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Chapter 107: Can I Throw Him Next Door?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, the Destroyer


Ye Fei stared at the edge of Gu Ang’s lips, stained with a bit of blood from his arm that had blotted his lips. Combined with the previous sentence, he had a few naughty ideas. Trying to dirty him. Ye Fei reached up and wiped it with his fingertips before asking, “At my disposal?”

“Mn, whatever you want.” Gu Ang looked towards the bouting platform with some embarrassment. He felt like his cheeks were on fire, spreading without borders. The two of them didn’t have too much to hide, so they said whatever came to mind. But just after the game, flirting, holding the baby in his arms, he became a little bashful.

Ye Fei squinted his eyes and thought, “Is it because I was handsome just now?”

Gu Ang’s lips twitched, but he didn’t make a sound. It was a silent acquiescence. “That’s right.”

Ye Fei smiled, his fingertips touched the blood clotted wound carelessly, “It seems that this injury was quite worth it.”

Gu Ang muttered in a low voice, “It’s hard to get a chance to sit down and watch you fight, it’s quite different.”

It was a different feeling than fighting side by side, more like a fan in awe of his idol.

Ye Fei nodded, “I’ll take note of what you just said, I’m looking forward to tonight.”

Gu Ang wanted to say that he was actually looking forward to it too. The two of them hadn’t been intimate for a long time for fear of hurting the baby since they entered the second trimester after their new marriage. Touching the edge occasionally with handjobs wasn’t enough. Ye Fei wasn’t the only one who thought about that. He also had a fervent desire.

A painful howl came from the stage, and Ye Fei dropped his gaze back to the bout, where Bai SiNing was fighting a bitter one-on-one battle with the opposite side. The opponent was coming on strong, leaving little room for maneuvering.

Bai SiNing had followed a few battles and improved his fighting skills rapidly, but he was still on the losing end, beaten to death.

Gu Ang followed Ye Fei’s line of sight and frowned slightly, “Are all the freshmen of the Federation so powerful?”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Ye Fei paused and lowered his voice, “In their batch, Hu Fu isn’t the only one who crossed over.”

Gu Ang carefully stared at the man’s movements, several moves were combat techniques that had been refined only a few years after the Federation. He instantly understood, “The other side has mastered this technique, obviously there can’t be only one seeded player. If that’s the case, this is going to be tricky.”

“I don’t think we can wait until tomorrow, we have to report to Lord Qi Cang today.” Ye Fei’s expression got serious.

Gu Ang pursed his lips, “I think that they are scattered to several schools for one-on-one testing, trying to test out our strength.”

Both sides of the travelers were confidential, all relying on each other’s familiarity to make a judgment. And the strength of the travelers could only be tested in a fight. Only, perhaps they didn’t expect that they weren’t on the field.

Ye Fei watched the student of the Federation press Bai SiNing all over the field and was a little anxious. He pinched his brow, “Poor Little Bai, being cannon fodder again.”

“It’s too bad.” Just as Gu Ang’s words fell, Bai SiNing was knocked out of the ring with a punch. There was a thud and a violent sound, causing the crowd to gasp.

“Is everything okay?” Gu Ang hugged HuangHuang and got up anxiously. He watched Bai SiNing limping and dragging his leg, walking back to the grandstand area, his face so pale that he felt half his life was missing.

“How’s it going, where’s the discomfort?” Ye Fei reached out to help the man into a chair and quickly checked his injuries. He looked pretty bad, his clothes were half torn and his face was bruised. Luckily, he had dodged all the moves he needed to, and most of them were superficial injuries.

Bai SiNing couldn’t easily catch his breath and said intermittently, “I’m okay. These grandsons are too tough, they almost ruined me, I… I’m too much of a novice.”

Gu Ang said, “It’s not that you’re a rookie, it’s that you’re no match for them.”

Bai SiNing pursed his lips, “Then I’m still a rookie.”

“The one who fought against you has most likely crossed over too.” Gu Ang said softly, “You’re lucky to come back without missing an arm or a leg.”

