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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing’s kiss was much more gentle and pure than the fierce and strong mark. He didn’t think about it in a complicated way, he just felt that he should do it now in this scene, and Lin Han would allow him to do it, so he went up to him.

He YunTing didn’t make any deeper movements, just touched him gently for a while and then moved away. The kiss was purely emotional, not constraining, as if it was just soothing after marking.

When He YunTing left Lin Han’s lips, slightly withdrawn a little, Lin Han gradually came back to his senses. He saw the blood on He YunTing’s mouth fade a bit, subconsciously licked his lips, and stained away the little bit of blood that had He YunTing’s smell.

So when He YunTing looked at him again, he found His Highness propped up on his hands and knees on the bed, his elbows and knees were a little red, his lips and eyes were wet, and his body still smelled like pheromone after being marked by him.

The soft bed sank deeper than it should have, and it looked messy, but no one wanted to clean it up properly. He YunTing got up and went to the bathroom to get a towel, wrung it out with warm water and went to Lin Han to wipe his gland that he had bitten. The blood on it had dried up and the towel was the right temperature, so Lin Han just physically shuddered and obediently let He YunTing wipe him clean.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” He saw the teeth marks on the gland and asked with some heartache.

The first bite was almost too much to bear, Lin Han said quietly in his heart.

But when He YunTing’s fingers rubbed the back of his neck with great care and Lin Han heard his heartfelt voice of pain, he didn’t want to tell the truth.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt much.” He felt the other man’s fingertips run over the glands, and the trembling sensation seemed to be superimposed, cumulative and progressive, with the scent and temperature that belonged exclusively to He YunTing, probably because of his Omega’s nature, he was soothed and comfortable, and even wanted a little more, and simply spoke bluntly, “Touch me more.”

He slumped on the bed with increasing enjoyment, squinting his eyes with insatiable satisfaction. It was summer, the room was air-conditioned, and this simple coexistence made Lin Han so comfortable that he was about to fall asleep.

Although Lin Han was a noble person, his parents had a good character and education, so he hadn’t developed an arrogant character of putting his hands on his clothes and eating his food, and he didn’t rely on others too much in life.

He felt that his face was a bit itchy and just wanted to move it by himself, in the past he would have taken it and wiped it himself, but now the person in front of him was He YunTing, Lin Han not only did not struggle, but even tilted his head and said, “I want to wipe my face too.”

He YunTing “Oh”, obediently did as he was told.

As he wiped, Lin Han looked at him and smiled.

This made He YunTing a little confused. He didn’t know why Lin Han was so happy, but the smile was contagious, and without him noticing it, the corners of his lips, which had been taut, had a slight curve. He YunTing didn’t notice it himself, but it didn’t escape Lin Han’s eyes.

He was surprised to catch this little smile and peeked out of the towel, calling his name, “He YunTing!”

The major looked at him a little confused.

Before he could make a sound, the young prince suddenly straightened his back and crawled forward twice with his hands propped up on the bed as a point of strength, and his wet lips came up once more and kissed himself fiercely.


This kiss was a bit heavy, and even made a crisp sound.

He YunTing’s entire movement froze.

Yet that wasn’t all.

Although he was still in the aftermath of being marked, and his limbs hadn’t recovered, perhaps it was his kiss that gave him courage, and the teenager, who was always obedient and docile, decided to “do something wrong” to his knight, and pressed himself back up during the time when He YunTing was at a standstill because he was overwhelmed.

He reached out and boldly rubbed He YunTing’s hair, then cupped his face and gave him another kiss on each cheek.

The hot feeling faded away and was replaced by a new everything.

The joy of being a teenager was too pure and too simple.

He had only just turned eighteen, and the trials and tribulations ahead were too late to deal with, and malice and darkness couldn’t come near him. He was running carefree in the sunshine, his parents were harmonious and warm, he could study mecha if he wanted to, he could confess his love to whomever he wanted, and his Alpha held a clear heart and loved him without reservation.

There couldn’t be a better time than now.

After Lin Han kissed him, he jumped into his arms and hugged him, calling him by his name and saying “I like you” out loud.

He remembered being interested in mecha since he was very young. For this reason, Wen Zhaoge made a model of a mecha that was equal to his height at the time, and he was so happy that he hugged it all day for a long time.

He seriously told his mother that he wanted to drive a mecha in the future, and he slept with the model in his arms, saying that he needed to get familiar with it now. Later, as he grew taller, the mecha became an obsolete toy and was placed on his bedside. But no matter how long it took, the mecha remained his most beloved toy.

Lin Han hugged He YunTing like his beloved mecha model. No, he was much more beloved than that toy. His mom and dad were away, he and He YunTing were alone, and he was an adult now.

He hugged He YunTing, his eyes were bright with the unadulterated enthusiasm and love of a teenager, and said, “I like you!”

