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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 31: Ready to Go Home

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

When the warship reached the headquarters, it slowed down, lowered its height, and moved  towards the middle bulge of the steel giant not far ahead.

A small opening slowly opened at the protruding belly of the gyroscopic general headquarters, and a ten meter long square corridor appeared. The warship continued to adjust its position to connect the exit with the corridor. When the port of the corridor connected with the warship exit, the four walls immediately generated a strong suction force, firmly covering the surrounding area of the warship exit without leaving a gap. Then the entrance of the general command headquarters slowly opened, and bright lights flashed in the originally dark corridor.

The door of the warship slowly opened, and Ye Shao followed a group of soldiers into the brightly lit corridor. Because it was made of a steel like material, a large group of people stepped on it, and the whole corridor was filled with the sounds of footsteps.

The soldiers finally returned to the place they knew, and could not help but cheer.

The ten meter corridor ended, and Ye Shao glanced at the spacious circular hall that curved towards the distance. Not far away, soldiers from other warships came out of different exits, and the spacious hall suddenly seemed a little crowded.

Now that he was here, he was ready to go back to his home. He hadn’t been back for years and had been training on other planets. Moreover, after leaving Dixing, he never visited grandma Irene who lived next door to his house. The kind old lady took special care of him after his mother left. Almost as if he was her own loved one. If not for her, he was afraid that soon after his mother abandoned him, he would have died quietly.

“Daddy? What are you thinking?” The baby silently called mother several times in its heart. Then the baby wriggled a few times in a happy mood. After the terrible uncle left, the baby would no longer have to suppress itself. But if that uncle could let him eat enough energy then disappear again, then the baby would be able to protect its mother~

“Don’t move.”

Because there were a large group of soldiers around, Ye Shao did not dare to speak out loud, for fear that others would find him strange. He reached out and touched his stomach, frowned and whispered.

The baby seemed to be aggrieved and trembled twice, then stopped moving.

If he remembered correctly, in order to facilitate the people in the general headquarters to return to the Empire, there was a place for those in the ship to travel between the Empire and the general headquarters. The transit went back and forth once a week.

Ye Shao paused for a moment and decided to ask one of the soldiers next to him about the location of the ship, and when the ship would leave for Dixing.

Just as he tried to stop the soldier passing by, a beautiful female voice stopped him, “Ye Shao.” 

He turned his head, and Delia, who was standing at the entrance, waved to him. The long golden hair that had been scattered on her shoulder slipped to her proud chest with her movements. Her green eyes looked like two pieces of green glass under the light. Seeing Ye Shao looking back at her, she also laughed, and then crossed her long legs and walked towards Ye Shao.

As Delia approached, Ye Shao saw Sheryl’s cold face follow Delia silently. His dress was still very meticulous, and there was hardly a wrinkle on his uniform. But behind Delia’s back, his movements were obviously a little stiff.

Delia walked up to Ye Shao. Ye Shao immediately stood up and was preparing to salute Delia and Sheryl. However, Delia raised her hand and stopped him. “There’s no need to salute. Maybe after you go back this time, your fighting skills will make you and I equals.” She blinked playfully.

“Even if I can get promoted by virtue of my fighting merits, I can’t jump three levels in a row, Colonel.”

Delia did not speak, and her green eyes flashed. It seemed that Ye Shao did not know Long Yuan’s identity.

With Long Yuan’s domineering personality, he would certainly arrange Ye Shao to go with him when he went back, and the position would most likely be on the royal guard’s team. Moreover, the captain of the guard team had the opportunity to serve the prince closely. It just so happened that Ye Shao belonged to the First-Class soldier group. It was a certainty that Ye Shao would be promoted to the guard’s team. In addition, he had made contributions to Alpha this time. It would not be too much to make him a captain of the guard’s team.

A captain of the guards, when meeting a colonel, did not have to salute. It could be said that he would be treated with the same status as the colonel. Maybe Long Yuan had already given him the position after he returned to the Empire, but he had not received the letter of appointment.

