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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Brother Mu, thank you.” Jing Man’s eyes fell on Mu CangZhou and said this sentence without thinking. When he made a sound, he found that his voice was a bit hoarse.

It was as if the wind suddenly came, calm rivers and lakes stirred up layers of white curling foam. Jing Man’s heart also rippled layer after layer.

This image was fleeting.

He simply did not catch the tail of memory fragments, and did not have time to think about the context, it quickly dissipated. Jing Man could not even figure out why such an image appeared in his mind. The sense of logic was strong, and the physical sense was so real.


Jing Man raised his eyes and landed on Mu CangZhou, his eyes gazing at him with a hint of gratitude.

Whether that image was real, or one that would happen in the future, this image of mutual companionship and licking each other’s wounds alone was worthy of his thanks.

Thank you for being there for me when I was hurt, and for everything you did for me. There were no children to sustain them in that image, they only had each other. And he could tell that Red Tiger was seriously doing everything he could to take care of him and be there for him.

It was warm.

You know, he was twenty years old. His first twenty years were crushed and broken. Only Big Bear and himself had been this close. This was a rare experience for him, and he dared not ask for it. Mu CangZhou finished wiping FanFan’s paws, petting the little white tiger until he purred. Hearing this sound, his heart trembled. In his heart, he thought it was all over!

ManMan decided to sweep his legs out from under himim off his feet, otherwise why would he be polite with him here? Thank you, thank you, these three words, they were not enough!

Mu CangZhou felt a burst of chills behind his back, and the cold hairs on his arms stood up. However, he tried his best to maintain his composure. His voice trembled slightly, waved his hand, “It is just a father helping his son to wipe his feet, why are you being polite with me?”

Sensitive to his change, Jing Man puffed out a smile, laughing extra cheerfully. Since he discovered Mu CangZhou’s true identity at the police station, he thought a lot about it. He also guessed that Mu CangZhou, in addition to his identity, must have more things to hide from him.


He originally thought that since they were both adults, they should not bring home unhappy emotions. So, he had proposed to come to Long’s for a meal. At the table, based on Mu CangZhou’s attitude and sincerity, he was going to decide whether to choose to turn a new leaf and continue to walk hand in hand to eat a normal meal Plan A. Or to tear up his face, the elopement, and eat a break-up meal Plan B.

With a thousand calculations, he forgot about Xiao Shui’s petrifying eyes…

It directly led to a quarreling atmosphere, which was not easy to set up, to be suddenly destroyed with a swish.

And… so sorry Sister Long, Xiao Shui petrified her…

In his heart, he kowtowed to Sister Long!


The two sneaked around together for ten minutes, waiting outside the door for someone to deliver food in order to cover the petrified Long Gui. Jing Man’s heart was beating fast, emotionally excited and happy. The two were in one formation at that moment, back to the relationship before he knew Mu CangZhou concealed his identity.

When he came back, he immediately planned to activate Plan A and treat this as a normal meal.

Well, now… Seeing the memory, he didn’t know whether it was a past memory or a premonition.  

Jing Man’s lips slightly hooked, with a smile in his eyes, he quietly changed his mind. He decided to hide this vision!

Hm, Mu CangZhou, I got a little secret too!

Jing Man had a very deep sense of foreboding that afterwards, at a specific time and scenario, the vision he saw would automatically be fulfilled! Forming a story!

It depended on who couldn’t hold it in first and would reveal the secret first!

Just married, he had not yet enjoyed the newlywed life, how could he even mention divorce?


The meal started off as a mess, but the second half of the meal was a happy one.

The more Mu CangZhou ate, the more he found that Jing Man did not care to punish him. It seems that he automatically accepted his identity as the head of his own egg breeding base! Jing Man’s mood was so good that he even helped himself to serve food and pour water!

Jing Man was happy, he was also happy, and the two were back to a happy life.

At the end of the meal, Mu CangZhou stood up and stuffed the kids into the stroller. The meal took a little longer for the dads to eat, and the children drifted off to sleep in the setting sun after milk cake.

As Mu CangZhou adjusted the stroller, Jing Man took a look. Jing Man, “No need to put the canopy down, we’ll be home in a minute.”

So, they left Long’s.

In the stroller, four hatchlings and two eggs were huddled together just like baby chicks.

Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi were sleeping soundly, and Jing Man had appropriately pulled the peach blossom branch out from under Xiao Jin’s heavy metal wings, lest he wake up and accidentally rip it off.

Medusa Xiao Shui lifted his eyelids to take a look.

Thinking of something, he moved to the corner of the baby stroller, and then turned his back.

The little white tiger FanFan ate a lot and could only lie on his back. His belly was rounded and he could only play dead next to his slightly cool medusa brother. He curled beside Xiao Shui’s body since it smelled like milk.

In August, the day was hot, and no one wanted fur stuck to their body. The medusa was an aquatic creature and did not like his brother’s fur. So, he kept drilling deeper and deeper into the stroller, trying to avoid him.

However, as soon as he moved, FanFan became confused and stuck to him. The furry belly and paws rubbed against him, and got even hotter.

Xiao Shui was annoyed and used his hair to push the little tiger outward a little, “Go over there!”

FanFan was sleepy, was pushed by his brother until he rolled over, and was on top of Xiao Jin’s wings. It didn’t hurt, but FanFan was startled and howled loudly, “Meooow–“

Jing Man heard the sound and hurriedly stopped to ask, “What’s going on?”

FanFan did not know anything, just scared, sitting there, eyes wide and round.

Xiao Shui was squished even though he wanted to sleep. He was angry, but could not say a lot of words. He was so upset and aggrieved that he could only point to his own eyes and draw a small circle with his left hand, “Xiao Shui.”

After that, he pointed to FanFan and drew a big circle with his right hand, “Brother.”

Both hands slapped together and the right hand pressed the left hand to the ground. Then a strand of hair floated up and yanked the right hand up. Finally he ran over and touched his right hand on Xiao Jin’s wing, “Meooow!”

Jing Man thought it was cute as hell as he watched his son act out the mime. He roughly understood, “Xiao Shui, do you mean that you can only stay in the corner because of your eyes? And then your brother wanted to stay wherever he wanted to stay, but also squished you, so you pushed him away, he hit Xiao Jin and screamed?”

Finally someone understood himself, the medusa exhaled and nodded heavily. He bit his lower lip and forced calmness on his face.

Little did he know that he was being sold out by his hair. Just seeing his hair messy tangled together, interlocking, it increasingly morphed into a large woolen ball. The four children were very knowledgeable and independent in character. Obviously, he was a little younger than FanFan, but took on the responsibility of taking care of others.

Jing Man’s heart was warmed as he picked up FanFan, who was exhausted and sleepy, so that Xiao Shui could sleep in peace. After that, he raised his eyes to Mu CangZhou, “Brother Mu, is there a way to turn off the medusa’s petrifying eyes?”

Mu CangZhou… He had just half guessed what Xiao Shui was playing at. He was stunned when Jing Man asked this. Hearing the question, he nodded his head slightly, but the expression on his face was not relaxed, “There is.” 

There was indeed a way to nullify the Petrifying Eye.

But, he didn’t know how…

During the time in the fourth world, Sea of Ice, Jing Man was a medusa and himself was a serpent-tailed siren. The two did not land together at the start and saw each other only after a while.

After meeting, Jing Man gleefully showed the effect of the Petrifying Eye, put them away with ease, and had on a small proud face. He said the older medusa taught him how to converge his breath, he learned to hide it himself, otherwise a lot of people would have been petrified along the way.

At that time, he was so happy to finally meet ManMan, the knowledge did not enter his head at all!

In Sky Blue Star, medusas were an extremely rare and special race, and if someone wanted one, it was not easy.

The only guy around who has mastered how to restrain his power… had amnesia, and could not be counted on. 

Jing Man asked again, “Then, what should we do?”

Mu CangZhou was silent for a long time and slowly spoke, “I’ll go back and ask Tian Yuan.”


Jing Man’s house has plenty of rooms, and the two had no more good reason to sleep together. Late at night, Mu CangZhou laid in bed, nostalgic for the days and nights when he ate and slept with ManMan at the Five Seasons Hotel. The more he thought about it, the more energetic he became, and he couldn’t sleep at all. He took a hot shower, his hair dripping with water, running down his collar and wetting the fabric.

But to no avail, he tossed and turned with ManMan in mind.

The ManMan who slept beside him like a clingy puppy, the ManMan who woke up in his arms with clear eyes…

He can’t.

