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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The second cockpit’s communication was transmitted to the first cockpit pilot in real time, at this moment M2742 was being dragged up by the sandworm, while He YunTing was still desperately trying to grab back the control of the mechanical arm. At first, hearing the system prompt, he was nervous for a moment, and unconsciously yelled, “Lin Han!”

He just called his name, but even without reading his mind, Lin Han knew what he wanted to say.

“I don’t need pilotage.” Lin Han explained, “I have the same level of mental power as you.”

He YunTing used all his strength to pull the energy body at the core of the lightsaber out of the black-blooded and gradually cold sandworm, “My mental power is too high! You can’t bear it!”

The mecha began to vibrate violently. He YunTing had just put the lightsaber away and turned around to deal with the other one when he found that even his right arm had been intercepted by a second sandworm.

This sandworm’s cracked skin was covered in scarlet, and the mouthpiece that grabbed the mecha at close range was smoking hot and dripping with foul-smelling saliva.

The two low-minded sandworms finally understood how to deal with the hard metal, and the third tentacle, which was holding the back leg, rose up and emitted an ominous green color at the tip, as if it was sending a message to its companion who had grabbed its right arm.

Lin Han didn’t listen this time, he was too familiar with the mecha to need any guidance on how to operate it, and easily pulled up the advanced command, deciding on the spot, “Right arm cooling, on.”

He watched as the cooler began to inject itself into his right arm at a very fast rate, gradually covering a layer of cold frost on the five fingers of the mecha arm wrapped in steel.

The next second, he calmly said into the communicator, “As long as you trust me, I can be with you.”

There was no sound from the first cockpit.

He YunTing instantly understood the meaning of turning on the cooler, the scarlet sandworm originally firmly grasping the mecha arm’s leg suddenly sensed that something was wrong by the sudden change in temperature, he let our a low roar, but was still reluctant to let go.

So after the cooler was turned up to the maximum, the right arm froze rapidly, and the monster subconsciously tried to shake off the mecha arm. M2742 then seized this opportunity to instantly storm up, even though its back leg was still being held onto, but still managed to recharge, and its right arm detonated in close range with the contact bomb—

With a loud boom, the scarlet sandworm didn’t have time to retreat. Its limbs were blown apart by the explosion, directly breaking off two of its legs, as black blood and shattered mechanical barbs scattered in all directions.

The sandworm let out a roar of pain from its throat and took a few steps back, not coming any closer for the moment.

The mecha finally got a moment of respite.

He YunTing still wanted to stop Lin Han, and opened his mouth to say “Mr. Lin” in the communicator, but was interrupted by the other.

“I can help you.” Lin Han’s voice wasn’t loud, but firm, as if he wanted to remind He YunTing of something, “Did the General forget what I said? You’re invincible.”

He YunTing then stopped talking and didn’t insist on stopping him anymore.

Lin Han smiled a little, even though he knew He YunTing couldn’t see it at the moment, “Take me with you, General.”

In fact, this was Lin Han’s first time trying to co-link with other people’s spiritual power. He knew it required both parties to have enough trust in each other, and although he didn’t even mention this premise until the end, he was incredibly confident that they could succeed. He closed his eyes and listened to the countdown coming from the mechanical female voice.

“First cockpit has agreed.”

“Spiritual co-link in preparation—”

“Three, two, one…”

At the moment the countdown cleared, Lin Han suddenly felt himself wrapped in a strong yet gentle power.

At this moment, he could feel He YunTing’s spiritual power. Toughness was his shell to resist the Zerg, while gentleness was the most primitive truth in his heart.

An eternally sincere heart no matter what.

Knowing that he couldn’t pilot, Lin Han began to concentrate, and in this burst of power that enveloped him, followed the mental co-link system, trying hard to transmit his own power to the other side as well, carrying all the beliefs he had put in—

The next moment, instead of operating the mecha, he saw M2742 regain its footing with a power that carried a devastating force.

