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Chapter 193: Eleventh World (20)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Two hours later, the lightning cloud covering the top of Double-edged Sword Peak finally dissipated, and the news that “someone on Double-edged Sword Peak formed a golden core” soon reached the rest of the Qingxia Sect practitioners.

The status of the golden core elites in the world of cultivation was already high. If one went to a small sect, they could become an elder with good treatment. Although the Qingxia Sect did not lack golden core elites, it was still a happy event for someone to make a core successfully.

With the disappearance of the tribulation lightning, a lot of golden core and nascent soul cultivators came to congratulate him. Even the leader of Qingxia sect came. After all, the leader of Double-edged Sword Peak was Hu Xiao, which made the peak superior in the whole Qingxia sect.

The cultivation of the leader of Qingxia Sect was not high, and he was only at the first stage of nascent soul cultivation. After taking office as the patriarch, he sacrificed his cultivation time and devoted himself to many ‘mundane affairs’ in the patriarchal clan. Under his leadership, Qingxia Sect was thriving, and both low-level disciples and high-level practitioners could cultivate and get the proof of the road.

As the leader of Qingxia sect “sacrificed himself as a person”, he was very respected in Qingxia sect. Even Hu Xiao, who was a powerful person at the peak of God transformation, was gentle in front of him. He actively nodded in greeting.

Because the rare Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root in a thousand years ended up in Qingxia sect, the leader of Qingxia sect was in high spirits recently, and had some red flavor.

Before he arrived at Hu Xiao, he bowed his hand in the distance and laughed loudly, “Congratulations to Double-edged Sword Peak for adding another golden core immortal! Do you know who is the disciple who successfully created their core?”

Hu Xiao watched the master of Qingxia sect cut short the distance and approach quickly. His tone was calm, “It’s Xiao Yun, but it’s not golden core, it’s foundation establishment.”

The leader of Qingxia sect was stunned for a moment, and then laughed, “It seems the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root has successfully returned to Xiao Yun’s body? Good! Excellent! It’s worthy of being a Heavenly Spiritual root. Just building the foundation will lead to such a huge lightning tribulation. His future is really limitless!” After that, he continued to caress his hands. “It’s a great joy. Next, you will take him as an apprentice, right? It’s been thousands of years since you received apprentices. This time, we should do a good job in the reception ceremony!”

“Listen to the patriarch’s words!” AnYan said, “I’m going to send a letter to the younger martial brothers and sisters to attend the master’s reception ceremony. It’s a coincidence that we’ve always been on one side of the world these years. We haven’t had a chance to get together for a long time!”

The leader of Qingxia Sect and Daoist AnYan were happy, but Hu Xiao looked very dangerous. It was a miracle that he didn’t kill anyone with own high and cold aura. At this moment, he was really wondering… When did I say that I wanted to take Xiao Yun as an apprentice…

Hearing Hu Xiao’s inquiry, the leader of Qingxia sect and AnYan Daojun both froze together, and then showed an incredible look, almost saying with one voice, ” Uncle / Master, you are not going to take Xiao Yun into the family?”

“I never intended that.” Hu Xiao was absolutely certain.

The leader of the Qingxia sect and Daoist AnYan looked at each other. Even Luse’s mouth fell open.

“This, why?” The patriarch of Qingxia sect was confused, “You treat him with such care. Not only did you help him get revenge and regain his spiritual roots, but also trained him with countless precious spiritual materials, and even took him around and taught him swordsmanship personally…”

It has to be said that most practitioners had no such intention if not for when they were dealing with their own disciples. Now, Hu Xiao said, “Accept him?” 

Why would I!?

As for the reasoning from the leader of Qingxia sect, Hu Xiao thought for a moment and felt that it… seemed impossible to refute. However, he always had a firm will. He said that he would not accept him as an apprentice so he would not accept them. There was no change at all.

Daoism attached great importance to the relationship between teachers and apprentices, even more than kinship. Once they become teachers and apprentices, they were closely related. Therefore, both the selection of apprentices by master and master by apprentices should be careful.

If Xiao Yun was really a young man in his thirties, even if he had no spiritual roots, he would have already accepted him. But in fact, Xiao Yun’s experience and ability made him someone Hu Xiao could not simply just watch over in the name of a teacher.

