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Chapter 111: Parallel (2) Not responsible, want to run?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, sleeepy


Both of them fell into silence, as the atmosphere turned awkward. The nickname of the two people was called out, begging the question for what reason did someone come up with something so absurd. The reason wasn’t necessary to mention, both of them were aware.

“I’m going to pay the bill.”

“I’ll go get the dog.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he almost fled.

When Ye Fei pulled HuangHuang out, Gu Ang was struggling to drag the dog out of the lobby with him. The husky didn’t obey, twisting his head to run in the opposite direction. One man and one dog, it was very funny.

Ye Fei quickly walked over and called out to the man, “Gu Ang, you still owe me something.”

“What?” Gu Ang turned around and looked at him blankly, not understanding the meaning of his words. He owed Ye Fei something? In detail, it was a lot. What he owed most was a reason for breaking up with Ye Fei.

Ye Fei tugged on the leash and moved his lips, “My umbrella, you still haven’t returned it to me.”

“Oh, umbrella. Sorry, I was busy and forgot.” Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth awkwardly, stammering, “I’ll send it to you now when I get back. Do you still live in our previous…”

He swallowed back the word wedding house, it stung a little.

“I don’t live there anymore, I’m looking for a buyer these days.” Ye Fei lifted his eyes to look at him with meaningful mockery, “There are too many memories, it’s hard to live there. I moved a few days ago.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh” and squeezed his hand in a fist again. Ye Fei, as he thought, was taking one step at a time to organize himself and move into a new life. Now it was selling the house, and later it would be meeting new people. But he would sell their wedding house just like that? They lived there for two years, hundreds of days and nights.

Gu Ang didn’t dare to ask, he didn’t have the right.The house was Ye Fei’s, what he wanted to do with it was his own business. It was just that Ye Fei was more calm and determined than he thought.

Gu Ang’s palms were sweating and his throat felt dry, “Then give me your new address.”

“No, I’ve moved to Qingfu. I’ll go back with you to get it.” Ye Fei took it upon himself to make the decision for him.

The house in Qingfu was known to Gu Ang. In the past, when they first got together, Ye Fei bought a small villa near Qin’s house for the convenience of seeing him. It was very close to his house, across the road from his door. No wonder they ran into each other at the nearby pet hospital. So the two of them weren’t as fated as they thought.

“That’s fine. Did you drive?” Gu Ang came out of his thoughts, scratched his head, and opened the door of the pet hospital.

Ye Fei shook his head and followed behind him, “No, I came here by running.”

“Then… then get in the car, I’ll give you your umbrella back.” Gu Ang’s scalp tingled as he walked to the car and opened the door for him.

The two huskies were untied and put into the back seat, and just after they got free, they barked like crazy. As soon as they got on, they started fighting, neither one letting the other win, barking wildly with their mouths open and their fur flying around.

Gu Ang looked at the two dogs fighting like crazy with some headache, “Is it really okay to put them together?”

Ye Fei indifferently glanced at the back seat, “It’s okay, it’s just for a few minutes.”

Gu Ang wanted to tell him that he could sit in the back seat, but he offered to drive him, so it would seem a little less polite. Besides, Ye Fei just walked slowly to the car, so it wasn’t that big a deal. In the end, he said nothing, nodded, and let him get into the passenger seat.

After starting the car, the atmosphere of the space became a bit cramped. Gu Ang didn’t use the autopilot, he rested his hand on the steering wheel and drove the car seriously. It was still early and the roads were light, so the drive was smooth. After a few blocks and a turn, he could reach his destination. But, even if he wasn’t looking at the eyes, he could feel the occasional gaze falling next to him.

He really didn’t understand what Ye Fei was thinking right now. This person didn’t look like someone who could be tossed around for an umbrella. But if he couldn’t let go, he was acting like he had accepted the outcome and was doing his best to start a new life.

The pair before and after, too contradictory. Since the funeral, the two no longer mention the divorce. It seemed like a tacit agreement to turn the page on that matter. There was a strange sound coming from the back seat, the roar turned into a squeaky struggle.

