, but those players have plenty of time and energy!

The onlookers sourly watched the interaction between the village chief and the ten people, then they saw the village chief turn around, face them, and say, “All villagers will be able to see this drawing, and if someone else’s house collapses due to an accident afterwards, they can also use this drawing to build a new house.”

There was a premise in his words that the house needed to collapse before it could be rebuilt. According to the settings in Carefree Farmstead, players could only have one house at a time, and once the house was taken out of the backpack and completed in a fixed location, it couldn’t be taken back and replaced with another house. The four types of houses in the mall weren’t just restricted to purchase, since with their cheap price, there were people who bought the whole set for their collection.

The players who got permission from the village chief were first happy, but soon found out the prerequisites for turning the house into a stone house, and became lost again. The possibility that you can see but not touch was so annoying!

There were also a few players who had lowered their heads in thought, and who knew what they were thinking.

“Thank you, Village Chief, we will definitely make good use of these Taming Grass Balls and the Stone House drawing!” Gray Scales and the other nine players stated loudly.

“Good. Good. It’s good that you guys have this idea.” The village chief stroked his long beard with relief. “It’s late, I’ll go back first, you all disperse too. Do what you need to do.”

Then he slowly went away.

If someone really listened to the village chief and left obediently, they would not be the Interstellar players who let themselves go.

When the village chief was out of sight, someone called out to Gray Scales and asked him, “Gray Scales, are you going to feed the grass ball to the boar when you get back?”

Gray Scales froze for a moment. He actually had such a plan. He’d thought about it earlier, but still just couldn’t let the boar out like a shark, but then the village chief gave them the taming grass. This wasn’t the time and place, but once people had it…How could he not give it to the boar to use it, ah! He was thinking of making the boar as a pet, then taking it door-to-door to apologize!

He wasn’t a good liar, and since someone had already guessed it, he simply nodded and admitted it. “Yes, I do have this intention.”

The players who had finished watching the fun didn’t want to leave again, so immediately someone took over and urged, “Hey, I think you shouldn’t go back. Just feed it here. Anyway, your house was collapsed by the boar, and the yard must be a mess. You might as well collect the boar in this open space, just so we all can see the effect of taming grass!”

Gray Scales thought if they saw the effect of the taming grass, wouldn’t they become more excited and more sad? After all, they didn’t have the tanning grass themselves. The other nine people who had this item also became interested when they heard it. They all knew Gray Scales in reality, and came up to persuade him, and with a few words, Gray Scales was talked around. Anyway, it was the same wherever he tamed the boar, so since these people wanted to see it, let them see it.

The crowd automatically stepped back a distance, and left a space for Gray Scales to take the boar out of his backpack again.

Gray Scales lowered his head to operate, and a huge boar suddenly appeared in everyone’s view, falling from a position ten centimeters above the ground and hitting the ground with a loud ‘bang’ sound.

“Umph!” The boar that was numbed down made a painful sound.

“Hmph, let you collapse our house. That should let you learn a lesson!” Gray Scales scolded again, but his hand wasn’t honest as it stroked the boar’s body fur. The coarse and hard feeling made him very satisfied. Thick skin, thick meat, but also resistant to beating!

He took out the bag given to him by the village chief, just took out a grass ball from it. The boar lying on the ground reacted. Its long pig snout shrugged, its half-squinted eyes struggled to open, and the huge head moved in the direction of Gray Scales’ hand with difficulty.

The ‘grunting’ sound didn’t stop, as if it was listening to the surrounding people who were anxious for it.

“Gray Scales, don’t delay, feed it!” Someone could not help but urge.

Gray Scales nodded, reached out to open the boar’s mouth, and fed it the baby-fist sized grass whole.

He hadn’t expected that such a delicious thing was really for the boar. It was moved, with tears from the corners of its mouth, that flowed over Gray Scales’ hand. When he looked at his own wet hands full of strange aromas, Gray Scales suddenly regretted taking such a big guy as his pet.

It’s too bad, too bad!

However, the taming grass had been fed. He only had two left in his hand, and now it was too late to regret. In order to achieve the purpose of collecting pets, he could only harden his heart and continue on.

The first grass ball quickly disappeared into the boar’s mouth, but nothing happened.

Gray Scales gritted his teeth, and fed it another one under the crowd’s scrutiny.

The boar was moved to tears, such a delicious thing, it could actually eat two of them in one breath! This time, when it looked into Gray Scales’ gaze, its eyes were really filled with gratitude, love, adoration and other emotions.