Bai SiNing’s eyes widened as he tried to suppress his surprise, “Oh my God, how is that possible?”

“Go tell Lin XiuYong, when the exams are over here, we’ll go find him.” Gu Ang finished and lifted his arm, “By the way, ask him to buy some medicine to treat two disabled patients.”

Bai SiNing ohd, and with a bitter face went to type complaints to Lin XiuYong. He didn’t dare to move too much, and his whole body ached when he moved a little.

Gu Ang was already not interested in watching the next test, and slowly took his time. It was hard to wait until all the students finished their exams and Wang Chuang came on stage to summarize.

“This time I’m scoring according to the intermediate sparring process, not according to the results, which is already giving you face. However, because most of the students only got zero points in the last midterm, the overall passing rate of this semester’s assessment is very low. The students who failed are…” A large number of names were read out, and the following people screamed in agony.

The entire Class S, failed half of the subjects, feeling ashamed.

Wang Chuang sneered twice, “I told you to work hard, now you’re embarrassed? Students who need to make up exams come to my place to register.”

“Teacher, don’t you see what kind of devil test this is?”

“It’s a hell of a way to pass this… Last time it was the two big devils, this time it’s the federal elite team…”

“I’m so screwed, I don’t dare to tell my father about my results.”

Wang Chuang didn’t bother to pay attention to the complaints below and continued, “The rest of you can disperse. Have a good summer vacation, everyone.”

Bai SiNing patted his chest, stunned, “Low scores float by, thanks to God Ye’s mercy in the last period.”

“Did you talk to Lin XiuYong?” Ye Fei interrupted.

“It’s done, he’s waiting for us at the entrance of the third school building.” Bai SiNing stood up tremblingly and swayed a little.

Gu Ang handed HuangHuang to Ye Fei and reached out to hold the man, “Can you walk?”

“Barely.” Bai SiNing moved towards the door crookedly, “I feel like my whole body is falling apart.”

“I don’t blame people, maybe it’s another admiral level.” Gu Ang spat out.

Bai SiNing let out a long sigh. What kind of luck was he having? The people he ran into were all clearly monsters. Even if his friends were around, even his opponents were all at the first level of combat power. It was really a big deal to take on a little minion like him. He leaned on Gu Ang, as they took about ten minutes to move to the front of the school building.

Lin XiuYong looked at the person from afar and quickly stepped forward to grab his wrist, “Why are you also injured?”

At the beginning of the message, Bai SiNing was afraid that he would be worried, and only said that the final examination was cruel and Ye Fei was a little injured. The only word not mentioned was that he was beaten to the ground, Student Little Bai also wanted to save face.

“It’s hard to say.” Bai SiNing saw the person, softened his voice, “It hurts.”

Lin XiuYong raised the bag in his hand and touched the bruises on his face with his fingertips heartily, “I bought medicine, I’ll help you apply it later.”

Ye Fei looked at the passers-by and said cautiously, “Is there a safe place to contact Lord Qi Cang?”

“Let’s go to safe house number forty-three, that’s where Lord Qi Cang and I report and communicate. We can guarantee absolute secrecy.” Lin XiuYong responded quickly. He rarely saw Ye Fei’s expression so grave, thinking that something big was happening.

Ye Fei gave a hmph, “Lead the way.”

“Okay.” Lin XiuYong took two steps, looked at the limping Bai SiNing, and directly bent down to pick the person up, “I’ll carry you, you’re too slow.”

“Aiya, there are so many people…” Bai SiNing still wanted to save face and kept struggling.

Gu Ang slapped him on the back and pressed the man into Lin XiuYong’s arms, assisting in pulling full, “Calm down a little, with your speed, it will be dark by the time we get there.”

Bai SiNing decided not to speak, as he reached out to hook Lin XiuYong’s neck. He reassured himself in his heart, good friends hugged, so it didn’t matter. The presence of those hands on the waist was too strong, transmitting heat through the thin sweatshirt.

Gu Ang tilted his head to look at him and teased, “Why are you so red in the face?”

“It’s too hot.” Bai SiNing’s eyes drifted.

