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Chapter 81: A new use for the wild boar

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“You, what did you say? My ears just seemed to be broken. Say that again?” Gray Scales began to doubt his mind, as he gulped and tried to confirm with Jiang Huaibi.

Jiang Huaibi was very calm, and very seriously answered his question, “I mean, let your pig, collapse my house. You don’t need to worry, I will take out the house furniture and so on in advance and put it in an open space. You also don’t need to pay for the expansion, you just need to let your little piggy casually bump it a few times.”

When she saw Gray Scales still had a puzzled look, she shrugged and added a few words, “I also have no choice. Who let the game not allow multiple properties? Once the house has been placed it can’t be retrieved. I can only find ways to destroy the house. I’ve seen the plans of the stone house, and it looks very strong. I also want to have it. Now, you should understand, right?”

Gray Scales nodded his head slowly. He felt the stiffness in his neck was comparable to that of a robot.

She was harsh, this woman.

Since, he didn’t have to pay for the damage anyway, and a little help with a bump shouldn’t matter.

He thought about it, and agreed to Jiang Huaibi’s terms.

Jiang Huaibi smiled as she traded him the number of stones Gray Scales needed and also gave him a 10% friendly discount. After that, she said she had to go home to make preparations and move all the furniture out of the house.

“I’ll go over there with you, give you a hand, and when the house is empty I can immediately bring out the pig,” Gray Scales said.

Jiang Huaibi shook her head and refused, “I don’t think so. Why don’t you go back and organize your yard first? I have a lot of stuff at home, and it may take a long time to move it all out…”

Gray Scales insisted. “If it will take quite a long time, then it is more necessary for me to help you, ah. Your place will be finished sooner, and that way I can also be more focused on building my stone house. You shouldn’t resist. Let me help you!”

He might have been saying that, but in his heart he actually didn’t particularly believe what Jiang Huaibi said. How could a small girl who had just begun playing a few days ago, have so many things in her house? Maybe it was because she was shy, and embarrassed to bother others too much, so she made such an excuse.

He was an enthusiastic, helpful, big man. Naturally, he couldn’t let a little girl do it alone, when he could give a helping hand.

Jiang Huaibi hesitated for a few moments, but still reluctantly agreed. She knew exactly how much stuff was in her house, so after she nodded in agreement, she couldn’t help but give a precautionary note, “I really have a lot of stuff at home, so don’t be too tired when the time comes…”

“Oh, don’t worry, don’t worry. I have plenty of strength!” Gray Scales made a gesture that he was strong and cheerfully reassured her.

The more Gray Scales walked, the more familiar the path seemed to him. When he saw the familiar vine stand, he immediately remembered that this was near the home of Big Brother Li Bai and Big Brother Demon Xing.

When he looked at Jiang Huaibi’s place, it was next door to Big Brother Li Bai’s house. After he discovered this, Gray Scales was filled with tremendous envy. She was hugging the big brothers’ legs, right? When someone was the big brother’s neighbor, and the big brother is friendly, someone could learn from the big brother’s design, ways to decorate their own yard, such a life was also great, right!

Gray Scales looked around the neighborhood and soon found a small bamboo house behind Big Brother Li Bai’s house, and the owner of the bamboo house was working in the yard.

Good man! The big man’s neighborhood was really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon, ah! He also wanted to move his house to this neighborhood, but unfortunately the land was already fixed and it was too late to move, Gray Scales thought with a sense of regret.

Jiang Huaibi had been quietly observing Gray Scales’ reaction, and found that he was first surprised, then envious, and then a little disappointed when he found out who lived around him, and couldn’t help but cast a pitying glance at him. At the same time, she was also glad that she had been decisive, and actually occupied such a good position, hehehe!

Gray Scales wasn’t lost for long. He soon remembered his purpose and regained his composure.

He was almost normal by the time he followed Jiang Huaibi back to her home, but after seeing that her house was like a large supermarket warehouse, his whole person was frozen in place. He tilted his head, and saw that the room next door was filled with lockers. At a rough count, he  estimated that there were as many as ten. And that wasn’t all of it, in addition to the lockers, there were also a lot of things put next to the lockers. Each was a strange shape, so that people simply couldn’t guess what they were actually used for.

“This…” Gray Scales hadn’t thought what Jiang Huaibi had said was actually true. Her house was indeed filled with a lot things.

Jiang Huaibi had long been accustomed to such astonishment. she cheerfully touched a large conch that was casually placed on the coffee table near her. This was what she found last night after she had trekked across half of the forest. She found the mouth of the sea, and also filled a jar with seaside sand. In addition to the conch, she also picked up a lot of starfish and shells, which were particularly colorful and beautiful.

“There isn’t much time, let’s start now.” Jiang Huaibi said, and began on her own.

As he looked at the house full of furniture in front of him, Gray Scales’ eyes turned black, but he also could only resign himself to follow through with his promise. Who let him promise to help move things together?

Whoops! If he could go back in time, everything could start over, he would never follow her over, he would go home and play with the wild boar!

It was at this time, in Gray Scales’ hindsight-only response, that he realized it was no wonder Heart’s Jade said she had to go home to organize it. The player backpack had a total of only fifty compartments, and the furniture, including the other messy things, added up to more than two hundred things, right?

That didn’t even include the things that were placed inside the lockers. Fortunately, when the locker was put in the backpack, the things inside stayed inside, and wouldn’t automatically be sorted out and put into the backpack.

