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Chapter 110: Parallel (I) RiWen Min, RiGuang Guang

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, smoke breaaaaaaaaaak


Gu Ang, with the divorce book in his left hand, strode toward the end of the street. Ye Fei gave him his umbrella, and the residual warmth of the man’s fingers remained on the handle. But that pair of slender hands, he could no longer hold, which was somewhat regretful.

The rain got heavier and heavier, crackling on the fabric, and the water drifted down the wind to his face, making his cheeks half wet. Gu Ang reached out to wipe a handful and found that even his eyes were filled with water.

The sky was raining and his eyes were raining too. But he didn’t dare to turn around, he could only straighten his back and pretend to be dashing. Because he mentioned the divorce, he had to look unconcerned, so that Ye Fei wouldn’t suspect anything.

Gu Ang thought Ye Fei was really gentle. The two people who had nothing to do with each other could still give out the last umbrella in the rainstorm.

Just now Ye Fei said, “Be careful, don’t catch a cold.” The tone of voice was casual, as if they were still a couple. When Gu Ang took the umbrella, Ye Fei said again, “Take care of yourself.”

“Mn, you too.” He replied.

This was their last conversation. What was once a passionate love turned into a rusty exchange of pleasantries. He finally reached the end of the street, and after turning the corner, he finally lost all his strength and leaned against the wall. Gu Ang’s fingers pressed against the wall, the rain-wet wall was a little dirty, but he didn’t care. He took a few deep breaths before cautiously peeking around the corner to get one last look at Ye Fei. However, at the other end of the street, there were only a few cars coming and going, and no one was there.

He was gone, and Ye Fei would no longer be waiting in the same place as before. This realization made Gu Ang’s heart twinge inside. He was the one who initiated the break up, and Ye Fei didn’t dwell on it too much to let him get what he wanted, so he should be relieved.

But now, seeing the other side let go so easily, he felt sad.

Gu Ang felt like a green tea scum, it was him who was leaving, and now expected him to still be nostalgic. Since the divorce, Ye Fei will sooner or later have a brand new life of his own. A new social life, a new pastime, even a new boyfriend.

New… boyfriend.

Gu Ang didn’t dare to think about it, wiped a handful of rain from his face and beckoned for a taxi home.The division of property between the two of them was simple, the wedding house was bought by Ye Fei, and he didn’t want it. Moreover, staying in that room full of memories, he felt he might want to die.

Back at the Qin family villa, he didn’t even bother to change his clothes and threw himself on the bed in the bedroom. His mother had committed suicide, Bai SiNing was dead, Ye Fei was gone, and all the people had left him. Life seemed to be in darkness, and there was no more light.

Gu Ang didn’t know what to do with the rest of his life, he didn’t think about it and he didn’t care to think about it. Then he would be a walking corpse, just getting by. He rolled over and his face was hit by a hard box next to his pillow, which hurt a little.

When he felt it, he found that it was Ye Fei’s blue gilded cigarette case. When he occasionally came over to stay overnight, after doing it with him, Ye Fei would smoke a cigarette in bed afterwards. There were still most of the pack left inside, which he forgot to take away.

The first time he smoked was taught by Ye Fei, not really taught, he was forced to taste what it was like. Then the man grabbed him and took a kiss with the smell of tobacco.

“Big brother, you’re choking me.” He snuggled into Ye Fei’s arms and muttered unhappily.

Ye Fei just laughed lightly, “So don’t smoke and be a good boy.”

Gu Ang squeezed the box, and a sourness welled up in his heart again. He casually took one out of the box, held it in his mouth, fished out the lighter in the bedside table and lit it. The lighter was also Ye Fei’s custom model, with his initials engraved on it.

The mere sight of those two letters made him feel sad. The light blue flame drifted a little, the cigarette was lit, a strong smoke choked into his throat.

Gu Ang wasn’t much of a smoker and coughed unaccustomed twice, holding the cigarette between his fingertips in a daze. What was Ye Fei doing now? Was he as bewildered and sad as he was, or had he simply put an end to the past?

He fished out his communicator and clicked on Ye Fei’s dialog box. The avatar was pitch black, as if resisting the whole world. When he opened the personal dynamic, it already showed that it wasn’t visible to him. The white blankness pulled the two back to the original point of their relationship.

