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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The girl who was usually more calm in this situation panicked. In a gentle silence, only the sound of their heartbeats were distinct.

Wen Zhao closed his eyes and felt his emotions. Except for a slightly clenched fist because of tension and lips that were afraid but still wanted to try to respond. This timid catering made Wen Zhao want to deepen the kiss. He began to feel that the three-month wait was too long. He should have done it earlier and didn’t want to waste more seconds.

The young girl was kissed by him and her eyes fogged up, buried in his arms in between the lips, because of the mood swings and leakage of a little bellflower fragrance.

“Don’t be afraid.” Wen Zhaoge stroked her hair, repeating what she had just said, “Anything, you name it.”

The other side finally raised its head to look at him, and after a long time nodded slightly.

Wen Zhao thought later that it should’ve been the most wanton years of his life.

There wasn’t that much pressure, not many people knew him, he could do whatever he wanted to do, never had to hide his thoughts, anyway, the gentle smiling person standing behind him knew everything. His Su Zuran wanted to continue her education, he waited quietly, and at that time he always thought that they could go on as he wanted.

He wanted to give her many things, whether it was wealth, status, or a never-ending love, anything.

The Omega was his world and was a very important part of the world.

As for the identity, Wen Zhao had envisioned it for many nights. Once she graduated, he could proudly tell everyone that he had a blooming bellflower. She would receive the admiration of millions, but would also forever be free.

The day before their graduation.

That night, Wen Zhao almost couldn’t help but want to mark her. He was afraid that she would be in bad spirits the next day. Finally, he just reluctantly licked her neck and wantonly absorbed the fragrance of lily of the valley.

He felt her hand over his sweat-stained backbone, and Wen Zhao laughed lightly, not hiding his thoughts, “What have you heard?”

She blushed so much that she couldn’t speak, and Wen Zhao leaned down to gently peck the corner of her lips, kissing them while saying, “Don’t you like it?”

He knew that she could hear his inner thoughts at the moment, his coronation ceremony was on the agenda, how much he wanted to hold her hand on that day and walk together through the long steps and red carpet, wearing the crown and holding the scepter, at that moment have everything.

Not long after, a new life would be born, the child would be gentle and kind, but also must be surrounded by happiness and hope.

In the room full of bell orchid fragrance, Wen Zhaoge lightly smiled, “Of course that last one need not be too hasty, let nature take its course, but maybe today…”

He knew that both of them were actually a bit crazy today, which was why they went along with the idea of going that way. But he didn’t finish, because the other hands hooked his back, blocking up with his lips, not allowing him to continue talking.

Only when the two were exhausted again did Wen Zhao hear her slightly blushing voice.

“Then if it’s true…” She sounded almost a little expectant, “Can I name him?”

He froze for a moment, then quickly embraced her, “Okay. It’s your call.”

“I don’t know where I got my mind-reading skills from. At first I didn’t really like the feeling, it gave me confusion. Disorientation is like being in the dark, and I don’t like the dark. So,” she traced his brow with a long, slender finger, “I like your name a lot.”

I also like what you mean to me.

Zhao, which is supposed to mean light.

Then their child had to be beautiful too, maybe there would be darkness in life for a short time, but no matter what, there would always be light to be found.

“Let’s call them ‘Han’, is that okay?”

Wen Zhao only felt that the fragrance of lily of the valley in the air was all about their love, and he and his beloved were laying all the ideas of the future in their warmth, and he was wrapped in tenderness, and all the happiness from now on would be about him.

“Okay.” He said. “Tomorrow night I will wait for you in the main hall.”

Then we’ll be together forever, my Queen.

Unfortunately, the next day Wen Zhao sat in the same place for an unknown amount of time, from full of expectation and disbelief to the beginning of worry, and finally covered by heavy despair. He ran through all the places where he might find each other, went to her school, asked her classmates.

Everyone said that everything was normal at the graduation ceremony, until the end when she smiled and waved to everyone, saying that she wanted to give her teacher a final goodbye.

The people of Wen Zhao also found Xu Zhiheng, whom she had said was a teacher she admired very much.

The “Omega” scholar was holding a bouquet of eustoma in his hand, and with a smile on his lips, he spoke politely to Wen Zhao’s cronies, “You mean the student? I already said goodbye half a day ago.”