Gu Ang turned around at the light and saw Min Min riding on top of HuangHuang, humping.

“Dog, get down!” Gu Ang’s face changed and he raised his voice to scold. He twisted his head to pull the dog away and collided with Ye Fei who happened to turn his head, their noses hitting the tip of their noses.

Gu Ang’s back stiffened, not daring to move. He smelled Ye Fei’s nice scent, a scent he was all too familiar with. One inch further and their lips would have met.

“I’m sorry.” Gu Ang moved back, pulling away. He caught the gap and breathed quietly, pushing back the throbbing.

Ye Fei reached out and cupped his chin, turning his head back straight ahead, “Watch the road, I’ll take care of it.”

Gu Ang mumbled, unconsciously responding, “Oh, okay.”

Ye Fei went through the gap in the middle and crossed most of his body to the back seat and pulled on Min Min’s leash. He used force and easily ripped the dog out of the interlocking scene, then tied the leash to the back seat and tied a military live knot. One was separated from the seat and one was carried off the seat.

The two dogs were separated by a small aisle and looked at each other face to face.

“Woof!” Min Min was displeased to be interrupted when he was having a good time, barking furiously at the unfamiliar face.

Gu Ang was a little embarrassed that his own dog wasn’t well disciplined and looked unqualified. He coldly yelled, “Shut up, if you make more noise, I’ll throw you out.”

Just a sentence, the husky instantly turned into a docile kitty, indignantly changing his position, lying on the ground. Reluctantly, he also whimpered twice.

Ye Fei sat back in the chair and glanced at him, “Now its temper is quite big, and it’s quite fierce.”

“No… I’m afraid of him…” Gu Ang didn’t know what was wrong with him. When facing Ye Fei, he always felt short and couldn’t fight straight. The atmosphere was silent again.

Ye Fei suddenly asked, “Is your dog a male?”

Gu Ang nodded, “Yes.”

Ye Fei snickered, “No wonder. Like his master, every day he just wants to fuck people.”

Gu Ang’s face turned red but he didn’t comment. He held his tongue for a while before he spoke back, “I’m an Alpha, what’s wrong with wanting to fuck someone?”

Ye Fei gave a long and meaningful “oh”, “So you divorced me because of this?” He tsked a little, his expression a little disgruntled, “I thought we had this tacit agreement a long time ago.”

The two have discreetly talked about this issue before. In a double A marriage it was inevitable to consider the harmony of life. Putting true love first, it had to be mutual, but since they couldn’t cross the psychological barrier, they would let it go and not force it. But, now divorced and then brought up again, there was some manic panic.

“What are you talking about?! Of course not!” Gu Ang turned his face away, and even his ears were completely red. He raised his speed, whipped his tail into the neighborhood, and parked the car quickly in front of his house.

Thinking about the conversation just now, he was still a bit furious and quickly reached out to unbuckle Ye Fei’s seat belt to drive him away, “Get out.”

Ye Fei’s expression was inexplicable when he got out of the car, as he followed behind Gu Ang while holding a dog. The door opened, and he handed Min Min’s leash over, “Go in and get it, I’ll wait for you at the door.”

Gu Ang glanced at him and threw a pair of slippers over, muttering in a low voice, “It’s not like you’ve never been in here before. Come in and sit down for a while, I’ll go upstairs and get it for you.”

Ye Fei gave a hmm, stomped off his sneakers and changed into the slippers, dragging HuangHuang in the door. He took a rag from the entrance hall, finished wiping the two dogs’ feet, and changed his shoes to go in.

Gu Ang went upstairs with his head down and found Ye Fei’s umbrella on the bedside table in the bedroom. He didn’t know what kind of way to get along with Ye Fei now, and never found that balance. He originally planned to get divorced and stay away from it. But now that he met him so often, he couldn’t help but shake inside. He sat on the edge of the bed and sighed heavily.

After thinking about it, he took out his communicator and sent a message to his boss, urging to speed up the review of his transfer. Since he couldn’t sit still when he saw a certain someone, he was going to flee far away.

The message was sent, and he threw the communicator on the pillow. On the bedside table there were still a few surviving photos of the two of them together, taken when they were awarded the medal, spirited.