Gu Ang whispered, He moved on so fast. He seemed to be really broken-hearted. So by mentioning divorce, that person really disappeared completely from his sight. He wrapped himself into the blanket, but still felt cold.

It turned out that when one lost someone, it felt like their heart was being gutted. He used to feel pretentious, but now it felt incredibly real—

When he saw Ye Fei again, it was at Qin LeHe’s funeral three days later. The photo of Qin LeHe being carried to the ambulance covered in blood was circulated, and the news of the suicide finally couldn’t be covered, and all kinds of public opinion were in the air.

Most of the speculations were in favor that this was the reason why the divorce was stimulated. The original gossip was quite a lot, this time it had become after-dinner talk. Most people ended up with a sigh of relief, saying a strong woman was so fragile, and it was really unnecessary. But who knew that this one sentence of verbal attack was used to crush the person.

Qin LeHe had many friends during his lifetime, and many came to join in the fun. Gu Ang came here several times. When Gu Ang finished dealing with the crowd of condolences, it was already late afternoon. He was so tired and drained that he was soullessly resting against the door of the funeral hall when he noticed someone.

Ye Fei was dressed appropriately in a long black coat and dark blue tie, with his hair combed in a manner unfamiliar to him, revealing his good-looking eyebrows. Gu Ang blinked and looked greedily up and down at the man he was longing for.

Trying to catch a hint from his look that he was equally sad about the breakup, but the man acted really seamlessly, like nothing had happened. He had forgotten that Ye Fei himself was a person who could control his emotions perfectly.

Even the divorce, he handled it very calmly and cleanly. Gu Ang was still in a daze when he looked at Ye Fei holding a bouquet of white chrysanthemums in his hand and was striding towards him. He was pinned in place and his body, which was leaning against the door panel, tensed up violently. He looked at the person slowly approaching before speaking with difficulty, “Why are you coming over?”

Ye Fei raised the flowers in his hand, “Hearing the news of auntie’s death, based on etiquette, I should also come.”

He changed the name back to auntie, not mom. Gu Ang’s heart was pricked, although Ye Fei hadn’t called Qin LeHe that way to her face, they had long been treated as family in private. Now that the tone had changed, every detail was a reminder of the fact that they were divorced. His voice was dry and his hands clenched tightly, “Thank you for coming.”

It wasn’t until a painful sensation came from his palm that he slightly loosened his grip.

“Mn, I’ll go over and check on auntie first.” Ye Fei nodded slightly towards him, really just as a simple greeting, and took a big step towards the inside.

Gu Ang stared blankly at his back and couldn’t help but follow. He had a million words he wanted to ask, but now they were just stuck in his throat.

How have you been these days? Did you eat well? Sleep well?

The two of them were not only in the same situation, but also in the same way as he was sad, constantly remembering their memories of the past? He didn’t dare to ask, and he couldn’t ask.

Ye Fei rigorously followed the process of condolence, first bowing towards the effigy, lips moved, silently reciting a few sentences, before placing the flowers. He did this methodically before turning his head to see Gu Ang standing behind him. He was thinner, more haggard, with dark circles under his eyes.

Ye Fei took a few steps forward to close the distance between them. He tilted his head and leaned over, smelling the faint smell of smoke on his clothes, and frowned acutely, “You’re smoking?”

Gu Ang was like being caught doing something bad, reflexively taking a step back and pulling away.

“Mn, these two days I haven’t been in good shape. Too many things happened, mostly irritating.”

“Where did you get the cigarettes?”

“There’s a box at home that you left behind.” The words came out like a deliberate tease, and Gu Ang felt somehow inappropriate. He licked his lips and explained again, “I stopped smoking after that pack.”

Ye Fei sneered, his voice growing cooler, “Is this how you take care of yourself? He didn’t take care of you?”

Gu Ang snapped his head up and crashed into those cold eyes, suddenly reading those cold emotions, “He? I don’t have anyone else.”

It turned out that Ye Fei misunderstood that this was the cause of the divorce. No wonder he was as arrogant as he was and nodded his head without asking the reason. Gu Ang was tempted to say that he was dying of loneliness these days as he handled everything alone.