Wen Zhaoge didn’t stop looking for her, but it was as if she had disappeared into thin air, with no news at all. All the things he sent remained in her house, only the chess set was missing.

Sometimes he even began to wonder if she would really choose to give up on him after a last-minute hesitation, otherwise how could he have left so simply, not even willing to leave a word?

Half a year later, Wen Zhao accidentally discovered that the valuable chessboard had appeared in the high-priced trading market, and the funds he had left for her had never been touched.

When his subordinates brought it back, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The beauty was that it was missing one of the original King’s pieces, and even though someone had done it defensively, it was nowhere near as delicate as the original.

Wen Zhao squeezed one of the pieces and was silent for a long time.

He was going to accept the fact that he was abandoned.

Wen Zhao converged his eyes, “Prepare for the ceremony.”

The coronation ceremony that was originally on the agenda was delayed for too long because of this matter, and Wen Zhao thought that he would have to face it after all.

Not to mention the civilian area, he had even been to Zixing, but couldn’t find a single clue.

Wen TianYao was the child of the late Prince WenYe’s sidekick, and the “Queen” who had been keeping a low profile, was just a woman that WenZhao found to plug the mouth of the public. He had long been living quietly elsewhere, the same dress in the exhibition hall, that love belonging to her was another story, and had nothing to do with him.

Wen Zhao confessed everything to Wen TianYao when he came of age, and the choice to stay or go was given to him. But Wen TianYao didn’t want to let go of this “prince” title, Wen Zhao sighed in his heart, but chose not to say anything.

He once felt lucky, and after Su Zuran disappeared, he felt abandoned by the gods of luck.

Despite the faint hope, he refused to give up. Could there be a possibility that the other had not abandoned him and that they really did have a child living somewhere?

But he never waited for his Su Zuran again.


Wen Zhao pulled away from his memories. He arrived at the prison in the core and walked to one of the innermost cells.

Unlike traditional prisons, which were originally designed for special criminals, the punishments were also very different, and one of them was to extract the criminal’s mental power, then wear a special jammer and inject a mental potion for punishment.

Ironically, this research was also involved by Xu Zhiheng, but he didn’t expect to end up becoming its user. Originally this punishment was to immerse people in a virtual and fearful mental world, from the inside out to form a blow.

Only Xu Zhiheng himself didn’t expect the accident to happen after this spiritual medicine flowed into his body along with his veins.

After Wen Zhaoge got medical experts to examine him, he found that the worm egg serum in Xu Zhiheng’s body was also disturbed by this medicine, and the molecular structure was broken, in other words, it no longer had its original effect, so the “originator” that originally controlled him to become broken disappeared.

In short, the scientist, who had been controlled by the worm egg serum for years, eventually changed back to his original form. But the memories wouldn’t fade, and all the things he had done had never been so clearly before his eyes.

He used almost an entire planet’s population for absurd experiments, destroyed students he wanted to love but was afraid to, killed his obedient and well-behaved adopted son with his own hands… 

He was even more unlikely to have his own child, in addition to the time of birth could be indirectly corroborated, and after his third forced mark, the other side gritted his teeth and destroyed the gland, in the absence of pheromone soothing, all was torture, Omegas simply couldn’t open the reproductive cavity, not to mention pregnancy.

According to the soldiers on guard, Xu Zhiheng recovered on the day, mourning and crying so hoarsely that he couldn’t say a complete sentence, once passed out several times in the middle, and then repeatedly woke up in the unbelievable self-reproach.

Lin Han didn’t come to see him, and Qi JiaZe, the only one he had devoted himself to healing, finally resumed his normal life. He selectively forgot the memories that had caused him pain, and only remembered that he had a brother, a brother who would always be with him and shield him from the storm.

Qi JiaZe finally went to the Galaxy Exhibition Hall as he wished, and it turned out that what he had been trying to store in it was just an ordinary toy from Qi JiaMu — he had known for a long time that he wasn’t related to his brother, but he still believed that the other side would never abandon him and would always be his brother.

Wen Zhao walked up to the confidant who took care of Xu Zhiheng and opened his eyes, “How is he these days?”

