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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing had heard people say that certain Oddbound creatures with low differentiation levels had a high sensitivity to human pheromones and they were usually very picky. When they met the pheromone they liked, they would try to get close, but if they met one they disliked, they might use their short but sharp nails to scratch the person up.

So it seemed… from the beginning, it had shown favor to Lin Han. In fact, there were signs from the beginning. But he couldn’t think about these questions now.

The Omega in front of him was in unseen pain, his eyes were slightly narrowed, but his clear, pure black eyes were still visible. He YunTing could even feel his burning breath, imagining the thin skin at the back of his neck.

M2742 was supposed to be his personal mecha, and he had never let anyone else on it except for that one repair, so there were no inhibitors at all.

“Lin Han,” he tried to call the other man’s name, “are you okay?”

But as soon as he said it, He YunTing stopped talking right away.

He couldn’t speak.

How could Mr. Lin be okay when he was like this now?

And the most primitive instincts among creatures began to be gradually stimulated by this burst of smell, and He YunTing himself began to feel a dry thirst—

His eyes deepened and he wanted to leave this place immediately, but his legs felt like they were filled with lead, unable to do even a simple movement like that.

Grr seemed to be unaware of what the two were going through, and instead pounced happily into Lin Han’s arms, sniffing lightly for a while before shaking his fur and scurrying to the side of Lin Han’s neck. It found the source of the fragrance, and stretched out its clumsy and short limbs to move two steps closer and closer to the gland… 

Unfortunately, Grr wasn’t able to get there as he had hoped; he was picked up by He YunTing.

Since just now, He YunTing felt that his limbs were becoming unlike his own, and reason told him to leave now and not to care what would happen to this little thing, because he knew that the Kudzuar wouldn’t hurt anyone. But he still grabbed this fur ball and lifted it up, just because he felt that the little thing was too close to Lin Han.

Grr was very dissatisfied, waving its short limbs and small tail in the air, threatening with its teeth and claws, although it didn’t look a bit aggressive, it looked rather comical and cute.

It knew that it was no match for He YunTing, but it seemed to know that this tall, cold man was as bad as the soft, sweet human, and didn’t show its sharp teeth to bite him. It only turned around angrily and used its small tail to face He YunTing, and its claws to stomp around in the air for a while to show its anger.

He YunTing’s voice was cold, “Don’t bother Mr. Lin.”

Then he put Grr back on the floor of the mecha cabin.

Miraculously, Grr really obeyed and rolled himself resentfully to Lin Han’s feet, but didn’t rub up against him again.

And Lin Han didn’t feel the slightest bit better. He stared at He YunTing’s lips until he saw him picking up Grr, then he suddenly realized what was going on. His rut had arrived and just appeared unabashedly in front of He YunTing.

Even now the sight of He YunTing’s lips made him unable to resist coming closer, the reason that gradually returned to him made him deliberately incline his head away.

I can’t… I can’t look.

Lin Han bent his knees in some embarrassment, trying to shrink himself as if he would be less of a mess. But all of his woes had been shown in front of He YunTing.

It was probably because the rutting period was stronger since his mental and physical energy were severely depleted. It made Lin Han feel extra torment, and he didn’t want to look directly into He YunTing’s eyes, but his body’s instincts heated his blood.

The ambiguity between the two finally became the best catalyst. Lin Han didn’t look at him, but still called out hoarsely, “General.”

He YunTing stood still and didn’t dare to move.

“I don’t feel well. It’s… very uncomfortable.” Lin Han’s voice trembled when he spoke, and because he was weak and in heat, even the tone of his voice sounded like a sweet, soft craving.

He remembered the brief two minutes before. That was the arbitrary time he had asked for. Lin Han felt as if he had changed, becoming more greedy for more, even wanting to take this opportunity to ask for more caprice. He also wanted to be embraced, and he wanted to be pampered.

Lin Han’s eyes were covered in a very faint mist, very softly and slowly he said, “Can you help me?” 

The best solution for an Omega without inhibitors was to ask for a temporary mark.

He YunTing didn’t move away after hearing that almost sobbing call, even though he tried to keep himself away from the other.

Lin Han finally found the courage to turn his head again and call him, “General.”

“Hm.” He YunTing’s voice was low and inaudible.

“I don’t mean anything else, just think…” Lin Han’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, he even gave birth to a thought that he was now despicable, but still couldn’t help but speak, “Just think of it as helping me.”

This time He YunTing’s silence was longer than ever, even though he knew what Lin Han was going to say and knew it was the best solution.

Lin Han stretched out his index finger and touched He YunTing’s palm.

Maybe because of the depleted spiritual power, in this brief moment of contact, he couldn’t read his mind. The temperature of He YunTing’s palm was higher than usual, and Lin Han’s heart was beating so hard that his voice was slightly mute when he spoke again, “Make a… temporary mark. Okay?”

He YunTing still didn’t speak.

Grr noticed that the atmosphere at the moment was a little off, and although it wanted to jump up and rub, it didn’t dare in the end, and could only roll around in the increasingly sweet fragrance.

Lin Han knew he wasn’t right. He understood that He YunTing was soft-hearted, but he himself took advantage of this soft-heartedness for the first time. All the situations afterwards could be solved with the word ‘rut,’ as if this could avoid those who didn’t want to mention the surge of ambiguity.

He thought it was a very good idea. Lin Han’s voice was cautiously tentative, with a little thoughtful longing. Lin Han licked his lips and tried to open his eyes wide to look at him. And with a capricious mind he finally became a little bolder, he strained to get up, no longer a slapdash touch, but a firm grip on He YunTing’s hand.

“Mark me, okay?”

I’m too clumsy, but I know you won’t reject me.

