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Chapter 106: I’m at Your Disposal Tonight

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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The nurse thought about it for a while, before looking up, “Seriously?”

This was the first time she came across such an outrageous reason. She’d seen a lot of lovey-dovey people working in hospitals for several years. When she just opened the door, the strong Alpha was lowering his head, bullying the shy Omega, things seemed like they were going to heat up the next moment. These two handsome brothers looked like a dog, how were their brains functioning, pulling out this kind of outrageous excuse?

“Mn, really.” Gu Ang nodded his head in a serious manner and bit the bullet.

Ye Fei was dumbfounded, how did this brain turn?

Nurse: “Then I’ll leave you guys alone to continue.”

She took a step back, leaving a less awkward atmosphere. She quickly closed the door, afraid to see any more restrictive scenes.

When the door was closed, Ye Fei smiled and looked down, rubbing Gu Ang’s head, “Continue?”

“Continue what?” Gu Ang played dumb.

Ye Fei stared at his hospital gown, as if he wanted to burn a hole in it with his eyes. He said, “Drinking milk. I didn’t eat at night, I’m hungry.”

“Don’t be shameless, stop it.” Gu Ang reached out and punched him. It was soft, not too hard.

Ye Fei licked his lower lip and looked at the sleeping baby, “It’s a pity he didn’t get a taste of it.”

Gu Ang was a little curious by his words, “What taste?”

“You’ll know when you taste it.” Ye Fei lowered his head, cupped the back of his neck and took a lingering kiss.

Between gasps, Gu Ang tasted a little bit of the very faint milk fragrance that remained on Ye Fei’s lips. The thought of him licking it off his own body made even the base of his neck turn red. He murmured and said, “This stuff should only be available these days, otherwise I’d be embarrassed to go back to school.”

“It’s gone after the nursing period, so I have to hold on to it.” Ye Fei said righteously, “Then I’ll take four sips a day according to HuangHuang’s dining hours.”

Every day, four sips. Your calculation is quite precise. “Who wants to give you a drink?”

“Otherwise it’s a waste.” Ye Fei’s calculations were good, he couldn’t do anything during this time, so it wasn’t too much for him to find a meal replacement. He looked down and undid Gu Ang’s button, “I just missed a sip.”

The tingling sensation returned, and Gu Ang lowered his eyes, only to see the short black hair moving in front of his chest. The hair was a little stiff, and it hurt a little when it stuck to his skin. He couldn’t stop shivering, and it was itchy and unbearable, he didn’t know who he was torturing.

When the last drop rolled onto his tongue, Ye Fei regretfully said, “There’s no more.”

Today’s meal replacement has been completely consumed.

Gu Ang broke down and covered his face, “Can we skip this topic now?”

He was a starry-eyed man, and it was too much to break his persona to say that.

The two didn’t expect that the nurse had a big mouth. In less than a day’s work, the entire hospital doctors and nurses learned of this, and also gave Ye Fei a friendly nickname — Milk Tester Brother.

Later, when they came to check the room again, from three doctors to five, and gradually a group, all came to get a glimpse of the true nature of the breast Milk Tester Brother.

During this period of hospitalization, Gu Ang didn’t go anywhere except the ward. It was too humiliating to encounter all kinds of curious eyes when he went out.

After only ten days in the hospital, he yelled that he wanted to be discharged and go home to recuperate.

Ye HongFeng took the group of people back to the Imperial Star. HuangHuang was too young, so the first time he rode the airship, he was dizzy, and was either crying or sleeping. Gu Ang felt a headache. When he returned home, he refused the suggestion of Qin LeHe moving over to take care of him and quickly found an experienced nanny.

With someone to take care of them, the two of them finally had an easier time.

Gu Ang was in good health and recovered quickly from his wounds, with only a shallow scar left on his abdomen. He took a month off from school and even skipped his final exams to spend time at home with HuangHuang while working out to get back in shape.

