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Chapter 180: The March Event

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Hahaha, you’re too miserable!” It was half an hour later when Bai Li heard Tang Ying crying about his miserable experience of not being able to end the fight, but instead being kidnapped for the wine, and he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Wen XingYao also laughed along with him, and at the same time, in order to comfort Tang Ying, he raised his hand and gave him a few pats on the shoulder. Good brother, you have suffered.

“You guys are still laughing. Don’t you have any sympathy for me?” Tang Ying tilted his body and leaned back on the sofa, in the pose of “I’m so weak.” “That jug of wine was opened from the gift bag Bai Li gave me. I drank it once before, but I accidentally drank too much. There was still most of the jug left. Originally, I only planned to treat them each to a small bowl, but the result was that somehow the wine jug was drunk empty. The most critical thing is that they drank the entire thing!”

Half-grown boy. Drunken, poor old man.

All of them were strong and powerful guys. Not only were they great at playing games, but they were also shameless and had no self-control when it came to eating and drinking. So that was how quickly it took to drink all of his big jar of wine!

Tang Ying felt that he had to remember those people for the rest of his life. Whenever you dream at midnight, you would have to curse a few times.

Remembering revenge.jpg

Bai Li wiped the tears of laughter from the corner of his eyes and thought about it. “According to your reaction after your last drink, you shouldn’t be a good drinker. So just comfort yourself that those few sips are your limit. Although your wine is gone, you stopped the fight, and you also can be considered to have done a good thing, ah.”

“I thought I was doing a good deed, but in the end I found out otherwise! Those brats! They actually came prepared, and deliberately put on a show in front of me. If they hadn’t accidentally said something, I wouldn’t have known that Ni Jiang had told them about the wine in my hand,” Tang Ying said. Bai Li might as well not comfort him. The more he thought about it, the more saddened he was, and the more he wished he could rewind time to the scene of that mass assault, where he absolutely wouldn’t blink an eye as he passed by.

Wen XingYao waved his hand, to interrupt Tang Ying’s crying, and very generously said, “Come on, it’s just that the wine is gone. It’s not like there’s no chance to get it again. You can go to Ni Jiang to order some more. If you need more money, I will help you out.” 

Tang Ying was aggrieved. This was not a matter of money or not, so small a number of gold coins wasn’t something he was without. He just secretly held a slim hope, as he thought that he might get that jug from Bai Li’s hand again by crying. It didn’t even have to be full, just to the line where he was robbed from.

However, now it seemed that this idea wouldn’t be realized. With a heavy sigh in his heart, Tang Ying gave up that impractical idea. Tang Ying hung his head and left to give space to the young couple who had just gotten together. “No need for you to pay. I’ll just go buy it myself…I’ll go back to the game first. You guys stay here.” 

After Tang Ying left, Bai Li and Wen XingYao continued to sit on the couch.

Wen XingYao, now in human form, was holding up one of Bai Li’s hands, while he pretended to study the fine lines on it very carefully. He squeezed his fingers and rubbed his palm for a while, unaware that he was doing some kind of research. Wen XingYao actually didn’t study anything, he just thought that Bai Li’s hand was very beautiful; fair skin, long and thin fingers, nail caps and curves full of semicircular crescents. His fingertips didn’t have calluses from his long work, and they felt warm and elastic. As a result of a secret longing inside, he had recently become particularly fond of skin-to-skin contact with Bai Li, and pinching paws was just one way.

As his hand was tossed around and studied, Bai Li went along with Wen XingYao, until he felt that the other should have “studied” everything, then he pulled his hand back from Wen XingYao and talked about business, “Wen XingYao, you have recently been able to maintain human form for a longer and longer time. Can you feel when you will be able to recover completely?”

After he said that, his own hand also dishonestly grabbed a strand of Wen XingYao’s silver hair that was hanging on his shoulder, then he wrapped it around his fingers and played with it with great interest.

Just as Wen XingYao was eager to make contact with him, he also liked to explore the points on Wen XingYao that interested him. Like Wen XingYao’s silver hair. Bai Li occasionally thought that such hair color was too beautiful, like silver moonlight shining on rippling lake water. His hair was incredibly smooth in his hand, and he just couldn’t get enough of it.

Wen XingYao not only didn’t feel uncomfortable when a strand of his hair was grabbed, but cooperated by tilting his head in Bai Li’s direction so that the latter could play with it more intensively. However, he then asked with a little bit of resentment, “Why do I feel like you to want me to hurry up and leave?”

