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Chapter 179: “Ni Jiang was really right.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

It was 18:00 on March 12th. It was supposed to be an ordinary day for the players of Mushroom Village. Until they smelled the intoxicating scent of peach blossom wine in the evening market.

It was as if they were in a peach forest, with only one peach blossom tree in full bloom between heaven and earth. There was a breeze blowing gently, which ruffled the broken hair and light hem of clothes in the ears. There were soft peach petals gently brushing the cheeks and corners of the lips, and left a faint fragrance diffused all around.

It wasn’t just one player who smelled it either. With a soft murmur of “what smells so good?” everyone suddenly came back to their senses, and started to look for the source of the fragrance, as their own psychological changes showed.

“This is the fragrance of peach blossoms. I shouldn’t be wrong, but there seems to be a smell of something else. I feel sheepish. I’m smelling too much, I seem to be even a little dizzy in the brain.”

“Sniff…Sniff…This smell is too unique and too good! In three seconds I want to know all the information about this smell!”

“Sniff! You’ve managed to get my attention! Quickly let your owner come forward. I have to talk to the TA about your right to belong!”

“Hmm..This seems to smell a bit like wine. Ah! I remember not long ago, someone said in the forum that her friend got a recipe for “Hundred Flowers Brew” from the Flower Lady. Could it be that, Peach Blossom Wine?” The last player who spoke guessed the most correct answer, after which he also looked around and quickly locked on Ni Jiang and her group standing behind a dozen wine jars. “It’s you guys, right? My guess shouldn’t be wrong. These are all brews? Is there any difference in the taste of these wines? By the way, the kind of wine that emits the smell, is it peach blossom wine?”

The series of questions that came out of his mouth almost disrupted Ni Jiang’s thoughts and the words she wanted to say. However, she quickly reacted and explained to the person, one by one, “It’s us, and what we are going to sell is indeed liquor. There are four types, namely peach wine, pear wine, rose wine and osmanthus wine. I just opened the peach wine. This is our new store opening, ready as a trial for everyone to try. You…Do you want some?”

“Yes, yes! Of course!”

When the porcelain bowls Ni Jiang had bought from the village chief store ran out, the players spontaneously took out various water-holding items and stretched their hands out, as they waited for Small Butterfly and the others to fill their cups or large sea bowls with wine.

A few people were more thievish, and after they tasted a sip, they smashed their mouths and thought it tasted really good, so they joined the queue to try it again, and so on several times, until they were burping out the smell of wine.

Although Ni Jiang noticed it, when she thought of how large the jar was, and the wine inside was enough for so many people to drink, she didn’t speak up to stop it. However, it was not until the jar reached the bottom that she realized she had underestimated the players’ enthusiasm and love for peach blossom wine. Unfortunately, it was impossible to open another jar for sampling, and once the empty wine jar was put away in the backpack, she immediately yelled, “How do you all feel about the taste of the peach blossom wine after drinking it? I won’t say more. I still have 8 jars of peach wine, 5 jars of pear wine, 4 jars of rose wine, and 10 jars of osmanthus wine, each priced at 5 gold coins. Enough for a person to drink for a good period of time. The quantity is limited! First come first served!”

“The reason why the number of jars for each wine is different is because of the raw materials, but the taste is as good! I will remind you again, because of the production cycle, to make the next batch of wine, it will be at least a week’s wait. Today is a rare opportunity, people who like it do not miss it…”

Under Ni Jiang’s “compulsion”, the fact that the taste was really good, and the quantity was limited, the players’ outlook was really affected and they quickly raised their hands to say they wanted to buy.

As for the price of 5 gold coins a jar, no one objected. For such a large jar and since it was rare goods, they were willing to spend the money.

In that way, one person got one jar, another two jars, and the remaining 27 jars of wine were quickly divided up.

After Ni Jiang collected the money, she patted her bulging wallet, satisfied and ready to go shopping with her buddies, she suddenly realized that she had made a fatal mistake. She didn’t even leave a bite behind for herself! She was probably the most pathetic brewer in history, bah! TAT.

The good thing was that she still has three “rich” sisters. She wistfully looked at the back of Small Butterfly and the other two. Hey sisters, I’m sorry, but after a week, please let me rub the wine…

Small Butterfly and others felt a chill behind their backs, as if someone was quietly calculating against them. However a warm breeze with a strong smell of smoke and spices blew by, and the feeling quickly disappeared.