“Completely unable to eat, except for dazed or crying, vital signs weakened.”

“Then feed him high-intensity nutrients, whatever, and try to pour it in by all means.” Wen Zhao’s voice flooded with cold, with more than twenty years of hatred, “If his consciousness is blurred, wake him up, don’t allow him to die.”

The movement of two people talking startled the person inside.

Xu Zhiheng supported a pair of puffy eyes to look over, his hands and feet were worn bloody from the struggle, the original scholar atmosphere disappeared, the madness affected by the blood serum was also gone. His hair was white, and his body permeated a sense of walking despair, like the walking dead.

He stared at Wen Zhao. He could only think of Su Zuran when he saw Wen Zhao, and he wanted to open his mouth to call out that name, but before he could say it, a strong wave of pheromone swept over him.

Xu Zhiheng’s knees went uncontrollably soft, and the Alpha pheromone above his own made him succumb, but it was nothing at all compared to those sins that couldn’t be repeated.

“You’re never, ever worthy to call out that name. I was wrong, Professor Xu.” Wen Zhaoge stared at him and said word by word, “I originally said that I wanted you to hear how I intended for you to die.”

Xu Zhiheng’s teeth were chattering violently, but he couldn’t even say a word because of the suppression, and could only look vacantly at the man in front of him and speak faintly.

“I don’t want you to die now.”

He saw Wen Zhao commanding the people around him, “Double the mental disruptors, except for prolonging the brain time to perceive hallucinations, no other hallucinogenic agents need to be added.”

His perception time was prolonged, tormenting and torturing in the spiritual world for a year, but in the real world that would only be an hour. And such a perception, he had to suffer forever.

But Xu Zhiheng didn’t need hallucinogens to create more horrific illusions.

After all, the created illusion wasn’t as scary as the hell he created with his own hands.

Wen Zhao turned to leave and never looked back, “Live well, Mr. Xu.”

After this series of events was completely over, Lin Han went back to the Institute. The flying machine would still stop at the entrance from time to time and wait, still drawing sideways glances every time it appeared.

The man inside would occasionally come out, and occasionally there would be a little black stuffed ball crouching on the man’s shoulder, and Lin Han would smile gently with curved eyes and say, “I’m coming,” and then walk over to him step by step in full view of everyone, just as the other man had done not long before.

But recently he’d been working overtime again.

General’s M2742 was left as pieces somewhere in the universe, and rebuilding a more powerful mecha was the most important thing. Although the General himself said there was no rush, no one dared to slow down, and the R&D group led by the new prince started working without delay.

“Let’s go.” Lin Han stepped onto the flying machine and stroked Grr’s fur.

The little one rubbed itself beautifully against his palm and let out a comfortable squeak.

He YunTing kissed his head in the rising airflow, saying “I love you” silently with his lips and tongue.

The direction they were heading wasn’t the manor, but the Galaxy Exhibition Hall.

If the depositor expressed his or her wish for his or her loved ones to take out his or her deposited items during his or her lifetime, then the other party could collect them years later by blood status.

Lin Han told He YunTing about this idea and he still wanted to give it a try.

As a result, the exhibition hall, after understanding and inquiring according to the name information given by Lin Han, said that there was something, but there were two conditions for taking out, one is Lin Han’s blood identity, and the other was her iris information.

The iris data was something that, after she died, the only copy was left with Wen Zhao.

She, like a prophet, guessed that the two would eventually cross paths. By the time the craft landed, Wen Zhao was already in the display.

Lin Han saw him with a rare apprehension. No one spoke much in this moment, only quietly facing the unknown, the box with her name on it.

What had she deposited?

After a soft sound, the box belonging to her opened.

There was only a chess piece and a letter.

The chess piece was the missing one on the chessboard, and the moment Wen Zhao saw the King, he couldn’t restrain himself from closing his eyes.

The letter looked very plain.

There were only three words, “To HanHan”, and when it was opened, it was a piece of paper that had been altered, and the handwriting in some places was illegible, as if it had been obliterated by water.

It was a tear stain.

But no one will ever know what kind of feelings she was feeling when she wrote this letter.


