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Chapter 40: The Save

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Deteriorating vision, eye pain, temporary blindness, if it goes on further, the end result will be a total loss of vision.” Leung ZiRui’s words were like a hammer that was flung straight onto Li Sui’s head.

For a moment, Li Sui froze, he suddenly remembered, when he asked Lu Shang why he was staring at him that night.

Lu Shang smiled as he said, “You’re good to look at, so I want to see some more.”

At that time, Li Sui thought he sounded abnormal, that was because Lu Shang was afraid that he would never see him again.

Li Sui felt sourness ran up his throat slowly, he stood in place for a long time. Looking at the tablets scattered on the ground, he crouched down to pick up the pills in a daze, putting them back into the bottle. When he finally returned all the pills into the container, his hand gave out, and the capsules were sprinkled all over the ground yet again.

Li Sui gave up and asked with his eyes stuck to the ground, “Is… is there no solution?”

“For now, I can only try my best to ease the symptoms, but to get rid of it, the only way is to fix the heart.” Leung ZiRui said truthfully.

“I…” Li Sui’s grasp on his phone tightened, and he could no longer speak.

Leung ZiRui heard the sound of Li Sui’s depressed breaths through the phone that somehow made sweat came out on his palms. Leung ZiRui finally understood why Lu Shang didn’t dare tell Li Sui his condition. The brat cared for Lu Shang a lot, if he knew of the truth, even Leung ZiRui couldn’t imagine what he would do.

Lu Shang couldn’t deal with it himself, so he threw the troubles to me, Leung ZiRui thought bitterly.

“Li Sui is a chronic disease patient. In the future, many other complications might develop, not just his vision. I believe you had already prepared yourself mentally when you decided to be with him.” Leung ZiRui said.

“I understand,” Li Sui replied, ignoring the pain in his throat, he continued, “But why didn’t he tell me, I had no idea that something like this was happening……”

Love counseling was not one of Dr. Leung’s many strengths. So, he was left with no other choice but to grieve about his unfortunate acquaintance with Lu Shang. At last, he decided on using the commonest of solutions; Leung ZiRui hangs the phone up. After sighing, Leung ZiRui thought, deal with the simple problem you sewed yourself, Lu Shang.

Li Sui leaned against the car door and finally managed to stabilize his own emotions. He had not yet been able to come up with a way to get Lu Shang to tell the truth when his phone rang again, the caller’s ID was an unfamiliar one.

“Is this Assistant Li? I’m Xiao Tang from the finance department.” The voice of a young woman came from the other end, she sounded like she was in a hurry.

“I am.” As soon as he knew it had to do with the company, Li Sui regained his sharpness.

“Lu Shang and the shareholders are fighting. I think he might not be able to handle it. Could you come over?” Xiao Tang said.

Once Li Sui heard what she said, his voice turned cold, “What’s happening, can you give me more details?” As Li Sui spoke, he got in his car and stepped on the gas pedal, heading back to Tong Yan as soon as possible.

“Mr. Fang and Mr. Liu are using director Lu’s expenditure on a project last year to question him, trying to make him deduct the number of company profits that will be listed as company reserves. His complexion today seemed poor, Uncle Yuen gave him lots of signals, but he didn’t respond to any of them. I can’t take it anymore, so I snuck out to call you. Lu Shang treated us, employees, pretty well, so could you come to help him.”

Although he and Lu Shang had never shown off their relationship in the company before, they did not deliberately try to conceal it either. Anyone who cares even a little about gossip would have known about their relationship. Xiao Tang must be in a real bind to have resorted to calling him out of the blue like this.

“I’ll come right away.” Li Sui’s voice sounded horribly cold.

“Xiao Tang, come back quickly. Manager Tan is asking for you.” Someone cried outside the washroom.

Xiao Tang put her phone back, then howled miserably, after washing her hands, he went out.

The conference room was quiet. The air conditioner was broken, so the room was cold. Manager Tan, who was in charge of regulating the meeting, had his head covered in sweat, however. After waiting for a long time, Liu XinTian still didn’t get a reply from Lu Shang, so he impatiently broke off the silence, “Director Lu, what do you mean by your silence? Are we shareholders unworthy of an explanation in your eyes now?”

