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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After Lin Han said this, he held his breath and looked at the person in front of him. The never-before-seen heat was still slowly rising, and he felt that his face should be a little red now, and if he rubbed it gently with the back of his hand, he may be surprised by the burning heat. His face was hot, and he wanted to be covered with his hand.

Lin Han’s mind was flooded with such thoughts.

It would be better to wrap his arms around him again, a little harder.

So this is what it feels like to be in heat.

It was a little hard, but when the other person standing in front of him was the one he liked, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“Have you chosen?” He raised his head slightly to look at the other side, and asked very slowly and gently. “If you can’t choose, then I’ll acquiesce to all of the—” He wanted to say that he would acquiesce to all of his choices, but before he could finish his sentence, He YunTing pulled him into his arms and hugged him.

He felt a lightness on his body, the other party didn’t just put one arm around him as he thought, but simply carried him with both hands out of the seat, over the narrow gap between them, precious and gentle, like a fragile object, holding Lin Han face to face in his arms, and let him sit on his lap.

Rather than a hug, it was more like an answer and a guardianship that He YunTing gave with all his courage. His movements were very light, and he didn’t dare to push too hard after bringing Lin Han up, but only loosely held his back with his hands to make him sit more steadily.

The two were so close that even though Lin Han had temporarily withdrawn his hand and didn’t hear He YunTing’s thoughts, he could sense his emotions more vividly than ever. He YunTing was tensing up and testing carefully.

Because he was sitting on the other’s legs, this position made Lin Han half a head taller than He YunTing, he slightly dropped his eyes and looked down at him. He wanted to reach out and use his fingertips to outline the young major’s high nose and cold, thin mouth from the root of the mountain, preferably with his index finger, which could gently press his lower lip, then slide slowly down his jaw, and finally stop at the knot of his throat.

He didn’t have time to think about why he was having these bold thoughts, Lin Han only had time to wonder if the fact that he was now being held was proof that he wasn’t overthinking things. Now if he put his hand on it, he could hear all the voices in He YunTing’s mind.

In fact, the answer was already obvious, but Lin Han hesitated to extend his hand. He didn’t want to, he wanted to hear it for himself.

Lin Han felt his limbs getting softer and softer, and his desire to be soothed was becoming more and more vivid. It felt good to be held, and he just wanted to nestle here now, not wanting to go anywhere.

“Your Highness, Prince.” He heard He YunTing call him, in the most reverent tone of voice. As if sensing Lin Han’s thoughts, He YunTing knew that Lin Han was now acquiescing to many things he was doing, yet still wanted to confess everything before it all happened.

It was obvious that it was also the first time he was so frankly honest, and Lin Han could fully feel the apprehension of the man who had never been good with words at the moment. But this apprehension lasted only a short time before He YunTing looked up at him from his current position.


Lin Han saw himself reflected in He YunTing’s eyes. His face was flushed, his breathing was confused, but his eyes were unexpectedly serious.

“I like you.”

Lin Han heard him say.

“I’ve been confused before.” He YunTing still looked at him, “But now I understand, I like you.”

It was rare for him, who was always reticent, to say so much compared to his active heart, Lin Han was stunned and waited motionlessly for him to continue to finish. He YunTing didn’t know that Lin Han could hear what was in his mind and continued to speak honestly, “I couldn’t stop looking at you since you first appeared at the freshman ceremony. So, Your Highness,” He YunTing said, probably because he had finally opened his mouth, he called the title again and repeated, “I like you. Or rather… I fell in love with you at first sight.”

It took a long time for Lin Han to come back to his senses. He was still sitting on He YunTing’s lap, with one hand resting on him, and his focused eyes hadn’t moved away yet.

After hearing the desired answer, Lin Han finally took out his index finger and stroked the line of He YunTing’s nose as he had envisioned in his mind just now, and then followed it down to lightly press his lower lip with his fingertips.

He heard the same line of his mind as earlier.

【I like you.】

The flight approached its destination and began its slow descent, the weightlessness of crossing the clouds coming through the porthole. Lin Han wasn’t sitting in his seat, and didn’t sit firmly in the bumps of the airflow, plus now his body was all on He YunTing, his waist was soft, and he subconsciously hugged his neck and buried himself.