“Mn, it’s June, it’s quite hot.” Lin XiuYong curved the corners of his mouth, giving him a way out. He weighed the person in his hand and held Bai SiNing more steadily. Obviously, he wasn’t short, but he was really light. Lin XiuYong thought, I have to give him more milk to make up for it.

After doing a good job, Gu Ang put his hands in his pockets and walked slowly behind him, happily eating melons. Waiting to take back his eyes, he naturally glanced at Ye Fei again. The man was holding HuangHuang with one hand, his right hand hanging in the air, walking in big strides. Holding a child and walking so cool.

Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, followed and grabbed his hand, intertwining his fingers. The sunset pulled down the shadow, their family of three was very complete. 

Taking a few steps quickly outside of the school, turning seven times, and they arrived at the so-called safe house. After entering a complex string of codes and going through several hurdles, they finally entered the innermost level.

Lin XiuYong put Bai SiNing on the couch next to him, bent down, rolled up his cuffs, and dabbed some alcohol to disinfect the wound. As he applied the medicine, he asked, “So can you tell me what’s going on?”

Bai SiNing grimaced in pain and squeezed a sound out of his lips, “It’s all because of the Federation…”

“Someone in the Federation has the technology to cross over.” Ye Fei was concise and straightforward in his reasoning.

Bai SiNing was robbed of his words and shut up with a puff of anger.

“How did you confirm it?” Lin XiuYong asked with a frown.

Gu Ang also took a heel cotton swab and gave Ye Fei’s wound treatment. He carefully cleaned the wound and answered helpfully, “This time, among the Federation’s exchange team sent to the Empire, there were old rivals of mine and Ye Fei’s from before. Their combat power was extraordinarily amazing, definitely not in line with the strength they should have at this age.”

“That could also be caused by the butterfly effect.” Lin XiuYong cautiously speculated on all possibilities, hoping to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Ye Fei recalled the two of them exchanging blows and said with conviction, “He recognized me.”

At this moment, even Bai SiNing, who had been playing on the sidelines, realized the seriousness of the matter. The secret crossing weapon Lin XiuYong had developed for the Empire had actually been leaked to the Federation?

“Could it be that the Federation side was able to develop time traveling on its own?” Bai SiNing carefully questioned.

Lin XiuYong swept a glance at him and disdainfully returned, “Impossible, the core content is only something I developed.”

The cold and bland tone carried a bit of arrogance.

“Those fools in the Federation, it’s indeed unlikely.” Gu Ang asked, “This period of memory before we crossed is gone, you’re also the closest to research and development. Do you have any suspects?”

Lin XiuYong turned Bai SiNing over, lying him on his back, and continued to treat his wounds. He thought about it, “It’s not easy to say, I had a whole auxiliary research team at the time, and all the staff who came in contact with it at that moment could have leaked it. It’s not impossible to steal the technology after I crossed.”

In addition to the research and development team, there were nearly ten travelers. It was indeed impossible to find the scope of suspicion, the number of people involved were large, and there were many people in the know.

Lin XiuYong sighed and felt a headache.

Gu Ang also smelled the problem, “According to the other travelers, I think the technology leaked before we traversed. But our memory is missing, so there’s no way to investigate. Moreover, even if we really deduce who it is, there’s no way to recover the damage.”

People have crossed over, they just didn’t know what their purpose was. And they haven’t been able to peek at the truth at the chessboard of the Empire. If the crossing was to keep creating strong people like them to fight the Federation, then at this moment the plan was considered ruined.

The Federation had the same technology and was able to keep making super soldiers through time travel in a constant stream. Then, the war between the Empire and the Federation would continue to go on. And they, risking their lives to carry out the experiment, would have no value.

This chess game seemed to have become a dead end. It was impossible to attack and impossible to defend.

Lin XiuYong tried to suppress his irritation, “Let’s report back now, let Lord Qi Cang decide everything.” He patted Bai SiNing’s back and said softly, “Little Bai, go out first, I need to liaise with Lord Qi Cang.”