Maybe there was still a childishness in the action, maybe there was no image of the two of them in each other’s eyes now, maybe they would feel some shame after a few years, but at least they both carry absolute sincerity and honesty.

Even if He YunTing was dull, he could feel that the teenager in front of him was happy, really happy. So he was also melted by this burst of warmth, he was also just a young man just emerging, not so much forward-looking thoughts. He allowed his hair to be ruffled by the teenager, and both of them rolled into a ball on the bed in a mess, and he would kiss Lin Han from his eyes to his lips, and then cuddle with him in a precious place, listening to his unsteady heartbeat.

He also liked him.

Especially, especially.

So much so that he began to blame himself for being so inarticulate, he should have gone to him on the first day he met him, recognized his own feelings, and gave him a smile. Thinking about it, He YunTing didn’t know yet that his mind would be heard by the other party, and only wanted to embrace him harder at this second.

What will it be like in the future?

No one knows, He YunTing thought to himself as he remembered the fleeting Erinnerung Nebula, but they both have the present.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han spoke as she nestled in his arms and grabbed his open collar, “you shouldn’t have self-doubt. Anyway, even if you didn’t come to me at that time, I would definitely notice you later. Although my mother said that it doesn’t count as cheating, I thought I should tell you anyway.” Lin Han no longer had the previous doubt and lack of confidence in his voice, “I can, in fact, hear what’s going on in your mind.”

“Like right now…” He caught He YunTing’s hand and clasped all five of his fingers, “You’re saying in your mind that you want to be with the prince all the time.” The young prince tilted his head, “I feel the same.”

After a long time, when the clouds outside the window were tinged with twilight, He YunTing heard a polite knock at the door. He YunTing got out of bed gingerly, only tidying up his messed up hair, and walked to the door to open it.

The person who knocked on the door was the chief steward who was in charge of the prince’s daily routine. When he saw that the person who opened the door was not Lin Han, he obviously froze for a moment, saw the collar of He YunTing’s shirt that he hadn’t been able to smooth out, and after a moment of dumbness, he quickly understood what was going on.

“His Royal Highness is still sleeping.” He YunTing spoke.

The other party nodded, he had only come to ask about dinner, saw the picture in front of him and quickly made up a whole set of indescribable scenes on his own, said very understandingly “then I’ll bring him over later”, then thoughtfully didn’t look at He YunTing’s expression, and quickly closed the door.

The moment the door closed, he felt he was really a genius at reading people’s minds. But after the door was closed, Major He started to launch into a daze.

Did he let someone misunderstand something? It didn’t matter if he misunderstood him, he was afraid that others might think otherwise of Lin Han. He YunTing walked over to the mirror and realized how reverie-inducing he looked now.

The button on the collar of his shirt had fallen off, his whole shirt was wrinkled, and there was a little red mark on his chin, probably from when Lin Han had rubbed himself to sleep earlier.

But the thing was… The two of them just cuddled and slept for a while.

He walked back to the bed, the teenager was sleeping with his eyes closed, his eyelashes swept down meekly, his breathing even and long. His skin was so white and soft that it was almost transparent, with a large patch of skin showing at his neck, lined with glandular denticles, looking in a particularly alluring and innocent way. He was still in the same position as earlier, as if he was still waiting for his Alpha to come over and embrace him and enter into an endless sweet dream together.

So He YunTing went over and re-hugged him. Lin Han wasn’t defensive towards him at all.

He YunTing lost his sleepiness, looking down at the person in his arms, the teenager’s breath was sprayed on the nape of his neck, he seemed to be a little hot, a little bead of sweat oozing from his forehead, sleeping well and turning over in his arms in small increments.

His hands were on his waist, and if his head was a little lower, he could grab the other’s open and closed lips.

Lin Han’s waist was soft, and so were his lips.

He used a little bit of force, and his tender waist showed the red pinch, while gently sucking, he could also taste the sweet fragrance of his soft lips. Just now neither of them thought much about it, until this time, another Alpha instinct rose up from the bottom of He YunTing’s heart.

This was his Omega.

He would speak in a warm voice and pamper him, would pester him, confess loudly, and kiss him without shame. But a voice was saying, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to just hug and press lips together.

He YunTing felt his fingertips get a little hot, as if they were a little hotter than Lin Han’s breath at the moment. He understood that this was an Alpha’s instinct, a part of himself that he couldn’t escape. But Lin Han was so good and so naive, his world was clean and beautiful, as if it was a stain on him to have this thought. He YunTing tried to control himself from thinking about this issue, but the more he avoided it, the more inescapable it became.

His body’s reaction wasn’t under his control, and by the time he reacted, something embarrassing had already happened.