The person he loved was right in front of him, but he couldn’t ask Ye Fei for a comforting hug like he did before.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes and his throat went dry, “Don’t lie to me, there’s no need.”

This was the first time since he learned of the divorce that he spoke of what he thought was the reason.

Gu Ang shook his head, “No, I really didn’t.”

He was drained and glanced towards the portrait and saw the picture of Qin LeHe with a smile. The cruel images flooded into his mind, and Gu Ang’s back felt like it had been stabbed violently, his nerves tightening.

The two of them were standing in front of Qin LeHe’s effigy, talking like a joke. This was the one who made her commit suicide, and now they were pretending to be light-hearted in front of her. Gu Ang felt that his legs were a little weak, and he really couldn’t face Ye Fei anymore. He spoke dryly, “Thank you for coming over. People have stopped visiting, you should go back early, it’s almost dark.”

“Do you find it difficult to stay with me even for two more minutes?” Ye Fei finally took off the gentle mask and his tone became a bit aggressive, “Hmm? Are you so eager to let me go?”

“No…” Gu Ang wiped his face, feeling a little breathless. Maybe it was his weak heart, whether it was for his mom or Ye Fei. He closed his eyes, struggled for a few seconds, and still compromised a step, “Then let’s go out and talk, it’s too stuffy here.”

He really couldn’t afford to communicate openly with Ye Fei again in front of Qin LeHe.

“Hmm.” Ye Fei turned into the man of few words again, landed a word and turned towards the outside of the hearth. He was as strong as ever, leaving no room for error.

Gu Ang was like a puppet on a string, freezing and following him with a single step. He was panicking, wanting to run away, but couldn’t let go of this rare time with him.

In the midst of the conflict, the two walked to the corridor outside. Ye Fei reached into his pocket with one hand and took a box of cigarettes out, popped the bottom and took one out and bit it, and lit it sharply.

“I’ll have one.” Gu Ang reached out and opened his five fingers.

Ye Fei frowned, remembering that he no longer had the identity to be in charge of this person, he hesitated for two seconds and handed one over, “The last one, don’t smoke it later.”

“You can quit too.” Gu Ang blurted out.

When he heard this, Ye Fei sneered, “In what capacity do you control me?”

Gu Ang gritted his teeth and opened his mouth to argue with him, “And who are you to restrain me?”

This back and forth has killed the conversation. Ye Fei stopped talking and just looked into the distance with his cigarette loosely clamped. Gu Ang took a puff in annoyance, feeling that he had screwed things up.

It was obvious that he owed Ye Fei, but he couldn’t help but to be capricious with him, it was Ye Fei who had spoiled him. He exhaled a puff of smoke, “I’m sorry, I’m the one who crossed the line.”

“The reason. I just want to know the reason.” Ye Fei persistently circled back to the earlier topic.

Gu Ang’s hand shook and the ashes scattered to the ground. His fingertips pinched into the cigarette, before his eyes turned bloody red and his heart suddenly beat rapidly, “I really don’t want to tell you, I’m sorry. Just think of it as me being capricious for the last time.”

This heavy burden he carried alone was enough, no need to throw it to Ye Fei again. The specific reasons were torture for people with conscience.

Ye Fei clutched his cigarette and looked at him, his chest rose and fell violently, finally showing a little out-of-control emotion. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his voice out from his teeth, “Gu Ang, we’ve been together for four or five years, and this is how you send me off?”

“I’m really sorry. Please leave.” Gu Ang didn’t look at him, trying to stay calm, “In the future, I will try to avoid you. On the military side, I will apply for a transfer to the border, so you won’t feel annoyed.”

“In two minutes, you fucking said sorry to me three times! Can you say anything else?” Ye Fei raised his voice and his eyes flew over like a knife, “Gu Ang, you’ve planned it out well, you seem to have a plan for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Think what you want.” Gu Ang closed his eyes with a tired heart, feeling a little breathless, “I have to go back, there’s still a lot to do.”

Ye Fei put out his cigarette with his fingertips and clenched his molars. He couldn’t wait to hang Gu Ang up and beat him up and force him to confess the real reason behind it. But Gu Ang was so stubborn that he wouldn’t say anything. If he didn’t want to, there was nothing he could do.

