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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 4: Security Agency

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo, UA

QC: Kirio


Ye Shao regretted choosing Long Yuan because of his appearance. If he knew that such a thing would happen, he would have found someone who was a little uglier, endured it for one night, and then killed them.

But now — it was like shooting himself in the foot.1 His body was full of proof of the man’s beastly shamelessness. Although he wanted to force himself onto Long Yuan at first, it was the man who plundered him unilaterally. Even when he humiliated himself by begging him to let him go, he was still pressed on his waist and severely violated. His body was tossed around and played with all night.

This person’s sexual desire was so strong, it was almost terrifying!

Ye Shao lowered his head and tidied up his attire. Even if he was not feeling very well now, he had to report to the city’s Security Agency about Alpha’s situation.

When such monsters appeared in the Empire, it was necessary for him to report the situation as soon as possible. However, on the first day he arrived, it was already late in the night, and he was caught up in the sudden change of his body. But today, he couldn’t delay it anymore.

His lower body still felt strange but Ye Shao tried his best to straighten himself up, opened the door, and was about to go out.

“Where are you going?”

Ye Shao’s feet stopped, then went out directly before picking up the room’s bill at the counter. A tall figure stood behind him silently, and then a low voice rang out again.

“Ye Shao?”

Ye Shao continued to ignore the person speaking and focused on withdrawing his communicator screen before stepping out of the hotel amid the robot’s “welcome back” mechanical sound.

Long Yuan stood in place thinking for a moment. Last night, he already noticed that the identification necklace on Ye Shao’s neck was a silver military identity card. The information on the communicator interface just now showed as a First Class soldier?

Didn’t the First-Class soldiers and other soldiers who just graduated from the university all train on Alpha? And that communicator was an old model. Only soldiers who went to Alpha for training would be assigned this type of communicator.

Why was he here?

If he was a former First-Class soldier, he couldn’t have not known his name. It would be even less likely that he had not seen him before.

Unless, something happened?

After turning a few corners and some alleys, Ye Shao found the city’s Security Bureau following the directions of the map on the communicator.

It was a very simple small building. Outside the small building, unlike other planets’ Security Bureaus which had armed soldiers guarding it, this place only had a rotary cleaning robot. It was working very diligently to clean the grounds outside.

Not far away even lay a drunken man in rags who was sleeping soundly.

Seeing this, Ye Shao’s brows wrinkled and then stepped into the automatic sliding gate of the Security Bureau.

In the brilliant main hall, there was only a faint light from the flash lamp, and no one in the inquiry room nearby. On the huge and comfortable sofa originally used to receive the city folks, a man slept in military uniform.

His military cap had been tilted to one side, and his uniform was wrinkled. He didn’t even take off his military boots, so they were on the sofa as well.

Ye Shao pursed his lips. Even though Cerulean was a no man’s land declared by the Empire, it was a bit irresponsible for even the Security Bureau to fall into such an image.

Ye Shao went to the sofa, leaned down, and shook the sleeping soldier, “Wake up!”

The man on the sofa moved under the disturbance of Ye Shao. He grabbed the military cap that was about to fall off the sofa to cover a mess of hair, and blurted, “What’s the matter? Hughes, you’re off work so soon? I-I just dreamed that I was about to get intimate with the most beautiful girl in the red light district. I was woken up by you before I could do the deed! Damn it, you’re buying me a drink in the red light district tonight! They say that there is a beauty who is debuting tonight…”

He opened his blurry eyes and the small pair of eyes opened wide after he saw Ye Shao. He squinted at Ye Shao’s face for a long time. He also wanted to reach out and grab Ye Shao and put him in his palm. Damn it, he didn’t get it wrong. Was this beauty looking for him? This face and body, if he were to put him in the red light district, he didn’t know how many people would spend a fortune, just to spend a night with him.

But before he could grab Ye Shao’s hand, he was stopped by another hand. An arm appeared to be wrapped around the waist of the beauty he was gawking at. 

“He’s mine. No one’s allowed to touch him.” He looked up and saw an extremely beautiful face looking at him expressionlessly. If he did not look closely he wouldn’t notice that the midnight blue eyes of his had an obvious coldness in them. He seemed like he would snap his neck into two the next second, and that thought made him shudder.

Ye Shao broke loose from Long Yuan’s arm. “I’m a private First-Class soldier,Ye Shao, who trained on Alpha. I have a situation report to the Empire. Do you have a connector for the First Intelligence Agency of the Empire?”

The soldier, who was frightened by Long Yuan, soon corrected his attitude and did not dare to stare at Ye Shao. Moreover, Ye Shao had revealed that he was a First Class. He, who was nothing more than a private soldier, wouldn’t even know how he would die if he dared to offend him.

“I’m sorry, sir! Cerulean only has a connector to the Baron’s mansion. We can’t help connect you to the First Intelligence Service of the Empire. You can take the airship from M Port in three days, and you can get to Cerulean city in the center of the planet.”

“Is that so? Thank you then.”

“It’s my pleasure to serve you, sir!”

When Ye Shao left the Security Bureau, Long Yuan was still following behind him closely.