Bai Li’s hand movement froze. In his heart he was thinking, I do not! He was thinking of how to word it in a way that wouldn’t hurt his boyfriend’s strange glass heart, when he heard a low laugh. The laughter came from above his right side, while the warmth of the man’s breath touched the hair on his forehead, and brought a slight tickle to his skin.

Bai Li looked up and found that the smile on Wen XingYao’s face hadn’t subsided, and he was looking at him expectantly, as if waiting for his sophomoric…Oh no, it was an explanation.

Bai Li, “…”

“I’m not acting like I can’t wait for you to leave, so don’t get any ideas. I just don’t think Tang Ying came over here without reason. Even if it’s to stabilize just the hearts of the military, you have to go back to see them, right? When things are done, you can come back when you have time. I’m not leaving here.” After recovering from his speechlessness, Bai Li still explained.

Wen XingYao thought the truth was not as exaggerated as Bai Li thought. With the emergence of the game Carefree Farmstead and the 190,000 game slots he bought for the military, how could the people of the military fear anything? Perhaps they had already become addicted to the game, and could not help themselves. They would forget he was the Admiral and move him to the back of their mind. Even though he was the “originator” of the incident.

However the person who started it was still looking at him with a worried expression, as if the military would be in trouble if he didn’t return sooner or later. This was really…He didn’t know what to say about this person in front of him.

Bai Li watched in bemusement, the changing expressions on Wen XingYao’s face. He first looked at him with a smile, and then the smile began to enlarge, which gave a feeling of swagger, then even his pair of dark golden eyes slightly narrowed to give away a few smiles, as he looked at him in an inexplicably soft way.

But they were clearly talking about business, so what was the situation with these expressions?

Bai Li wasn’t polite, and reached out his hand to poke Wen XingYao’s waist, as he tried to make him hurry back to their senses. However, the other’s waist abs were hard, so the result was that not only did he not poke as hard as he had hoped, but his fingers also hurt a little from hitting something solid.

Bai Li silently pulled his hand back. He began to miss Wen XingYao’s “Supreme” period, and that soft little body. It was so nice to pet him, sigh…

“Ahem.” Wen XingYao let out a fake cough, corrected his sitting posture, and his expression also withdrew. He didn’t wait for Bai Li to say anything else, he just took the initiative to talk about his own plans, “Before, I estimated it to be about the 20th, but according to my current recovery, I should also be able to advance a day or two, probably to the 18th or 19th. Tang Ying and I will go away for a while, but we will connect in the game or through your terminal.”

“Mn. Okay, you guys have your own plan,” Bai Li said. “This is a good time. It just happens that the end of this month’s activities will happen before you guys leave.”

“Activities?” Wen XingYao asked rhetorically.

“Yes. Didn’t I say in the game announcement at the beginning of the month that there was an event on the 15th of this month, called The Great Vegetable Grab? After a little more rest, I’m going to go and put this event online in the background. On the 15th, it will be released on time,” Bai Li added. “It’s the same as last month. There’s only three days of activity, that’s why I said it was a pretty good time for you guys to leave.”

“So that’s how it is. That does seem to be quite coincidental timing.” Wen XingYao nodded in understanding, then noticed Bai Li’s rather uncomfortable look. He quickly guessed the reason, and smiled kindly as his head slowly leaned in Bai Li’s direction, as he issued a soul torture, “How did it feel just now?”

Bai Li was dumbfounded. He didn’t quite understand what Wen XingYao meant by this, and his eyes clearly indicated his confusion.

Wen XingYao, who was a little greased by himself, held back his inner shame, kept his face calm, and softly prompted, “That is…didn’t you just poke my abs?”

So how did it feel? Was it hard? Did it feel good?

“Boom!” Bai Li only felt something from the depths of his body quickly move, then from his neck to the base of his ear, and then his entire face was quickly dyed in a thin layer of red. That should be playing a rogue, right?

The always decent and restrained Wen XingYao actually said such a tiger’s words! It was horrible, it was really horrible! Bai Li felt that his understanding of his boyfriend was still too shallow. The appearance of a decent person who wasn’t really decent was definitely too tawdry.

His lips buzzed, and Bai Li couldn’t say a word.

Bai Li felt uncomfortable, and Wen XingYao could see that discomfort. Since he’d asked that question, he felt as if a switch in his body had been turned on, and something had been released by his own hands. It was rather like giving up treatment. Wen XingYao looked at Bai Li’s hesitant appearance, and the bad water came out in a stream. His face slowly moved closer and closer to him.

He also made a soft nasal sound, “Hmm?”

Bai Li felt as if the current atmosphere was a little too awkward, and thought it would be better to answer first, so he strained his neck back and said the words, “Not bad.”

