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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 5: Tracker

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo, UA

QC: Kirio


Ye Shao pulled up the map of Cerulean and chose the hotel nearest to M Port to stay in. He decided that he was going to wait three days, get on the airship, and leave this place.

When Ye Shao was about to pay, Long Yuan snatched his communicator in one hand and glanced at the information on it. Then he put his hand on Ye Shao’s shoulder, leaned over and bit his ear, “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?”

Ye Shao looked at him in surprise, pursed his lips, and then pushed Long Yuan’s arm away. “How come you are here?” Clearly he had run far enough. Ye Shao frowned, and an idea flashed in his head. In one second, he was pulling his lightsaber directly from his boots. The next second, the blade of the blue light flashed against Long Yuan’s neck. “You followed me?”

Long Yuan looked at Ye Shao with the same expression, then reached out and pushed the blade of his saber away from his neck with a finger. Blue waves appeared in his dark pupils. “If you had waited for me, I would not have done it.”

“Where did you put the tracker?” Ye Shao clenched his teeth and looked at Long Yuan. His posture was upright and stubborn like a pine tree.

It seemed that what was against his neck was not a sword, but something without threat. Long Yuan walked slowly towards Ye Shao, his blue eyes fixed on the latter’s eyes, and his whole body exuded invisible prestige.

Although he had experienced a life-threatening situation, Ye Shao could not move due to the suppressive aura that Long Yuan exuded. He could only watch Long Yuan come towards him, leaned down and peck his face.

A deep voice sounded in his ear, “Ye Shao, you are mine. Don’t try to run away from me. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you are bedridden for three days. What do you think?”

Ye Shao couldn’t help but shudder. He could feel that the man in front of him was not joking. He had already put his hands on Ye Shao’s still uncomfortable hips and kneaded them in an extremely perverted manner.

With those blue, very aggressive eyes looking at him, he was like a lion.

“I understand.” Ye Shao turned away and said, humiliated, “Can you stop touching me now?”

Long Yuan then pulled back his hand and put it on Ye Shao’s waist, “Long Yuan.”


“My name.”

“Now, we’re going to change the room, hmm? To a first-class room.” Long Yuan took Ye Shao back to the counter and said. He was not taking no for an answer.

Although Ye Shao was very reluctant, he could only take out the communicator and change the room. The first-class room was twice as advanced as the second-class room. The space was dozens of square meters, and the bed more than twice as large. At least four people could lie in it horizontally, but there was still only one bed.

Long Yuan nodded with satisfaction when he saw the big bed in the middle of the room. Last night, the bed in the room was only a single bed. Even when he held Ye Shao’s body close to his, it still felt a bit too small.

“You must be hungry. What would you like to eat?” Long Yuan walked to the wall of the room facing the French windows and pressed a switch on a black screen embedded in the wall.

“Anything is fine.” Ye Shao took a glance at Long Yuan, who was standing there very oppressively. Then he went to the French window furthest away from him and touched the glass gently. The original dark opaque French window, which could not be penetrated by the light from outside, instantly turned transparent. The sunshine from outside flooded the room that was only lit by the room light. Ye Shao breathed a sigh of relief, opened the French window, and walked out.

There was a white carved table and a set of chairs on the balcony. Ye Shao casually pulled out a chair and sat down, he propped up his chin in his palm and looked into the distance.

This room was on the 30th floor, not very high. In the Imperial Capital, there were even buildings with more than 500 stories. But in this backward city, it was already considered a very high floor. If one looked down from there, they could almost see the whole city.

The free public levitating transportation floated slowly along the set route, stopping and moving to drop off and pick up people. The sea surface outside the protective shield condensed into a narrow blue line in Ye Shao’s eyes and turned into a peculiar blue-purple under the sunlight.

“Have this.” Long Yuan placed a bowl of steaming porridge in front of Ye Shao. “Last night was your first time. You need to eat something light for the next few days.”

Ye Shao picked up the spoon, then lowered his face and stirred the fragrant congee in front of him. His grip on the spoon tightened. If he knew it was his first time, why was he still… still so hard on him and did him for almost the whole night.

He finished his food irritably. After he finished, he picked up his bowl and walked over to the wall Long Yuan was operating at before. He pressed on the pulsing red light and a small grid appeared on the wall immediately. Ye Shao put the bowl into the lattice, and a soft female electronic voice sounded slowly, “Thank you for eating. We hope you’ll use our services again next time!”

Ye Shao pressed the green button on the wall again, and a virtual screen with a height of more than one person and a width of more than two meters appeared in mid-air between the room and in front of the bed. On the screen, a dozen categories appeared: universe interstellar news, scientific and technological exploration, the Imperial life…and all the other various channels. Ye Shao didn’t like watching TV, but he hated the idea of having to face Long Yuan in a quiet room.

He randomly picked and named one of the channels, Ye Shao climbed onto the bed and sat with his legs up, his face resting on his knee as he started watching the TV..

Long Yuan also placed the empty bowl in the grid and turned to look at Ye Shao, who was sitting on the bed hugging his knees and chin resting on his knees.