Ye Fei turned around with a cold face and was about to leave when a rainstorm suddenly poured down without warning. The dense raindrops fell on the open corridor, dampening the painted railings. Within minutes, puddles of water had accumulated on the floor.

Gu Ang looked at the curtain of rain and felt a bit ruthless in rushing people now, “Did you bring your umbrella?”

“My umbrella… you took it away.” Ye Fei faintly returned.

“I’ll send it back to you tonight.” Gu Ang pinched his palm, “There’s no umbrella over here, the rainstorm goes fast, it should stop in a while.”

Ye Fei didn’t speak, just looked up at the rain outside. He also had dignity and wouldn’t seize a question repeatedly asked.

Gu Ang stood next to him and slowly finished the cigarette, carefully clutching the butt tightly. This was what Ye Fei gave him to put away. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, with no intention of stopping. The two people just stood in the corridor quietly, no one broke the silence again.

Gu Ang thought that it was the rain that gave him a few more minutes to spend with Ye Fei. He finally couldn’t help but ask the words that had been swirling in his mind dozens of times, “Have you… been having a good time these past few days?”

“The same as usual.”

Gu Ang let out a sigh of relief with some loss, “That’s good.”

“I won’t seek death, don’t worry.” Ye Fei laughed at himself, “Being dumped like that and appear unsightly.”

This was indeed Ye Fei’s character.

Gu Ang couldn’t speak again, he had hit Ye Fei’s minefield. He was now looking forward to the rain stopping and wanted to get away from the scene. Fortunately, the rainstorm did come and go quickly, and in ten minutes, the sky began to clear. When the sun came back down, Ye Fei straightened the hem of his coat and walked away without saying another word.

Gu Ang thought to himself that he might never see him again. He stood in the same place for a long time, until the back disappeared in the long corridor, then he went back to the funeral hall to finish the rest of the funeral matters.

The next two days, after finishing Qin LeHe’s burial, he took a long vacation and locked himself up at home for ten days. He didn’t go anywhere, and lost ten pounds. He originally thought that with the passage of time, the matter would be washed away, making it whimsical. He couldn’t be with Ye Fei anymore, but it was hard to walk away from the love affair. He frantically wanted to know how Ye Fei was doing, but had no way of knowing.

After Bai SiNing left, he had no more friends. Gu Ang lay spiritlessly on his bed, swept around with his communicator, and clicked on Shen Fei Zhou’s dialog box, [Can you tap on Ye Fei’s friend’s wall and screenshot it for me?]

He just wanted to watch Ye Fei’s life from afar, trapping himself in the cage he built with his own hands. As long as he knew that his recent situation was okay, he would be relieved.

Shen Fei Zhou replied, [Your husband’s dynamics? Do you still need me to intercept?]

Gu Ang looked at this sentence and froze, it turned out that the whole world still thought that the two of them were a pair. He didn’t have time to tell the world, Ye Fei was also tacitly silent.

Gu Ang indulged in this false illusion, deceiving himself, [Mn, quarreled, didn’t make up yet.]

After all, to find out the status of his ex-husband from someone else was a situation he really couldn’t tell anyone.

[Okay, wait a moment.] Shen Fei Zhou was a gentleman. After his two lines, he didn’t ask more questions.

Gu Ang was very apprehensive, and didn’t know what seeing the current Ye Fei was like. He hoped that Ye Fei would come out of the past sooner, while he was afraid that he would really forget him one day. This contradictory mood repeatedly tortured and exhausted him.

After a few seconds, Shen Fei Zhou sent over a screenshot. The content, very surprisingly, was of a photo of a black-and-white husky with a silly and ridiculous expression, with a hand holding a dog leash.

Next to it was paired with three words: Walking the dog.

Ye Fei had a dog? When did he buy it? Gu Ang remembered that Ye Fei said before that they didn’t have children, so they could buy a dog as a baby to raise in the future. The two had been busy with training before and hadn’t gotten around to buying one. Did this mean that Ye Fei still remembered their agreement?

Gu Ang’s heart skipped a beat but he forced himself to calm down again. He zoomed in on the picture and looked at the hand holding the leash over and over again. He imagined Ye Fei’s expression at that time, whether it was helpless, or indifferent as always. After watching it many times, he clicked save.

