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Chapter 48: True Feelings

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

Long Yuan slightly lowered his eyelashes, then took out the communicator while touching the baby’s waist, and connected to Ye Shao.

After a while, Ye Shao’s voice was heard, “Hello?”

“Come back here for a moment, I have something to say to you.” When Long Yuan spoke, his voice was still the same as usual, but the blue color in his eyes had covered the whole pupil. The baby who took a glance at Long Yuan immediately trembled and obediently let Long Yuan pinch him.

Mom, Baby can’t save your ass, QAQ! This bad uncle may hit Baby’s ass again later. His gaze looks so scary!

“What’s the matter?” Ye Shao stood still in the long corridor, the slanting sunlight poured in from the window on the right side of the hallway, casting an orange glow on his body. 

Hearing the sound of the communicator, he took out a long rod-shaped object and opened it. After seeing the name of Long Yuan flashing on it, the expressionless face of Ye Shao immediately softened a little. He lowered his head, and his long eyelashes cast two small fan-shaped shadows on his jade white cheek. There was also a warm light in his black pupils. The whole person was like freshly melted snow in early spring, showing a little soft color.

“I want to tell you face-to-face so can you come back.” Long Yuan pinched the soft baby in his hands, and the baby immediately put out his hand to cover his small mouth. His original pink cheeks turned red and his body trembled. His big round eyes soon were full of tears. Then he couldn’t take it anymore but cry out.

“Don’t! Don’t pinch Baby’s waist. It’s itchy! Haha…”

Ye Shao was about to turn around, but then he stopped. “What are you doing?”

Long Yuan let go. “Nothing.”

The baby looked at Long Yuan bitterly, but still did not dare to move.

Mommy~(>﹏<), you must not come over, the bad uncle is terrible!

“Don’t bully him,” said Ye Shao with a slight eyebrow raise.

The baby looked tearfully in the direction of the communicator, as expected, his Mommy was the best to him! QAQ Even if Baby was going to be hit by the bad uncle, he couldn’t let his mother come over!

His chubby little hand clenched for a while, then the baby chucked up his tender mouth, “Momm…”

But before he finished, Long Yuan gave him a warning look with his eyes, and the words were silenced.

“I understand.” Long Yuan looked at the baby who was scared frozen by him on his lap, the corner of his lips lifted and the darkness in his eyes became more and more profound.

After a while, Ye Shao opened the door and came in. The slender figure cast a long shadow in the door under the sunshine. When Long Yuan saw the figure of Ye Shao, the dark blue color in his eyes quickly hid. He stood up with his baby in his arms, and then walked to Ye Shao standing by the door.

When he got to the door again, he took Ye Shao’s hand, then put the baby on the ground and pushed him out of the room. “Xuan Feng, you watch over  him.”

Long Yuan did not look at the baby standing on the ground with his tail down. He grabbed Ye Shao’s waist and closed the door.

At this time, Ye Shao finally realized what was wrong. He raised his eyes and looked at Long Yuan with a trace of doubt in his dark pupils. “What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you want to talk to me about something. What is it?” Ye Shao wanted to take a step back, but his waist was tightly wrapped by Long Yuan and he couldn’t move at all.

Even Long Yuan’s calm eyes were now covered with thick blue, and his whole body carried an aura that felt like a warning. Ye Shao couldn’t help tightening up his body, even his face was slightly deviated, and he didn’t look at Long Yuan.

“Let me go first.” He stretched out his hand against Long Yuan’s chest, and his flexible waist bent backward. However, the iron arm confined to his waist could not tolerate his excessive movements. Ye Shao pursed his lips and did not understand why Long Yuan suddenly showed such an expression to him.

Long Yuan squinted and looked at Ye Shao’s side profile, then lowered his head and bit the tip of his ear, which was exposed under his hair.

Ye Shao’s body immediately trembled sensitively, and his face began to blush, because he felt that Long Yuan’s place close to his waist slowly began to harden, filled with a sense of coercion against his waist. And Long Yuan’s breath on his ear was so hot that it was almost burning.

“I didn’t even know after I held you, you wanted to find someone else to solve your problem, hmm?” Long Yuan deliberately slowed down the speed of his speech and the tone of the last word was slightly raised with a trace of displeasure.