Delia didn’t point it out, instead, she changed the topic, “What about Long Yuan? I remember him being with you all the time? Where has he gone?” She obviously felt the body of Ye Shao standing in front of her stiffen when he heard her question, and his face became a little unnatural, and then recovered to its original appearance the next moment.

“Report, sir, he went home in advance.” Ye Shao couldn’t help drooping his eyes, his long eyelashes covered them.

Sure enough, Long Yuan didn’t tell him his identity, and he certainly didn’t contact him after he was picked up by Reed that day. Now, the expression of Ye Shao was obviously sulking. In addition, the reason for Long Yuan’s return this time was still because the Queen had tried to get him engaged. Well, she seemed to have seen the engagement notice on the Empire’s latest interstellar news today…

Although she knew that it would be cancelled in the end, she suddenly wanted to see what would happen when the two people met. Delia didn’t want to reveal Long Yuan’s identity at this time. Anyway, she had been reminded that she couldn’t disclose his identity to Ye Shao, Delia had some bad thoughts. Anyway, it was not bad for Long Yuan.

Delia thought it would be very interesting to see Long Yuan’s possible reaction to Ye Shao’s displeasure, even the corners of her lips could not help but curl up~

“Is that so? It’s a pity. I wanted to express my gratitude to him for helping the army eliminate the monsters on Alpha many times, and give him the reward he deserves on behalf of the army.” Then she turned to look at Sheryl standing behind her, motionless, “Sheryl, don’t you have anything to say to little Ye Shao?”

Sheryl and Delia looked at each other, then immediately turned their heads, blue eyes looking at Ye Shao, he thought for a moment, and said, “Originally, I wanted to report your performance to the military department and give you the corresponding material reward. But because you violated one of my orders in the execution of the task, and the rewards and punishments are equal, I am not prepared to investigate your fault. What do you think of my words?”

“No comment, sir.” Ye Shao stood up straight with his slender waist and legs in a straight line.

“Sheryl, don’t be so serious ~” Delia looked at Sheryl standing beside her, and then looked at Ye Shao. “Okay, that’s all we have to say. Where do you want to go?”

“Report, sir. I want to find the location of the ship.” Ye Shao replied.

“That’s right. Today is the day to turn back to Imperial Star,” Delia said, taking out her communicator and looking at the time on it. “It’s almost an hour away. Do you want me to take you there?”

“Just tell me the location. I don’t want to trouble you.”

“All right. You remember it’s at dock S34, go right, turn ten stops, and the next one is there.” Delia glanced at Ye Shao, whose insistence showed on his face. He was not good at demanding things. After pointing out the location for him, she said, “The assignment and reward for your position will be sent to your communicator within a few days.”

She believed that Long Yuan couldn’t wait long.

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October 31, 2020 9:14 pm

Oohh…baby so cute😍😍

October 31, 2020 11:19 pm

Adorable Baby….. and it’s still rebelliously calling Mommy “Mommy” in it’s heart……, because Mommy is “Mommy” and not “Daddy”. Love it. But Baby you should be aware that sooner or later the “scary uncle” will be back.
Thank you very much for this chapter.

October 31, 2020 11:48 pm

Engagement? Bwahahahahaha. as if Long Yuan will allow it to happen.An yup, Baby is still cute. Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 1, 2020 12:11 am

daddy~……………..sounds like some kind of kink but he cute uwu

November 1, 2020 3:43 am

thank you for the chapter!

November 23, 2020 8:00 pm

Come on, don’t let long yuan fix the problem with the fiancee before le shao even gets to meet her! We’ve got to have a little cat fighting at least! I love when girls but in on bl’s! Such a simple way to up the drama lol.

July 8, 2021 8:42 am

Stood out when Baby thought about getting strong enough to enable it to protect its ‘Mother’… just what is Baby? I feel like it’s a good being.
Thank you for translating.

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