Lin Han naturally couldn’t fall flat in the aircraft, he was steadily re-hugged. The tip of his nose swept over He YunTing’s glands and smelled a wisp of ebony aroma.

It was clearly Alpha’s pheromone, but Lin Han felt no sense of aggression or oppression, as if he had long been quietly embedded in his blood, and this pheromone only soothed him.

So warm. Lin Han thought.

He buried himself in the nape of the other man’s neck and whispered in response, “Me too, Senior.”

As He YunTing carried Lin Han through the long corridor, the guards on duty at the entrance and the occasional maid who passed by dared to pretend to glance at them without thinking, then quickly turned their heads away. At most, they sighed in their hearts that His Royal Highness was so powerful, so close to his knight, or that Major He had this side, and seemed to really like each other.

But Lin Han couldn’t care less about that.

He was carefully wrapped by He YunTing with a military jacket, especially tightly at the glands, the other couldn’t even carry him, for fear that pheromone would leak out for others to smell, and finally held him horizontally and rushed to his room.

In fact, Lin Han, although he was uncomfortable,had no problem with walking, but when he was picked up, the impulse to be capricious resurfaced, so he softly buried in his arms blinking, his arms hooked around his neck, showing a smile of triumph.

When He YunTing opened the heavy door and closed it again, the two of them returned to peace and quiet, Lin Han heard He YunTing’s slightly mute voice, “Here we are.”

“Mn.” So he lifted his head from the other man’s arms and answered, but had no intention of getting down. He was comfortably held by He YunTing, and the ebony pheromone neutralized some of the heat from the rut, rubbing against him and not wanting to come down.

Even though this was only spaced out, an Omega’s first rut wasn’t so easy to get over.

“He YunTing,” his voice buzzed out, like it had when the other man had him on his back. “I’m not feeling well.” Lin Han looked up at him, “What should I do?”

“I… I…” The silent major rarely panicked and said, “Then I’ll carry you to the bed to rest.”

In stark contrast to this was his heart:

【He… smells so good.】

【It’s a little hard for me to hold back.】

【But if I bite him, he will cry, right?】

“If I smell so good, don’t you want to eat me?” Lin Han murmured in a very small voice, his lips moved so lightly that the bite of the words became extremely faint. But even if he was bold, it was the first time he faced such a thing, Lin Han still didn’t dare to repeat it, and finally just softly said “Then hold me tighter.”

He YunTing didn’t hear the last question, so he had to continue to carry Lin Han as he was told.

Lin Han’s room was very big, but He YunTing only felt that it was all filled with the sweet smell of caramel, which made him feel difficult to take every step. When he carried the other to the bed, he just said “Okay”, wanting to put Lin Han up, but the other, when he wasn’t paying attention, the arm on his neck exerted force, and the major, whose mind was a thousand pounds heavy at the moment, was dragged to the bed.

He YunTing froze. The uncontrollable ebony pheromone has wrapped Lin Han’s entire body, favoring him personally but not even dare to go further.

Lin Han threw the military jacket that originally covered him to the side, pulled He YunTing with his other arm to keep him from leaving his side, and finally simply hugged his waist and trapped him in the bed. The capricious little prince became more and more reckless in this situation “My mother said to let me make my own decision. Then I order you not to go now.”

He YunTing was held by his waist, and in response, he put his palm over his hand as well, “I’m not leaving.”

“Then you… Then you mark me.” Lin Han turned He YunTing’s face to look at him, “I’m uncomfortable.”

He YunTing’s silence didn’t last long this time.

Lin Han saw an undisguised longing in his blue eyes, yet something was still tugging at him, making him unwilling to move with his instincts.

A moment later, he said, “I’m… I’m afraid you’ll be in pain.”

An Omega’s first rut period was very important, He YunTing wasn’t confident, still worried that he would cause him harm, even if he already knew in fact Lin Han also leaned on him. The pampered prince justifiably said, “But the inhibitor has side effects, and I heard that too much of it is bad for your health.”


Lin Han was afraid that he was going to reject him, and when he spoke again, his voice was a little bit aggrieved, and in He YunTing’s eyes, the corners of his mouth were going down and his eyes were watery. He also hugged He YunTing’s waist, the other side only wore a shirt, the warm skin and muscle texture under the fabric seemed to be able to touch.

