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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was obvious that it was only a temporary mark, but because it was the first time for both of them, it had become important and prolonged.

Lin Han saw a snowman who was longing for warmth melting into a refreshing spring water in the other’s pheromone. All his cells were screaming and trembling, but his limbs fell uncontrollably.

The previous hot and dryness that had entangled him all dissipated and was replaced by He YunTing’s silky ebony flavor, and even now, the other still had restraint and wouldn’t let his pheromone press Lin Han too hard.

Lin Han felt as if he had fallen into a dream, the soft grass beneath his feet, and the sunlight sprinkled on his body with a soft warmth.

And He YunTing still remembered him asking for an embrace, so he reached out to hold his waist easily and fetched Lin Han back into his arms gently, one hand pressing his back. He YunTing didn’t know how well the two pheromones fit, but he felt Lin Han leaning obediently on his shoulder, bearing his infusion, accepting his all.

The two of them were in the same boat, and each wave hit them the same.

Lin Han’s body gradually sank in the mark, while reason awoke from the sinking. He felt the touch of the other’s lips on his gland, he didn’t let go of his hands around He YunTing’s neck, but tentatively, from his thinly covered neck upwards, touching the bare skin on the side of his neck.

He had become sluggish in his mind reading, and only after a while did Lin Han hear what He YunTing was thinking.

【I’m afraid of so many things.】

——He was afraid.

Afraid that Mr. Lin was in pain, afraid that Mr. Lin was tired, afraid that Mr. Lin thought he was boring.

I’m afraid that I can’t leave a trace in Mr. Lin’s life, but was tempted by his pheromones and marked him.

Lin Han listened with his chest feeling blocked; his heart felt seeped up in dense pain, but he couldn’t do anything else, and didn’t want to continue to listen. He let his hand drop, and then forced himself to respond to this embrace.

And soon, he began to find the aroma of ebony in the air thickened.

Grr didn’t seem to hate the smell, but since the Alpha pheromone was naturally strong, in the end it didn’t dare to rush up to rub haphazardly, and could only stay in the mecha cabin.

Lin Han felt the force of He YunTing’s grip on his waist tighten by a point, the temperature of his palm was hot, almost burning him. He frowned, since the two of them were too close, and doing something extremely intimate between an Alpha and Omega. In this small space, Lin Han suddenly felt a heat from He YunTing.

He seemed… to be topped.

Even though he had read this kind of content twice, it was the first time he had actually touched and sensed it. Just when Lin Han himself was too late to react, He YunTing himself violently pushed him away and ended the mark with an almost lopsided gesture, not even looking Lin Han in the eyes as he stood up.

He YunTing’s lips were still stained with a strand of blood, and he didn’t even bother to wipe it before walking quickly to the cabin door, holding onto the door frame and exhaling deeply and heavily.

“Mr. Lin should be more comfortable.” The pause in He YunTing’s words also sounded a little tough. As if ashamed of this reaction, his voice was no longer as cold as usual, but with a self-loathing burning sensation and imperceptible trembling. He said,”Get some rest.” 

He YunTing didn’t wait for Lin Han to answer, and wanted to leave the place filled with heavy pheromones.

Lin Han saw He YunTing with his back to him, leaning forward slightly at the knees because of unspeakable embarrassment, but still tall and reliable. He squeezed the door frame with his fingers because of the force they had turned white, as if staying here for another second was unbearable.

He YunTin’s voice resounded in Lin Han’s ears.

Lin Han’s voice was raspy, but he still opened his mouth and called out, “General. Thank you. By the way,” Lin Han lowered his eyes, as if he thought of something, and added softly, “it doesn’t hurt.”

Daylight hadn’t arrived yet, and it was now the coldest time of the day in the border area. He YunTing, still wearing only the thin shirt with the heavy pheromone, walked down from M2742 alone. He took a few steps forward and finally leaned on the mecha’s right leg and slowly slid down until he was sitting.

Only now did He YunTing dare to breathe hard, he covered his face with his hands and clenched his teeth. He didn’t feel the cold, on the contrary, at the moment only feeling the piercing temperature could remind him of what he had just done.

Even if the mark was requested by Mr. Lin, what followed wasn’t what he had envisioned. He used to think that such a thing wasn’t shameful, but he never thought that it would happen at this time.

He YunTing buried his face deep in the palm of his hand, waiting little by little for the overflowing pheromone to dissipate. The blood all over his body was boiling, they too were thirsting, but were constantly suppressed by He YunTing with gritted teeth, unable to bubble up again.

With that burst of dry heat gone, the smell of his pheromone faded.

And after the burst of ebony scent dissipated, He YunTing could smell a very faint smell of blood — from his lips.

It was from when he bit through Lin Han’s gland just now, and he was in such a hurry to leave that he didn’t even have time to wipe off the blood.

The border area was too desolate.

He YunTing just sat there in this desolate land, as he had done at the height of his susceptibility. He began to think back to the first time he saw Lin Han. He had nothing else on his mind at the time but to get the mecha fixed quickly, which was why he had invited the best mecha master.

The first time he saw Lin Han was at the celebration party, where the young man smiled gently and shook his hand.