Only then did he remember to reply to Shen Fei Zhou, [Thanks.]

Old Shen, [It’s normal for couples to quarrel, it’s okay, he’ll come to coax you in a couple of days.]

Gu Ang’s eyes were sore, these comforting words poked his sore spot. No more, Ye Fei will never come to coax him again. No one could tolerate such an unreasonable divorce request, no matter how good his temper was.

Shen Fei Zhou saw him delayed to return, and sent another sentence, [I’m still waiting to eat your wedding candy.]

Gu Ang cursed a “fuck”, this suitor was really good at sticking his head in the sand. They got married and divorced in ten days and went through the whole thing without anyone knowing.

Gu Ang returned, [Okay, go to bed early.]

The heart was zapped, he fell into the quilt physically and mentally exhausted, and again had insomnia all night. On the twelfth day, he finally changed his clothes and went out to the stray pet station. The day before that post gave him inspiration, if there was no one else for the rest of his life, it was good to have a dog to pass the time.

He got to the reception room and handed the receptionist his picture, “I filled out the registration form yesterday and the management said I can adopt similar large adult dogs here.”

He no longer had the patience to start with a small pup again. It was too tiring to start with every little habit, change it, and then grind it into something you’re familiar with. Just like this relationship, it took years to get to this point, and if he were to start over with someone else, it would be more than enough.

The receptionist took a look at the photo and said with a smile, “Yes, the dog is clean and waiting for you to pick it up.”

Gu Ang leaned against the counter and nodded politely, “Then please bring it to me now, thank you.”

The girl asked, “Why did you choose an adult husky? This breed is quite hard to handle. Especially not from childhood, it’s difficult to tame.”

“Because, my husband likes it.” Gu Ang laughed helplessly. He had never called Ye Fei that before, and now he could only mention it to others to get over it.

“So that’s how it is, but it’s very caring of you to adopt instead of buying.” The girl bent her eyes, “Handsome brother, wait a moment while I lead the dog to you.”

“Okay.” Gu Ang changed his standing position and surveyed the crowd coming and going.

After a few minutes, a husky that looked similar to Ye Fei’s leapt out of the inner room. When he saw Gu Ang, it was as if he had fallen in love with his new owner and jumped on him as if he was completely unafraid of strangers. Gu Ang lifted his two paws, pressed the dog back to the ground soothingly, and commented, “It’s quite lively.”

“This dog was thrown away by its owner, but luckily we found it the next day and picked it up, so it has a pretty cheerful personality.” The girl handed him the leash, “Come over and sign for it, then you can take it away.”

Gu Ang took the rope, struggled to control the jumping up and down dog, and messily signed his name, “Thanks, I’ll go first then.”

“If you have any questions, you can consult us.” The girl said with a smile.

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay, I added the management’s contact information.”

He wrapped the leash around his hand, pulled and dragged the dog out of the pound and stuffed it into the car.

First he went to buy a bunch of pet supplies and some raw meat before Gu Ang drove home. He followed an online guide, threw the meat into a pot and cooked it for a while and chopped it up again, with dog food, and got a big pot full of it. He heard that huskies were big eaters. Its first day home had to have a welcome dinner.

Gu Ang pressed with full patience, laid out the mat in the corner. Just as the bowl was placed on the floor, the dog rushed over and got the dog food all over the floor.

Gu Ang was so angry that he wanted to hit the dog. His temper wasn’t good, even a bit explosive. This dog was probably sent to torment him. Gu Ang took a paper towel to pick up the spilled food and pressed the husky’s neck to warn him, “I’ll make a deal with you. If you make a fuss again, I’ll send you back to the pound.”

The dog glowered at him and stalled for a while. Probably because of the other’s severe aura, it perceived the danger, reluctantly hanging its head in compromise, as it began to eat obediently. Looking at that reaction, Gu Ang curved the corners of his mouth, showing the first smile in a while.

It turned out that having a pet to pass the time could really make people feel better. He sat cross-legged next to the husky and watched him eat as he muttered to himself. “Let’s give you a name. What should I call you?”

His mind took a turn and thought of Ye Fei again.

He felt a little regretful, being together for so many years, and not being able to get people on by the breakup.

Gu Ang rubbed his chin and tapped his head, “How about calling you Min Min? In Japanese, it has a good meaning.”