In half a month, his eight pack abs re-emerged beautifully. He wanted to show off, but hadn’t found the opportunity yet.

The little baby also lived up to the expectations of open growth. His little red face became more and more white, a beautiful shadow was gradually revealed between his eyebrows, and the two of their features slowly overlapped.

By the day of the final exam, Gu Ang put on a beautiful shirt with a tie knot for him, while instructing, “We’re going to watch your father for the final exam today. When we arrive at school, don’t make any noise, be good.”

Ye Fei put on his exam sweatshirt next to him, “Are you sure you want to take him there? It’ll probably cause a scene.”

“He’ll cry his eyes out if I’m not with him, and I don’t want to miss my husband’s presence.” Gu Ang was now calling him husband smoothly, opening and closing his mouth as he molested people. He lazily leaned on the edge of the bed, “Husband, today, if you don’t get first place, you’ll come home to kneel on mecha parts.”

“Final exam, pediatric.” Ye Fei tidied up the hem of his shirt and reached out to take HuangHuang into his arms with unparalleled ease. The little one was getting along with him a lot better now, and was at least willing to let him hold him.

Gu Ang followed him, hands in his pockets with a cool face. The two of them got into the car and headed to the Imperial Star. As expected, Ye Fei just stepped into the campus with HuangHuang in his arms and drew a crowd of people. Those who knew them and those who didn’t, all came to take a look.

Gu Ang thought this boy of his family would probably grow up to have a million fans. Obviously, at home, he looked like a dead child who was dying to be dragged to the sky, but when he met people, he smiled like a flower. His round eyes were so cute that they made people want to scream.

“God Ye’s child is too well behaved, worthy of the genes of the imperial star male god!”

“Don’t look at who his father is, with the two looking like that, how can the child be ugly?”

“I just didn’t expect Gu Ang to give birth so quickly!”

“He’s really a winner in life, only one year… Early marriage at a young age and a family.”

“Thank you all for your concern, please give way.” Ye Fei protected the back of HuangHuang’s head and walked quickly in the direction of the examination room.

Gu Ang looked at the back of the large one and small one, feeling infinite emotions. His back was still so green and handsome, the hands holding their child weren’t incongruous. After all, he was a father, and, recently, the smile on his face was much kinder. The previous Ye Fei was too cold, the flower of the high mountain, not getting close to people. Now he with the baby was pulled that god into the mortal world, leaving that coldness outside, making him more humane.

Gu Ang touched his chin and smacked his lips. Mn, it was really interesting, he liked it. He entered the waiting area of the examination room on his hind feet and looked at Bai SiNing who was teasing the baby in Ye Fei’s arms with a silly smile on his face, “Call Godfather, God— father—”

Gu Ang mocked, “He can’t even say ‘dad’, but you want him to say godfather? Go to the back of the line.”

“I believe that HuangHuang is very gifted, maybe he will be able to talk in two months.” Bai SiNing said excitedly, “If the first word when he opens his mouth is godfather, will you kill me?”

“Not possible.” The two men objected in unison. HuangHuang couldn’t speak, so they had fun at home teaching him “daddy” over and over again. Bai SiNing’s two sentences of improvisation couldn’t possibly compare to the day-to-day chanting.

Bai SiNing smiled, “I expected that.”

“There’s no such assumption.” Gu Ang gave him an oblique glance, “Don’t teach him blindly.”

“Look at you, you seem to have recovered.” Gu Ang was slapped on the back, class teacher Wang Chuang peeked out and muttered, “Do you want to take the final exam together today?”

“I took a leave of absence.” Gu Ang bottomed out, “I’m here to watch the battle today.”

Wang Chuang nodded, “That’s good, lest you ruin something for me again and I have to pay for it.”

“Stingy.” Gu Ang muttered. He would like to fight since he had been suffocating this past month, but he had to hold back.