Gu Ang stared at them for a while before he slowly walked downstairs with the umbrella. Ye Fei was sitting on the sofa in the living room, his long legs loosely folded, as if he was at home.

Gu Ang coughed, drawing the other’s attention to him, “Sorry, I was a little delayed, here’s your umbrella.”

Ye Fei took the umbrella, cupped it in his hand and played with it, not getting up. Just sitting there, without having anything to say, imposingly.

Gu Ang was a little weak, standing on the edge of the sofa, “You… Aren’t you leaving?”

“I came to your house and wasn’t even offered a glass of water?”

“Oh, I’ll pour it for you.”Gu Ang went into the kitchen and took out the water bottle, found the cup Ye Fei used to use and poured water and handed it over. He didn’t know what Ye Fei wanted, and his whole body was in a passive state. He owed Ye Fei, and he could accept being scolded and mocked. But this person behaved too educated, didn’t make a fuss, acting calm, so his inner guilt deepened.

Gu Ang put the glass of water in front of him and moved his lips, “You… aren’t you busy today?”

“I took a long vacation too.” Ye Fei squeezed the familiar water cup and took a sip of water before saying, “I just took a look, the milk on the dining table is expired, don’t drink it. The fruit in the refrigerator has also gone bad, remember to throw it away. Also, the coffee table is dusty, ask auntie to clean it up.”

Gu Ang froze for a moment before he realized that Ye Fei was caring for him, and his heart felt sore. There was a time when he was well taken care of by Ye Fei and didn’t need to care about these details. He blinked and hung his head slightly, “Okay, I haven’t paid much attention lately.”

“But you said you were taking good care of yourself?” Ye Fei raised his eyes and looked at him expressionlessly. It was like a rhetorical question, but also like an accusation.

Gu Ang wanted to say that he was having a particularly bad time lately. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t pay attention to these little things. But to say it, it seemed pretentious. It was him who brought up the divorce, and now saying that he was sad was a bit of a slap in the face, “I am.”

“I promised you a divorce because I thought you could live a better life. Now it seems that I was wrong.” Ye Fei put down his glass of water, stood up and walked to him, squeezing his wrist, “I shouldn’t have let you be capricious.”

Gu Ang shook his head and broke the knuckles pinching his wrist little by little. The process was long and cruel. It was like the process of two people walking away from each other. Silently, pulling apart.

Gu Ang tightened his breath and said with difficulty, “I really have no willfulness. I have considered it carefully. Ye Fei, I’m serious, and I’m not angry.”

Ye Fei looked at the empty palm of his hand and sighed again, “Still won’t say why?”

“I don’t want to say, just forget about me as a scum.” Gu Ang licked his lower lip and urged, “The water is also drunk, you should go now.”

Ye Fei looked at him with some sadness, his eyes covered with complicated emotions. He was really a little sad, Gu Ang probably met someone, but refused to tell him anything. He pursed his lips for a moment, “Okay, I’ll go.”

Ye Fei took the umbrella and somewhat ruthlessly ripped HuangHuang out of the crazy fight and walked to the door with big steps. He pressed his hand on the door handle and turned back, “Gu Ang, I hope you won’t regret it.”

The door slammed shut, bringing in a room full of cold air, and Gu Ang was drained. He now had a little bit of regret in his mind. This self-healing process was so difficult that he wanted to give up and leave everything behind several times. Only this time, Ye Fei may really die and not want him. But if he made up with Ye Fei, he didn’t know how to explain it to Qin LeHe.

His mother had already committed suicide, and he couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened. This was a dead end, it couldn’t be torn apart, could only be cut off.

Gu Ang stepped on slippers, threw the expired milk and rotten fruit into the garbage, and found a rag with water, wiping the furniture clean one by one. When doing housework, one could think about nothing but the mechanical work of the body.

The villa had four floors, and by the time he had cleaned the whole place inside and out, five hours had passed. Gu Ang rubbed his sore back and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When he got back into bed, his communicator vibrated frantically next to his pillow. He picked it up and clicked on it. The screen was an unfamiliar group. He didn’t know who pulled him in, but some of the avatars inside were familiar.