When you read this line, mom may have left you for a long, long time. Do you already know who you are? I’m hesitating if the conditions are a little too harsh, but I’m afraid you’ll cry when you find out and I can’t let go. I’ve been so guilty and always felt I didn’t do enough.

But I’m sure you’ll be happy.

Don’t cry, my baby should always be smiling and happy.

I’m a coward, as someone who has no more glands and has been through all this, I’m afraid to ask for happiness anymore. I’m also a thief, lying to myself to sell my favorite chessboard, which he gave me, in order to raise you.

It was indeed enough to keep us in the civilian area for a long time, but I knew that I had only hypnotized myself.

But my HanHan will definitely live a good life.

Yes, I’m sure you’ll be happy. (Crossed out)

I was in a hurry to write, and I didn’t notice that I repeated everything.

Mom is so naggy. Now that you are finally going where you want to go, you don’t know how proud I am of you. Actually, I don’t want to go, but my body won’t last much longer.

If I could, I hope you would never know this.

I like my baby best when he smiles.

Mn, like me!

I don’t know what I’m writing… Forget it, I don’t know if you will read it, just think of it as me talking to myself. It’s a shame to think that no one will really see this letter.

Will HanHan see it? (Crossed out)

By the way, there’s something that I still want to tell you secretly. In fact, I couldn’t hold on many times, I always avoided you and cried, and after I cried, I felt I shouldn’t do that. You may not remember, you were too young at that time.

I was hiding alone in my room to watch his coronation. He was so good looking, even without me, he was the most handsome Emperor. How can I be by his side like this now?

You know, I was hugging my knees while watching his coronation, watching him sit in that seat in his cloak and fancy clothes, watching him smile at all his people as if he were smiling at me. He was so beautiful, I loved it.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t even have to wait those three months at that time, he would have asked for it earlier and I would have said yes.

It was such a waste of time.

When I was about to hold back my tears, HanHan, you came over. You were so cute at that time, talking in a milky voice, not understanding anything, and not understanding the meaning of crying and laughing. You pointed to him on the light screen and came over to wipe my tears.

You said, “Mom, everyone is laughing, are you laughing too?”

I nodded my head and lied to you and said yes.

You believed me and said that mommy smiled differently than everyone else. Mommy is so good, when she smiles, stars will flow from her eyes. Will HanHan smile the same as mommy in the future?

I still miss him so much. (Crossed out)

Why am I crying again? I wet the paper again.

Mommy hurts so much.

Mommy is leaving.

I’ll end it here.

I know my HanHan will definitely have lots and lots of love. There will definitely be someone who loves you as much as I do, even more than me.

You like looking at the stars, right? It won’t come out of my eyes this time.

Remember to look up often and smile often too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re lost ahead, you have to believe that among the stars, there must be one that can guide you through the unknowable darkness.

You see, the sky’s the colors of dawn.


The author has something to say:

“Let me imagine that among the stars, there is a star that guides my life through the unknowable darkness.” —Tagore

I’m late to the party, writing and crying for a while to continue writing, obviously I listened to the rainbow choir is very warm song ah! Never gave Suzuran a name because I always felt it should be an infinitely more beautiful and tender name that is anything.

About Xu’s punishment, in the extended time they were inspired by the wonderful things in the world.

Finally, I’m done with the unexplained, next is sweet sweet sweet! There is the rutting period! Mark! And parallel worlds!!!


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July 6, 2022 2:40 pm

Such a beautiful and tragic chapter. Thank you for sharing it with us!

July 6, 2022 10:48 pm

Su Zuran was very strong, brave and stubborn. I cried with the letter, because I imagined all her pain. Professor Xu deserves all the mental torture. Thanks for the chapter!

July 7, 2022 3:20 am

Needed tissues.
There couldn’t be a more perfect punishment for the rapist and murderer that Xu Zhiheng became.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 17, 2022 3:46 am

Lin han could have a complete and loving family but a person destroy it all. The punishment may seems too harsh but that’s really suited for XZH’s crimes.

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💔😭💔 so sad for his mom and the prince. This is by far so tragic yet full of love. I am blown away by your writing talent and Addis’s translation. Thank you❤️

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The letter has me crying in public. His mother’s feelings are so sad and beautiful. I feel so much grief for both Lin Han and the Emperor.

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