Qin LeHe reminded him countless times: pay attention to recuperation. The consequences of further tossing and turning to his own mother’s ears was really not conceivable.

Wang Chuang reached out and pinched HuangHuang’s face, “Watch your son, don’t be scared.”

Ye Fei handed HuangHuang to Gu Ang carefully, “If he’s too noisy, remember to cover his ears.”

“Don’t underestimate our son.” Gu Ang held HuangHuang loosely and found a comfortable position to sit against Ye Fei.

Wang Chuang walked to the front of the students and took a microphone. He spoke mysteriously, “All the students’ long-awaited final exams are finally here, and this one will definitely surprise you.”

“Don’t… don’t… don’t…”

“Teacher, your smile doesn’t seem right!”

“The last midterm let us go solo against Gu Ang and Ye Fei, and the whole class failed…  Teacher, please, don’t make a mess.”

“Yes, I still want to enter sophomore year successfully!”

Everyone on the stage was instantly unnerved when they saw Wang Chuang’s smile. They were all students of Red Flame’s classes, yet failed in their first academic year, didn’t they need face?

Bai SiNing put his hands together and shouted, “Teacher, just tell it to us straight, don’t beat around the bush.”

“For this final exam, we will have a friendly sparring session with students from the number one school in the Federation.” As soon as Wang Chuang finished speaking, the atmosphere on the stage was instantly ignited.

“Those grandsons of the Federation are actually coming over for an exchange?”

“His Majesty the Emperor agreed? Is the war coming to an end?”

“Come on, I’m not afraid, I’ll beat them to death on the field!”

Gu Ang looked grave and glanced at Ye Fei, “Big brother, this is too outrageous.”

Ye Fei’s expression wasn’t too good, “This butterfly effect is indeed a bit exaggerated. According to my memory before crossing over, even after five years, the Empire and the Federation should have no signs of détente.”

Gu Ang lowered his voice, “I’m afraid that even if Lord Qi Cang is alone, it will be difficult to make the Empire and the Federation put down their hatred.”

Ye Fei hmmed, “We’ll see how it goes later.”

“You have to be careful. I feel there’s a conspiracy.” Gu Ang’s heart heaved. If the Federation sent someone over, hell knew what level the other party was.

Ye Fei was definitely going, once the fight started, who knew the consequences. Ye Fei half jokingly appeased him, “Don’t worry, your husband is a five-star admiral.” 

The crowd was still talking when the door next to the examination room suddenly opened and a group of young people wearing different colored school uniforms came in a stream.

The leader of the group came up with a smile on his face and reached out to shake Wang Chuang’s hand, “It’s been a long time, Teacher Wang.”

“Nice to meet you, Teacher Li.”

Both of them smiled on the surface, but their hands were secretly exerting strength. Each of them had their own agenda, and they didn’t take advantage of each other.

The atmosphere froze for a few seconds before Wang Chuang let go of his hand with a dry smile, “So, how are we going to compete?”

Teacher Li resumed his easy-going expression, “As the guest wishes, everything is at the disposal of Teacher Wang.”

“Then it will be one game to determine the winner, simple and direct to reflect the highest level of our two schools’ new generation.”

“No problem.”

The moment the two men turned around with smiling faces, both of them had gloomy faces, while cursing in their hearts.

“Stupid bastard!”

The hatred passed down from generation to generation couldn’t be dissolved by a word or two from anyone. This seemingly amicable exchange had dark currents.

Wang Chuang came to the students of Class S and directly began to call the roll, “The first batch of students, Ye Fei, Bai SiNing, Wang YeZhu, and Wang Mo, prepare for battle.”

Gu Ang squeezed Ye Fei’s palm in silent encouragement.

“Don’t worry.” Ye Fei dropped these words and walked straight up to the bouting stage. He moved his fists and feet a little and saw the first student on the opposite side of the stage.

In this instant, not only Ye Fei, but also Gu Ang on the stage suddenly had a chill rise in their hearts.