Suddenly, Long Yuan, who was following Ye Shao, stopped in his tracks. Then he went to Ye Shao’s side and grabbed his shoulder. Before Ye Shao could react, Long Yuan gave him a peck on the face. “I have to answer this call. I’ll be back in a moment.”

After Long Yuan stepped away from him, Ye Shao quickly wiped his cheek several times with his hand. Then he looked at the surrounding terrain and quickly snuck into an alley. His steps were lighter than usual. Who knows how many times faster.

After turning into the alley, something in his stomach rolled happily several times, a soft childlike voice full of vigor rang out in his mind, “Mommy ~” 

Ye Shao’s footsteps paused, “Why are you making noise now?”

“The vibes given off by the essence provider that mother found feels dangerous. Baby doesn’t dare to speak… But his essence is very sufficient. I think that if you take his essence one more time, baby will be born quicker.” The soft voice of a child fawningly said, “Mommy, are you going to avoid him now? Baby has no opinion, but without him, mommy might need to find more than one person to replace his…”

“Was it not enough?” Ye Shao touched his stomach and recalled the humiliation he had suffered from the night before. He couldn’t help but feel the dull throbbing ache from where Long Yuan constantly penetrated last night.

“It should have been enough…” The tender, childish voice seemed a little embarrassed, “Baby also tried to absorb as much as I could… However, there was not enough time to absorb all the essence…the rest was washed out by the man…”

Ye Shao blushed, then abruptly interrupted the creature’s words, “Okay, I understand. Let’s talk about this later. How long will you be in my belly?”

“In three months, mother will give birth to me!” The tender voice of the child said, “When the time comes, mother will see baby, and mother will love baby.” He rolled happily in Ye Shao’s stomach, “Where is mother going now?”

Ye Shao didn’t answer him. He pondered and asked, “When is the next time you need to absorb essence?”

“Baby can last about two months…” He paused. “If it is not convenient at that time, baby can still hold on for a few days at most.”

Two months? Ye Shao lowered his eyelashes and clenched his hand. He only needed to endure it one more time if he was to find that man again. But he could feel that he was very dangerous. What’s more, what he did to him today… He didn’t want to be pressed down under him for life. He thought of Long Yuan’s insidious interest in him and his obviously terrible possessiveness, and immediately rejected the idea.

“Your Highness — you have gone too far this time. You escaped from the royal banquet, and under the eyes of the young ladies and gentlemen who were looking forward to seeing you! Your Highness! Your Highness!! Are you listening?” Long Yuan nonchalantly listened to the gray-haired man dressed in a butler’s uniform on the communicator display screen, while his eyes were on another separate display interface. The red dot on the interface was moving very quickly.

As expected, he is running away… Long Yuan raised his lips into a smirk and a shimmer flashed in his blue eyes, “Reed.”

“… Because you have done such a thing, Her Majesty, the beautiful queen, is weeping for you. All the ladies in the palace are…”

“Reed, keep nagging and you won’t be getting this year’s bonus.”

“Yes, my dear highness, what can I do for you?” The old housekeeper, who was long winded and nagged like a broken record, changed his attitude in a flash. He straightened himself and looked at Long Yuan with a serious face as if he was not the one who was just nagging.

“Help me check the information of a man named Ye Shao, a First Class from this season. The sooner the better.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The old housekeeper put on the glasses hanging from his chest pocket onto his face, showing a shrewd look, “Does Your Highness have any other orders?”

“That’s all for now. I’m going to find my lost lamb.” Long Yuan lips curled up into a smile, he looked like he was in a good mood.

A flash of light obscured Reed’s glasses.Then, he pushed up his glasses using his middle finger. “Has Your Highness found a candidate for your consort?”

“Maybe.” Long Yuan‘s eyes darkened and licked his lips. He closed the display, and pulled up the tracking interface to full screen. He had placed a tracking device on Ye Shao. He observed carefully and mapped out his plans. Then randomly clicked out the nearest route, and ran at the direction of the moving red dot.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Lifting stone to smash onto his own foot is the Chinese version of the proverb.


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October 4, 2020 11:38 am

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Minnie ford
October 4, 2020 2:36 pm

Wow thank you for this novel I can’t wait for more i wonder what’s the baby look like?

October 4, 2020 4:46 pm

I love it. The story promises to be fun.
Our bullying, possesive Highness, aka Long Yuan is definitivly going to play the cat-and-mouse game with Ye Shao.
And Baby was again talking to “Mommy”….. 😍
Thank you very much for this chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

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Thank you for all the hard work!

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Thanks for the update.

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Long Yuan is Majesty😨😨😨

October 5, 2020 1:07 am

Yup I thought as much, Long Yuan is a Highness, presumably a prince, and it looks like he is the crown prince. Ladies, what ladies, he obviously prefers men, or to be more precise, this one man called Ye Shao. So now His Possessive Highness, the hungry wolf went to catch the lost lamb, First Class soldier.
Three months? What kind of feline or canine are you Baby?
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March 8, 2021 2:04 pm

A greedy baby, need more essence. Hehehe! Thanks for the chapter

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
November 29, 2022 10:27 pm

tracker? is he placed it in his… ass as he cleaned it up? how naughty.. 😅

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