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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Ye Shao turned out of the gate of the palace. Outside the palace was a huge garden with gorgeous flowers blooming in the flower beds regardless of the season. The flowers were colorful and vibrant. The petals even had water droplets left from the sprinklers.

In the middle of the garden, a huge circular fountain was built, and the sound of the water covered the murmuring voices. The voice from behind the fountain became clearer as Ye Shao got closer. Originally, Ye Shao was going to walk away quietly, but when he heard his name, he subconsciously stopped and moved close to the fountain.

“…I heard that the appointment of the Chief Bodyguard was promulgated by his Highness. He looks more beautiful than a wife. He must be very good in bed, so his Highness seems to love him very much. His highness asks him to serve almost every day, and even the last Chief Bodyguard never got so much time to get close to his Highness.”

“Nik, you had the best chance to become the captain of the bodyguards. I didn’t expect you to be pushed down like this…” A male voice said sadly.

A rough voice immediately rang out, “Damn it, don’t compare me with that woman-like man, he’s  just the cheaper version of me.”

“We have been guards for four years, and we are apparently not as good as the man who warms his Royal Highness’s bed for a night…”

“The boy’s waist is as thin as a water snake’s. It must be easy to twist on the bed…”

“Oh, why, do you like him too?”


A group of people laughed, and then, all of a sudden, their faces changed, as an electromagnetic laser gun shooted between their faces and made a round hole the size of a marble in the ground.

What made them even paler was that the laser almost touched the cheek of the one who laughed the most happily among them. If it had deviated a little, it would have shot through the head of that person!

What kind of precision was this, at least none of them could do it!

The face of the man who nearly died under the electromagnetic gun broke out in a cold sweat. His smile stiffened on his face and looked very funny.

The protagonist, who had just been discussed by them, slowly walked out from the back of the fountain, with an electromagnetic gun in his hand hanging beside his thigh. There was not a trace of expression on the beautiful face, which seemed a little fierce. The sharp chin looked a little tight, and the dark eyes were like two black gemstones immersed in ice water. They looked at the people coldly, and his pink lips pursed tightly. The whole person seemed to be shaped by ice and snow, and his body exuded cold air.

“What the hell are you doing?” The first to react was a man with a large body and a  dark complexion. He looked at Ye Shao with scrunched eyebrows, his upright face infected with anger and looked a little ferocious. The muscles on his arms also rose up, and his upper body’s military uniform bulged.

Instead of speaking, Ye Shao took a few steps forward.

Seeing that Ye Shao still held the electromagnetic gun tightly in his hand, the dark man carefully drew out his electromagnetic gun from his clothes and put his finger on the butt of the gun. If Ye Shao took any action, he would not hesitate to raise his arm and aim the muzzle at Ye Shao.

But Ye Shao stopped after a few steps, and his black pupils looked at them with a cold light. “I heard everything you just said.”

“So what if you heard it? You’re just like a woman. His highness transferred us all away the day you came. You came out the next morning and your mouth was swollen. Don’t think we don’t know what you’ve done. I look down on men who serve people with their asses.”

Ye Shao’s face changed again. No one could see when he made the move, but in a moment, a round hole appeared on the side of the man’s leg. Ye Shao knew that he would be doubted as soon as he took office, and it was expected that there would be gossiping behind his back. However, he could not bear to be criticized for his appearance.

Although he was forced by Long Yuan on that day, it was an insult to his personality to say that he was physically superior. Not only that, but they said so behind his back, which was also disrespectful to Long Yuan. Part of the reason why he became captain of the bodyguards was because of Long Yuan, but he did make contributions on Alpha, and there was a corresponding reward for reporting Alpha’s first-hand information. Although with his qualifications, it seemed a little early to be captain of the bodyguards, but in any case, he could not accept the evaluation of others like this!

A blue vein burst out on the brow of the dark man. He was trying to lift his arm holding the electromagnetic gun, but he saw Ye Shao put the electromagnetic gun back into his holster. The man’s brain could not help but have doubts.

“Since you doubt my ability, let’s have a face-to-face comparison.” Ye Shao said as he turned and walked towards a marble path.

The dark-skinned man paused for a moment. He didn’t expect Ye Shao to answer him like this. Originally, he thought Ye Shao would report this to his Royal Highness. Unexpectedly, he wanted to challenge them positively?!

Maybe they were all wrong about this kid in front of them? Or maybe this kid just wanted to fool them with his words, and maybe he couldn’t really beat anyone here?

Maybe the boy’s shooting skills were good, but for actual combat and mecha driving skills, he did not believe that this boy could beat him. The man put the electromagnetic gun back into his holster, and frankly followed Ye Shao. Anyway, he wanted to see what the boy wanted to do.