Hu Fu. Known as the battlefield mad dog.

In their previous life, both of them had fought with this person and even failed to get any advantage in sparring. So, their impression was extremely deep. But the impression of Hu Fu was a wild child. Until the age of 20, he was living on a deserted planet with a group of beasts.

Until one day, he was found by an army commander and joined the army. In theory, this person now let alone appear in the Federation’s first military school, they were afraid that he couldn’t even understand human words…

So, the sudden appearance now was really unbelievable.

Ye Fei immediately put up twelve percent vigilance, casting a deadly stare at the other. Hu Fu raised his head slightly, ruthlessly met his eyes, and obediently did a throat-cutting action.

“Damn, dare to provoke God Ye, get rid of him!”

“These people in the Federation are just uneducated. God Ye simply dirties his hands by beating him.”

Before Ye Fei could react, the other students of the same class on the stage first grouped up. The anger of teenagers was easily stirred up by emotions. What as more, this was the Red Flame Military Academy in the local arena. On the stage stood a group of very hot-blooded, the mainstay of the future fight against the Federal army. They couldn’t afford to be provoked, nor could they afford to fight.

Gu Ang tightened the hand holding HuangHuang, his expression was gloomy. Dare to provoke wantonly in front of so many people, were they not prepared to leave the Empire alive?

Wang Chuang saw that both of them didn’t speak, so he didn’t delay, directly announcing the start of the match. With a command, the pheromones of both Ye Fei and Hu Fu fanned out like wolf smoke. The smell of fur and brandy crashed hard together, and the silent suppression rippled out like a wave.

The two men didn’t retreat a step, but their expressions were stony.

The first encounter, Wang Chuang and Teacher Lee frowned in unison. A thought rose in the hearts of both men at the same time, The pheromone actually didn’t suppress the other side?

The two people on the field also confirmed almost simultaneously that such a strong suppression was more violent than any other encounter in their previous life. Then there was only one possibility, he also crossed over.

Ye Fei’s heart was suspicious, crossing over was a machine made by Lin XiuYong. The people of the Federation, how did they do it? Ye Fei forced down this amazing fact in his mind, held his breath and focused all his attention on the person… 

Or rather, the fight.

As a veteran opponent, Ye Fei knew perfectly well that there was no such thing as “a little sparring, just a little” in this mad dog’s head. He had collected Hu Fu’s information, the other side never in any single match let the defeated side back in full, leaving an arm, thighs are the routine operation. 

There was a federal showdown, this madman even took out his opponent’s liver with his bare hands and gave a bite raw. The scene was bloody and unbearable to watch. At that time, the audience watching the live broadcast were disgusted enough to throw up, many people also suffered from anorexia.

This was a rival fighter, whose heart could be punished.

Ye Fei swept the stage and locked eyes with Gu Ang. His husband gave him a slight nod, meaning clearly, Don’t leave any room for error. Ye Fei winked at him and his eyes returned to the field of play. He didn’t intend to hold back, and he was at full strength when he struck.

Ye Fei took his own □ □ as the melting pot, and combined his pheromone and spiritual power into one, crashing into oblivion, and then burst into incomparable power. As soon as the two sides exchanged blows, Ye Fei’s haste and power allowed him to instantly take the lead. He showed his strength in full, and his moves were forceful quite a bit, able to put people to death.

From the scene, Ye Fei was in complete control of the fight. A move, not only speed and strength suppressed Hu Fun, a variety of moves were at his fingertips. A complete textbook performance.

The crowd under the stage was boiling with enthusiasm and shouting.

Gu Ang hugged HuangHuang tightly and frowned slightly. No, this match was too long. According to Ye Fei’s strength, if the other party was a freshman, they would be killed in seconds. But the two of them were going back and forth for 50 or 60 moves, and Ye Fei still hadn’t found a chance to end the match.