His delicate black hair reflected tints of gold in the sun. The fair and extremely beautiful cheeks were half-buried in his knees. Only the upper part of his nose and a pair of black and beautiful eyes were exposed. His eyelashes that were thick like a crow’s wings closely hung down, and with every small movement, the projected sunlight which grazed their tips would change colors. 

The soles of his knee-length boots were also dazzling in the sun, and his ten toes were like jade sculptures. They were too beautiful.

Long Yuan’s heart felt ticklish, as if it had been brushed over gently by a feather. He stood in place and gazed at Ye Shao for a long time, then walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. He reached for his waist and pulled his upper body into his arms.

This person, since had provoked him, can scrap the thought of being let go again. Long Yuan kissed the top of Ye Shao’s head. The ticklish feeling in his heart immediately calmed down. He touched the waist of the man in his embrace. Long Yuan lips curled up into a smile and followed Ye Shao’s gaze that was on the huge screen.

Ye Shao stiffened a little when he was first pulled into a hug. Then, as if giving up, he relaxed his body. But the arms around his knees tightened up.

Three days later, early in the morning.

Ye Shao gazed at the magnified beautiful face in front of him for a long time, but he still couldn’t accept it. He turned his face away. During the three days, when they went to bed, he was always held in Long Yuan’s arms, but he didn’t do anything. 

Ye Shao pursed his lips and squirmed out of Long Yuan’s arms. He sat down beside the bed and walked barefoot to the bathroom after taking out a set of clothes.

Because he had been with Long Yuan during these few days, the one in his stomach hadn’t made a single sound in the longest time. Ye Shao caressed his stomach before taking off his clothes.

When he stepped out after taking a shower and freshening up, Long Yuan was already up and putting on his boots by the edge of the bed. The beautiful lines and sculpted calves of his slid into the slimming pair of black knee-length boots. Paired with his tailored and slimming clothes, he appeared taller and more magnificent.

Hearing the sound of Ye Shao coming out, Long Yuan raised his head and looked at him, “The airship doesn’t take off until 9:00. We’ll leave in an hour. I’ve got breakfast ready on the table.”

Ye Shao was still not used to it. He nodded to Long Yuan rigidly and said, “Thank you.”

Long Yuan adjusted his shirt collar. As he passed by Ye Shao, he leaned down and kissed Ye Shao’s cheek before entering the bathroom.

At 8:40, a gleaming shuttle airship, just like a shiny big fish relaxingly swimming in the shallow water, slowly flew in the sky towards M Port. When it was about to dock on the ground, four combustion jets ejected gas from the bottom of the airship, slowing down the descent. When it was a meter above the ground, the airship stopped descending and hovered in mid-air.

Then, from the side of the airship opened a two-meter high door, and a translucent circular platform slowly floated down and landed on the ground. At the moment of landing, the circular platform turned blue.

The people who were standing nearest to it, about twenty of them, immediately stepped on it and the platform began to rise slowly, transporting the people to the airship.

One day ago, Ye Shao and Long Yuan bought tickets through Cerulean’s virtual optical network. Now, they only needed to call up the communicator and scan the information on the communicator after getting on the airship. However, since he helped Long Yuan buy the ticket together, he must hold Long Yuan’s hand.

Ye Shao was torn for a while. Seeing that the platform was getting closer and closer to the entrance of the airship, he still grabbed Long Yuan’s hand. The latter immediately got hold of the loose grip and held it tightly in his own. He turned to him, with a smile in his dark eyes, and pinched the palm of the former’s hand.

A pale golden beam quickly swept through the communicator on Ye Shao’s hand, “Two passengers confirmed. Welcome to airship B2! Have a good trip!” The soft electronic female voice rang out.

Ye Shao loosened Long Yuan’s hand and wanted to let go, but he couldn’t shake it off. He had no choice but to follow Long Yuan to their seats.

The airship was divided into three floors, the top floor was a luxurious single suite and people from the lower two floors could not enter.

The second floor was designed as a hotel hall, with a starry night sky at the top and numerous semi suspended round tables below, which would slowly swing to another direction as time went by. The atmosphere was romantic, a place for lovers. Of course, one had to pay more for the ride on this floor.

Naturally, Ye Shao did not have this kind of interest. In his opinion, as long as he could get to the destination, it would be the same to ride on any floor.

So when he made the reservation, he directly ordered two third-class seats.

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Interesting start. Looking forward to more. Thx translators for taking time out of RL to translate these novels for us.

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Minnie ford
October 5, 2020 11:24 am

Thank you for the chapter looking forward for more i like it

October 5, 2020 12:35 pm

Thank you for the translation…I am looking forward for the following chapters

October 5, 2020 6:04 pm

Nice chapter. It’s a pitty that “Baby” is afraid of Long Yuan. Looking forward to the next chapter. Many thanks for your hard work.

October 5, 2020 9:16 pm

thank you!

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Hahaha…3rd class seat…surely something is going to happened😎

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This is interesting so far. Their relationship is still a bit (for the lack of better words) weird so I’m looking forward to them getting to know each other more.

Thanks for translating this!!

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He may have ordered third class seats but the bully prince upgraded them. Guaranteed.

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