“Just me?” Bai SiNing pointed incredulously at the baby in Ye Fei’s arms, “What about him?”

Lin XiuYong lowered his eyes, “He’s just a child who can’t speak.”

The conversation process of participating in the mission was completely confidential. Even if he liked Bai SiNing more, there was no way to break the bottom line. He rubbed Bai SiNing’s head, “Be good.”

Bai SiNing reluctantly got up and walked to the door. It locked with a code, and he felt the deep malice of the world. The dark clouds were overwhelming and his heart was irritated. Blame him for dying too early to be a part of it.

Inside the door, Lin XiuYong pressed the special call button and dialed Qi Cang’s communicator. Three seconds later, a figure appeared on the light screen. The man was in a pale green military uniform, sitting in an exquisitely carved seat.

Gu Ang’s eyes lit up, seeing his idol, his sitting posture corrected a few points.

Qi Cang lightly spoke, “XiuYong, is there an urgent matter?”

Lin XiuYong nodded, “Yes, it’s very urgent.”

“Why are Ye Fei and Gu Ang also here? Something happened?” Qi Cang swept a glance at the curtain and saw the three across the room. Also, there was an extra child… 

“Lord Qi Cang, the surveillance target Ye Fei and Gu Ang found a major problem, so I had to bring them here to meet you earlier.” Lin XiuYong straightened his color and explained seriously. He saw Qi Cang’s eyes kept falling on HuangHuang, and added a few more words, “That’s their kid, it’s okay.”

“Mn, the little one is quite cute.” Qi Cang laughed and returned to seriousness, “Ye Fei come on, what is it that made Lin XiuYong actually risk increasing the butterfly effect by bringing you guys to see me?”

Ye Fei raised his eyes and told Qi Cang the speculation of finding the Federation with travelers, from beginning to end in detail but without any personal judgment. At the end, he said with a serious expression, “They’re using the name of the exchange this time to spy on our strength.”

“Oh, that’s it.” The careless tone of voice made the three people a little confused.

Lin XiuYong had a rare puzzled face, “Ah? You’re not surprised?”

“I know about this matter, in fact, this technology is what I gave to the Federation before crossing over.” Qi Cang’s expression was bland, as he straightforwardly admitted the reason.

But Qi Cang was Qi Cang. When this was said, the three only expressed surprise, but no one showed dissatisfaction or questioning. Qi Cang, who was dedicated to the country, was honest and sincere, and no one would think that he was suspected of treason.

Mostly, it was a dangerous move.

Qi Cang stroked his chin, feeling that there was no need to hide this matter from them, and continued in passing, “I gave this technology in exchange for the Federation’s beast soul technology. Technology trading, we didn’t lose out. And, the enemy that will overthrow our Empire in the future doesn’t come from within the human race. The opponent is tricky and forces us to join forces with the Federation to counteract it.”

With that said, everyone was also finally sure of their suspicions. The Empire in the future, indeed, suffered a crisis of imminent destruction. But learning that the cause wasn’t the Federation still didn’t feel quite real. Because from past memories, whether it was the Zerg or another alien race, although they were a major scourge, there was no possibility that they could overthrow the human Empire.

But now, Qi Cang clearly mentioned the crisis situation, which was bound to cause a great deal of heavy damage. Powerful enough to require the Empire and the Federation to join forces with the enemy, who exactly was it?

“In short, you guys don’t need to care about this matter of technology leakage. For the specific operation, I will personally deal with that fox of the Federation Grand Marshal Ling JunHan.” Qi Cang’s fingertips tapped the desktop, “There’s a more important task for you guys.”

“Tell us.” The three men spoke in unison.

“On December 12, 3392, bring all travelers along to Silverwater to resist the Zerg’s tentative mass attack.” Qi Cang sank his face and emphasized again, “This time resisting the Zerg is of great significance to the Empire. If all the incoming enemies are wiped out, it will make the Zerg more wary of the Empire and can delay the enemy’s attack, buying more time for the Empire and, perhaps, changing the future.”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other and their hearts were clear. They guessed correctly, and indeed the ultimate target was the Zerg. The last XuanCheng battle was just testing the waters. And this time, it was a full-blown attack.