Gu Ang swiped up and browsed a bit before figuring out the cause and effect. It seemed to be a group building, agreed to two months later if everyone adjusted to leave, to go out camping for a few days. Gu Ang looked down and typed: [Can I not go? Busy.]

Old Shen: [You finally appear, nesting every day at home. This time a lot of people are coming, some people you haven’t met, but we happen to know them.]

Old Shen: [And, we have discussed it in advance. What are you busy with two months later?! Excuses!]

King Kong Little Barbie: [That’s right, training is hard, it’s hard to wait for a vacation to go out and play for a few days! Go, go, go!]

Gu Ang muttered, it was Shen Fei Zhou and Jiang HeYi who were the most rowdy. He clicked on the group members and, unsurprisingly, saw Ye Fei’s avatar. It was still a pitch-black photo, with no light visible.

If he wanted to camp, he would definitely meet up with Ye Fei again. It was too torturous to meet old lovers and travel for a few days.

Gu Ang: [I really don’t want to go, everyone have fun.]

Immediately after the next second, the pop-up box with the black avatar popped up.

Ye Fei: [I’m not going, Gu Ang go ahead.]

When he saw this line, Gu Ang’s hand shook and sent out a “no problem” emoji. He wanted to withdraw it, but it was too late. Gu Ang was very annoyed, blaming this broken hand. This made him look even more petty.

Old Shen: [You two are almost okay, it’s just a quarrel and a few days of tantrums, right? After two months, you haven’t reconciled? No one can be absent, and that’s it!]

Gu Ang thought, not only two months, two years, a lifetime, they wouldn’t be reconciled. In a few months, the two of their relationships would probably become one where they wouldn’t even say hello when they met. When he thought of this, he felt so uncomfortable that even breathing became difficult.

The group was ignited by Shen Fei Zhou’s words and focused on the two in unison.

King Kong Little Barbie: [Quarreled with Ye Fei? Then do I still have a spot?]

Old Shen: [Can you not make a mess?]

King Kong Little Barbie: [I’m just kidding! I’m livening up the atmosphere! Lap Dog Shen, are you out of your mind?]

WenXuan: [I heard that both of you took a long vacation, I thought you were on your honeymoon, but it turns out that there was a conflict. That’s good, come out and take a break.]

Everyone was still discussing in the group, but Ye Fei didn’t reply again. The black avatar, like a ghost, came out and flashed for a while, then disappeared.

Gu Ang wondered what he was thinking, why didn’t he say that the two had broken up. It would seem disgraceful to bring it up at this point. He thought about it and decided to keep his mouth shut. Anyway, as time passed, everyone would naturally know.

The most promising pair at the beginning, so suddenly separated, what would they think? When the group started discussing the location and itinerary, Ye Fei never showed up.

Gu Ang remembered Ye Fei’s words just now, he wouldn’t go, letting him join. The implication of this statement was that it seemed to be a deliberate attempt to avoid him. It was also good that if they didn’t meet, there wouldn’t be so much stirring and tangling.

Min Min was sneaking up from downstairs, leaping onto Gu Ang with a big jump, his paws pressing on the communicator, acting extra manic. Gu Ang was annoyed, wondering if he should get a more docile dog, this one was really too lively. He grabbed Min Min’s ears with a face of anger and scolded, “Get down! I’ll beat you up if you lie on me again!”

The husky didn’t listen to him, carelessly arching in his arms. He put his furry head to his body, hot breath spraying his face, “Don’t lick my neck, are you a pervert?”

Gu Ang reached out and grabbed it by the throat and pushed the person aside, panting, “If you make any more noise, you will sleep in the basement tonight.”

These words seemed to have a little threatening power.

Min Min finally fell quiet, removed his paws, rolled over and hung his tongue on the side. Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief, before looking at the communicator. The dog’s paws just clicked on the group voice chat, and at this moment, the whole team could hear him.

It was a link, but no one actually spoke, everyone was listening to him scold the dog. The voice was quiet, but the messages in the group were brisk.