The teenager’s tone had a sappy-like softness, and was steamed with an ambiguous wetness by the rutting period, sticky and tickling the other’s heart.

“Okay.” He YunTing was no more than a youth than Lin Han, and if he were older, he might have had other concerns to calm him down, but now that the person who made his heart beat faster was right in front of him, with an enticing sweet scent, his Alpha’s instincts finally broke down after hearing that plea.

The next moment, Lin Han was caught by his hand and turned over, pressed into the pillow.

When his Alpha’s sharp teeth brushed against his gland, goosebumps rose up all over Lin Han’s body. His subconscious mind seemed to be divided into two halves, one wanting to protectively run away, while the other wanting to follow the aroma of ebony and cater to the other, and even buried his head a little deeper to facilitate the exposure of his gland… 

“Ah…” The sudden sensation made Lin Han’s limbs freeze the moment his gland was pierced, and the pain was accompanied by the canine teeth that went straight to the delicate and fragile soft flesh, and even though He YunTing had soothed him for a while with his pheromone, Lin Han still cried out in uncontrollable shock with the other’s movements.

It hurts, it hurts… Lin Han wanted to struggle and cry, but it was as if he was being held down by this physical marker, and he was like a desperate bird of prey, trembling and trying to flutter his wings, but ultimately drowning alive in this deep sea.

But He YunTing was still holding him tightly, with his head buried in his neck and his big hands wrapped around his waist.

The prince, who had been unable to bear a little pain, gritted his teeth and carried through the painful sensation of his skin being bitten, and just felt better to breathe a sigh of relief, but was engulfed by a more violent smell.

A thick, warm, ebony scent.

The pheromone from his Alpha was injected into his glands, Lin Han’s original pain finally slowly relieved. A few moments later, the tingling sensation covered the pain, melted into the blood, and then flowed to every inch of his body. He wanted to scream but couldn’t, wanted to breathe heavily but it was as if all seven orifices were caged.

Lin Han had never felt such a novelty, he slowly raised his hand to support himself, the other side understood his meaning, one hand fetched the teenager’s thin body halfway up from the bed, but his lips and teeth still didn’t leave the back of the other’s neck, at the next wave of pheromone injection, Lin Han’s knees began to get weak again, too strong stimulation made him want to fall down again, fortunately He YunTing kept holding him up.

Lin Han’s waist was very soft, slightly bowed back, while He YunTing held his chin, sharp teeth buried in his neck. His posture looked ambiguous and evocative.

It’s a horrible thing to be in heat, Lin Han thought.

If the biting, tearing sting of his glands made him feel like a bird of prey drowning alive, after the pheromone mingling, the feeling became a more indescribable entanglement; he was still the bird at the mercy of others, but no longer wanted to struggle out of the water, wanted to willingly keep falling down and drowning in the deep sea.

His consciousness met in dream and reality, and he felt He YunTing’s lips move away from his neck only when the room was filled with the scent of the two of them. But he was still deep in that ebony-lined dream world, and it was only when his Alpha tenderly reached out and touched the corner of his eye with his finger that Lin Han suddenly woke up.

He YunTing pressed the end of his eye, then traced it through his eyelashes and dabbed a finger of watery light.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“I… I’m not crying…” Lin Han gritted his teeth and tried to hold back the physical tears, but all his limbs were weak, and he had only just raised his arms before they fell back limply.

His knight almost looked a little lame. The shirt was messed up by itself, a button was chipped off at the collar, there were red marks on his arms from his own scratching earlier, and a smear of blood was still at the corner of his mouth, running down his jaw.

That’s my blood.

Lin Han looked at the other man’s chin, and it was as if what had just happened was only now beginning to come back to him.

He carried me back.

He just marked me.

He is my knight.

So can I say now… 

He’s my Alpha.

Lin Han’s mind was so confused that his whole body looked dumb, and only his eyes were still staring unblinkingly at the person in front of him.

Only when He YunTing’s face was enlarged in front of his eyes did Lin Han realize that he had somehow silently approached and ghosted a kiss.

He really dared to choose all of them.

Lin Han’s lips rubbed a little bit of blood, and thought frostily in between being kissed.

Not bad for my knight.


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