The two of them went in and out, and spent a whole hour before they finally emptied Jiang Huaibi’s home. The things that couldn’t fit in the backpack were piled up in the corner of the yard. They looked like a mountain from afar, and it was breathtaking.

“Sister, I finally know why you have so many strange things in your hands. Your collection fetish is too serious.” Gray Scales looked at Jiang Huaibi with a bitter face, as he held an original pearl milk tea and popped chicken fillet that came out of a Food Basket, and replenished his strength.

Gray Scales, as he munched on his crispy chicken fillet, said that moving furniture was much more tiring than farming.

When she looked at how Gray Scales was eating well, Jiang Huaibi also felt greedy. She hurriedly went to buy that day’s ten Food Baskets, randomly picked two out, and uncovered the cover cloth to get beef jerky and sparkling water. She quietly cheered, and ate her delicious meal!

She took a big bite of beef jerky and chewed it in her mouth. Then she gave Gray Scales a piece. She swallowed the meat in her mouth before she said proudly, “It’s okay. It’s only recently that I’ve come to like this feeling. It’s not serious.”

Gray Scales stiffened and said breathlessly, “If this is just ‘okay’, when you get really serious, this small house won’t be enough for you, right?”

Jiang Huaibi shrugged. “Not enough space can be remedied with coins. Besides, there are storage lockers sold in the game store. I want to buy a hundred or eighty of them, but I need to make a few rooms dedicated to them.” The solution would definitely be there. She wasn’t worried.

When he heard Jiang Huaibi say that, Gray Scales was embarrassed to say anything else. Everyone had their own way of playing the game. The two of them were only strangers who had met a few times, and were somewhat familiar with each other. Therefore, he didn’t make any comments regarding that.

The two of them didn’t have the heart to move anything else, so Jiang Huaibi simply dragged a table and two chairs over, and the two of them sat facing each other and ate.

Both Gray Scales and Jiang Huaibi ate with gratitude and praise for the game designer. What a divine designer! How on earth did that person’s mind conjure up so many delicious foods? Each had their own unique flavor, and never tasted the same. They lived in the same world, but their brains couldn’t imagine those things, however the designer caused them to get goose bumps!

Even if the two people’s imagination was rich, and their brains would occasionally pop up some inspiration and a few ghost ideas, they also couldn’t imagine Bai Li actually being from the immortal world, that he had enjoyed immortal fruits and vegetables, and last of all that he ate all that the food from the God of Food thousands of years in the past.

The movements of the two people eating, or the previous movements of in and out as they moved furniture, in fact, had long ago alerted Bai Li next door.

After he noticed that the two had stopped and were sitting in the yard in the sun, Bai Li came out of the door to greet them.

“Heart’s Jade, what are you guys doing…?” He glanced meaningfully at the large pile of stuff stacked in the corner.

When his idol suddenly appeared, Gray Scales was so shocked that jumped up from his chair, quickly wiped his mouth with his sleeve, whispered to Jiang Huaibi if there were still food residues in the corner of his mouth, and only after the other party said no, he even turned around with a perfect smile.

“Big Brother Li Bai!” Gray Scales looked at Bai Li with starry eyes.

“Hello.” Bai Li smiled and nodded towards the person. “You can just call me Li Bai.”

In front of the others, Gray Scales, who was tall and fierce and had never been afraid to face a wild boar alone, suddenly turned into a squirming little daughter-in-law in front of Bai Li, as he said the word “yes” in a low voice before he moved back to give space for Bai Li and Jiang Huaibi to communicate privately.

She smilingly told Bai Li about her plans, then pulled Gray Scales over and said, “He is Gray Scales, the man who caught the wild boar and successfully tamed it into a pet!”

Bai Li smiled kindly, “Mn, I know this. Someone has already announced it in the forum, and I saw a picture of Gray Scales with the boar.”

The truth was that the reason the village chief suddenly went over to send Taming Grass Balls and the stone house designs was due to his orders. The players were so unlucky, and he, as the designer of the game, when he learned of such a tragic event, he naturally needed to appease their emotions.

However, what Jiang Huaibi just said was something Bai Li hadn’t expected. Commanding wild boars to deliberately hit the house, just so she could change to a new home…that’s what she thought up.

Gray Scales’ eyes were red with excitement. His ‘highlight’ moment was actually seen by his idol! He immediately stammered and asked, “So, so, Li Bai, do you want to see my boar?”

“Sure, take it out and let me see. You were planning on it anyway, and you’ll be able to command it to help you later.” Bai Li was still smiling.

“Mn! I’ll let the boar out right now!” Gray Scales said and released the boar.

Compared to previously, when the boar tried to crash into the house, it had been subdued and was a bit more docile. It stood honestly at Gray Scales’ side, its tusks shone with sharpness as a stream of rough air came out of its nostrils. All in all, it was still a fierce-looking boar.

After Bai Li expressed his appreciation for the boar, Gray Scales giggled, led the boar to the side of the house and gave it the command to crash.

Once he heard that he was allowed to do damage, the boar was immediately energized. His powerful hind hooves began to dig into the ground, and when he had built up his strength, he no longer hesitated, and lunged forward. He slammed into the hut which was more stable than the other small huts.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!” Several times in a row, at the same point of impact, and finally the wooden board cracked. This boar also had a hard temper, and since it hadn’t collapsed, he simply didn’t stop, and continued to make ram in the same direction. Due to its uninterrupted efforts, the hut issued a horrible creaking sound, and finally, with the last impact, the hut was overwhelmed. Boom la, la, it finally collapsed.

Jiang Huaibi showed a smile of satisfaction.


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