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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Ye Shao took off his protective helmet, but his black pupils were still a little cold. “Do you want to compare more?”

“No, I apologize for what I said about you.” The man took off his protective helmet and looked at Ye Shao with a trace of disdain like before. “You have the ability to sit in the position of the Chief Bodyguard. I hope you can forgive me for my recklessness…” The man bent deeply towards Ye Shao.

“Wait a minute, Nik, you haven’t compared your mecha driving skills with him!” One of the six men who came with the man glanced at Ye Shao, full of jealousy. “It can’t be decided yet that the man who looks like a woman is better than you!” The man really couldn’t stand it, it would be okay if Nik had become the bodyguard captain, but he had never seen this boy, why did he become a bodyguard as soon as he appeared?

“Ash, I said Ye Shao won, and he won.” Nik’s dark face had a serious look. “There’s no need to compare the rest. I give up.”

Ye Shao didn’t speak. He just took the cross hilt and went to Ash, then the blue light beam lit up straight across the tip of his nose. “If you’re not convinced, you can compete with me. I’ll battle with you.”

Ash’s skinny cheeks were red with anger. His eyes looked at Ye Shao with poison. What right did this sissy man have to point a sword at him?

“Ash –” Nik’s eyes turned a little more serious. “As I said, it was Ye Shao who beat us today.”

“Well, I don’t believe I can’t beat you.” Instead of paying attention to Nik, he snorted and turned to the equipment room.

Ye Shao turned his head and looked at Nik, he liked the straightforward nature of this dark man. He pursed his lips, and his pure black pupils showed a trace of firmness. “I said that people who doubt my ability can compare with me face to face. Since he doesn’t believe me, I will convince him with my own strength.” With that, Ye Shao glanced around the rest of the guards. “Who else would like to compete with me except for Ash?”

All the guards were silent. It took only three minutes for Ye Shao to defeat Nik. All his moves were not sloppy and they also clearly saw that Nik didn’t even have time to fight back against Ye Shao’s attacks.

From this fight, they could get a glimpse of Ye Shao’s background.

They were unconvinced that Ye Shao didn’t have any ability and became the Chief Bodyguard. Now that Ye Shao has demonstrated his strength in front of them, their dissatisfaction gradually dissipated. Besides, Ash had come forward to challenge less openly, they just needed to see the final results. So Ye Shao paused, but didn’t wait for the answer from the guards.

“No one else?” Ye Shao asked again, “Then I’ll take it as you’ve all given up.” Ye Shao went to the equipment room and had good eye contact with Ash who just came out. Ash snorted at him and threw him a dimension ring with a mecha.

Ye Shao’s eyes flashed, but he still took the dimension ring.

Seeing Ye Shao grab the ring, Ash’s mouth suddenly showed a trace of a sneer, though it was hard to detect. Ye Shao and Ash walked away from each other more than ten meters, and then dropped their mechas.

Both mechas in the battle room were A-class. The beautiful lines shone in the sunlight from the upper window of the fighting room. The black and white mecha faced each other in the open room. Ye Shao and Ash quickly mounted their mecha.

The other went into the safe area of the fighting room. This was a small room of more than 10 square meters, but the equipment inside was very complete. The viewers could clearly see the battle outside from the large screen equipped in front.

Ye Shao and Ash started their mechas. After calling up the operation page, a 10 second countdown appeared on both. When the time hit zero, both sides could start attacking each other.

Ye Shao was staring at the number beating in front of him. When the color of the number turned to a red zero, he quickly inputted a command. The white mecha quickly touched his waist, and  grasped a blue and white lightsaber in his hand. The huge steel and iron giant foot stepped on the ground and brought up tiny dust particles. The blue and white lightsaber crossed the mecha in front of the body, towards the black mecha opposite.

The black mecha also quickly took out his lightsaber to block the attack of the all-white mecha. However, due to the impact of the attack of the all-white mecha, the whole fuselage slid back more than one meter, and a long mark was scratched on the ground.

The two blue and white lightsabers constantly rubbed each other and burst with golden sparks.

Ye Shao’s eyes were fixed on the holographic image in front of him. His white and slender fingers were constantly jumping on the green operation interface, and another command was inputted. The body of the all-white mecha suddenly retreated and ran to the other side. His body quickly flashed, and the blue and white lightsaber sliced across the side of the black mecha.

Ash rushed in a command and blocked Ye Shao’s attack again. But his actions were obviously not as good as Ye Shao’s, who blocked immediately when he entered a command. Ash switched to a real weapon and shot out a gun blast towards Ye Shao! However, something was wrong with Ye Shao! He didn’t move!

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Study finds, the louder the monkey the smaller its balls.

November 8, 2020 4:12 pm

YeShao will surely win against this one, too.
Thanks a lot for this chapter.

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 8, 2020 6:55 pm

Ye Shao is a first class soldier he’s very good at fighting thank you for the update love it more please

November 8, 2020 9:56 pm

I don’t doubt Ye Shao’s skills, but I kind of feel that Ash used some kind of trick. I hope he is prepaed to shoulder the resulting shame.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 8, 2020 11:18 pm

What?!is Ye Shao mecha has been tampered with😲😲

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Thank you!

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Something is definitely wrong with Ye Shao’s mecha. Hmmmm…..

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