Lu Shang closed his eyes in an attempt to reign in his headache, his back was almost completely soaked in cold sweat, his body was cold, and his fingers were shaking.

Seeing that Lu Shang looked pale, Uncle Yuen poured him a cup of hot tea. However, Lu Shang didn’t take the cup, his gaze stayed on the table, “The final profits of the project were still above expectation. How can you get profits if you don’t put in the cost?”

“We didn’t say anything about not putting in the cost, but the cost is too high. As far as I know, there is a similar project in another company, their cost is only 90 million yuan.”

After listening to him, Lu Shang pursed his pale lips, holding back his unstable breathing as best he could, he said with a steady voice, “Quality depends on the cost, if director Liu wants to build a tofu building, then I have nothing to say.”

“Oh, that’s a lot you are accusing, so you are saying that they constructed a tofu building. Do you dare say that in front of them?”

Lu Shang lifted his eyelids to glance at them, he clenched his hands under the table. Right now, in his field of view, there was only fogginess, he could not see clearly. He only managed to not show his illness by silently placing his elbows on the armrest.

Fang Miao noticed that Lu Shang hadn’t said a word, so he took advantage of that, adding more chaos, “Director Lu, we aren’t trying to make it difficult for you. Look, all the expenses last year could obviously be reduced. Last time, you took 10%, and now suddenly you want 40%. That is way too much. We have a family to feed as well. Let’s meet each other halfway and make it 20%. We can’t accept any more than this.”

“20%?” Lu Shang scoffed a bit, his heart rate spiked, and he couldn’t help covering his mouth to cough.

Fang Miao said hurriedly, “Oh my if you disagree, we can discuss it. You are still young, don’t wreck your health. If you feel that you can’t handle this job, there are a few far more capable candidates for your job. You can let them share the burden with you, how about that?”

“Mr. Fang, you have overstepped. Personnel matters are for the board of directors to handle.” Uncle Yuen could not stop himself from reminding him.

“Assistant Yuen, this is the shareholders meeting. As an assistant, just do your job in keeping records.” Liu XinTian waded in.

A layer of sweat formed on Lu Shang’s head, there was no color on his face. When Lu Shang heard Liu XinTian’s voice, he raised his eyebrows, following the direction of the sound, he turned his head and asked, “What exactly do you want?”

“15%,” Liu XinTian said. “Besides, I propose re-electing the board of directors.”

As soon as that came out, everyone there froze, even Fang Miao was shocked. To re-elect the board of directors basically means Liu XinTian wanted to strip Lu Shang of his control of the company. Or in other words, he wanted to bring Lu Shang down.

This time, there were no cheers of support in the conference room. Everyone except Liu XinTian understood, despite the conflicts between Lu Shang and the shareholders, there was no doubt that Lu Shang was a good leader, the annual profits attested to that. It was not likely that any other person could do as good a job as Lu Shang.

These people were not idiots, they wanted money and fame, but to kick Lu Shang, who was basically a money-dropping tree in their eyes away, that called for careful considerations.

The meeting fell into a stalemate, manager Tan’s face was red. He could not afford to offend either side, so he anxiously scratched his ears.

Lu Shang’s headache grew harsher, he leaned back on the back of the chair. His face was white, his chest undulating meekly, no one knew that he was clenching his hands so hard that his fingernails were almost piercing into his skin.

“Is director Liu trying to stage a coup?” Just as the two sides were having a standoff, the door to the conference room suddenly opened. In strode a tall young man, Xiao Tang was the first to notice him, her eyes sparkled with relieve.

For a second, all the shareholders were stunned, they all glanced at the person at the door. Li Sui didn’t hesitate at all, he walked to the end of the conference room in no time. Finally stopping when he reached where Lu Shang was. He turned Lu Shang’s chair around a bit, then place one hand on Lu Shang’s shoulder naturally. Li Sui’s other hand slammed on the table, his face hung an inexplicable smile, it was definitely not a warm smile though, “Say, isn’t this a bit much, bullying him like this when there’s so many of you?”

Lu Shang heard the familiar voice through the intense ringing in his ears and was about to turn his head. The gentle force on his shoulder increased a bit, in the fogginess, that simple action was a comfort to Lu Shang, his tense shoulders finally relaxed.