“Give me a grilled rabbit leg and five large skewers of meat!” Take it back to have with a good drink.

On that side Ni Jiang’s wine selling stall had successfully closed, while on the other side the word of mouth from players who had drunk the Peach Blossom Wine, as well as those who had purchased the other types of wine, began to ferment rapidly.

There was a clear difference in the color of the four types of wine. The peach wine was light pink, the pear wine was clear with a not-so-subtle white, the rose wine was the brightest red like a burning flame, and the osmanthus wine was slightly yellow with a rich osmanthus fragrance.

One of the players grabbed a jar of each type of wine before the others reacted. Then he opened them at the same time to do a review in the game forum.

Because it was the first time someone had publicly evaluated a liquor that had just appeared in the game, it attracted the attention of a group of people. They enthusiastically gathered around and made sounds of wanting to drink.

[What kind of skill is it to post photos in the forum to gluttonize us! Can you contact your village anchors to give us a taste too, ah? 30% of the taste sync, I also admit, is not the same. I just want to know what a common drink from the Ancient Blue Star period tastes like!]

[Too miserable. We are really too miserable. Cannot grab the game quota even now. The game no matter what we take out. I am accustomed to showing no worldly expression. I am at least also considered a high salary person…]

[Upstairs, what is that? I went to our company president last time to send information. I just bumped into him with the projection screen of the game live, as he was watching the anchor eat, while he teared up to feed nutrient solution into his mouth. At that time, I almost said that if you lie in the gaming pod to see it, after all, then you can look and also taste…I have no doubt that I was one sentence away from being fired, fortunately, fortunately!]

[Hey, I got lucky and bought the last of the osmanthus wine, packed some snacks from the evening market and I ran home to drink it. The taste…How can I say? Really unparalleled. Wonderful, ah, strong fragrance of osmanthus, and a sweet and nourishing liquid. Let me feel that what I drink is not actually wine, but a wine flavored drink. Let’s just say it’s so good…so good that I can’t find my head! [Photo]] The accompanying picture was a large sea bowl with only one bottom left, plus a large plate of food that was eaten empty.

[I’m a player from another village and I’m bringing you a live report. The NPC Flower Lady is overcrowded and everyone is scrambling to get the quest from her. If we can get the ‘Hundred Flowers Brew’ recipe it’s better, but if we can’t, to get the reward of other drinks is also very good! No more, I also have to go to the queue!]


Tang Ying, who had just finished his dinner and was back online, went to the game forum to take a stroll while he ate, then exited with an enlightened look on his face. He thought about the half of the jar of Apricot Blossom Fen wine that was lying in his backpack, and had a puzzled expression. How come wine had become the most popular drink in less than a day?

Then if he drank this jar of wine, should he drink it secretly? Or should he share it with his subordinates and enjoy it with them?

When he opened the door and walked out, he found a group fight going on not far away. The person being beaten was Lin XiaoHu, who had always been honest, while the people who were beating him up had fierce expressions on their faces and were shouting.

“Good job, you kid! Ni Jiang had several jars for sale. You didn’t even remember us a little, then also advised her to drink less! If not for you, we would be able to get all that wine for the group. Now, well, we didn’t get even a mouthful of wine to drink. Not only that, if we want to go to Ni Jiang to buy, we have to queue up, plus wait for a full week! You will accompany me with a week of saliva!”

Beaten, it couldn’t be said that he was really beaten, but they were certainly angry.

In order to maintain the harmony of the military department, Tang Ying hesitated only for a few seconds then went over to persuade the fight to stop.

“Okay, okay, you guys, don’t fight. It’s just that you didn’t get a drink. I still have half a jar here. You all come with me, and I’ll share this half jar with you guys so you get a taste after all.”

One, two, three, four, five, five people looked at Tang Ying in unison.

One of them couldn’t help but show a winning smile, “Haha! Ni Jiang was right. Adjutant Tang really has extra wine on hand. Adjutant Tang, thank you for the invitation, then we’re welcome…”

After that, all five of them poured towards Tang Ying and carried him along with them towards the courtyard of his house.

Tang Ying who was suddenly kidnapped, “??”

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