When he first embraced Ye Shao, he decided that this man could only belong to him. Although at that time, he only felt that the body he had held was in line with his own appetite, now he couldn’t let go of Ye Shao, and he almost wanted to imprison him by his side. On top of that, he suddenly heard of Ye Shao’s previous intention as revealed by the baby, his desire to monopolize him suddenly caused his heart to rise with jealousy. He even wanted to tear up the clothes of the man in his arms right then, and truly mark him inside and out.

Ye Shao’s body trembled again. Long Yuan’s hand reached hip, and even began to knead and slide vaguely in the concave part with his fingers.

“Ye Shao, your man, can only be me. You are not allowed to think about any other person.” Long Yuan bit the tip of Ye Shao’s ear again, and even stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick his auricle.

“At that time, I didn’t like you and even hated you. But I couldn’t beat you, so escaping was my only choice, as for looking for other people… I could only do that, and I would take care of that person afterwards, just like I tried to do before I got taken care of by force.” 

Ye Shao was embarrassed to feel the wet sensation on his ear. He recalled the day after he was taken by Long Yuan for the first time. After Long Yuan left, he thought he could escape from the man. He didn’t expect that after this, he would be firmly tied to the side of this man, and he couldn’t escape. Now he didn’t want to leave this man at all.

“And now?” Long Yuan let go of the wet ear he was kissing. His voice lowered as he asked. The blue color in his eyes swayed a few times, revealing a touch of deep feeling and obsession implied by possessiveness.

Long Yuan’s member, which was against Ye Shao’s leg, was very hot. Ye Shao’s long and thick eyelashes trembled, and his pink lip moved for a moment. Then he turned his head and looked at Long Yuan. His black and moist eyes were staring into Long Yuan’s eyes that were reserved only for him. Then he closed his eyes, put his hand around Long Yuan’s neck, and raised his head to touch Long Yuan’s lips. But when he wanted to leave quickly, Long Yuan put his hand on the back of his head, his lips were occupied by the hot breath, and his waist was wrapped more tightly.

Ye Shao’s thoughts of being kissed by Long Yuan began to blur again.

After he snapped out of it, he had already been pressed onto the bed by Long Yuan, and his clothes were discarded at the foot of the bed. Long Yuan’s body was lying on top of him. The thumping of his chest and faint moans escaping from his mouth made his already red face even redder, and even his pale body was dyed a beautiful shade of pink.

The soreness continued to come from the part of Long Yuan kissing him, and down through the searing breath of Long Yuan who was moving slowly downward. Then gathered at the place that had been longing for him.

Long Yuan’s fiery palms gently wrapped around his slightly raised penis, and gently caressed it. Then Long Yuan looked up at him, before lowering his head and took Ye Shao’s penis in his mouth.

The feeling of his penis being wrapped by the hot mouth made Ye Shao’s eyes open, but the person who was tightly enveloping him made his member harden quickly. Under Long Yuan’s tongue and the swallowing movement of his mouth, Ye Shao accidentally let out a moan. His thigh clamped Long Yuan’s head and his body inched upward.

Long Yuan carefully swallowed Ye Shao’s penis with his mouth. His mouth was full of the flavor of the person he yearned for, which made Long Yuan’s member grow harder.

In this world, only Ye Shao could make him do this willingly. Of course, after serving Ye Shao and making him comfortable, he would collect the interest. Long Yuan stretched out his hand and kneaded Ye Shao’s wonderful buttocks, and the expression in his eyes became more profound.

Ye Shao groaned. After Long Yuan circled at the tip of his penis with his tongue a few times, his lower abdomen tightened up, and the hard cock could not help pouring out creamy liquid.

Long Yuan’s expression did not change with the taste of white liquid that spurted out from Ye Shao’s delicate penis, and swallowed. Then he raised his head to kiss Ye Shao, whose lips parted slightly. One reached up to feel under the pillow Ye Shao’s head was leaning, took out a box of lubricant that had been prepared beforehand, and scooped the translucent cream with two fingers. The other hand lifted Ye Shao’s slender legs and put them on his shoulder, and then poked one finger with lubricant into the tightness behind Ye Shao.

After the dry and sore tightness was lubricated and softened enough that it could take in three fingers, Long Yuan took out his fingers and slowly put his hard member in.