[Damn, Ye Fei is so fierce! Licking people’s necks!]

[As I said, they’re quarreling like that? I suspect that they are showing love…]

[Gu Ang is so fierce, don’t do this to my man!!!]

[The tang admiral was bullied to sleep in the basement, so bad! hahahahahahaha]

[This one-sided roar can be seen, Ye Fei family status is so low…]

Gu Ang: […]

He wiped his face and felt his brain hurt. What the hell was all this? This group of soldiers may not have a good brain. He reached out and petted the husky next to him before typing slowly, [Don’t talk nonsense, I was just training the dog!]

[Oh, dog training, I understand, Ye Fei in your mind is a dog]

[I get it, it’s the same reason I call Shen Fei Zhou Lap Dog Shen.]

[Hey, you two are making out, but also the whole staff to link the wheat, so sour!!]

[Well, let’s not disturb your fight, everyone disperse.]

The group instantly fell into silence, Gu Ang choked. Did Ye Fei also see everyone’s flirtatious remarks just now? What would he think? Gu Ang couldn’t guess what that person was thinking right now, and didn’t even know what to do after the camping trip. If he went, it would be awkward if he bumped into Ye Fei. If he didn’t go, he would be making a fool of himself.

“So annoying.” Gu Ang growled in annoyance, startling the husky into sitting up. He whipped his head around and glared at Min Min, his stomach full of anger with no place to send it. Dog fur floated all over the bed and Gu Ang even felt like he was dying from lack of breath.

He wanted to send a message to confirm with Ye Fei before he remembered that he had been blacklisted. It turned out that it was such a simple thing for people to break off contact with each other. Even if they lived next door, if they didn’t want to meet, they may never meet again.

Gu Ang rubbed his sore eyelids and thought about moving. He suddenly remembered that Ye Fei was selling his house and suddenly sat up. Gu Ang logged on to the website and typed in the address of the area where the wedding house was for sale.

The first house was the one they used to live in. The cover was the garden of the new house, and the white peach tree was still planted. It was given to him by Ye Fei at that time, and the blossoms were white, very beautiful.

Gu Ang stared at the photo, if Ye Fei wanted to sell it, he might as well ask someone to buy it then. The second half of his life would be spent with memories and self-torture. When Gu Ang thought of this, he acted quickly and immediately followed the website to find an agent and offered to buy the house.

The agent wanted to make an appointment to see the house, but he turned it down resolutely. Gu Ang told him that he didn’t need to look at the house, he could buy it for any amount of money if he liked it. The other party thought he had met a rich buyer and happily promised to contact the seller the next day.

As long as the seller’s side was okay, if the action was fast, the transfer would take place in a week. He and Ye Fei still needed to rely on a middleman to contact them. Gu Ang looked at the dialog box with the agent and felt mocked.

Only after doing this did he feel his fingers tingling a bit, more than anything else, he was physically and mentally exhausted. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he didn’t know for what. It was like people drowning who couldn’t swim, desperately struggling to grab the last straw, using all their strength to leave the last little thing that belonged to them.

Their future was gone, and they could only bitterly keep what little was left of the past. 

In the following days, Gu Ang was busy with the purchase of the house. He didn’t dare to come forward, nor did he dare to seek help from any friends the two of them knew, but had to deal with the agent throughout. The two sides hadn’t even met, but they finalized the matter.

Ye Fei was also considered proper, he didn’t bargain. The two were separated by a layer of agents, so the purchase and sale was done without talking. The moment he got the real estate license, the owner of the new house changed hands, and Gu Ang realized that Ye Fei really didn’t want their memories anymore. He thought that Ye Fei’s words about selling the house were angry words, but now they were true, and his heart was very sour.

In the past month, the two of them obviously lived close to each other, but they didn’t meet once.

Maybe Ye Fei was busy again, or maybe he was avoiding him on purpose. Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter much anymore. The planet was so big, they could die without seeing each other.

Gu Ang was bored at home for more than a month when the notice of transfer finally came down. He decided to revive his career and offered to return to the military. The army was so busy that they couldn’t wait for him to return and agreed to apply immediately. He simply packed his luggage, he had nothing to bring, just a small box to take care of.

