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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 6: Memories

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

QC: Kirio

Ye Shao leaned on a rose-red seat, next to was an arc-shaped diamond window. Under the window was a touch screen controller.

By controlling the touch screen, one could adjust the range of scenery they wished to see outside the airship. When the visibility value was set to the highest, the whole airship would turn into a translucent pod. It was as if one was like flying in the air, and they could even clearly see the birds flying by.

Ye Shao listened to the excited and frightened voice of a child behind him, “Mom! My feet are above the sea, it’s so beautiful! That bird is so beautiful! Haha, mom, look at that, what is that? “

Then the mother’s soft voice spoke, and the gentle voice was similar to his mother’s voice in his memory. Ye Shao became a little absentminded by the memory. 

Then, he immediately stopped his own thoughts and clenched his fist under the armrest tightly. his nails digging into his palm. He could feel his chest tighten. Although the memory of his mother’s appearance was a little fuzzy, almost forgotten, but he could still feel the warmth she left.

“Shao Shao, mother loves you most…” A face he could not remember, which had a smile that showed how much she spoiled the child, kissed the young boy’s face. Then she picked the giggling boy up and spun him around.

“Haha, fly up high~ fly fly~Mama!Mama! Shaoshao loves mother the most too…”


“Shao Shao, mother must leave now. I’m sorry… Sorry… ” The slender figure stood with her back to the tearful boy, then shook off the boy’s hand which clutched onto hers. She walked forward quickly.  The long and wavy chestnut hair and the sweep of the long white dress became the last memory of the boy that lay on the ground looking at her with teary eyes.


It’s all a lie… Since she said she loved him, why didn’t she look back and just left him like that? Even though he fell to the ground and sobbed, she didn’t look back…not even to spare him one last look?

“What’s the matter?” A broad and thick hand stretched out from his side to rest on Ye Shao’s fist, it was so tightly clenched, veins were bulging and his knuckles white.

Ye Shao quickly snapped out of his mess of jumbled memories. He turned his head slightly, and his eyes caught Long Yuan’s beautiful face. The dark irises with tints of blue looked at him with worry, then his glance moved towards the tightly clenched fist. Ye Shao immediately unclenched his fist and then let out a small sigh of relief, “I’m fine.”

Long Yuan turned over Ye Shao’s hand and stared at the obvious black and purple traces of four crescent moons. They looked like they were about to bleed. Then he slightly raised his own hand.

Almost instantly, a cylindrical droid the height of half a man came around on its wheels. The blue electronic eyes flashed, “What can I do for you?”

“Give me the medical kit.”

“Yes, just a moment, please.”

Soon, a white medical box was delivered to Long Yuan. “Do you need me to treat your friend?” The cylindrical droid blinked its electronic eyes and looked at Ye Shao’s hand that was held by Long Yuan. The droid’s three mechanical fingers moved.

“No need.” Long Yuan opened the medical box, took out the small treatment device, pressed the switch, and pointed the device at the black and blue wounds on Ye Shao’s hand. A burst of soft white light flashed from the tip of the device and the wounds on Ye Shao’s palm disappeared almost instantly. It was not a serious injury, so it only took less than a few minutes to recover completely, leaving no traces at all.

Long Yuan turned Ye Shao’s hand over again and stared at it for a long time. His fingernails were trimmed round and they were of a light pink color. Except for the thin callus between the curve of his index finger and thumb, the rest of his hand was as perfect and beautiful as jade.

Ye Shao looked at Long Yuan flipping his hand over and over in silence, and finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore, “Have you seen enough?” 

On the side, the cylindrical droid also stayed  for a long time, silently waiting for Long Yuan to return the medical box. 

Ye Shao noticed the blinking droid beside them, so he put the treatment device back into the medical box and handed it over, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m glad to be of your service.”

“What were you thinking about just now?” Long Yuan asked as he finally put down Ye Shao’s hand.

“Nothing.” Ye Shao didn’t want to answer the question. He turned and looked out the window at the blue sky with white clouds.

His childhood memories, which he seldom thought of after growing up, had reappeared in his mind recently. Ye Shao was a little pale and pursed his lips at the unclear reflection of himself in the window. These memories seemed to have come back after he became pregnant with the unknown thing in his stomach.

Ye Shao took a glance at his extremely calm stomach and then felt that, under his gaze, the originally quiet creature in his belly moved slightly.

(Baby: Wuwu, baby really wants to talk to mother!! When will this scary uncle leave! Can’t I speak until I’m born? ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ)

A blue light flashed in Long Yuan’s bottomless black pupils. He turned his head and saw the back of Ye Shao’s head while musing. No one had ever refused him, but the man next to him often treated him coldly. However, he did not feel that his dignity had been challenged and even felt a little joyful that this was a fresh experience.

This kind of feeling was new for him, he had never experienced it before. Though now still hazy, there was a tiny tug in the heart of his that had been calm for so many years.

Long Yuan’s eyes darkened. Although this feeling was not enough to cause his heart to leap, he was sure that, as of now, he couldn’t let go of this person in front of him.

After sailing for more than a day, the airship finally landed at the docks of Cerulean city.

By the time Ye Shao and Long Yuan made their way out of the crowded hall, the sky was already dark.

Blurred lights flashed from the skyscrapers. This city was obviously more prosperous than the city where Ye Shao set out. In the sky, he could see a lot of silver lights flashing by, those were private aircrafts.

After finding the shuttle stop sign, Ye Shao carefully looked at the map on his communicator and confirmed the stop they were at before pulling Long Yuan into the public suspension shuttle. The public suspension shuttles were designed to look like a flying saucer, the surface a somewhat flat oval shape.

After all the passengers got on the shuttle, it flew into the air and drove forward steadily. The speed was a whole lot ‘faster’ than that of a private aircraft.

From below, it looked like a big flying saucer.

The suspension shuttle stopped automatically 2000 meters away from the Baron’s Mansion. After dropping Ye Shao and Long Yuan off, it took off to the next stop.

The Baron’s Mansion was located near the center of the city, covering an area of more than 1000 acres. The huge and towering courtyard walls blocked all views. This was an area where aircrafts and suspension vehicles were forbidden to pass by. As soon as any suspicious persons were found, they would be immediately arrested by the guard team of the Baron’s Mansion.

Ye Shao and Long Yuan had not gone far before they were stopped by a team of guards. The man with chestnut colored short curly hair looked at Ye Shao and Long Yuan suspiciously for a while before finally saying, “Who are you? This is the Baron’s private domain. You better leave now!”

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October 6, 2020 12:40 pm

Scary uncle😂😂😂

October 6, 2020 3:00 pm

Why did his mom leave?

October 6, 2020 3:01 pm

Poor Baby….. sorry but sooner or later you’re going to realize the fact, that this “scary uncle” will be your
“(scary) Daddy”……
Ye Shao surely has some issues in his past.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

October 6, 2020 10:19 pm

Thank you!

October 7, 2020 1:12 am

It doesn’t look like his mother left of her own free will. She was probably forced to leave her child behind… hmmm I smell an intrigue. 😍🤩 LOL scary uncle 🤣🤣🤣 And, hehehe, with Ye Shao and Long Yuan’s identities the guards will be very polite very soon. 😉😆
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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