One step of invasion, it was one step at a time. If they could defeat Zerg from the source to obtain victory, then afterwards control the situation, it was much easier.

“As ordered.” The three men stood up and gave a standard military salute.

“It’s not like you’re on the battlefield, don’t be so serious.” Qi Cang waved his hand and looked at the trio standing straight, “Forget it, that’s it for now, hang up. There’s no way for you guys to relax while I’m here.”

Faced with others looking at him with fervor and admiration, Qi Cang wasn’t surprised.

“Goodbye, my lord.”

“Hey, wait.” Qi Cang suddenly tapped his head, mysteriously spoke, “This time the task is arduous, if successfully completed, I will give you guys a reward.”

“What reward…” Gu Ang didn’t have time to ask, the other side hung up directly.

Looking at the empty room, Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief, “Sure enough talking to Lord Qi Cang, I was kinda nervous.”

Lin XiuYong licked his lips, “Don’t be too weird.”

“Then what are you shaking? You have seen him so many times yet you’re still so unsettled, chicken.” Gu Ang sneered back.

“Is that me being nervous? I’m excited…” Lin XiuYong never had a good temper. He frowned slightly, “Wait a minute, December 12, 3392 Silver Mercury…”

Gu Ang instantly reacted, “This node… is the second point in time when Little Bai’s entire family might be exterminated!”

“Looks like this is the one.” Ye Fei sat down, gently patted HuangHuang’s back, and said softly.

“If it’s Zerg’s attack… everything makes sense…” Lin XiuYong’s expression turned serious, “No wonder my previous data check was vague. All the data is scrambled, so the problem lies in this place. It’s normal that we can’t find out anything about Zerg.”

He got up and opened the door, dragging Bai SiNing, who was leaning against the doorway and drowsy, into the room. He told the result in a pinch and concluded, “With Lord Qi Cang’s attention, it will be fine this time.”

Bai SiNing was surprised and delighted, not expecting the whole thing to be connected. Fate seemed to have paved the way in the dark, guiding them toward the light. 

By the time they came out of the safe house, it was already half dark outside. The four of them found a random place to eat dinner and went home.

When they got into their garden, Gu Ang’s expression loosened up a bit, “The next battle is six months away, I will definitely participate.”

“No problem, by then HuangHuang would also be more than half a year old, should be able to leave a little for a while.” Ye Fei was a little tired after holding the baby most of the day. He went up to the second floor and fed HuangHuang before carefully putting him in the bassinet to put him to sleep.

By the time everything was done, it was already late at night.

Gu Ang came out of the shower and saw Ye Fei squatting by the cradle and rocking gently. He walked over and squatted next to Ye Fei, watching the sleeping baby together. He received too many messages today, and it took him a long time to digest them. Just about everything, those past regrets, seemed to be coming full circle little by little, “Big brother, we will win, right?”

“Definitely. With so many of us together, there’s no battle we can’t fight.”

Gu Ang was a little worried, “But, an opponent who can almost wipe out the Empire… in case something happens…”

He stared at HuangHuang, who had a sweet sleeping face, a good deal of peace and quiet, and he hadn’t had time to indulge in all this happiness for too long. They had only just gotten married and the baby had been born just a month. The war was relentless, and Gu Ang felt scared for the first time. It turned out that when one had ties, they really did become forward-looking and could no longer be free.

Ye Fei reached out and put his arm around him, “Don’t think too much, it’s okay.” He scratched the tip of Gu Ang’s nose, “Where’s that confident Light?”

“I just…” Gu Ang also felt a bit pretentious, and said half of it before dropping his voice.

“I understand.” Ye Fei lowered his head and touched his lips, “But Light, the meaning of being a parent is to become stronger to protect your family.”

Gu Ang thought for a moment, and then smiled at him with a sudden clarity, “Mn, you’re right.”

Ye Fei wasn’t only his lover, but also his life coach and his guiding light. Because the most valiant general was always standing beside him, fighting alongside him. So as long as he was with him, even if the road ahead was thorny, he wouldn’t feel alone.

