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Chapter 49: Baby and Xuan Feng

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

The baby looked at the door that closed suddenly in front of him. His big round eyes stared at it for a long time, and then covered his eyes with his little pink hand. Mommy, Baby is so sorry he can’t stop you from coming over and being bullied by the bad uncle.

Xuan Feng, sitting on one side, glanced at the lost expression on the baby’s face, and then patted his tail. It rubbed his plush cheek with its paw, then went to the baby’s leg and patted his calf with its paw. “Hey, who let you shut Uncle out of the door so mercilessly last night? Now you know what it’s like to be locked outside.” It raised its face and looked at the baby’s little eyes, as smugly as he could

But after seeing the baby turn around and look at him with his big eyes brimmed with big fat droplets of tears. Xuan Feng’s tail drooped down. “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Don’t cry! I’m joking. Little Long Yuan and little Ye Shao are being lovey dovey. Can we play together? I’ll play with you!” Xuan Feng said while patting its small chest.

The baby puffed his little nose, then kicked the closed door in front of him with his little foot, but when he thought of Long Yuan, he took back his foot only after a few gentle kicks. Then he turned and walked towards the side of the long corridor outside Long Yuan’s room.

Xuan Feng immediately caught up with the baby’s steps, “Where are you going? Little Long Yuan told me to look after you. You can’t appear in front of others like this. Hey, don’t walk so fast!” Xuan Feng cocked its tail, bumped its four claws and trotted along with the baby, who was walking forward with his fat little legs.

Holding his breath, the baby walked forward along the soft red carpet embroidered with gold patterns. He did not meet anyone on the way because Long Yuan had dismissed everyone. The golden sunlight slanted down the window next to the corridor onto the bright carpet. A small baby with a bright yellow body, a big silver tail and round cheeks trotted along. He was followed by a golden chihuahua, running and looking up at the baby with bulging cheeks.

The rascal ran to the front of the carved gate closed in front of him, pushed the gate open a slit, and then quickly sneaked out.

Xuan Feng immediately slipped out along the door that was about to be closed. “Hey, I said, you’d better go back quickly. It would be bad for other people to see you.” It jumped a few times, trying to block in front of the baby. If little Long Yuan found out that it had let him out of the scope of his bedroom, it was afraid it would be crouching outside the bedroom again tonight.

Outside the carved gate, there was a huge Imperial Garden, with its shadowy trees and flowers obscuring the marble path in the middle.

At this time, Xuan Feng saw a maid with long brown hair and in a maid’s uniform coming from between the flowers and trees that were not far away. It immediately jumped up and said, “Hide quickly! Come on, come on, somebody’s coming!”

The baby was just a little wayward after being shut out by Long Yuan. He knew that he looked different from these people. His mommy was very worried that he would be caught by the Research Institute before he was born. If he was found to have a tail now, he would definitely be taken away. He would never see his mommy again. Maybe his mommy would be taken too!

The baby looked back to the left, and then stepped back to open the door behind him, but the more urgently he wanted to do so, the more it couldn’t be opened.

Xuan Feng was trying to help push the door open but he was one step too slow and the maid behind the flowers had come out. The baby shrunk his tail, leaned his back against the gate, and looked at the maid coming toward them.

Among the skyscrapers, there were several black shadows which disappeared quickly behind the glass walls reflecting the sunlight. Floating in a large area of white clouds in the sky, from time to time, several shuttle shaped aircrafts glided past, leaving a silver motion arc on the smooth glass plane. No one found the dark shadow running under their feet, everything still appeared calm, and the unknown undercurrent began to slowly raise waves under the tranquil surface.

A small aircraft slowly stopped outside the floor one kilometer above the ground. In the aircraft, a man with short brown hair took out his communication device, slid his finger onto a light blue page, and then clicked the button of the small golden key floating on the upper left corner of the screen. After inputting the password in the small boxes that appeared, the silvery window in front of him opened, and a semicircular platform extended from the bottom of the window. The brown short haired man steered the aircraft to dock on the platform.

Then, the translucent arc-shaped glass cover above the aircraft opened, and the brown short haired man stepped out of the vehicle and walked along the circular platform into the room. As he stepped on the floor inside, the two high windows quickly closed behind him.

The man went to the wall, ready to press the induction switch on. At this moment, a long black shadow quietly covered his reflection under him, and then slowly extended to the sole of his foot on the ground and quickly wrapped up his leg.

The man’s original action immediately stopped, the light in his eyes also turned a dull gray, without a bit of emotion.

After a while, his gray eyes glowed silver, and then a slender shadow came out of his neck and slowly grew into a slender figure. His half long black hair covered the expression on his pale face. He went to the wall where the man wanted to go, then he tapped on it, and immediately a small square screen appeared there with a keyboard.

