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Chapter 84: Wild Boars Enter the Village

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After they chatted about the golden koi, Wen XingYao inevitably thought again of the huge figure that had appeared next to Bai Li and Heart’s Jade when they were together earlier.

“That wild boar…It’s really a bit big. Is it really okay for it to become a player’s pet just like that?” Wen XingYao asked with a look of concern.

“It doesn’t matter much.” Bai Li thought about it and said, “That boar should be the largest animal I’ve put into the game at this stage. I have not yet put in other larger and more ferocious animals such as lions and tigers. Gray Scales being able to catch the boar is also considered his good luck, and he has developed a new use for the boar…”

The ‘new use’ he referred to was Gray Scales’ method of earning coins by crashing other players’ houses with the boar’s ability. This should be a bad thing like a prank, but Heart’s Jade and Gray Scales had turned it into a business, and they’re really good at it!

Bai Li liked his game to have all sorts of surprises because of the players, so that he would have a constant stream of inspiration to upgrade and optimize the game bit by bit, and add more interesting items to it. Of course, these items appeared, ultimately to make players more involved in the business of farming.

Only by planting more and more fields, could Interstellar People provide him with more faith value. And faith value was something that he could never have too much of.

“So…Is that the only boar in this game? I remember you told me that the animals in the forest will be refreshed after a while if they are taken away.” Wen XingYao continued to ask.

Bai Li looked at him. “Why do I feel as if you are also a bit excited? You don’t want to catch a wild boar as a pet too, do you? Although the animals in the forest will be refreshed, but the refresh interval of each animal is actually different. Rabbits and pheasants and other small-sized animals will be refreshed in a short period of time, but the boar…It is similar to the existence of a BOSS. Even if it was taken, it will take a long time to reappear. As for the first question you asked…The boar is a herd creature.”

So, how could there be just one? Even if the largest one was taken, there were still smaller ones left.

Wen XingYao was dumbfounded, then he saw the look on Bai Li’s face. Suddenly he had a not-so-good feeling that the wild boar that Bai Li said lived in groups might bring a second ‘surprise’ to their village.

But, what did it matter? In the game, if there were a few more random events, players would only be more excited, more frenzied.

As for the first few words Bai Li said, he deliberately pretended not to hear them and ignored them. Even if he was really moved to run to the forest to catch a wild boar, he could not show it in front of Bai Li. He was worried that Bai Li would change a wild boar for him on the spot. Although the taste of an easy victory was really wonderful, he would be embarrassed to hold such a thigh.

In order to thank Bai Li for his kindness, the only thing he could do was to go crazy with kryptonite in the game store, and buy more of those random item packs that were opened by luck.

He really hoped Bai Li could add more expensive items to the shelves, ah.

Mo Song’s live room.

[Crap! Damn! I saw it too. a big brown and black skinned guy just appeared in the bottom left corner, except no tusks. Gray Scales’ boar looks exactly the same ah, ah, ah, ah!]

[Oh my god! Oh my god! This should be a boar too! There are actually two boars in the game. What about those players who got consolation gifts? Should they catch this second one as a pet too?!]

[No…It’s not two, there seems to be a herd…Look at the entrance to the village…that black mass are all wild boars ah, ah, ah, ah! Help! Duck! The old village chief was over there, go save him!]

Mo Song took the time to look at the live stream, saw the contents of the pop-ups, and then looked in the direction of the village entrance at the reminder of the audience, and indeed saw a large group of small mountain-like wild boars. He instantly sucked in a breath of cold air, and let out a sharp cry, “Quick! Don’t hit the house first, a herd of wild boars has entered the village! If we don’t stop them, everyone’s house will suffer! And the village chief, he is the closest to the boars, let’s go and save the village chief and the village chief’s wife!”

After that, without giving others time to react, he took the lead in holding the camera and rushed over.

The live viewers saw that with Mo Song’s running, the wild boars that were still far away from them were soon in sight.

They were not as big and strong as Gray Scales’ boars, but the biggest one was two-thirds the size of the latter. Beside the big pigs, there was also a string of round baby boars, following the example of their parents, “Ooooooooooooo” and making super fierce looks. After a rough count, there were as many as 30 to 40 boars in the herd!

Mo Song couldn’t imagine how many players’ houses would be affected if they let this group of boars stormed into the village and went on a rampage.

This was not the same as asking Gray Scales to help them collapse their houses. They had prepared beforehand, and moved all their valuable things out of their homes. If these boars crashed around, they would say so long to their accumulated wealth, not to mention the loss of all their furniture. Even if the loss of one-third was enough to make people heartbroken.