Hu Xiao couldn’t tell others that Xiao Yun was a stranger to this world, and couldn’t explain why he was doing his best for the other party. He was rewarding Xiao Yun for providing him with a chance to cross the tribulation and soar. Even if he said it, no one would believe it.

He sighed in his heart. Hu Xiao could only avoid the past with such ambiguous words as, “I have no relationship with him as a teacher or an apprentice.”

This seemingly unreliable reason could explain everything in the eyes of practitioners.

Seeing that Hu Xiao was determined, everyone was helpless, and the leader of Qingxia sect was unable to hide his regret and heartache — that was a good seedling!

Therefore, when Xiao Yun absorbed the aftertaste of his lightning tribulation, he found himself looking at the sad and complicated eyes of the leader of Qingxia sect.

Xiao Yun, “…”

The leader of the Qingxia Sect gave a long sigh. He couldn’t bear to look back, but Xiao Yun didn’t care about the old man. After all, he had never seen the leader of the Qingxia Sect before.

After thanking Hu Xiao, Luse and Daoist AnYan again, Xiao Yun smiled and opened his arms to Bai Duan. He had been following Hu Xiao’s side the whole time. Bai Duan, who didn’t have much sense of existence, had a bright eye, cheered gently and threw himself into Xiao Yun’s arms without hesitation, holding his neck for a long time, which made him jump happily, “Was the foundation establishment smooth?”

“Of course.” Xiao Yun replied with a smile, kissing the tip of Bai Duan’s nose — there were no less than ten worlds of cultivation he had experienced. He was once born into it and had become familiar with it twice, so it was natural and easy to write.

The young couple hugged each other as if they were alone, but such bold and wanton behavior made the onlookers all stare at it — of course, only Hu Xiao was used to it.

“This is… a spirit beast?” The leader of Qingxia sect blinked and asked tentatively. With his accomplishments, he could see through Bai Duan’s identity at a glance, but the scene in front of him made him dare not make a conclusion.

“Yes, it’s my nimble ermine.” Hu Xiao nodded a little, then added, “The second one.”

The leader of Qingxia sect naturally knew that Hu Xiao once raised a cub a thousand years ago. Later, the little thing came back to visit with his daoist partner. Now he heard that he had another one, but was not surprised, “They are…”

“A daoist couple.” Hearing the question of the leader of Qingxia Sect, Xiao Yun, somehow or not, drew some attention from his little lover and hurriedly replied before Hu Xiao.

Although he spent a lot of time in Qingxia Sect, Xiao Yun and Bai Duan were both homestead, and didn’t intersect with the rest of Qingxia Sect’s disciples. At this time, it was a good opportunity to give their names and dog food.

While talking, Xiao Yun and Bai Duan held hands and came to Hu Xiao. The former asked with eyes.

Hu Xiao understood Xiao Yun’s gaze and gave a sign to his side, “This is the leader of Qingxia sect, Daoist Zhude.”

Xiao Yun and Bai Duan saluted the leader of Qingxia sect. Daoist Zhude hurriedly squeezed out a smile to respond, but his eyes were still full of doubts about life.

It was not a new thing to have a beast as a lover. After all, beasts were a type of cultivator. But it was the first time he’d ever seen such a ‘small’ one. What’s more, Hu Xiao raised two spiritual pets of the same kind. As a result, both of them ran away with same-sex humans. This probability was a little too high. Did Hu Xiao have a problem with the way he educated his spiritual pets?!

The leader of Qingxia sect, together with the other practitioners around, were so confused. He wanted to persuade him to concentrate on his cultivation and not raise more pets. Xiao Yun saw through the doubts undisguisedly.

With a slight smile, Xiao Yun turned his head away from Bai Duan. He opened his mouth to answer the people’s doubts, “The patriarch should know that the younger generation entered Qingxia sect as a working mortal. I just wanted to find a safe place to live and avoid the pursuit of the Xiao family, but then I met Little Jin.” 

——In an emergency, Xiao Yun remembered that Bai Duan had changed his name to Bai Jin. Otherwise, these practitioners with big brain holes would have to mend some strange things.