He YunTing still couldn’t figure out why he felt different from the first moment he saw him, and even before he could even figure out what he was thinking, he began to crave the taste of his pheromone.

Later, those hugs and companionship went by so fast that he even felt that Mr. Lin was such an Omega, the most conspicuous and outstanding of all the people he had ever met.

But he now knew.

He YunTing’s blood all over his body cooled down, as if even his silver hair had lost its luster. He felt bad about what he had done, and Mr. Lin might have loathed him from then on, and perhaps the two of them would never go back to the old days.

But this fact had never been so clearly laid out before him.

He lusted for him.

He YunTing closed his eyes and the corners of his mouth lifted minutely, wondering if he was being sarcastic. Sadly, he hadn’t even learned to smile, but he had learned to snicker and mock first.

But even so—

He YunTing, however, still hung his head with an icy face.

Then he stretched out his tongue and licked off Lin Han’s blood from the corner of his lips.

Perhaps a long time has passed, or perhaps just a few moments.

He YunTing was still sitting next to mecha’s right leg, not knowing how to go back to face Lin Han. Should he apologize, or say something else to remedy the situation?

In that case, Mr. Lin would be less angry.

But He YunTing never had a clumsy mouth, it was too difficult for him, and he couldn’t even find the simplest opening.

He looked a little tired, his eyes dropping to look at the coarse yellow sand in front of him.

And a footstep came from far and near, the world was too quiet, so He YunTing lifted his head almost instantly.

He saw Lin Han walking toward him.

The youth still looked frail, though no longer huddled in the driver’s seat like he had been earlier and unable to get up, but still pale and walking very slowly. His clothes were a little wrinkled and his collar had been ripped open.

The youth was really afraid of the cold, he was still draped in He YunTing pale blue uniform jacket, one size too big, the uniform firmly wrapped around his thin figure. Grr stood tall on his shoulders, his short paws struggling to hold onto the epaulets on He YunTing’s clothes to avoid falling to the ground as Lin Han walked around.

His limbs were still weak, but he still made an effort to walk in front of him.

The two men looked at each other.

Lin Han’s face wasn’t the least bit disgusted or sick of him, even though his rut hadn’t completely passed. His eyebrows were still as soft as ever, as if he could accommodate all of He YunTing’s unpleasant thoughts.

He YunTing wanted to speak, but couldn’t.

“General.” Lin Han’s voice was still clear, calling him.

He YunTing, however, still didn’t open his mouth.

Lin Han curled his eyes in helplessness, smiling softly, “It’s too cold outside.”

He didn’t mention anything about the embarrassment that had just happened, as if it hadn’t affected him.

“Can we go back together?” Like the first two times he waited for He YunTing to pull him up, Lin Han extended his hand towards him, “I’ll pull you up.”

He YunTing’s heart ached for the Omega’s depleted strength, so he could no longer refuse.

When He YunTing entered the mecha, his body only gradually warmed up.

Lin Han didn’t blame him, nor did he ask any more questions, but due to the lack of nutrients, he leaned back into the driver’s seat as soon as he closed the hatch, as if he had overdrawn his physical strength.

Grr was still not close to He YunTing, and even held some grudge against him for picking him up just now, rolling around in Lin Han’s arms, not willing to give He YunTing proper face. Of course, under normal circumstances, no one could quickly find its beady eyes hidden in the black fur.

“Would Mr. Lin like to take a nap?” He YunTing finally found his voice.

“It’s fine.” Lin Han replied, “I’m not very sleepy right now.”

He YunTing worried that he was thinking too much and looked at the little one in the youth’s arms and said, “Tomorrow we can take advantage of the daylight and let the Kudzar… let Grr show us the way.”

The little thing couldn’t run far, and since they could meet them at that time, it meant that there should be other groups of Oddbound creatures around here.

He YunTing forced himself not to look at the back of Lin Han’s neck.

“By the way,” he said, “I promised Mr. Lin when I left the warship that I would tell you about those Omegas.”

Lin Han froze for a moment. Of course he remembered, he just didn’t think He YunTing would really be willing to tell him. He bowed his head in response and stroked the head of Grr who had been rolling around in his arms.

Perhaps Lin Han’s action was too gentle, the little guy enjoyed it so much that he even squinted his eyes in pleasure, his fine soft fur all over his body exploded in a puff, and then reapplied himself to Lin Han’s hand and rubbed into it.

“A few years ago, the Imperial Academy of Life Sciences, after a lot of research and summing up, discovered a very rare trait in Omega.” Lin Han’s hand froze. “The first one to come to this conclusion at that time was a scholar named Xu Zhiheng.” He YunTing said as his voice returned to its usual coldness. “He gave this class of Omega, which are extremely rare in number the name: ‘Burning Blood.’”


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April 25, 2022 11:02 am

He YunTing is just lovely, as is Lin Han. What these 2 are going through, will surely bring them even closer together.
Grr sounds so cute too.
Why do I feel like Lin Han might have this trait that HYT speaks of….
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 25, 2022 12:56 pm

HYT being scared of hurting Lin Han was so sweet.

I’m very interested in the story behind the crazed omegas!

Sue R
Sue R
April 25, 2022 1:39 pm

I wonder what will be the role of this little Grr, will he lead them to another crucial discovery?
Thank you .

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