However, even though he gave a reply, Wen XingYao seemed to be under some kind of compulsion and responded carelessly, while his face continued to move slowly in his direction.

What was he up to?

Bai Li licked his lips nervously and found that the other’s gaze, it seemed, was focused on his own mouth. His heart thumped a few times. He felt both unprepared and that the current atmosphere seemed just right.

However, before he could make his next move, he heard an angry “ow” coming from the stairway, followed by a black figure which leapt out like lightning. First it kicked Wen XingYao in the back, and then it landed firmly on Bai Li’s knee using the force of that back bounce.

The fox cub, which had grown a few turns but was still a tiny one, glared at Wen XingYao fiercely, while his mouth wailed and his claws flailed, and he tried to drive Wen XingYao far away. With that sudden accident, the charming atmosphere was destroyed. Bai Li and Wen XingYao quickly glanced at each other. One’s hands were holding the fox cub who was still trying to kick Wen XingYao’s body, while the other one slowly backed up a little, as his dark eyes stared at the small black figure. Only he knew what he was thinking in his heart.

Damn, actually interrupted!

It was easy to calm the fox cub. The two sat a little farther away (not far, but close as the fox cub would allow without wailing). Today was Fox One’s turn to take their Patriarch into the game and he was embarrassed to have to come down from the second floor from Zhu MoLing’s room.

“Hey? Mr. Bai and Admiral Wen are also here. Our Patriarch didn’t give you any trouble, right? I just got offline, opened the gaming pod door, and the Patriarch opened the door of the room himself and ran downstairs. Haha! Our Patriarch seems to like Mr. Bai in particular…” The last half of the sentence was added by Fox One after he saw Zhu MoLing in Bai Li’s arms, to try and ease the awkwardness.

As a result, the atmosphere seemed to get even more awkward.

Both of them pretended not to hear the latter half of the sentence, and exchanged pleasantries with Fox One. They asked him how the game was going, whether he had encountered any difficulties and other meaningless questions.

Although Fox One felt it was strange how these two people had suddenly warmed up to him, but still seriously answered.

What they didn’t notice was that the fox cub in Bai Li’s arms actually stiffened for a moment, and then his eyes were no longer innocent and clueless as usual, but more alert and curious, as he observed the people and things around him.

Zhu MoLing suddenly regained consciousness when he kicked Wen XingYao, but at that time he was still in chaos, his human mind and juvenile mind were mixed with each other, and he was still acting by instinct. When he temporarily took control of his body, he was already firmly held in Bai Li’s arms, and even moved with some difficulty. He could only roll his eyes, and survey the surroundings.

Fox One and Wen XingYao were old faces to him, but Zhu MoLing looked at Bai Li the most.

This strange young man who fought with him on the day of his accident, and then coincidentally adopted him as a young cub, gave Zhu MoLing a strange sense of affinity. He couldn’t help but like him and wanted to be nice to him. However, no matter how Zhu MoLing tried to recall, he couldn’t remember where he had actually met this youth, and finally he could only think of it as a delusion; gratitude in the face of a “savior.”

After that, he searched through his circle of memories from when he was in his infancy, and found that his memory wasn’t complete. It was mostly in the form of memory fragments, but it was enough for him to detect how many good feelings he had for the youth who held him during his infancy. That was really strange, for according to his parents’ description, he never had such a strong fondness for anyone when he was a child. That was, until after his brother was born when he turned into a bro-con and took care of his brother all the time.

Could it be that…He had an empathetic reaction to this young man, and entrusted all his longing for his brother to him? That’s why in his infancy, when he saw Wen XingYao seemingly “bullying” Bai Li, he angrily went forward and punched and kicked the other man, and prevented the two from approaching again? Or maybe this strange young man had a special connection with his brother’s disappearance?

That thought came suddenly, but was caught by Zhu MoLing. Between the lightning, his brain seemed to have some kind of epiphany. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was really possible, and the more he felt that this might be the fate of the arrangement. The truth was, however, that he had no facts to corroborate his suspicion, nor any reason to question the other about his brother’s whereabouts. Even now, he was still just a young fox in its infancy, with not even half an attack, and still reliant on Bai Li to provide energy to heal him.

As he thought about that, Zhu MoLing squinted his fox eyes, and hid the light of sophistication and calculation, as he allowed himself to return to a harmless fox cub state. Before he figured out the trick to things, he wouldn’t not tell the others about the restoration of his human consciousness. Just when Zhu MoLing was rejoicing in his arrangement and confident that he would be able to find out something, a boundless darkness spread and he was soon enveloped in it, as he returned to his original state.