HuangHuang in the cradle slept peacefully, breathing evenly. The moon climbed higher, when Gu Ang smelled the fragrance of flowers wafting from the courtyard and was a bit distracted. He reached out and hooked his hand around Ye Fei’s neck, “By the way, what you were promised, you can do now.”

“What was it?” Ye Fei looked at him sideways, pretending to be dumb.

Gu Ang lowered his head and rubbed him a little, reluctant to answer, “Tonight you can do whatever you want…”

Ye Fei pretended to understand and teased him, “Oh, I would’ve almost forgotten if you didn’t tell me.”

“You can even forget that?” Gu Ang hammered him in anger, rubbed his sore legs and got up angrily, “You don’t seem to want to, so forget it.”

“Who said I don’t want to?” Ye Fei stood up, hooked the person on the bed, rolled over and pressed him down.

The two were pressed close together, their breaths intertwined. The searing reaction against his waist screamed the other’s frenzy inside. “Feel that? Do you think I want to?”

“Fuck, why are you reacting so fast?” Obviously just now, they were still warmly chatting about family love and children’s love. How come in the next second, this person could immediately enter beast mode?

“These days I didn’t dare to touch you, for fear of starting a fire.” Ye Fei lowered his head and kissed him deeply, murmuring between his lips and teeth.

Gu Ang muttered, “You’re not the only one who was suffocating.”

“Does the wound still hurt?” Ye Fei didn’t dare to move too much, carefully kissing along his neck. He placed his fingertips on the small of Gu Ang’s stomach and touched the very shallow scar.

“It’s been healed for a long time.” Gu Ang boldly stretched his leg and hooked it around him, the back of his foot rubbing against the back of his waist, “The doctor said it would be healed in a month…”

Probably because he had eaten the marrow, he also faced desire. They were married, so there was no need to hide it so much. It was with the person he liked, doing what he liked. He would not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Once the words came out, Ye Fei got a lot more excited. He didn’t forget Gu Ang’s words, pressed against his ear and followed his lead, “Okay, my captive, I now order you to take off your clothes.”

“…You’re quite deep into the drama.” Gu Ang lowered his eyelashes, his fingers trembled, as he ripped the ties of his bathrobe. The most complete version of himself was revealed in front of Ye Fei’s face. He took a bite of Ye Fei’s throat knot, making the most of the drama. It was as if he had really become captive, doing his best to please the high and mighty general.

Gu Ang got up in a playful mood, “General, what’s the next step? What should I do?”

Ye Fei’s fingers probed down, stirring up a hand full of wetness. He kissed the lightly panting man, “Sit up and move yourself.”

Gu Ang collapsed, routed. He was regretting why he had said that he was going to do whatever he wanted tonight, it was a fucking trap for him. The moon shifted, and a raucous cicada chirped from the garden. No matter how noisy the night was, it couldn’t cover a room of spring colors.

“Hmmm…” Gu Ang raised his neck impatiently, enjoying this long-awaited intimacy. He straightened his back and firmly took the initiative.

Fingers and Ye Fei’s long, slender fingertips crossed and clasped, pressing into the bed. The bed sheets were tossed and turned, wrinkled in countless ways. The thin summer quilt fell under the bed and stirred haphazardly into a mess. The ruthless bullying got worse, and his knees turned red.

Gu Ang had no time to care, his nerves were like being numb and suddenly loose, causing a trance-like white in front of his eyes. Perhaps the action was too violent, stimulating the man’s desire to control.

Gu Ang’s brain was chaotic, only making a reflexive muffled grunt, purring like a cat.

“Ah, lighten up!” Ye Fei slowed down the rhythm and was about to enter the next round of conquest.

A childish and somewhat shrill voice suddenly came out of the darkness, “Ahhh…”

From the cradle next to them came the voice of their own dear son, HuangHuang.

Gu Ang: “……”

For a second, the excitement was gone.

Ye Fei bit his shoulder, his voice hoarse, “Can I just throw him next door and get on with it?”


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