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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han couldn’t remember when he fell asleep. He didn’t even remember He YunTing carrying him to clean up, he hugged his shoulders and kept napping. He YunTing was very careful, and was worried that Lin Han was overused and would hurt. He was very patient and gentle.

He YunTing didn’t want Lin Han to think about it, but He YunTing treated him completely and utterly revernantly and left him with the strength to think. Lin Han, confused, found that there was really a really big gap between the physical differences of Omegas and Alphas.

This time He YunTing slept with him in his arms, holding Lin Han’s hand like he did in the border area.

So Lin Han had a dream again.

In the dream, he seemed to go back to the time when he first enrolled in the university, just like the freshman ceremony that year, everything was the same as before, the flowers, the trees, the starry sky and the Milky Way. The difference was that this time there was light coming in, and it fell on a corner that he shouldn’t have noticed.

A certain young man looked cold, but his gaze couldn’t help but be attracted to the person talking above. Even if he didn’t smile, his eyes were soft.

That should be the beginning of them.

The next day was a public holiday, so Lin Han didn’t have to go to work, He YunTing also didn’t have be at the base so early, he first night’s exertion made Lin Han wake up only at noon when He Yunting woke him up, helping him get up to drink nutrients.

For the weak Omega, ordinary food was far less important than nutrients, so Lin Han, despite his reluctance, got up from bed with a sigh. He was unwilling to take a few steps, and deliberately relied on He YunTing to take him to wash up before frowning and drinking the nutrients in his hand. He YunTing wasn’t very talkative, so Lin Han sat on the bed and began to remember this long, long dream.

He was actually aware that He YunTing was holding him as he slept, and he was so blessed that Lin Han suddenly remembered something, thinking that when he and He YunTing were trapped in the border area, the other also seemed to have entered his dream very naturally, just like today. But probably because He YunTing didn’t regain his memory at that time, he wasn’t able to remember the past, the content of the dream wasn’t too specific, but he still dreamed that the two were together, very naturally meeting and loving each other.

Tossing the package of nutrition to the side, Lin Han raised his hand and poked He YunTing, curving his eyes and asking, “I thought of something.”


“When you were in the border area, did you also sleep with me in your arms like this?”

He YunTing didn’t expect Lin Han to suddenly bring up this matter, nor did he expect that these small moves he had made would eventually be noticed, so he admitted, “…Yes.”

“That’s alright then.” Lin Han smiled, the taste of nutrients in his mouth hadn’t dissipated yet, so with some bad intention to use his lips, he pressed it against He YunTing’s, so he could also get a taste of this unpleasantness.

Only when the other man rolled away all the taste of nutrients in his mouth did Lin Han back away dizzily, feeling as if he had lifted a stone and smashed his own feet. He felt that he couldn’t give all the benefits to this person, and while He YunTing was dressing himself he asked, “Is there anything else you’re hiding from me besides quietly sleeping with me?”

He YunTing obediently said, “Yes.”

Lin Han asked, “Was it also in the border area?”

After all, there were no nutritional supplements at that time, and one fell into a coma for longer than ever.  “And what did you do while I was asleep?”

He YunTing nodded, “I… kissed your hand.”

He was about to continue saying that he kissed more than one day, but suddenly he remembered some strange creature whose hobby was to imitate and suddenly he shut up.

Lin Han found his reaction unexpectedly amusing, “Why did you stop talking?”

He YunTing strained the corners of his mouth, “…That’s all I’ve ever done.”

“Oh.” Lin Han nodded, He YunTing was still thinking about how to reveal this matter, but to his surprise, an Omega’s mind was flexible and remembered this matter almost at the same time as him, “—The GrrThudThud! Am I right?”

He remembered the strange action made by the two massive creatures on the Oddbound creature planet before, and when he thought about it now, it was really a finger kissing action. At that time, he was in a fog and asked He YunTing if they were having intercourse. The other side had a cold face and gave an ambiguous answer.

