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Chapter 83: Hit it! Keep bumping!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At 21:00 on February 5th, the official forum of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition was opened.

At that time of the night, when the traffic was at its peak, a post that had not long been put up was unstoppable on the front page of the forum.

[Hahahahahaha! Carefree Farmstead players, have you seen the photo just sent out on Big Brother Demon Xing’s starblog? The golden koi with the words on its back, actually mutated!!!]

It was true that Carefree Farmstead only has a mere 5,000 real players, but the number of cloud players who followed it was too many to count. Once the post came out, just seeing the name of the game aroused great curiosity among the netizens in the forum, and they clicked in without even thinking about it.

The owner was a qualified eater, in order to let everyone see their own amazing store, instead of directing people to Wen XingYao’s “Planting is Fun,” this account just posted a screenshot of the content of the star blog.

“Planting is Fun V, [A magical koi! [image]]”

The text was not the point, the point was the content of the picture. The background of the picture was green grass, but in the center was a golden colored koi. If someone looked carefully, they would find a golden red, faint “rich” character on the back of the koi. The shape of the character was clear enough that one couldn’t ignore its presence.

The koi was lively and curved, as it floated in the air without any support. Its magnificent tail was out in the open air, while its circumference was surrounded by several tiny droplets of blue, with a cool hue. As the picture was cut off, the koi seemed to be thirsty. It had opened its mouth in a round shape, and swallowed one of the water droplets, while its eyes squinted comfortably. The warm sunlight shone on its body, and caused the fish’s scales to erupt in a shiny golden light that emanated an air of wealth.

Netizens could easily guess that this picture was from the hand of the koi’s owner, Demon Xing. This was also possible? Can a fish still be a fish when it leaves the water? What, its gills were ornamental?

They calmed down slightly. They remembered this was in the game. Oh, that’s okay.

Continue to look down.

The owner was just a porter of the content of the starblog, but when they saw the starblog, the netizens fell into a state of three views of the restructuring. After they remembered that Carefree Farmstead was just a game, greatly relieved, they thought to come over to scare everyone in the forum.

The netizens were really fascinated by the post and that photo, as they commented on the beautiful golden koi. Likewise, there were players from the game who came forward to say they had seen Big Brother Demon Xing and that fish of his.

Prisoner Tuan, [Hahaha! I knew this fish would appear in this forum, and to be honest I was shocked to see that fish following behind Big Brother! Whispering to you, this photo is only one of the forms of this fish. It is surrounded by small droplets of water used to quench its thirst, and when its scales are about to dehydrate, the fish tail will create a large bubble of water to surround it, then it soaks in it for a while, and it is another wet koi!”

Ten years of life, [What? I can’t believe it’s not turning into a salted fish because of dehydration, suddenly I’m a little disappointed…]

Mupo, [I also happened to meet salted fish today…Oh no, Big Brother Demon Xing, good man. At that time it almost blinded me! It was a sunny afternoon, and Big Brother with his new pet friend was in the street, and it was as if I saw a huge light bulb coming towards me. At that moment it was so bright…It was too bright, too bright. The golden scales were so beautiful, oooooooh!]

Desert light dust: [Damn! What’s the use of you guys being so specific, we poor netizens can’t go in and visit the game! Ah, ah, ah! How time passes so slowly, ah! Today is actually only the fifth day since the builder upgrade. To be able to grab a number, I need to wait at least 25 days for it. TAT!]

Small dumplings dipped in a little vinegar, [You gamers need to give some strength. Spend more in the game! I really want to enter the game to taste the deliciousness inside! I’m a fan of ‘Old Dream of Stars’, he gave us a small dumpling tasting last night. It was so fragrant, I was drooling in my sleep. Those who haven’t seen it are advised to go watch his video screen, you’ll come back and thank me! drooling.jpg]

The topic of conversation drifted to Wen Chen’s live stream, and several other netizens came forward to say that the food in the game was too appealing, that their abyssal mouths were hungry and thirsty, and they were looking forward to grabbing a number to rush in next month! Some even said that in order to be able to eat more and more delicious food in the game, they had begun to reduce their purchase of expensive nutrient solution, and instead bought the cheapest, most flavorless nutrient solution.

The nutrients in it were similar anyway, so they wouldn’t starve to death. What? How could they eat such a tasteless nutrient solution? Rest assured, while watching the livestream with the flavorless nutrient solution, it felt great!

The golden koi suddenly came out of the fish tank, and then someone called out to everyone to go to Song’s Blunt Opinion’s live stream, where he was live streaming the ‘horrific’ scene of a wild boar crashing into a house.