In addition to clothes, he also brought some photos with Ye Fei. When it was late at night, he could take them out and abuse himself.

Min Min looked at him carrying the case, following a step behind him, left and turned not to leave half a step, afraid of being thrown away once again. The look of caution, and the usual sword-drawn bandits looked like two dogs.

Gu Ang had some heartache, it turned out that having been hurt, it was like he was having a stress reaction. That wound seemed to have healed, but the traces of having been wounded were left there forever. If a dog that was thrown away could remember so well, what about a person who was thrown away? He stroked the husky’s head, speaking in a rare soft tone, “I’ll take you away and not leave you behind.” And smoothly added a few sentences, “So you behave. As long as you obey, I will always take you.”

“Woof woof woof!” Min Min understood, wagging his tail frantically to please him.

Gu Ang smiled and kissed the fluffy dog’s head, “Let’s go now, okay?”

“Woof woof!” The husky happily followed him, jumping down the stairs with one step and three hops.

He was so familiar with the neighborhood that he didn’t even need to be led, and he consciously ran to Gu Ang’s car. Gu Ang opened the door with the suitcase and stuffed it into the car with the dog. He just closed the door of the back seat, when he saw a man and a dog rushing over in the distance.

Gu Ang squinted his eyes and saw clearly who was coming.

It was Ye Fei, and his HuangHuang. It had been more than a month since he’d seen them, and he was a little bit apprehensive about seeing them again.

Ye Fei looked very fresh, his hair was shorter, his skin was a little darker, he was wearing a long coat, and looked more manly than before. Gu Ang’s heartstrings trembled and his eyes became sour. He missed Ye Fei so much, and when he saw him, he missed him even more. He wanted to hug him, wanted to kiss him, wanted to see him every day. But it was obvious that they couldn’t go back.

Gu Ang wrapped his coat tightly, his fingers clasped the car door, and watched the man run closer before asking softly, “What are you doing here?”

His heart pounded and he speculated wildly in his mind as to why. Ye Fei knew he was going to be transferred and came to retain him? Or, did he accidentally find out about the sale of the house and wanted him to return it? Or was it that after forty days, he felt he couldn’t let go of the house and wanted to get back together?

There were so many possibilities that he couldn’t figure out what was in that person’s mind. Gu Ang’s heart was in turmoil, as he was unable to sort out his thoughts.

Ye Fei swallowed a breath and adjusted his breathing before speaking slowly, “Leaving?”

“Mn, I got the transfer notice, I have to go to the border station.”

Gu Ang pulled out an ugly smile at him, feeling his five senses straining to stir together, “I’ve rested long enough, I can’t hold everyone up any longer.”

“You can’t leave yet.” Ye Fei rolled the dog leash and pulled HuangHuang who was frantically trying to lunge at the car door.

The two dogs hadn’t seen each other for a long time, picking and pulling through the car window glass. The dogs’ faces were pressed against the glass window, sticking their tongues out to lick the glass, like a couple whose love was blocked by their parents.

Gu Ang’s eyes were wide and his brain wasn’t turning. He let out an “ah”, bewildered, and asked, “Why?”

Ye Fei looked at the two tangled dogs and hummed softly, “Your dog got my dog pregnant and he wants to run away without being responsible?”


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Sue R
Sue R
June 23, 2023 4:50 pm

😅😅 the thought of Haung Haung might get pregnant came to me and I was right. How funny!!

June 24, 2023 6:00 am

😁Ye Fei got a reason to hold back Gu Ang 😉

June 24, 2023 6:30 am

So harrowing to see this barrier between the two. Funny how Ye Fei always makes up an excuse for Gu Ang not to run away! Thanks for the translation!

June 29, 2023 7:42 am

GA’s pain is too sad; as it’s all his POV we don’t really get YF’s, but it’s obviously equal.
What a fortuitous excuse to come back and disagree with GA’s transfer.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 15, 2023 2:15 pm

Ye Fei never stops taking care of Gu Ang, even if he has to bully him.

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