It was as if the man was deliberately draining his opponent’s strength and delayed time.

As the battle grew longer and longer, the other students began to believe it, and Hu Fu held on hard against the stormy attacks. The field was filled with smoke, and Ye Fei fought in a stifling manner. The other side’s combat skills weren’t much worse than their own grade. There was no logic to the moves.

In terms of combat acuity, it wasn’t even as good as Wei YangZe’s sense of smell. But the reason why he was called Mad Dog was because of his overly bold fighting style. Crazy and brutal, with injuries for injuries. Hu Fu often defused Ye Fei’s attacks with minimal injuries. Simply put, he took his body head-on and carried it to death.

The result of the hard resistance to the move resulted in Ye Fei’s subsequent preparation of a large number of prejudgment wasn’t useful. On the contrary, Hu Fu’s steel and bronze fighting style forced Ye Fei to force a change of moves, unable to find a breakthrough.

Ye Fei broke down his technique but was unwilling to replicate it. It would probably be crazy to break Hu Fu’s hand in exchange for a crushing fracture of his own. Especially now, confrontation-wise, he still had a huge advantage.

Ye Fei’s hands didn’t stop moving, and his attacks became more intense. Since the opponent was both hard and soft, let’s see whose body was harder.

Outside the arena, Wang Chuang twitched as he watched. He turned his head to look at the nearby Teacher Lee and asked, “Why do the students of your country fight like mad dogs on the roadside?”

The moves were confusingly wild and bite on sight.

“I let you laugh, the person is like his name, Hu Fu’s nickname is Mad Dog.” Teacher Li laughed at the side, not ashamed of the nickname “Mad Dog”, even proud of it.

“I see that the two of them are fighting with more and more fire, how about a draw? What do you think?” As a teacher, Wang Chuang’s eyesight was naturally much higher than that of a group of students who only know how to shout. As soon as he saw the scene, he knew that Ye Fei couldn’t take his opponent for a while, so he opened his mouth to call a halt to the match.

“Eh, Teacher Wang, how can you call a match if you don’t have a winner? Or is that the extent of your country’s pursuit of victory?” Teacher Lee seemed to be used to Hu Fu’s state and had no intention of trying to end it at all. He even added fuel to the fire, taking the country’s name and arching fire at Wang Chuang from the sidelines.

The harder the fight on the field, the more they could stab each other’s strength.

Wang Chuang narrowed his eyes, “Then you shouldn’t regret it.”

He trusted Ye Fei, the side that ultimately won must be the Empire.

If Ye Fei could really seize the opportunity to kill this crazy dog across the street, he secretly made up his mind that he must stop Teacher Lee beside him and definitely not give him any chance to go to the rescue. If he wanted to play with his life, he’d play with it.

Gu Ang watched the battle on the field, the palms of his hands were anxiously sweating. He was not afraid that Ye Fei would lose, but only that he would be injured. The person on the other side was obviously a desperate master, if he really hurt his arms and legs, he would die of heartache.

HuangHuang in his arms seemed to understand the fight and couldn’t help but babble a few times. Like cheering for his father in the heat of battle.

Ye Fei’s hearing was first-class, and caught the sound of the tender voice. He couldn’t lose face in front of his son. His eyes moved slightly, relying on the top pheromone source of combat power to maintain the balance of the battle. He wasn’t hot-headed, pressing the other step by step, eating away at Hu Fu’s physical strength. His body was still intact, but the opposite side was injured all over the body.

Hu Fu was losing stamina because of his wounds, and seemed to be driven to fatigue.

It was now. Ye Fei rushed in front of him, blocked the attack with his left hand, and grabbed his throat with his right hand. Hu Fu was struggling and some of the wounds kept seeping.

Ye Fei sank his eyes and increased the force in his hands to the extreme, slowly lifting the man up off the bout and off the ground.