When the netizens saw the title, they instantly got excited. Wild boar? There were actually wild boars in this game! And they also went to the village to hit the house, this was too ferocious, right? Was it hitting the house of the players? They should be crying at this time, right? They must go to see ah!

They love to see such delightful scenes, hehehehe…

However, when they ran into the live room with great enthusiasm, they found that the owners of those houses, all were grinning, and they were also watching expectantly, which made their brains buzz, as they wondered if this group of people had played the game foolishly.

What was going on? Your personal property has been damaged, and you’re still laughing! Meanwhile the boar was still crashing around, now go up and stop it! Maybe the house can still be saved! Why are you guys standing around watching the fun?

The netizens who didn’t know the truth were frantically posting pop-ups, trying to get Mo Song to go up and remind them, but they were told by Mo Song to wait a little longer, and they would know what was going on later.

The netizens were angry and anxious, but there was nothing they could do about Mo Song and the players, so they could only wait patiently for the ‘moment’ Mo Song said.

While watching the boar continue to crash into the house, they felt sorry for the players!

The audience didn’t have to wait long. After about two minutes, the crumbling house was finally collapsed by the huge boar. The live stream was filled with shrieks, while the game was filled with the exact opposite, cheers.

This time the viewers were sure that this group of players were definitely crazy, right?

Then, to their surprise, the owner of the house happily walked up to another player and handed him 5 gold coins, smiled and tapped him on the shoulder, as he thanked him, “Good for you, Gray Scales. I was worried about how to tear this house down for a stone house, and you sent me the solution! You’ve got a great catch with this wild boar! You didn’t even blink when it hit the house. it’s so crisp and clean.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll take your 5 gold coin service fee then.” The player named Gray Scales had an embarrassed look on his face.

“Haha! Take it, take it. It’s worth the money. It’s quite cheap,” the owner of the ruins said.

The two men didn’t have time to speak a few more words, as someone else came up and put his arm around Gray Scales’ shoulder. “My turn next, Gray Scales! I’m counting on you for my bamboo house!”

“Sure, I’ll take the boar to your house!” Gray Scales beat his chest with a thud as he made another fortune.

The two men walked away laughing and talking.

Mo Song’s live camera followed the two, and before they reached their destination, he explained to the still-stunned players the reason why this had happened.

When they found out what had happened in the game during the day, the audience exclaimed, “Great!” and was filled with envy and jealousy for the player Gray Scales, who managed to catch a wild boar, crash the houses because of the boar, lure the village chief to give them a Taming Grass Balls, use the Taming Grass Ball to take the boar as a pet, and finally start a demolition business.

The game designer’s own son was born!

“Ah-choo!” Bai Li felt an itch in his nose, and suddenly sneezed a big sneeze.

Wen XingYao inclined his head and looked over, as he asked him with his eyes what was wrong.

“Nothing. Maybe someone is thinking about me,” Bai Li replied without much concern. Anyway, in the game it was impossible to catch a cold…

He looked at the golden koi that had been playing in circles above Wen XingYao’s head and couldn’t help but take credit for it. “My idea isn’t bad, it solves the problem of aquatic creatures coming to shore without being completely out of the water and being able to move freely in the air. Not only that, it looks pretty too. Quite a visual treat, huh?”

He was referring to the small droplets of water and bubbles that appeared from time to time around the golden koi, and that occasionally reflected the sunlight on their scales with a flash of golden light, which had a divine, dreamy beauty.

Just like the immortal beast Kun Peng in the immortal world, up into the water, roaming the seas, free and unrestrained.

Wen XingYao nodded his head, affirming Bai Li’s statement. When he approached Bai Li for help, he hadn’t thought that the other party would open his brain, abandon the fish tank and liberate the golden fish from the water. It was really good to be in the game. As long as you dared to think, anything could be achieved.

This made him more or less interested in creating a virtual reality game with his own hands. However in his current situation, it was useless to think about it, so he might as well wait for good news from Tang Ying.

On the other hand, the audience was following Mo Song’s footage and saw one house after another collapse into rubble, and if they were a little distressed at first, now they only have one thought in mind, Crash! Keep crashing! Crash these houses to collapse it! Cannonball piggy, charge!

Hey, ah. This scene was really cool.

However at that moment, a sharp-eyed viewer spotted an unexpected figure intruding.

“Hmm? Is it just my eyes, I think I see…Two wild boars?”


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Xiao Ying
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Thanks for the chapter! This game is so laid back, lol

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Kun Peng is quite something, as is Chinese mythology.
Love the idea of the beautiful Koi ‘swimming’ in the air.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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