The chair was turned away from the conference room table, so the shareholders could only see half of Lu Shang’s face. Li Sui was standing beside him, the positioning seemed calculated, giving off a sense of protection.

“This is the shareholders meeting. What makes you think a mere assistant such as yourself have the rights to stand there and speak?” Liu XinTian wasn’t giving in.

“I’m sorry that you don’t know, I’m not here as an assistant today, but as Mu Sheng’s shareholder.” Li Sui stared at Liu XinTian sharply, as if his eyes had knives in it.

“Mu Sheng? Does he mean SiMa family’s Mu Sheng?” Small chatters came from the rest of the shareholders.

As soon as Li Sui said that, the atmosphere was different. Even Liu XinTian couldn’t completely hide his shock. When did Lu Shang buy shares in Mu Sheng? Moreover, he bought them with Li Sui’s name? Liu XinTian had also considered about the juicy meat that was Mu Sheng, but Yue PengFei was very picky about his partners. Merely having money wasn’t enough, Liu XinTian tried twice and gave up since he got ultimately rejected on both tries. He never expected Lu Shang to succeed.

Liu XinTian couldn’t stop himself from reappraising the young man in front of him, what qualities on him could have swayed Yue PengFei?

“If I am not mistaken, Tong Yan and Mu Sheng will have three cooperating projects next year. As allies, it isn’t too much for me to listen in on this company’s future investment plans, is it?” Li Sui turned his head around, scanning the conference room.

Fang Miao was the first to get impatient, he said, “It isn’t absurd, but Tong Yan’s shareholders’ meeting still has little relevance with Mu Sheng……”

“Mr. Fang, I remember that your shares in Tong Yan are less than 8%,” Li Sui cut him off directly, on his face was disgust and abandonment, “No matter how much get listed as company reserves, it doesn’t really affect how much money you will be getting. Director Lu owns five times more shares than you, and he isn’t complaining. What makes you think you have the right to complain?”

“You…” Fang Miao was so angry that he stood up and pointed his index finger at him.

Li Sui shrugged his shoulders indifferently, not looking anyone at the eye. Li Sui was tall when faced with Fang Miao, the advantage of his height was fully displayed. Moreover, one was handsome and tall, while the other was round and fat, his opponent’s momentum immediately weakened.

“Let’s discuss basing on facts.” Seeing that tension was escalating, a person said to change the topic, “According to last year’s financial report, the operating cost seemed too high. At least forty percent of the cost seemed unnecessary. Take the construction project next to ours as an example, I think the cost could be reduced by seventy percent.”

“Seventy percent?” Li Sui said, then he asked, “That building’s load-bearing wall collapsed halfway through construction. Many exposed related pictures and proof on the internet, which directly led to a sharp fall in the sales price of the building. Some buyers hung banners asking for a refund. Have you followed up on all these developments?”

The room was filled with nothing but silence after Li Sui replied. Director Tan saw that the scene will get more chaotic if the quarrel continued, so he jumped out to smooth things out, “Everyone, let’s calm down. It’s time for lunch anyway, shall we go for a meal first? Plus, the air conditioner broke today, so it’s frigid here. Why don’t we find another day, when the air conditioner is functional to sit down and discuss calmly?”

Liu XinTian did not speak. The accountants in the conference room were waiting for this chance long ago, so they were the first to slip out through the back door. The rest of the older shareholders could not take the cold temperature. Seeing that the quarreling will most likely continue for a while before any real progress could happen, they didn’t feel the need to stay either. They got up and went to the restaurant one after another under the advice of director Tan.

Soon, only Liu XinTian remained in the room, Li Sui stared at him coldly without flinching back in the slightest. As if he was saying that he would support Lu Shang to the end.

The dog Lu Shang raised was finally beginning to bare its fangs at outsiders. Liu XinTian stared at him and smiled with a hint of curiosity, “Interesting.” After that, he marched out the room along with the rest with disciplined steps.

Uncle Yuan glanced at Li Sui, the two of them exchanged some signals with their eyes. Then, Uncle Yuen tidied up the papers on the table and left, closing the door along the way.