In order to change his mood, Mu CangZhou decided to go downstairs to warm a glass of milk.

When he pushed open the door, he saw a scorching light under Jing Man’s bedroom door.

It was two o’clock in the night, why aren’t you asleep?

Mu CangZhou’s heart was slightly moved. He walked up and knocked on the door with very light movements. No one answered, perhaps he forgot to turn off the lights.

Mu CangZhou lowered his eyes, feeling uninterested, and intended to leave.

As a result – the next second, the door opened.

Jing Man was wearing light pajamas and looking at him with a light smile.

Mu CangZhou noticed that both buttons of his blouse were unbuttoned, revealing his Adam’s apple, collarbone and a piece of white, translucent skin. His breath hitched and his throat rolled.

“Wait a minute.” Jing Man smiled and fumbled to turn off the lights, and came out from the door. He asked, “What’s wrong, Brother Mu?”

Mu CangZhou smiled, “I couldn’t sleep, I was worried about the children.”

Oh, Jing Man twisted his head to look at the door, “They have long been asleep, children sleep a lot, but might be noisy in the middle of the night.”

Mu CangZhou eyed the man standing so close to him that they could hug at the first reach, and kiss him on the corner of the lips at half a step away.


After all he had been through, he now could not predict with 100% certainty the consequences of doing so. Would ManMan respond to him? Or would he drop a big slap on the face and tell him to pack up and get out.

As he pondered whether to take the risk or not, a light scent hit him and Jing Man arrived in his arms, wrapping his arms around his waist. In the hazy light, Mu CangZhou saw that the person in his arms had slightly red ears and clear, bright eyes.

So, Mu CangZhou gulped and invited, “ManMan, can you sleep in my room tonight?”

Jing Man laughed and let go of the hug, returning to a distance of one step away, “Why? In what name?”

Mu CangZhou, blessed to the core, opened his personal terminal and pointed to their marriage certificate. Mu CangZhou stiffly slid down the expert-written marriage dictionary and read, “Newlyweds sleeping in separate rooms will affect the relationship, it is recommended not to…”

“Oh, this.” Jing Man clasped his hands and leaned against the door with a manic smile on his face, “There is no relationship in the first place, how else can it affect anything?”

At that, Mu CangZhou’s mood sank to the bottom, eyes gloomy.

But next, Jing Man headed for the guest room, “I’ll sleep in your room. I got up in the middle of the night to take care of the kids.”

Mu CangZhou, “What about me?”

Jing Man said rightfully, “You’ll sleep in your room too, we are indeed a newlywed couple, right?” His voice was getting lower and lower, “Just because we don’t have a relationship now doesn’t mean we won’t have one in the future…”

Seven days can form a habit, and after sleeping in the same bed with this person for ten days, his habit was locked.

He couldn’t sleep.

Lying on the bed, he listened to the breathing of the person next to him, sniffing the scent of his body.

Mu CangZhou was in a very excited mood, looking at Jing Man with eyes full of love.

“Brother Mu, sleep.” Feeling the burning eyes running over his body, Jing Man’s heart heated up. He stretched out a hand to cover Mu CangZhou’s eyes.

“Okay, ManMan good night.” Mu CangZhou pulled his hand over and kissed the palm of his hand.

Later, he crawled over again and looked at Jing Man with one hand propped up, “ManMan, stay with me, okay?”

Jing Man was speechless, “We already got a license, how else do you want to be together?”

Mu CangZhou smiled, squeezed his left hand and nibbled on the ring finger, “Okay, wife, tomorrow I’ll go buy a ring.” 

The ring, a trap for public love.

Jing Man, “… Don’t change indiscriminately.”

Meanwhile, on a deserted island somewhere in the Sky Blue Star, a friend from the Dragon’s Realm landed. This was the first target of the mission the two were protecting – the nearly extinct embroidered thread dragon, Suther.


The author has something to say: 

Mu CangZhou: Don’t change your name indiscriminately? So! Can I buy a ring? [Xi Da Pu Ben]1

Jing Man: Sell silly old gong, ten dollars for two.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 喜大普奔; Xi Da Pu Ben is internet slang that is an abbreviation that can translate to: Delighted to see and hear; To the people’s satisfaction; The whole world celebrates; And everyone rushes to spread the news


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