“Little Jin liked to play with me, so I was transferred to Double-edged Sword Peak to take care of him. Here, I met Hu Xiao and had the honor to tell him what happened to me.” Xiao Yun’s eyes were soft and he sighed. He made not to reveal the secret of his attachment to Bai Duan. “It’s true that what I have today is all thanks to the help of Hu Xiao, but Little Jin was the rope that pulled me out of darkness and despair. When I was walking like a corpse, it was Little Jin who accompanied me all the time. When I was biting my teeth and exhausted, it was Little Jin who encouraged me. Before he was able to transform, I regarded him as the only close friend, and when he became a human…” Xiao Yun blushed, “I couldn’t control my feelings…”

Bai Duan, with reddish cheeks and slightly shifting eyes, “……”

——Although a little moved and shy, I don’t know why, goose bumps are all over my body.

Hu Xiao, who had a cold face but has turned over the river of fact, “………”

——He had lived for thousands of years, and this was the first time he had felt what was called ‘disgust’.

It had to be said that Xiao Yun’s words were true and sincere, which immediately dispeled the troubles in the hearts of practitioners except for Hu Xiao. Although early love at such a young age inevitably affected the way, after all, people and beasts were different, but since the two loved each other, others were not qualified to talk.

“Yes, it is true that adversity makes love.” With a smile and a nod, the leader of Qingxia sect officially acknowledged the two different little lovers. Then, he turned around and asked his most concerning question, “Hu Xiao is not going to accept you as an apprentice…” As he spoke, the leader of Qingxia sect explored Xiao Yun’s face and found that he was not surprised at all. Then he knew that he had already known it, and his next words were much smoother. “With your qualifications, it’s more than enough to join any real monarch. What do you think?”

Of course, Xiao Yun had ideas — he didn’t want a teacher at all!

Xiao Yun shook his head. “Little Jin is attached to his master, so he is not willing to give up Hu Xiao and go to other places. I can’t leave Little Jin for half a moment, so…” He turned to Hu Xiao and said, “even if Hu Xiao doesn’t want to accept me as an apprentice, I want to stay in the Double-edged Sword Peak. I wonder if you can agree?”

“…Yes.” Hu Xiao was still very cold — he looked at Xiao Yun’s lies and talked about them in order to keep up with the changes.

The leader of Qingxia sect was so disappointed that he almost wanted to take back the moment that he agreed with the two people’s feelings — it was a silly child indeed! In love, where was it important to worship a good master?! Love destroys life!

However, since Hu Xiao had nodded his head and agreed, the leader of Qingxia sect couldn’t refute either. He could only sigh a long time and comfort himself saying, “It’s OK…” Hu Xiao had always been upright and strict. Even if he was not a teacher or an apprentice, he must not waste his talent. Since this child was put under the eye of Hu Xiao, maybe he could have some sense in love. What’s more, he had been here for more than ten years. He didn’t delay his cultivation because of personal love, so wasn’t it OK?

For the time being, the ownership of Xiao Yun, the owner of the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root, had been decided. The leader of Qingxia sect was tired and left. The rest of the onlookers also dispersed with complex feelings after him.

Before leaving, Hu Xiao took a look at Xiao Yun and did not hide his deep dislike in his eyes.

But Xiao Yun was not ashamed at all. He just held his lover’s waist with a smile and said seriously, “Finally, I can cultivate. I think I can’t waste such a rare talent as the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root.”

Bai Duan was silent for a moment and didn’t answer — because he thought that although it sounded normal, it seemed that there was something strange in it.

However, even though Bai Duan was silent, Xiao Yun was still able to say to himself happily, “A few days ago, I found a very good skill. If I keep practicing, my accomplishments will surely improve rapidly.”

“What skill?” Bai Duan took the bait and realized that even if he didn’t speak, he couldn’t stop what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, Xiao Yun showed a gentle and expectant smile, “Dual Cultivation.”

Bai Duan with a cold expression: “………”

——Ha ha, I knew you would say that.

——No, we won’t! When you were a human being, I could not get out of bed. Now with a cultivation, I think our relationship has come to an end!

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