Only two people remained in the huge conference room. The ringing in Lu Shang’s ears finally subsided. He heard movements and turned slowly towards Li Sui according to the sound. Though Lu Shang couldn’t see, at that moment, he felt a burning gaze on him, one that made him feel somewhat guilty.

Li Sui was staring at him, he was distressed, angry, regretful, worried…… Numerous emotions swirling in his eyes like a tornado, there was no more restraints, all of it poured out instantly.

Lu Shang froze, his fingers trembled unconsciously as he realized how bad this is.

……His child is irate now.

Li Sui didn’t say a word, he just stared at Lu Shang. Even the always tactful Lu Shang couldn’t help but feel nervous. Not only did he lied to Li Sui, but he also hid it for such a long time, so in truth, he did feel very guilty for his actions.

Lu Shang waited for a moment, but still, he did not hear anything from Li Sui, he was getting very anxious now. Lu Shang stood up from the chair by leaning on the armrests meekly. Just when he was about to take a step forward, a hand was suddenly placed on his waist.

Li Sui held onto him tightly fearing that Lu Shang might fall, he raised his foot and kicked the nearby chairs away roughly. Li Sui’s voice was a little hoarse, perhaps due to the intense emotions he was feeling right now, “……Can you stand it?”

Lu Shang nodded. Lu Shang’s complexion was poor today, to begin with. Right now, his face was even paler due to nervousness. Lu Shang placed his hand on Li Sui’s that was on his waist, he said with unease, “Li Sui, I……”

“I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Li Sui cut him off with an unsteady voice, then began to lead Lu Shang out of the room.

Lu Shang felt a sense of helplessness and severe anxiety, he let Li Sui lead him along slowly. Li Sui’s steps were languid, he was obviously still taking care of Lu Shang. Even though Li Sui said he didn’t want to talk to Lu Shang, he never failed to give subtle reminders whenever they came across obstacles or stairs. However, the reminders were brief, Lu Shang knew that it was because Li Sui was angry and didn’t want to speak.

Li Sui drove Lu Shang all the way back to their house. No outsiders were there, so when they got out of the car, Li Sui didn’t give Lu Shang a chance to refuse, he directly picked Lu Shang up bridal style and brought him straight into the house.

“Which medicine did Dr. Leung prescribe for you?”

Lu Shang heard the sound of Li Sui rummaging through the drawer. He knew that Li Sui was furious, so he most likely won’t listen to what Lu Shang wanted to say. Lu Shang only whispered the two names of medicine.

Li Sui prepared the exact prescribed amount of medicine for Lu Shang, and the water was warm. After Lu Shang took medicine, Li Sui sensed the back of Lu Shang’s neck was cold. After further observation, Li Sui noticed that Lu Shang’s clothes were soaked with sweat. Li Sui’s movements stopped, his breath stalled a bit. Only after resisting against something in his heart did Li Sui went to the bathroom to prepare warm water. Li Sui helped him take a bath then changed him out of his work clothes.

During the whole time, Li Sui’s movements had been very light. He was also very considerate of Lu Shang’s lack of vision. Li Sui did everything he had to, but he completely ignored Lu Shang. Lu Shang took the initiative to speak twice, but Li Sui acted as if he didn’t hear him at all.

Aunt Lu saw that something was wrong between them, she seemed to have thought about asking but was stopped by Li Sui. Li Sui only asked her to prepare a bowl of bland porridge for Lu Shang.

During the whole time, Lu Shang was somewhat depressed. He could not see a thing now, so he was at the mercy of others. If even what he said were ignored, he was no different from being isolated from the world.

Li Sui fed Lu Shang the porridge spoon by spoon, then put him onto the bed, and ordered, “Sleep, rest.”

How could Lu Shang possibly fall asleep? Just when he was going to say something, Li Sui closed the door and left the room. In the darkness, Lu Shang closed his eyes and sighed with conflicted emotions.

Lu Shang leaned on the bed headboard for a while, at last, he couldn’t keep the tiredness that was sweeping towards him at bay, especially after what went down in the morning. Lu Shang eventually fell asleep. In the fogginess of his mind, he felt someone entering the room quietly, the person sat by his bed and watched him for a long time. He also felt a gentle hand massaging his eyes, that person didn’t leave even late at night.

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