This time it took Lin Han a long time to hear He YunTing’s heartfelt voice.

【Mr. Lin smells good.】

【Want to mark.】

Lin Han had finally found a reason to excuse himself from his despicable actions, and he even breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he was also willing, so he didn’t force himself on others.

But the next second He YunTing opened his mouth.

“…No.” There was a rare wavering in his voice, but he said it anyway, “No mark.”

Lin Han’s fingers holding He YunTing moved, as if he didn’t believe he would say that.

This was the first time He YunTing had lied to him.

His heart was straightforward and passionate, but the words that came out of his mouth didn’t match his hesitation and wavering, as if he himself was going through an ordeal no less than Lin Han’s rut.

He YunTing had a strange obsession with marking, last time during the susceptible period and this time too. His hand didn’t let go, He YunTing’s thoughts hadn’t changed, and even intensified—

Lin Han could read all of the other’s desires, but didn’t know how to respond to He YunTing’s rejection.

The previously uncontrollable heat rose again, and he began to feel like a puppet being led by his lust, gritting his teeth to keep certain emotions from leaking out.

But the more he held back, the more difficult it was to get out.

Lin Han saw He YunTing standing in front of him with something in his eyes that he couldn’t see at the moment. The other’s standing posture remained straight, as if his heart wasn’t saying that, and he really didn’t want to mark him.

But why?

He clearly… wanted to do it.

A raging wave came back up towards Lin Han’s heart, he whimpered hard, his mouth and lips and glands emitted a thicker sweet fragrance, he couldn’t think of a solution, but was driven to madness by this inexplicable emotion.

Lin Han began to shake, but still struggled to stand up, lifting his head to look at He YunTing, while his weak legs failed to support him. The moment he fell towards He YunTing, his weight shifted, and without warning fell straight towards him, while the always agile He YunTing didn’t react—

After a feeling of weightlessness, both of them collapsed into the narrow cockpit.

He YunTing shielded Lin Han when they landed, but he himself fell solidly on the floor, even nearly hitting the lever at his back at the moment of landing.

And when Lin Han reacted, he found himself on He YunTing’s chest, with the other man shielding him in an absolutely accommodating posture, not letting him get hurt. Their posture was a bit awkward, with He YunTing lying down on the floor and Lin Han crouching on top of him, as if they were intimate.

This position was too ambiguous, both of their breathing was stagnant, and Lin Han, driven by the posture and the hot tide in his body, slowly got up from He YunTing, as he supported half of his body in a kneeling posture. His hands were more boldly propped on the other’s chest, his gaze was straight as he and He YunTing looked at each other.

The General wore very little, Lin Han only felt his heart was in his palm, and He YunTing’s chest vibration was still powerful, like an echo from the eternal universe.

“Please.” Lin Han felt like a tiny snowman, yet he had to aspire to the blazing heat in front of him. He was willing to melt in the other’s heart, just to get this moment of warmth.

“A mark will hurt.” These were the last words He YunTing said.

When He YunTing’s nostrils spread, he smelled the back of his neck, Lin Han still shuddered a little nervously.

It was so hot.

He YunTing pushed him to the corner, then his blazing and strong breath came over him, Lin Han only had time to feel his collar being ripped away before his canine teeth bit his glands.

“Uh—” Lin Han’s eyes were red at the corners and he closed his eyes in fear at this moment, but there was an indescribable feeling of satisfaction in his heart.

His instinct made He YunTing infuse his own pheromone without a teacher, but probably not knowing the lightness, there was still blood flowing down the part where the canine teeth came in contact with the gland, staining the white uniform, shocking to the eyes.

The overpowering possession made Lin Han not able to say anything at all, a feeling like an electric shock spread throughout his body. He YunTing held his waist, the strength from his teeth didn’t abate by half, but buried deeper and deeper.

The ebony scent gradually overwhelmed the increasingly faint sweet fragrance, the initial pain was long replaced by something else. Lin Han felt himself divided into two parts, half of his soul hanging in the air, waiting for mercy, while the other half was like a container, left in the trembling shell to bear the possession.

Lin Han could barely feel when his eyes were filled with tears and when they fell silently. He reached out his hands very lightly, encircled He YunTing, and tried very hard to find his voice again. He said, “Hug me.” 

He YunTing complied and embraced him tightly while his lips remained pressed against his glands.

Lin Han felt in a trance like a plant that had lost its vitality, leaving only the fruit at the end of its branches for the other to pick, while he himself could only hold his neck and crouch helplessly on top of him.

But… it was different again.

He YunTing’s mark wasn’t a totally possessive action, but a catharsis with a strong emotion. He was unwilling to compromise for the most primitive instincts, but finally found a unique balance between the two in Lin Han’s request.

Emotions and the owner’s feelings also lurked in the pheromone, and Lin Han felt as if he was telling him something.

My pheromone submits to you.

My soul, however, wanders full of lust, thirsting to mate with you.


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April 24, 2022 11:52 am

He YunTing is a really self-controlled character and I feel like his deeper feelings for Lin Han are a part of the reason he holds back. He really respects him and doubtless doesn’t want to risk Lin Han being driven away somehow.
All this couldn’t have happened at a less convenient time… or could it? 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
April 24, 2022 1:08 pm

It’s Fate and Faith.
Thank you 💓.

April 24, 2022 5:53 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 

April 24, 2022 6:02 pm

I love these two! thanks for the chapter

June 24, 2022 11:04 pm

The scream I scrumpt!!!!!!

September 18, 2022 7:32 am

read this chapter listening to asian lofi and wow – my heart is pounding!! Their built up desire is so captivating

January 3, 2023 8:10 pm

AGSNAHSJAIBSKA I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! What a great chapter, Thank you!!

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