The point was, Lin Han was still sleeping on his pillow. He YunTing was afraid to wake him up and dared not move, then only desperate to feel the situation more and more intense… 

He was a little dry-mouthed.

It was at this moment that Lin Han’s eyelashes moved. He YunTing was terrified. He just wanted to hold Lin Han farther away when he saw the person in his arms open his eyes.

One second, two seconds. There was a rare silence in the air. Lin Han hadn’t yet reacted to the current situation, and was still recalling the confession and beautiful dream he had just had, when he suddenly felt… Something was wrong.

He smelled the smell of ebony pheromone, and… 

Lin Han suddenly bounced off of He YunTing and quickly understood in that second.

The Major, who was always calm and self-possessed, also froze in place for a long, long time, and only moved awkwardly and stiffly when he saw the teenager in front of him, before  covering himself in the blanket.



Both opened their mouths at the same time.

“…Wait for me.” He YunTing began to jerk himself to his feet with the speed of the army, walking towards the bathroom as he said, “Be out soon.”

“…Oh.” Lin Han also waited until he heard the bathroom door close before quietly peeking a head out from under the covers, his entire face alarmingly red.

The prince was an adult.

The prince was psyching himself up.

What was so embarrassing about this?!

He said darkly, touching his burning cheeks.

Unfortunately, when the sound of the water in the bathroom ended, Lin Han’s face didn’t return to the color it had just been. When he heard the bathroom door slam, Lin Han didn’t have time to think about it, but he first pulled himself back under the covers and puffed up a bag on the bed.

No, he was running away from something.

He shouldn’t be running away from it.

He felt a cool vapor approaching him, and Lin Han had just done enough to get out from under the covers when he felt someone gently pat his covers.

…Then he retracted like a snail.

The prince said in his heart that he was useless, while asking in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

He YunTing’s voice resumed, low and smooth, as if he wasn’t the one who came over for a kiss before, “Your Highness, do you want to take a bath?”

Lin Han’s head, which was just about to come out of the blanket, froze for a moment.

He YunTing, how are you calm so quickly?!

Lin Han buried the blanket on his body, wrapped his whole body into a ball on the bed, and said loudly through the not-so-heavy fabric, “No, I’m not going to wash!”


He heard He YunTing answer, which was obviously a normal reply, but Lin Han felt a bit aggrieved.

How could his knight be aggrieved? He let out a breath and finally decided not to be an ostrich.

The prince finally got out of the blanket, his face was red as hell, but his eyes were so “calm” that he said, “Forget it.”

He YunTing lifted his head to look at him.

Lin Han’s eyes wandered from side to side, but finally gave himself up and reached out to the person in front of him, “Hold me.”

Let’s be capricious. He thought.

“If you give me a hug, I’ll know what you’re thinking.” His neck even turned red, “Are you going to hug me?”

He YunTing finally reacted, the previous embarrassment was nothing, he took him back into his arms. The young man was very thin, easy to hold up. The youth who was always indifferent listened to the heartbeat of the person in his arms and finally smiled very gently at this moment.

He stroked a handful of Lin Han’s hair, felt him twisted and straightforward like, kissed the top of his head, “Good boy.”


The “prince’s divine face” vote, which had been in full swing, was reaching a fever pitch.

In the school forum of the Imperial Military University, a constant stream of messages and pop-ups kept scrolling.

“If you don’t vote, I won’t vote, when will Kobayashi make his mark?!”

“Long live the Empire! Long live the prince!”

“Why are they still swiping votes in the Federation!!! I want to report it!!! Is this event really fair?!”

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck, why, Xiao Lin isn’t far ahead, how come the two votes are now equal.”

“Everyone vote up ah! You can vote once a day! Don’t let go of the opportunity to vote every day!”

“I won’t allow my Han Han, no, not Han Han, but His Royal Highness to fall out of first place!!!”

There were also whispers of doubt.

“Speaking of which, what exactly is the use of this vote…”

“It seems like even if you win, you won’t be able to collect the prize.”

But generally such queries were just sent out, and were brushed over by more people.

“It’s not a matter of usefulness!!!”

“Stop it! Hit the pitching team quickly out! I have to see our prince on the front page of the site!”

“Interstellar platoon!”

“Plug the dignity of the Empire! The prince’s dignity!

“How can we lose to the Federation?!”

“For the glory of the Empire!!!”

“Long live the Empire!!!”

Every day people routinely asked “Have you voted today?” and “Vote for His Highness”.

Although His Highness himself didn’t care much about the result, he was still motivated by this enthusiastic atmosphere.

Lin Han originally wanted to report to his parents about his relationship with He YunTing, but to his surprise, Wen Zhao came back without asking anything and his first question was “Is my son still number one now?

His mother smiled and flipped through the data, nodding her head.

Wen Zhao was satisfied “Then there’s no need to call the base people to participate.”