This name would be called every time in the future, and would be reminded of Ye Fei at least once a day. The husky ignored him and continued to chew the rice in the dog’s bowl with a huff and a puff.

“Then it’s settled.”

Gu Ang reached out and stroked its head, “Min Min, from now on it will be the two of us living together.”

The husky turned around and crashed into Gu Ang’s arms with a mouthful of dog food, arching all over his fur. Gu Ang hugged the big fluffy dog and patted it around a few times, with an expression that looked like laughing or crying.

It had been half a month since the divorce, so he should learn to live on his own. He had made up his mind to live an active life and was even ready to withdraw his long leave and take the dog back to the military. But after a day of peace and quiet, something went wrong.

When he woke up in the morning, before Gu Ang could get angry at the chewed-up couch, he saw the dog spitting up a big puddle of yellow water on the side of the couch, “Did you eat this?”

Min Min gave him a look, his ears drooped, as he whimpered twice. He was lying sideways on the floor, his little stomach heaving up and down, and he didn’t look much alive, “Didn’t I tell you to behave?”

Woof~” the dog barked softly, without yesterday’s prestige, and opened his mouth to vomit another big puddle.

Gu Ang was angry and anxious, resisted the urge to punch the dog and carried it out of the house and stuffed it into the car. He sat in the driver’s seat, clicked on the navigation search and went directly to the nearest vet. It had been a day and a half, and his brain hurt.

When he arrived at the hospital, he finished filling out the information and registered, dragging his large dog of several dozen pounds to see the doctor. After a detailed examination back and forth, the doctor asked, “What did he eat yesterday?”

Gu Ang cautiously returned, “A big piece of meat and dog food, nothing else.”

“Was the meat undercooked? He probably has a bad stomach.” The doctor sat down and typed on the keyboard to write a list, “Go wait for me outside, I’ll prescribe some medicine for you to take back.”

“Okay, thank you, doctor.” Gu Ang was a little embarrassed, the first time he had a dog, he made such a low-level mistake, shame on him. With his head down, he took the dog to the hall and casually found a chair to sit down and wait.

Only then did he realize that he was in a hurry to get out of the house and that he was wearing slippers. The good thing was that people came and went in the hospital, and no one paid attention to him. Gu Ang rubbed his fried hair haphazardly and stared down for a while.

Min Min suddenly stirred, broke the rope and ran out of sight.

Gu Ang bent down and chased after him, trying to pull the leash. But Min Min had already jumped at another husky at the door, and the two dogs fought together, barking. At one point, the scene was very tragic, with dog hair everywhere.

Gu Ang looked up and saw the owner of the dog. It was such a coincidence that they could run into each other even at the pet hospital. His toes curled and he remembered that his hair was messy and he looked terrible in his housecoat.

He never expected to see Ye Fei again in this undignified scene. The most embarrassing part was that the man was in a completely different state than he was. He was wearing comfortable sportswear, with the cuffs rolled up to his forearms, and he looked fresh. It looked like he had just finished his morning run and stopped by for a visit.

“Sorry, this dog is a bit fierce.” Gu Ang hurriedly pulled the rope and dragged Min Min desperately behind him.

But the husky was so strong that Min Min rode on the other dog’s head, biting his neck and not letting go.

Ye Fei bent down and helped to separate the two dogs before he asked, “Your dog?”

Gu Ang was sweating profusely and had a hard time pulling away from the madly fighting dog.

He panted back, “Mn, I just got him, he’s not familiar with me yet.”

“I can tell, you’re not very familiar.” Ye Fei looked at the husky who was scurrying around, trying to start a fight again, and felt some amusement.

Gu Ang pursed his lips and glanced at Ye Fei again, “Is your dog sick too?”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows. He didn’t ask whose it was, he directly said “your dog”. The other was clearly blocked from seeing his status, so how did he know?

“Sick from what?” Gu Ang asked again when he didn’t say anything.

Ye Fei retracted his probing expression, “Not sick, I brought it to get vaccinated.”

“Oh, I see.” Gu Ang nodded, gave a little distance and sat back in the chair he had just been in, “Then you can go.”

Ye Fei hmmed and walked in lightly with the dog, handing the leash to the nurse. After the dog was led in, he looked around and casually sat down next to Gu Ang’s chair.