A thin pale finger touched a button on the top, and the room, which was originally covered with sunlight, immediately fell into darkness, and then the diamond shaped energy-saving lamp inlaid in the ceiling above turned on.

Cang Huo withdrew  his fingers, and then went to the big bed in the middle of the room and sat down. On his pale cheeks, his silver eyes looked at the man standing in place silently.

The silver eyes of Cang Huo’s flashed, “I have finished solving this problem. Have you succeeded?”

“Lord Cang Huo, I already took control.”

“The target hasn’t come back yet. Standing by…”

“It’s a success. It’s done.”

Cang Huo pointed his slender finger on his knee. “Got it. Stick to the original plan and collect intelligence on the Imperial Palace and any other useful information. We should complete the task assigned to us by the king in the shortest time.”

“Yes.” The other voice responded cautiously.

Cang Huo raised his finger. The man who had been controlled walked to the wall with his feet and pressed a button on the right side. The whole room immediately fell into darkness, and a virtual screen appeared in front of him.

Cang Huo reached out to the man, the man slowly walked toward him, and when the man walked in front of him, Cang Huo quickly moved into the man’s body.

Cang Huo manipulated the man to tap the center of the screen. A row of black words appeared on the blank virtual screen: Are you sure you want to enter the virtual world?

He tapped on “confirm”, then he fell back, his eyes closed quickly, as if falling into a deep sleep. On the virtual screen, a rippling water pattern swung around and disappeared after a long time.

Cang Huo stood in front of a shining gate. He first touched his own hands and cheek. There was a trace of interest in his eyes without a trace of waves. Then he stepped into the gate. Behind the gate was a busy looking street. Unlike the cold and empty world outside, it was full of people. Even the houses on both sides of the street were no more than three stories high.

Cang Huo looked around and soon disappeared into the crowd. His main target now was the library of this virtual world. There was an automatic search function in this world’s library, and the man he attacked was an upper level person in the Empire, equivalent to a young overlord. He had a higher authority on information search than other ordinary people. Maybe he could find information about the royalties.

When the maid in the black uniform saw the small boy in a bright yellow outfit standing in front of His Royal Highness’s bedroom, her eyes lit up immediately. She had always liked children, but there were no children in the palace. At this time, when she saw a very cute, soft and easy to pinch child, her eyes lit up immediately.

“Why are you here, little one?” She squatted and looked at the baby close to the door with a friendly smile.

At this time, the baby’s back exuded a layer of cold sweat, the original round big eyes were opened even wider, and behind him, his tail was shaking and shrinking into a ball, tightly close to his back.

Mommy, help! QAQ Baby is about to be found out!

“Where are your parents?” The maid with long brown hair inched over closer, “Are you lost?”

The baby’s eyes began to show tears, with a little flustered expression on his round face.

It’s over. Baby will be sent to a scary place. QAQ, Absolutely never let her find out that Baby has a tail!

Seeing the baby’s expression, the maid with long brown hair felt softer and softer. She wanted to hold the cute one in her arms.

“Don’t be afraid, sister will help you find your mummy and daddy okay?” What she wanted was to be able to carry him quickly. The maid’s eyes were almost suffused with a green light of envy.

“I… My father lives here. You don’t have to go look…” The baby quickly pointed to the building behind him, “Baby needs to go back soon, no need to… I don’t need your help!”

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November 18, 2020 12:07 pm

Oh my,,,Xuan Feng and Baby will be punished by ‘bad uncle ‘for going out w/out permission😅

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 18, 2020 12:08 pm

Oh no big trouble poor baby is going to be punish thank you for another cute chapter love it want more please thanks

November 18, 2020 2:19 pm

Woow, amazing world, amazing story 🥰🥰🥰 thx, can’t wait for next

November 18, 2020 4:10 pm

Awww, Baby is so cute! XuanFeng and Baby together surely looking adorable. But for being seen by the maid they will be punished by the big bully uncle….XD
These alien shadows are fastly getting nearer. Hopefully they are going to be found out soon.
Thank you very much for this chapter.

November 18, 2020 9:01 pm

I love the description of the baby and its feeling and reaction to its environment. The description of Can Huo and his appearance is brilliant. I can literally see in my mind-eyes what it may have looked like, your description is so detailed!! Thank you very much🙏

November 18, 2020 11:22 pm

I wonder when will they finally realise that they’ve been invaded? Awww, cute little dumpling will probably learn a lesson: no going out alone! Golden chihuahua doesn’t count!
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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November 19, 2020 5:51 am

The first time I read the baby’s voice..this was what came to my mind..

It’s a video of Suo Er, who is an imaginary kid made by the bjyx(YiZhan) fans…His voice is really cute and he is chibby…there is something that will make you laugh hard..He is very similar to Xiaoboa..🥰🥰

November 21, 2020 9:11 pm

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