Lin Han suddenly became happy, He YunTing’s expression at that time and now overlapped, there was a kind of uncovered vain, but stiffly maintained their own habitual expression.

“…Don’t laugh.” But there were still differences, like now He YunTing would try to tell Lin Han.

Lin Han immediately straightened the corners of his lips that were curled up, pursued them to death, and pointed to He YunTing to show him, “Look, I’m obedient, I’m not smiling.”

But the tips of his eyes are still curved down, revealing the black and white watery pupils.

“Okay, okay, I’m really not laughing.” Lin Han eased up before standing up from the bed.

“Speaking of which, I see that you seem to have a prejudice against Professor Xu,” he asked casually, remembering He YunTing’s attitude towards Xu Zhiheng the day before, “is it because of the previous incident with V Proton Star?”

“No.” He YunTing didn’t want to hide it from Lin Han, his tone was light, “I just instinctively don’t like him very much.”

This was probably the first time He YunTing expressed his attitude towards a person so bluntly, Lin Han wasn’t present at the V Proton Star incident, so he couldn’t actually say anything. 

But he thought, Sure enough, I’m not at all as calm and fair as I thought I was.

He himself used to like Xu Zhiheng’s lectures, and the other party was one of the professors he respected, but if He Yunting had a problem with him, then he would definitely not hesitate to take his side.

“Then let’s not talk about that.” Lin Han opened the bedroom door, and only after a while did a certain little guy squirm and roll in, looking aggrieved, as if it had been left out for too long.

After a while, Lin Han finally coaxed the little dumpling and brought it food, before the other side happily rubbed his hand again and got off him.

He Yunting watched all this with a softness in his eyes that he himself never would’ve imagined.

When Grr went to play somewhere else, the two of them were left alone in the room again.

After chatting for so long, it was finally time to face the topic of last night.

Lin Han was afraid that he might have concerns, so he walked over to He Yunting and asked, “Have you thought about it yet?”

He Yunting didn’t say anything, but directly took him into his arms.

His actions had already told Lin Han that there was no need to ask more questions.

He had worries and apprehensions, but no matter what, he still wanted to find out.

“I told Lu Anhe that if you’re willing to get your memories back in the end, I will talk to him about it.”

After all, it was Lu Anhe who was handling the follow-up stuff, and when the two of them got the meteorite back, they still had to let him know.

He Yunting nodded stoically.

“That’s fine.”

Lu Anhe wasn’t surprised to hear Lin Han contacting him and immediately answered, then said, “This way, Mr. Lin, when you get the stuff, just come to the base directly, I will tell you the rest.”

Lin Han could hear that Lu Anhe’s tone was a bit unstable, as if he was also worried about this matter, but still chose to respect all of He Yunting’s decisions.

“It will be fine, Mr. Lin.”


Lin Han responded.

He Yunting changed into an inconspicuous outfit, like the one he had used to accompany Grr to the zoo before.

Lin Han felt nostalgic when he saw this outfit, “I should buy you a new one next time, and change the style more often.”

He Yunting gently responded.

The private craft was very efficient, so it didn’t take the two of them long to walk to the entrance of the display hall.

Because it was a public holiday, there were a lot more people today than last time.

Lin Han sensed the other’s nervousness and very gently squeezed He Yunting’s palm, gently saying.

“Let’s go in.”


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June 12, 2022 11:08 am

I wonder what memories will be uncovered, if they will be as Lin Han has imagined and what effect they will have on He YunTing. I doubt there will be any negative impact on their relationship, as I really feel they are too solid for that to happen, now.
I hope it doesn’t make them sad, after all the past is gone and cannot be changed, so wasting energy on it when they are so close and happy now, would not be worth it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 21, 2022 8:38 pm

I’m so curious about these memories!

Thank you for giving us this chapter to enjoy!

Official LMW release!

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