The other players also came back to their senses at Mo Song’s scream, and once they heard that it was a herd of wild boars attacking, not only did they not show the slightest fear, but they were all so excited that they were red in the face and ears. As they followed Mo Song, they pulled out the tools they used for hunting before.

Wooden bows, wooden swords, slingshots and the like were still held by relatively few people. More people immediately pulled out their farming tools; hoes and nail rakes and similar things. They were full of momentum.

“Good! We didn’t even go to the forest to look for you, but you came here on your own? And you want to destroy our village? Have you got our permission? Today we will show you boars the power of our brothers!”

“Boars! It’s wild boars! Brothers, don’t kill them, especially the big ones, they must be caught alive. I’m counting on the grass ball to use on them.”

“Quickly, quickly, run faster! The chief and the chief’s wife are too close to the wild boars! We must hurry to save them! The NPCs in the game can die, but if they are killed, what about our missions…?”

The words came to an abrupt halt there, and even the few players who were talking suddenly came to a sharp stop. With their worldview shattered, they looked at the scene at the entrance of the village. They didn’t dare to run forward a few more steps, afraid that they would be swept into the aftermath of that one-sided poisonous beating, and became the souls of the dead under those knives.

They watched as the kind and amiable old village chief put away the smile on his face then he and the village chief’s wife looked at each other. The two both put their hands in their sleeves, and actually pulled out two huge machetes. The two machetes were 70 cm long. The heavy body of the blades emitted strong and ferocious auras. The village chief and the village chief’s wife, who were considered by players to be soft and elderly, were now firmly holding the handles of the knives, as they stood in place and slowly waved the machetes. They seemed to be doing warm-up exercises, their sleeves fluttering. Someone sharp-eyed noticed that the old village chief’s arms bulged with strong muscles…

Aiii! What is the situation ah? How did the village chief and the village chief’s wife turn out to be the experts of the experts?

The players didn’t have much time to doubt, as the boars began to charge. The village chief and the village chief’s wife charged into the boars wielding machetes. Their bodies nimbly dodged the boars’ attacks, slippery as a mudskipper in a pond, and the machetes in their hands kept swinging, not once falling short. Their tactics were very clever. The small pigs were directly knocked out with the back of the knife, while the big pigs were constantly left with wounds on their limbs to hinder their movement. When there were enough wounds, those boars would naturally be in pain and stop.

The players who ran most of the way were stunned. They thought they were running over to save the village chief, but it turned out that these two didn’t even need them to save them! They were able to repel this huge herd of boars by themselves.

They didn’t expect, really didn’t expect, that the NPCs in the game would be sweepers!

Mo Song was the first to rush over and the first to stop in place with a sharp brake. He quickly came back to his senses under the urging of the live viewers, and with a wave of his long arm, he shouted, “Brothers, keep charging. Let’s go help the village chief, and try to capture all the wild boars alive!”

The players woke up as if from a dream, wiped their faces hard and continued to wield their weapons.

During the fight with the boars, many people consciously or unconsciously looked at the machetes in the hands of the village chief and the village chief’s wife, and thought that the knives were really dominant, and that these were qualified weapons, ah. Instead of the trinkets in their hands, which could only be considered part-time weapons…

It was a war between the people and wild boars, and smoke fell before the curtain rose. In less than an hour, thirty-five boars, large and small, came to the door looking for trouble, and the round piglets were packed in the same net, still unconscious. Their parents, the big boars, were tied up by the players, unable to move, while they screamed in pain because of the wounds on their legs.

Such a bountiful scene made the live viewers shout out loud.

[The village chief and his wife are legendary martial arts masters, aren’t they?]

[Holy shit! I’m so hungry for the village chief’s kung fu! He’s actually able to use the ordinary machete to the extreme, it’s simply too powerful! When I enter the game, can I go to him to learn kung fu, ah…?]

[Hahaha! No wonder the village chief always walked around when he was young. Before I thought he was bragging. I didn’t think the big man’s experience was actually true. With such a kung fu, how could he be afraid to walk outside and be bullied?]

[That said…I am curious about how to deal with such a large group of wild boars. Those little boars are so cute! I just went on Starnet to look up the Ancient Blue Star period recipes, and found that there is a famous dish called roast suckling pig! I’m drooling!]

At this point, the old village chief, who had already taken back his machete and fixed his clothes, spoke up, “Our village was built by all of us together, and as the village chief, I will never allow anyone or animal to destroy the peace of the village. Now that the intruders have been captured, let everyone decide for themselves what to do with them!”

The village chief’s words, like a drop of water, fell into the boiling frying pan.


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