In the palace, there was a fighting room specially prepared for the internal staff. After all, the guards inside the palace were a group of young and vigorous men, so of course there would be some friction. Fighting in the palace was not allowed, and private fighting was also prohibited, but it was fair to challenge each other here.

Ye Shao pushed open the heavy door of the battle room and took the lead to walk in. The area inside was very wide with four safety zones in each corner of the fighting room. This equipment was not used to hurt onlookers in Mecha warfare.

The four walls of the room were made of special materials, which could be said to be extremely solid. Moreover, the sound here was completely isolated from the outside world and will not leak a bit.

“What do you want to compare?” Ye Shao turned around and his body stood upright. Under the sunlight reflected by the huge special material window above his head, his whole body seemed to be wrapped in a layer of golden light. His finely carved facial features were as beautiful as an elf’s, “Who will be the first one?”

The man with dark skin could not help being surprised by the scene. He could not help thinking that the prince hadn’t chosen a baby, but he quickly took back his mind and stood out, “I am the best out of us. As long as you surpass me, you will be regarded as having won against all of us.”

“Fine.” There was no change in Ye Shao’s face. He nodded, “What do you want to compare first?”

“Close combat.” The dark man went to a small room to one side and took out two sets of protective clothing, two protective helmets, and two cross-handled swords. 

After throwing one set to Ye Shao, they put on the protective clothing at the same pace. After he zipped up behind him, the suit quickly fitted close to his body. Then he put on his protective helmet. After he was fully armed, the man took up the cross handle and pressed the switch. Unlike ordinary lightsabers, the hilt projected no blade, but a blue light beam about one meter long, like a thin round wooden stick.

After all, it was just a contest, not a battlefield. The close combat weapons prepared by the Empire in the battle room couldn’t be lethal.

After the man was ready, Ye Shao dressed, and raised the cross hilt, which had projected a blue beam too, and was ready to fight the man.

They collided with beams of light, and then stepped back ten steps before stopping. Ye Shao’s quiet eyes suddenly flashed. He leaned down slightly, then stepped on his right foot, and his body shot at the man like a spring.

The man’s eyes behind the helmet shrank for a moment. He didn’t expect that Ye Shao’s speed was so fast, just like a cheetah leaping on the grassland. In a moment, he appeared in front of him. The blue light beam was only half a meter away from his helmet. He quickly turned the cross handle across himself and blocked Ye Shao’s attack.

Ye Shao twisted his waist and attacked from another place flexibly. He was smart and had passed more than ten swings with the man in an instant.

The man’s relaxed expression had completely disappeared, and began to become dignified. He did not expect that this seemingly weak body contained such great strength. His arms were slightly numb by the sword wielded by Ye Shao. Moreover, he could only defend against Ye Shao’s attack, and had no chance to counterattack.

Ye Shao was in charge of the current situation.

After more than a dozen blows, Ye Shao’s figure in front of the man suddenly disappeared. In the next second, he appeared behind the man, and the blue light beam in his hand moved across the man’s neck. If he had a lightsaber in his hand, the man’s head would have been cut off.

“I give in.” The man threw down the cross hilt and said cheerfully.

Now he no longer thought of Ye Shao as a bodyguard who had confused his Royal Highness with his body. Although he was a little younger, he did have the strength, so he did not aggrieve the position of the Chief Bodyguard any longer.

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Go go young master shao!

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Damn Shaoshao u go! ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎ ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ strong beauty indeed! <3

November 7, 2020 7:33 pm

Yess..beat down those gossip mongers😎😎

November 7, 2020 11:20 pm

This shoudl shut the gossipers for good!!! GJ Ye Shao!!! 👑🥇🏆 That is why people should never judge a book by its cover.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 8, 2020 4:13 am

Wowow Ye shao is really good at fighting
thank you for another great chapter looking forward for more please

November 8, 2020 4:39 am

Baby you can be really proud, your Mommy is a bad ass fighter! Now Shaoshao’s team should have learned to not judge a book by it’s cover.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

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I’m glad he also feels the need to defend Long Yuan lol. Thank you for the hard work :}

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Yet another example of not judging a book by its cover 😏
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September 9, 2022 4:19 am

Someone explain to me how can a seemingly weak body can be strong??? I mean, martial art apart, I know you don’t need to be able to lift heavy weights to be able to overthrow someone like in Judo but you do need some muscles to hit as hard as to cause some numbness to your opponent. This is just like the Japanese BS about skinny girl being able to use a bow and shot far or run quicker just because they are lighter
I am starting to feel that I am here just for the seggs

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