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Chapter 85: Boar Sharing Conference

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


All thirty-five wild boars, big and strong, small and fat, whether for food or as pets, were excellent choices.

The remaining nine players who got the Taming Grass Balls not long ago were excited. They had planned to go to the forest if they had time, and it would be best if they could encounter wild boars, but if they couldn’t, they had to catch as big an animal as possible. They weren’t satisfied with only catching small animals. Since they could get a pet 100%, of course they had to choose a big one! In short, the Grass Ball was impossible to waste!

Now when they saw wild boars on the doorstep, it was absolutely impossible for them to say that they weren’t impressed. The players who didn’t have the Taming Grass in hand were caught in a difficult choice. They wanted to get one of the boars and make it their pet, but they also wanted to taste what the boar meat really tasted like.

It could be said that the village chief played a great role in this to be able to get all these boars in a net so smoothly. And now, he was giving them the right to choose, so that they had a happy sweet trouble, and were stuck in a dilemma.

“Village, village chief! Can I choose one to take in as my pet?” A player with a grass ball in his hand was the first to ask.

The village chief nodded, “Of course you can, as long as the other villagers agree.”

“I don’t have any Grass Balls in my hand, and I don’t have confidence that I can successfully take them. Village chief, can I eat them?” a player asked with a cheap smile on his face. His words just finished, when he received the angry stares of nine of them.

The village chief still nodded. “Yes, as long as the others agree.”

This time the players basically knew that no matter what they chose, they had to get the consent of the other players. Before the distribution, these boars were the common property of the entire village players, and couldn’t be owned by one person. Whether you want to take it as a pet or use it as food, everyone has to discuss it.

That day was a day of understanding. The tense atmosphere eased a little, and everyone was finally able to discuss it calmly.

It took a while for the final result to come out.

The nine players who had the Taming Grass in their hands could choose to pay a sum of money to get one of the boars. For the sake of fairness, the amount of money would be calculated according to the weight of the boar, tentatively set at 200 copper coins per catty. 1 The money obtained from the sale of the pig would be divided equally among the players of the village.

As for the remaining pigs, they would be slaughtered by the village chief. The village chief said that he was only responsible for the distribution, not for everyone’s preference of boar meat, and that the villagers could negotiate and exchange privately after the distribution.

It was also at this time that the game players and live viewers found out; the village chief actually also had rare pig killing skills. He was really multifaceted.

In this regard, the live shows showed the development of the event, while Bai Li shrugged his shoulders and said, “This thing, that’s how it is normally done, ah.” As an Agricultural Deity behind his game’s NPC, if the Agricultural Deity had mastered the skills, the NPC will as well so as to be a qualified village chief!

Killing pigs or something…He’d also raised a lot of pigs in the immortal world. He’d done it because he thought it would be interesting, then found the God of Food to learn how to butcher them properly.

Wen XingYao looked at Bai Li, with his unusual reaction, and didn’t know what to say for a while. He analyzed from Bai Li’s response that this should be an ability given to the NPC by Bai Li, the game’s creator. The reason why NPCs had these abilities was most likely because Bai Li had them. If his speculation was correct, then Bai Li should have strong combat power.

Bai Li didn’t know what was in Wen XingYao’s mind at this time. He looked on as the live viewers began to urge Mo Song to go around to the village chief to kill pigs. He lost his smile and shook his head. These people were too curious, ah!

Unfortunately, people who wanted to see the pig killing scene would be disappointed. In the game, it was unlike reality where they had to butcher a pig step by step.

After the final result of the discussion, the village chief greeted the nine players and motioned for them to go forward and select the boar to their liking. He also casually pulled a scale out of his sleeve and said that after they picked a boar it would be weighed on the spot. One hand to pay the money, the other hand to accept the pig.

Nine players, six men and three women. The male players went straight to the adult boars, while the three female players hesitated between the adult boars and the piglets, and finally two decided to pick the piglets.

“Hey? Why are you guys picking the baby boars? It’s not because you don’t have money, so you choose the lighter weight, right?” Some onlookers asked curiously.

One of the female players looked up and shook her head, then nodded and explained, “I just expanded a new room before my house collapsed, and I really don’t have a lot of money on hand. However, this is only one of the reasons, the other is, well…Don’t you think the smaller piglets are even cuter? Round and fleshy…how interesting it is to look at them!”

“Yes, yes, I think so too,” another person then took over. “And it’s not like the little piglet won’t grow up. I can hold it in my arms and pet it before it grows up, and when it grows up, it won’t be any different from other people’s wild boars. Spend less money to enjoy two forms of wild boar. The price is super high, okay?”

