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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Recently, Wen Zhao had always thought about the past. He wasn’t a person who liked to be sad, nor did he often dwell on the past, but during this time, he often fell into memories.

The name he had always been sealed in his heart, until that day in order to confirm, it was only when he subconsciously blurted out the name that he realized he had never forgotten it for a moment.

There was the clear tenderness of the morning dew and the quiet fragrance of the lily of the valley.

How did he meet her?

Aside from the coronation, Wen Zhao didn’t like to participate in those boring and lengthy traditional activities, which made him stay in the public eye for almost as little time as he was a prince.

This was just what he wanted.

He was playful, but also full of energy and unrestrained, exposed to more and newer things and people, much better than living in the news all day, where everyone had to salute him respectfully.

This was how he met the only bellflower in his life.

Although he didn’t attend the same school as her, he still didn’t mind borrowing an identity to go to that university to play — no other reason, just used to the noble childhood, always curious about the ivory tower. The young girl, despite her unobtrusive behavior, was still dazzling, and Wen Zhao couldn’t help but cast his eyes on her.

He wasn’t a fearful person, within a few days he found an excuse to use his identity as a senior with the young girl to dabble in classes. He thought he was covered up tightly every day so that she could pay attention to him but didn’t expect that even if he sat next to the other side, she wouldn’t be curious about him.

Wen Zhao felt a little bit of frustration, but he soon found out that the little girl seemed to like playing chess very much. This allowed Wen Zhao to explore new ideas, and finally be able to use his own area of expertise to engage with the other person.

This time his identity became the chess master of the school next door, and after forcing a few of his guards to play along, the two finally got to talk.

A girl who liked to play chess seemed to be really only interested in playing chess, Wen Zhaoge twitched the corner of his mouth, “Aren’t you curious about who I am?”

“You?” The other side looked up from the complicated game of chess, eyes bright, “Aren’t you just interested in me, cloaked in a fake identity…” She blinked and smiled slyly, “‘Senior’.”

The other party knew all about it at the first hurdle.

“I won’t say anything to anyone else.” The girl quickly apologized, “I just thought that you wouldn’t be angry if I confessed to you.”

Wen Zhao was indeed not angry. Just a little confused about where to go next. But fortunately, the two of them weren’t far from each other for a good period of time, the other didn’t upset him again.

Because she was really fond of chess, and Wen Zhao was really good at it and willing to cooperate. Wen Zhao was already working on some big and small things at that time, and although he wasn’t always free, he managed to find time to spend with the other. His character was originally easygoing and reckless, but in this matter unexpectedly persistent.

The Empire was still calm, but Wen Zhao still had to undergo more and more rigorous education and training, the longest time, he had to follow the then newcomer pilots to participate in practical training, in the base for a full three months before being released. This was something he volunteered to participate in, and even though he seemed a bit rambunctious, he never slacked off on such things. He understood his responsibilities.

It was just that for the first time in these 100 days, he felt a kind of empty loneliness in his heart.

If he could, he would like to carve a name in it.

So, after those three months, Wen Zhao as soon as he walked out of the base, suddenly didn’t want to wait.

Whatever she wanted, or if she refused, no matter what, he wanted to change their relationship from now on.

No matter which ending, it was better than stopping.

He wanted to do it so didn’t waste the rest of the time, took off his training uniform directly before running to the other side of the school. Injured and fatigued after his practical training, but also with the confidence of the thorns, without hesitation he went to her.

He hadn’t seen her for three months, but Wen Zhao felt the way the girl looked at him seemed to have changed some, but he wasn’t sure what this look meant.

She nodded at him and pointed her finger very lightly and said, “Play a game of chess with me, okay? If you win against me, then I will agree to what you want to say next.”

Wen Zhao was stunned for a long time after hearing that sentence. Because as far as their chess skills were concerned, even if the other player was smart and clever, if Wen Zhao was determined to win, it couldn’t be easier.

“Okay.” He agreed.

The rules of chess were simple, and the excitement was often the game between the opposing sides. It didn’t take long for Wen Zhao to gain a significant advantage, as his opponent’s space was getting smaller and smaller, and he only needed to eat away at his opponent’s pawns step by step, capturing his “King” to win.

Just when the opponent thought Wen Zhao would do this, he laughed lightly and gently picked up the King with two fingers and placed it on the square that the opponent had taken.

In the rules, any square controlled by the opponent, the King of his side cannot walk into it, this is called “sending the King”, and will be awarded a loss.

When the girl was surprised, Wen Zhao moved the piece forward two steps and landed it next to her Queen’s side.

From the rules, Wen Zhao was the loser who was about to bury his good game by himself. But he still looked calm and collected, and in a low voice that only the two of them could hear, he whispered, “Queen, I can’t let you lose. What are you going to do with your captive?”

He tapped his hand on the board, the percussion sounding like a crash on the other’s heart at the moment.

After a long silence, the girl’s lips twitched very lightly, then she reached out her hand and covered the other’s as well.

“I’ll keep them.”


The chess game that was about to be decided was overturned by him, and the scattered pearl-like chess pieces fell to the ground one by one, making a crisp sound. In the midst of the falling sounds, Wen Zhao grabbed his opponent’s chin and kissed her without waiting even for  a moment.


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July 5, 2022 2:14 pm

How romantic. Lin Han’s father loved his mother.
How were they separated… look forward to reading more.
Thank you Addis and KCM for the chapter.

July 5, 2022 5:16 pm

I was glad to learn that Lin Han’s father was WenZhao. Thanks for the translation!

July 5, 2022 10:28 pm

I’m really glad to hear Lin Han’s mother had some moments like these in her life since the ol’ professor sure tortured her.

July 12, 2023 8:51 am

aiyo. what’s with this kate middleton’s tale🤣 a crown prince and an ordinary girl’s love story at school. unfortunately this one doesn’t have a happy ending it deserved.
iimagine if lin han was born as a prince. maybe he would meet with the general earlier. though they will have a different story altogether.
but seriously. mind reading skill is a common thing?

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