The system prompt still didn’t come. Gray Scales sighed, and thought that the village chief was really good at counting. Three taming grass balls made a total of 90 points of animal goodwill, all in order to make the captured animals into their own pets, ah.

He took out the last taming grass ball and was about to feed it into the boar’s mouth when he noticed the wild gleam in the boar’s ferocious eyes. The hand that was reaching over froze, as if he were thinking of something, and then silently withdrew it.

The players who were observing, watched anxiously.

“If the boar doesn’t want you, that is regretful…”

“Hahaha, the boar baby, thanks to you for calling out! You are too eager. You don’t allow people to observe before feeding? After all, it is the last grass ball, if you feed the last one with no response, all three will be in vain.”

“Wow, if we don’t succeed in collecting the wild boar, it will really be a blood loss…”

There were a lot of disturbances in his ears, but Gray Scales had no time to care about these people’s discussion and urging. He just suddenly had a wonderful idea. Earlier, the village chief said, as long as the good sense reached 60 and above, the captured animal may become a pet. He has fed it two taming grass balls, so the good feelings level should be passed. Admittedly, if he fed it one more, the chance of success would reach more than 90%, but if he did not feed the third, just held it near the boar to seduce it…

With this in mind, he experimented with the idea. One hand clutched the taming grass ball which emitted the fragrance of grass, but he didn’t feed it to the boar. He waved the ball around in front of it, and made all the seducing moves.

The boar was also successfully seduced, its pair of thieving eyes didn’t blink as it stared at the grass. Gray Scales’ actions stopped it looking at the past, the eyes of desire burned more and more brightly, that drooling look, all let the onlookers players could not help but sympathize.

Poor wild boar, you can see, but can’t eat. It’s so pathetic!

They themselves too, could see the taming grass but couldn’t eat it. They wree just as pathetic!

The players vaguely guessed Gray Scales’ purpose. The more nimble ones even thought, if it only took two grass clusters to get a pet, then with a total of 30 grass clusters, wouldn’t they be able to get up to 15 pets?

They still had a chance!

So everyone stopped communicating and watched nervously as Gray Scales and the boar interacted, and he shouted, “It has to work! It has to work!”

Finally, with Gray Scales’ persistent efforts, the most exciting moment came when the system prompt finally came, and when he saw the words displayed on it, Gray Scales immediately chose ‘Yes.’

An insignificant white light flashed, and he felt the vague connection between himself and the boar.

“It’s working!” He shouted excitedly.

Cheers rang out all around, and everyone looked so overjoyed that someone might think that all of them had gotten pets at that moment if they didn’t know better.

“Great! It turns out that you only need two Taming Grass Balls to get a pet, so we’ll have one left over for the future, and we can get five more pets with the extra grass clusters!” 1 A person who also had the consolation item said happily. In his heart he was already considering whether to sell the extra one or leave it for his close friends.

Gray Scales didn’t care what everyone thought at this time, anyway, he had successfully taken the boar as a pet. The next step was to build the stone house. He looked at the stone house plans given by the village chief, he found that a number of square stone blocks were needed, and for the first time he thought of a person.

Perhaps only that person would have enough stone blocks in their hands.

In order to prevent being preempted by others, he looked at the crowd who was still discussing enthusiastically, put the boar into his pet space and quietly slipped away.


“Hmm? You came to find me to buy those square stones that I sold to you before?” Jiang Huaibi looked at Gray Scales who had arrived in a hurry. 

“Uh-huh.” Gray Scales nodded. “How many of these stones do you still have in your possession? Is this number available?” He used his hand to show a number.

When she saw the number, Jiang Huaibi knew what he intended to do. He should be ready to go to build a stone house, right?

She was actually part of the crowd of onlookers before, and saw with her own eyes that the village chief had given Gray Scales the Taming Grass Balls, and that Gray Scales successfully subdued the wild boar with the help of the Taming Grass. At that moment, she had made a small calculation in her heart, but was worried about how to go about it and intended to discuss it with people. Then the main man took the initiative to find her door.

As she thought of that, Jiang Huaibi smiled and replied, “I have the number of stones you want, and I can sell them to you, but you have to promise me one condition first.”

“What condition?” Gray Scales became alert.

“Use your new wild boar to collapse my house.”

Gray Scales, “???”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Editor note: Erm, I’m not sure this guy can really count…


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