However before he lost consciousness completely, in a daze he heard Bai Li say to Fox One, “Huh? Your Patriarch seems to be asleep. Why don’t you take him back to bed?”


By the time Bai Li lay down in the gaming pod again, it was already after 20:00. In the last few hours left of the day, he planned to quietly design the monthly activity of the “Vegetable Grabbing Battle.”

The vegetable battle was both about being “robbed” by the hands of another player, but also to go to a player’s vegetable field to “steal”. However, whatever someone did, it was all about moderation. You couldn’t just steal all the vegetables from other people’s plots in order to get more points, right? Therefore the event map couldn’t be placed in alongside the normal part of the game.

Bai Li, the game developer, needed to control and coordinate these things.

The event was divided into three days.

On the first day, it was a competition between the whole village. Players could participate in the event through the event’s gameplay and use the rules to obtain event points. The players with the top 50 points advanced to the next round of the competition.

On the second day, it was a competition between villages. The top fifty players from each village would be gathered together at the announced time and the top fifty players by points would be selected to advance to the next round through the special competition.

The third day was the final round. The game play was similar to the second day, but may also have changes according to the final ranking, as to how to give points and award items.

Each player had ten chances to play each day. The first three were free, and the next seven were obtained by doing tasks to qualify for the play. That was true for the first day. Here Bai Li had made a plan. The players with money could do the task, or open a lucky game egg, where they would get extra game opportunities or special item rewards.

Those extra game opportunities weren’t included in the ten chances.

Except for the first day of the event, when players were ranked according to the total number of points they earned through the ten chances to play, players who successfully advanced in the next two days were ranked in a different way. The points they earned in the tournament were included in their total points. After he designed the general flow of activities, it was the turn of the event’s specific gameplay, that was to say, the ten game opportunities, and what kind of points acquisition method they had.

Bai Li intended to give players more opportunities to choose.

Unlike the previous month’s random selection of players into a random map, this time Bai Li was going to try a group approach.

Teams of 2 to 25 players could be formed. The maps would then be chosen by the players and divided into easy, hard and hell modes. The more people there were, the more difficult the map was, and the more points players could earn at the end of the round.

When the players entered the game map, they were given 100 pieces of unused vegetable land and an unlimited number of crop seeds. Since it was a competition, the seeds of the crops matured between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and the planting method was to scatter them on the ground.

The longer a crop was planted, the higher the points were in the final calculation. As to which plant was in the ground, that was up to the player to decide. The game play was simple and brutal. Grabbing and stealing vegetables, matured crops went into special baskets, and as long as they were not robbed, after 30 minutes of game time, you would be able to get the appropriate points.

In the easy mode, each player would be assigned to a piece of land and the land would be separated by a distance of ten meters. That section of road would reduce the probability of robbing and stealing vegetables from each other, and was relatively simple.

In the difficult mode, the distance between the plots would be reduced to two meters, and with just one stride someone would be able to take the ripe crops of others nearby. However, as long as players had strong time management skills, both to prevent others from stealing and to grab something from others, they didn’t have to worry about the harvest.

Hell mode was undoubtedly the most difficult. Those lands would be completely congruent, only with a simple white line to divide them. It was likely that with the twist of a head during work, just grown vegetables could be picked by the players in the next field easily. Also they may be confused as to whether the vegetables planted were their own or not. Players had to pay attention to their own vegetables to keep them from being stolen, while also waiting for the opportunity to move. The entire game was estimated to be very intense.

Bai Li thought that if it was only that one element, it was too monotonous, and to be so open-minded, he designed some limited edition items.

There was a white potion that could speed up crop ripening time, a red potion that could slow down crop ripening time, a 10-second invincibility potion that acted on the vegetable basket, a cloak that could make them invisible for 30 seconds, a Jumping Water that could make the ripe crops jump into the vegetable basket by themselves after it was sprayed on, and a Slippery Slime that could make people who wanted to steal the vegetables unable to even get close to them after it was applied. 

Bai Li, in the spirit of watching the hustle and bustle, designed a dozen items in one breath. Afterwards, he felt sorry for the dead brain cells, and amended that with an event-specific limited time gift bag. The items were loaded in for 30 star coins with a limit of 30 bags and the probability of each item was consistent.

After the event item expired, they could be sold to the village chief’s kiosk at a price of one copper coin.

After he designed the event items, Bai Li quickly finalized his initial idea for the “group match” and “final.” By the time he finished refining both, the time had already reached midnight the morning of March 13th. He thought about how there was still more than one day before the announcement of the event so Bai Li simply left the design and arrangement of the points redemption merchandise that needed to be considered until daytime.

Anyway, there was still more time, so he could fix it when he woke up.

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