She spoke in a not-so-little voice, or one could say in a half-loud voice so that not only did the player who asked the question hear it clearly, but the male players who were busy picking the big boars also heard it. A few people showed hesitant expressions on the spot. She was really right, ha. Since they could spend less money to get the same items, choosing the adult boar was a bit of a loss, right?

The adults were several hundred kilograms, while the piglets only weighed up to about 23 kilograms. A lot of coins would be saved at once.

After they thought about it, one person wanted to turn around and walk to the little boars, but then happened to glance at Gray Scales with his big boar as he stood aside to watch the action, and stopped in his tracks.

The piglet does smell better…However he also wanted to be like Gray Scales, with a boar to collapse other people’s houses and make money. It was true that the piglet would one day become an adult, and grow to the weight of an adult boar, but no one was sure how long this process would take. If Gray Scales crashed all the houses of people who wanted to change their houses before the little boar had grown up, that would be too bad, right?

In the end, the hesitant player still insisted on his original choice. Forget it, as a big man, why pet the little boar, ah! The big one is the dominant one!

Nine people each picked a boar to feed the Taming Grass.

Originally they thought, according to Gray Scales’ experience, feeding two should be successful, but this wasn’t the case. Not everyone was able to take the boar after feeding it two, some people had to feed all three to succeed. In the end, nine boars were successfully tamed. Of the remaining Taming Grass Balls, including the one in Gray Scales’ hand, there were only a total of six.

The scene of picking boars and taming them was so interesting to the live viewers that they weren’t too disappointed when they saw the remaining boars being processed by the old village chief with a wave of his hand then automatically distributed to each player’s backpack.

The game designer couldn’t have portrayed such a gory scene of killing pigs realistically.

When the live broadcast ended, the audience members who had watched a good show were still boiling in their hearts with enthusiasm, and so coincidentally shifted their positions to the forum.

[How many surprises are waiting for us in Carefree Farmstead! Those players who can enter the game early to experience it, I just want to say the words to you: so envious!]

[Surprise! The wild boar entered the village and was actually treated like this! Interview with the pig in question afterwards: this is also something we didn’t expect QAQ!]

[On how many uses a pig/group of wild boars can actually develop, the family demolition brigade will only be their starting point!]

[“I gained XXX when I was young and walking around outside.” Carefree Farmstead’s NPC old village chief’s bullshit he brags about is actually true! Mom asked me why I was on my knees watching this live series…]

The frenzied netizens discussed in the forum for a whole hour, and as long as they could catch an innocent passerby who hadn’t watched the live broadcast, they were able to press their heads to them for an encore, and throw their love for Carefree Farmstead out in a torrent until the enabler also craved the game.

In the game, the players who succeeded in getting their share of pork began to pile up in pairs, as they happily discussed what to do with the wild boar meat.

Before this, players rarely had meat ingredients in their hands, and even meat recipes were rare. The closest they could get to meat was a good meal from the Food Basket.

At this time, faced with a piece of wild boar meat, a pot of pig water, and a bowl of pig blood, the players thought very blindly, What to do, ah!

Finally someone could not stand it and yelled “I don’t know how to cook meat! I’m going to Starnet to check the recipe! I don’t believe I can’t make decent pork!” When he finished, he went offline to check the information.

Others followed suit and went offline to Starnet. What was more, a small chat group was set up to discuss what each person had searched for on Starnet.

At 23:30 that night, Wen Chen was about to end the day’s food tasting live, but under the reluctant detainment of the audience, he smilingly announced the news.

“Tomorrow at 11:00, I will be collaborating with anchor Peaches are So Delicious on several explorations of wild boar dishes prepared, of course, by Peaches are So Delicious. I’ll tell you how it tastes after trying it, so if you’re interested, you can squat in his live room at that time.”

The viewers were first shocked that the late night anchor would actually act during the day, and then they cried out. 

[The two anchors I’m fans of will actually have a day to work together! One is responsible for making and the other for eating, what a divine match! It’s true that the most pathetic is us. We can always see but can’t eat all the flavor! TAT!]

[Oooooh, stop it, stop it! I’m ready to stop drooling tomorrow! Come on, all kinds of practices of wild boar meat, all to my mouth!]


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Translator Notes:

  1. A catty is 0.6 kilograms or about 1.3 pounds so imagine the cost of a 100 pound boar!


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