“Oooh, uh…” Hu Fu suddenly let out a cry that Ye Fei had never heard before. Like the desperate wail of a beast being caught between life and death.

Hu Fu reached out and grabbed at Ye Fei’s arm, leaving a very deep scratch that instantly seeped blood. The dog jumped to the wall, making a final struggle.

“Do you admit defeat?” Ye Fei grunted, his five fingers didn’t let go, sinking viciously into his fragile neck. In another ten seconds, the man would die.

Hu Fu was still fighting a trapped fight, clutching Ye Fei’s arm in a chaotic and uncontrolled manner. As his breath weakened, his attacks became ineffective.

“Hu Fu, that’s enough. Admit defeat.” Teacher Lee withdrew his playful expression and spoke coldly. With those light words, he instantly let the original plan to fish dead dog jumped to the wall and make Hu Fu stop attacking. The blood-red battle intent in both eyes instantly disappeared and returned to clarity.

Ye Fei slightly loosened his grip, letting him stay alive. Hu Fu took the opportunity to bend and flee with a wild dog flip, rolling from stage to the floor.

The thirty-minute long bitter battle ended.

Ye Fei looked down to check the injury on his arm, and then glanced at Teacher Lee, who was standing on the edge of the stage. To be able to so easily order the mad dog Hu Fu, who had fallen into madness, was this person really just an ordinary teacher?

Teacher Lee smiled again and spoke, “Aiyaya, it still seems that on top of the most cutting-edge trainees, it’s the younger generation of the Empire that’s better, this time it was us who lost.”

Wang Chuang rolled his eyes and said with a stern face, “I just gave you guys face, but you wanted to fight to the death.”

“Don’t lose face, you guys are at least the winners.” Teacher Lee rubbed his chin and continued to smile, “This way, how about we go on the field later according to the number of the name and try to help you finish the final exam?”

“You will be so kind?” Wang Chuang still looked angry.

Teacher Lee ignored Hu Fu, who was in pain, as he laughed, “That’s not people under the roof, start it. After the fight, I have to take them to visit your mecha academy.”

Wang Chuang continued to call names, one-on-one battles. Ye Fei worriedly got off the stage and returned to Gu Ang. His husband’s face was bloodless, he was obviously worried. He reached out and rubbed Gu Ang’s head, whispering, “Scared you, right?”

“Mn, I was afraid something would happen to you. That man is really a mad dog.” Gu Ang let out a long sigh of relief and glanced worriedly at his arm. The scratches were messily crisscrossed, and a little blood was slightly oozing out. The deepest one felt like it had sunk a few inches, and a little deeper, it was about to hit bone. He touched it with distress, “Does it hurt?”

“It’s a small injury.” Ye Fei didn’t care to roll his wrist, lowering his voice, “That person is very strong, basically, we’re equal in strength. I suspect that, like us, he crossed over.”

Gu Ang nodded, his brow furrowed, “I can see that too, should we find Lord Qi Cang to report?”

“Tomorrow.” Ye Fei was relaxed, he lowered his head in to give HuangHuang’s face a kiss, “Was daddy great?”

HuangHuang smiled at him and danced around. He seemed to be very satisfied with the performance of the match just now.

Gu Ang had no time to care about the game on stage, and only after the fact did he return from his worries, his mind was filled with the image of Ye Fei fighting just now. Crisp, sharp, and deadly.

The Admiral he used to look up to seemed to be back in front of him again. Like every time he came back from a victorious battle, with a wound and a light-hearted pride. The gentle and considerate man at home turned out to be the king on the battlefield all along.

Gu Ang blinked his eyes and stared straight at Ye Fei. With admiration and love, slightly moved inside.

“What are you looking at me for?” Ye Fei softened his tone, completely dropping the ruthlessness he just had in, “I’m really fine.”

Gu Ang lowered his head and touched his lips very lightly to the wound on his arm, “My Admiral, since you have returned from victory, I’m at your disposal tonight.”


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