The scarlet sandworm briefly lost its power to fight, while the sandworm with the dark green tentacles was still trying to drag the mecha’s leg. Lin Han clearly felt the mecha’s outward spiritual power become more pure, and the sandworm hissed. It saw the huge mecha turn around swiftly, and threw away the sandworm that had been firmly dragging the mecha’s leg with a single blow!

After the psychic link, either’s mental fluctuations would also infect their companion.

After He YunTing received his spiritual power, Lin Han only felt his blood boiling along with He YunTing. He could almost feel his tense nerves, red eyes, and the surging blood that had never wavered… 

The most intuitive thing was that the mecha belonging to He YunTing had suddenly boosted in performance. After shaking off the green sandworm with vertical tentacles, he ran straight towards the scarlet sandworm that had just had two of its limbs blown off, and the speed at which it built up power at its forehead doubled. It soon burst into a blinding white light — the vortex magnetic rail gun blasted decisively into its brain, and before the giant creature could hiss, its most precious brain had already been blown to bits.

The Zerg’s limbs splattered and scraped across the mecha with an eerie noise.

Even though Lin Han could only see his back, he was filled with unprecedented confidence at the moment. He watched the screen with unblinking eyes, and suddenly a violent wave of vertigo came up—

But He YunTing didn’t seem to be affected, so Lin Han gritted his teeth and channeled another bit of his mental energy.

There were two more Zerg corpses on the ground, and Lin Han realized with a jolt that in addition to the ghostly green one, the last two sandworms were also waving their limbs and coming at them—

Two seconds later, they let out a sharp scream and joined forces with the green sandworm, and all three of them came at M2742!

Instead of attacking them directly, two of the sandworms used all of their limbs to trap the mecha’s leg, while the green sandworm’s tentacles rose high and came straight at the mecha’s front.

The two inside the mecha felt a dizzying sensation at the same time — the two sandworms used all their strength to lift M2742 high into the air, while the frontal sandworm began to probe with its mouthpiece and peck at the front of the mecha that had just fired the vortex magneto cannon. They wanted to continue the plan they hadn’t completed earlier and wanted to drop them to death.

“That green bug is the leader!” Lin Han said loudly into the communicator, holding back the weakness of the incessant loss of spiritual power. And just as Lin Han said these words, the entire mecha was actually lifted up by the monsters and began to lift it overhead!

“Please note the height adjustment. Please note the height adjustment.”

He YunTing urgently turned on the gyroscopic stabilizers and maximum damping, but the lead sandworm didn’t want to let them go and started hitting the mecha’s forehead with its spiked limbs!

The mecha was still being lifted up, and even with the safeguards on, it was unclear how much of the system would work if it was really dropped this hard.

“General!” Lin Han said in a shaky voice, “Let it fall!”

“Open all energy valves and store all weapons before we hit the ground! Including the cannon!”

He YunTing instantly understood Lin Han’s meaning — he wanted the mecha’s instant burst of energy to send out a projectile and attack in a suicidal manner!

The two sandworms lifted them high into the air, and at the last moment, they viciously flung their legs away, flinging the body of the mecha to the ground—

“Now’s the time!”

He YunTing turned on all his weapons’ energy at that moment, the mega particle cannon on his forehead exploded, while the Gatling Vulcan cannon on both arms and feet shot out at the same time. The almost unloadable energy bounced the entire mecha off the two sandworms’s leg, exploding them into fragments that burst into flames at the moment of falling—

Lin Han could barely stand, and could only use his own mental energy to rise to the highest level before transmitting it to the mecha’s AI central defense system.

The next moment, M2742 was rushed to half kneel on the ground by the energy of its own weapon, and the lightsaber didn’t accumulate energy, but walked directly to it. The topmost spiritual power stacked together, extending both the left and right mecha arms, breaking its tentacles, and then all the way down, tearing the leader in half!

Surrounded by black blood and yellow sand, the sandworm began to fight back, and at the last moment when it was about to be torn apart, it used all its strength to plunge a leg into the mecha pod!