Gu Ang’s attention was pulled back by a creak next to him, and his eyes dropped to see Ye Fei’s arm resting on the handle in the middle of the seat, close to his own hand. He felt a burn on the back of his hand and quickly withdrew it to rest on his knee, a little shaky. The two of them were not to the point of old relationships, didn’t speak, and were also quite awkward.

Gu Ang smoothed out his messy hair and had nothing to say, “When did you buy the dog?”

“I didn’t buy it, I adopted it.” Ye Fei explained, “The day after our divorce.”

This person deliberately, must mention the divorce. Gu Ang opened his mouth, “What a coincidence, my dog is also adopted.”

“Why did you suddenly want to have a dog?”

Both of them spoke in unison.

Gu Ang ran into his eyes and avoided them again, “Because I was bored.”

“Me too.” Ye Fei played with the dog leash in his hand, “What happened to your dog?”

“I’m inexperienced, I made his stomach upset.” Gu Ang pursed his lips and answered truthfully.

He didn’t expect to have a day to sit with Ye Fei and talk about dogs in a calm manner. Ye Fei looked at him with a smile, “You can’t even take care of yourself, and then you pick up an ancestor?”

When he said the word “ancestor”, his voice was very light, and it fell lightly on the heart. Gu Ang remembered that Ye Fei had also called him that when he was helpless before. Now, he even envied that stupid husky a little. The dog thing that chewed his sofa was also equipped with Ye Fei calling it ancestor?

Gu Ang took a big breath and pushed down his discontent. Ye Fei stared at him, as if waiting for him to answer.

“I have to learn to take care of myself.” Gu Ang twisted his fingertips, feeling his ears grow redder and redder from the man’s stare. He repeated again, “I will take care of myself.”

The doctor came over and interrupted the somewhat eerie atmosphere between the two men. He took a big bag and handed it to Gu Ang, “Min Min’s medicine, give it to him twice a day, there are instructions on how to take it. It’ll be fine in a couple of days, don’t worry.”

“Okay, thank you, doctor.”

“Mn, I’ll go to work then. Remember to pay the bill.”

The doctor came and went in a hurry, gave two simple instructions and left. Gu Ang stood up and dragged the husky to swipe his card.

Ye Fei opened his mouth and called out to him, “What did the doctor call it? Min Min, which word?”

“Heaven’s Min.” Gu Ang blurted out, almost biting his tongue. Fuck, how can you be so honest, can’t you change the word to a homophone?

Ye Fei laughed lightly, with a mocking tone, “You’re divorced, yet you even gave the dog my name, and you still want to overpower me?”

Gu Ang turned red and said stiffly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Ye Fei crossed his legs and looked at him unruffled, “I don’t believe it.”

“I’ll go pay the bill.” Gu Ang prepared to make a hasty escape.

The nurse’s voice came from the hallway aisle, “Where is the owner of HuangHuang? Your dog’s vaccination is ready.”

In the hall, no one answered.

“HuangHuang, where’s the owner of HuangHuang?” The nurse asked while shouting.

Ye Fei blushed with embarrassment and got up slowly, straightening the hem of his shirt.

Gu Ang frowned and glared at him, “Your dog’s name is HuangHuang?”

“Hmm.” Ye Fei pursed his lips to control his expression to look normal, “It’s from dawn…”

“Oh, daylight, right?” Gu Ang interrupted him. He laughed and sneered back, “It seems that we’re the same.”


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Sue R
Sue R
June 22, 2023 8:00 pm

Sadly cute.😢😢

June 23, 2023 5:27 am

Ha ha ha i know that this chaoter is the saddest part of Gu Ang’s life.. but i can’t help it to laugh at the last part 😅

June 29, 2023 7:14 am

A sad, yet amusing chapter. They both suffer the loss of each other, GA probably more because he cannot project any anger to the other side for the reason.
YF dug a hole for GA and fell in himself 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

Last edited 2 months ago by WangXian31
July 15, 2023 1:52 pm

Fate keeps pushing them back together.

July 18, 2023 3:13 pm

It’s sad to see the future where they never time travelled. I hope they can talk.

Thank you for the chapter!

Official LMW release!

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