Lin Han was a bit confused and asked his mother in a small voice “Mom…”

Didn’t you guys tell me to make my own decision last time? He had already made a decision and wanted to tell them.

“Didn’t Han Han already have the result?” The empress looked at him with understanding and smiled, “I can already see it in your eyes.”

Lin Han froze and blinked, hearing his mother say to him, “Han Han will always be as happy and joyful as he is now too.”

Since their confession that day, the two had eliminated their awkwardness before, but they hadn’t made any further moves for the time being. He YunTing was still busy, getting back into his new training, and Lin Han was still soaking in his research group as usual.

The only difference was that everyone knew about their relationship, and everyone offered their best wishes. Lin Han had been having a dream lately. It was ten years later, when he joined the Mecha Research Institute and became one of the best mecha designers there. He designed a two-person mecha for his lover.

He YunTing was already the youngest general of the Empire, the sharpest sword, the indestructible hero in everyone’s heart.

They were still together.

Mother’s desserts were still not very good, but father would complain symbolically for a few moments before eating them one by one. Everything was wonderful, no different from now. He also went to the border area with He YunTing, passing through the Oddbound System, and accidentally picked up a dark, hairy blob.

He YunTing said the little one was called Grr and asked him if he wanted to take it back. He dreamed of many, many things. When he woke up, he couldn’t remember many details.

Lin Han rubbed his eyes.

Today was the day he came to the base, because He YunTing couldn’t come over to keep him company, and his mecha research had a new trend, so he was asked to do tests. The people at the base saluted him self-consciously when they saw him and told him where Major He was.

Lin Han nodded and walked toward He YunTing at the training ground. When Lin Han entered, He YunTing had just finished a round of training and was resting on the sidelines. He was swiping his communicator, his expression looked serious, he didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in.

Lin Han gingerly walked over until the distance between them was close enough for him to reach out and cover the other man’s eyes.

The major smiled very softly, knowing it was him coming.

“What are you doing?” Lin Han asked him. He was keenly aware of He YunTing trying to take the communicator back.

But the other man quickly realized it was useless; after all, Lin Han was a mind-reader.

So the major handed the communicator back to Lin Han with a straight face, “Voting for you.”


Lin Han saw the contents of his communicator. The indifferent major’s communicator wasn’t the same thing.

It turned out that he wasn’t the only one voting for him, but also asking his subordinates to join him in canvassing for votes.

Lin Han saw Lu AnHe’s screaming message.

“Boss! I really have asked all the people to help vote!!! Don’t worry! His Royal Highness is definitely number one!!! Please let me go, please!”

Lin Han looked and laughed “You want me to be number one so badly?”

The corners of He YunTing’s mouth straightened and he gave a very serious “Mn”.

【My prince is always the best.】

Lin Han’s heart moved and he held his hand.

“Actually, there’s no need to vote.” He said, “I’m not going to receive an award.”

【That’s not the same.】

Lin Han heard He YunTing’s insistent heart.

“My new mecha is almost ready, do you want to try it out before it’s officially delivered?” He took He YunTing’s hand and shook it back and forth, smiling. “I promised you, to make the newest and best mecha for you.”

【Then take you to see the stars.】

He YunTing saw glittering stars in his eyes.

There was an eager anticipation of the future in the teenager’s eyes, and an unconcealed love for him.

“Do you want an advance on the reward?” The young prince looked at him and smiled, reaching out to hook He YunTing’s shoulder.


So he moved over and kissed the other man on the lips.

The two hadn’t seen each other for only a few days, but the passion after the confession was still there, and it was originally just a pure kiss, and not much later, Lin Han heard the rest of He YunTing’s heart.

His tongue will be very sweet.

Lin Han’s face suddenly burned up, too straightforward words appeared in his own ears, so he was somewhat at a loss to freeze. There was actually nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to run away from. The two of them coincidentally thought of marking that time. They were falling in love and had a long, long way to go.

So it wasn’t a big deal.

They wanted to taste what it was like.

Lin Han’s heart was beating fast, but his mind was as calm as it had ever been. He cupped his knight’s face and backed away slightly to meet him at eye level.

“He YunTing,” he called his name. He had said “I like you” so many times, but he knew he wouldn’t get bored of it. So Lin Han curled his eyes and smiled, and said in a very solemn and gentle tone, “I like you.”

The next second, he came back up and tentatively extended the tip of his tongue, carefully rubbing this Alpha’s lips, like a kitten finding its beloved milk, lapping it up in small bites. He finally tasted something else.

But that was another long, long happy story.


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Such an idyllic parallel world.
Yet all the difficulties and missed years of the other world saw them no less in love or unhappy, just with a few regrets fir missed time and losing beloved family.
Thanks for translating and editing this sweet chapter.

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