“Oxygen reduced, both cockpit oxygen reduced to 80%”

“High outdoor temperature. Mecha broken. Mecha broken…”

Five minutes later, everything reverted to silence.

Lin Han didn’t know how long the struggle lasted. In the last moment, when he was almost about to lose consciousness, and when regained consciousness, he only saw the tattered corpses, and metal fragments.

Even though the mecha didn’t suffer too much damage from the ejection and the mental shield, the energy consumption was too great for M2742.

But fortunately the two really did it, really reversed this near-suicidal attack style.

Except for the fact that the sandworm still ended up poking a hole with its foot limb, luckily it didn’t hurt the pilot.

Lin Han was shaking all over, and for the first time had a strange sense of near-death.

“I’m… I’m okay…” He struggled to catch his breath, his throat felt like he had swallowed a large handful of coarse yellow sand, parched and sweet with the fishy taste of blood, which stung even with a big breath. He closed his eyes, hands propped up on his knees. He obviously didn’t consume too much physical strength, just overused his mental energy, yet he felt drained of all strength.

The mecha had a hole in it so the outside world with a disgusting Zerg smell and high temperature instantly poured in. Lin Han subconsciously touched his face, his black hair was completely wet with sweat still flowing down his forehead.

He saw He YunTing take off his helmet and walk out from the first cockpit.

“Mr. Lin.” He called out to Lin Han once more.

The other man took off his jacket to barely cover the hole punctured by the leg. The yellow sand was blocked, but the high heat couldn’t be.

Lin Han was still carrying the blood from Qi JiaZe’s stabbing of He YunTing, which had turned a deadly crimson due to the temperature and humidity, drying up on his white uniform. Lin Han had nearly fallen in the mecha chamber during the battle, not to mention the subsequent breakage of the mecha, and his face was covered in sticky sweat, mixed with yellow sand and dirt. His black hair was wet and stained on his forehead, and he had just wiped his face, so it was covered in dirt.

But now wasn’t the time to think about this, Lin Han didn’t have the strength to stand up, he could only gasp and lean on the driver’s seat, looking up at He YunTing, who was slowly walking towards him.

Suddenly he felt that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

——Even though his own image had never been as wretched as it was now.

In this moment of absolute silence, Lin Han arched his eyes, gently hooked the corners of his dry mouth, and smiled at He YunTing.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” As if afraid of He YunTing’s worry, he repeated himself.

He YunTing didn’t say anything, just stood still and looked at him. Although his expression didn’t change, the color of his blue eyes became a gradually melting glacial lake.

Lin Han’s heart trembled very lightly, and he gently reached out his hand to He YunTing.

Like that time in the observation room, Lin Han smiled gently and spoke softly.

He said, “General, pull me up a little.”

Lin Han had the illusion that He YunTing was his personal and private robot — only when he opened his mouth did the other person make a move as if in a dream. He YunTing’s face was still handsome and cold, and he reached out his thin calloused hand and took Lin Han’s index finger very gently and carefully.

But what surprised Lin Han was that he didn’t hear a sound in his ears.

An intuition swept over him… 

Was it because he had used too much spiritual power and it was depleted?

If it were normal, Lin Han would be glad that he finally lost this ability that was causing him some trouble, but now he thought otherwise.

He subconsciously didn’t want to believe that he had lost this ability, trying to prove something by moving his index finger, which was gently held by He YunTing. Before the other side realized what he wanted to do, he firmly hooked He YunTing’s hand, and then interlocked all five of his fingers with the other’s … 

So they tightly interlocked their fingers.

Luckily, it hadn’t disappeared yet.

Lin Han had a moment of gratitude.

His face was still grimy and stained, and his bloodstained clothes were crumpled.

And he still heard He YunTing’s heart.

【Despite everything, he’s so beautiful.】


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What a team! These 2 are just meant to be.
I hope the others are also ok and that they can rendezvous with them in time for the leap. If not, that they will be ok and be able to get back separately.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Sue R
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Thanks for the chapter! Wonderful!

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