The hot cave tightened around the head of Long Yuan’s shaft when it entered. The silk-like inner wall tightly clamped Long Yuan’s penis, as if resisting its intrusion.

Ye Shao frowned as if he felt uncomfortable. Long Yuan paused, and then he kissed Ye Shao’s swollen lips. He kneaded the slowly limping member of Ye Shao then straightened his waist and thrusted himself in Ye Shao’s body.

“Mn…” Ye Shao let out a moan.  The soft folds around his hole had been fully stretched and filled by Long Yuan’s full length. Ye Shao felt like a scalding hot and swollen iron had been poked into his belly.

Long Yuan was wrapped up in Ye Shao’s hot temperature and could hardly control himself. However, he still took a deep breath and thrust in and out lightly. His eyebrows raised when he felt Ye Shao’s entrance become softer and moist, and then he began thrusting harder.

Ye Shao lips opened slightly and let out a fews gasping moans. His body bounced up and down caused by Long Yuan’s actions. The slapping motion between his buttock flesh and Long Yuan’s made a ‘pa pa pa’ sound.

However, his inner wall was rubbed as if about to catch fire. Ye Shao’s misty eyes were looking at Long Yuan lying above him, and his mouth was dry. He could not help but lick his lips. Then he immediately felt that the hole behind him was stretched even fuller by the swelling member. Before he could catch a breath, his mouth was covered by the person whose eyes became darker. 

The collision under his body became more violent. After hitting a spot in him, Ye Shao’s body jolted, and Long Yuan’s action stopped, but then he began to violently thrust into that spot. Ye Shao couldn’t help twisting his flexible waist. It seemed that he wanted to succumb to the member that tortured him, but also wanted to escape from the burning love.

“Mn!” Ye Shao’s legs propped on Long Yuan’s shoulder were straightened, and the tightness wrapped around Long Yuan’s member began to tense. There was a burst of pleasant electric current sent to his blank brain, followed by a thick white stream of liquid appearing on his upright body.

Long Yuan panted and pecked at the corners of Ye Shao’s lips. The hot lips nibbled Ye Shao’s sweaty neck while he fiercely thrusted his hips. Ye Shao’s inner part, which was tighter because of his orgasm, got filled up again. Long Yuan quickened his pace again and came deep inside him. 

The hot liquid hit Ye Shao’s sensitive inner wall, and Ye Shao almost felt that the hot and frightening liquid would rush into his stomach, “Ahh, mn, ngh…” Ye Shao’s eyes were covered with tears a little, and his whole body was limp.

The face covered with a thin veil of red, made his usually cold face look seductive and bewitching like a spirit. The delicate eyebrows were furrowed with lust and his body was lying languidly, a combination that could make all man thirst for. Not to mention that the place that had been opened still contained a man’s member, was ravaged into a crimson hole, and even had a few trickles of ambiguous white liquid flowing out.

Long Yuan looked at the sultry Ye Shao underneath him. His spent member, which had just passed out, became hard again… First, he took Ye Shao’s leg off his shoulder, then reached out to grab Ye Shao’s thin and smooth waist. He lifted him up and sat him on top of his body, and then his hot palm slid down along Ye Shao’s waist and to his hips. He kneaded it with force, and began to make a fierce movement under his body.

The warm liquid that was in Ye Shao’s body fluid flowed out under the intense action of Long Yuan. It instantly made the part where he was connected with Ye Shao become sticky.

Long Yuan’s possessive eyes stared at the moaning Ye Shao who was on him. Only he could own this person, and only he himself could see this part of him.

Long Yuan’s eyes darkened a little again with desire and gave him a few hard thrusts. When Ye Shao let out a long moan that could buckle knees, he pulled his head down and kissed him passionately.

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Thanks Addis for this chapter

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Minnie ford
November 17, 2020 12:51 pm

Thank you for the sweet and juicy chapter poor baby outside the door he wants his mother hehehe

November 17, 2020 12:57 pm

Thank you for this update, I love this story. Lol, Ye Shao got off really light compared to Baby

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Well, a fight would have been fun, but not as much as a spicy hot roll in the sheets. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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I have to say, the author really loves Ye Shao’s ‘flexible’ waist

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