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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

Long Yuan circled around the palace with his baby in his arms. He looked through almost every corner of the palace, but he didn’t see Ye Shao. Finally, he found a man with short brown hair fainted on the ground outside the grove inside the palace.

Long Yuan squatted with the baby in his arms, pulled up Beck’s collar, stretched out his hand and slapped him awake. Beck opened his eyes vaguely, and a cold, familiar face appeared in his blurred vision.

He remembered that he had just got off the plane and walked into the door of his house. How was it possible that he could see His Royal Highness at own home?

Long Yuan looked at Beck’s still confused face and gave it another slap.

Beck finally felt the sharp pain tingling from his cheek, and his eyes became clear.

“Y-our Highness, why is Your Highness in my house?” Beck looked surprised, but he couldn’t help sucking in his breath because of the sharp pain on his face. Then he reached up and touched his face. There were two swollen bulges on it, which felt hot and painful to touch.

Long Yuan loosened his hand around Beck’s collar. “You say you are at home now. Take a closer look at where this is.” Long Yuan frowned, and his eyes with a slight blue color were now settling into a darker tone.

If the person in front of him did not lie to him, then there was a good chance that he had been possessed by something.

Long Yuan narrowed his eyes and thought of the monsters outside the palace. Long Yuan had to connect this incident with those monsters. But since monsters could control human beings to enter the palace, why should they show their true faces outside the palace?

It was obvious that they had encountered an unexpected change in their plans, was it – Ye Shao?

Long Yuan’s palms clenched into fists so hard, that blue veins appeared on the back of his hands. But, even if Ye Shao was harmed by the monsters, he couldn’t have disappeared like this, leaving no trace. No, Ye Shao would be fine. Most likely, he was taken away by the monster who manipulated Beck.

Long Yuan quietly straightened out his thoughts in his mind. He stood up and looked down at Beck, who was still sitting on the ground. “Lord Beck, my apologies in advance.”

Beck looked at Long Yuan suspiciously.

Long Yuan, with a cold face, took out his communicator and called the guards nearby.

A group of summoned guards appeared in front of Long Yuan and saluted him respectfully, “Your Highness, what can we do for you?”

“Take Lord Beck down and put him in an empty room in the palace. If he needs anything, accommodate him promptly, but don’t let him out.” Long Yuan quickly ordered.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The guards immediately obeyed, grabbed Beck and pushed him forward by twisting his arm.

“W-wait, Your Highness, what is this?” Beck was still a little confused about the situation. It was strange enough that he appeared in the palace out of the blue. Moreover, he was obviously under house arrest by His Royal Highness. What was the reason for all of this?

“Lord Beck, you were likely manipulated by a monster. I can’t confirm whether the monster’s control over you has disappeared. Please bear with me. As long as I have confirmed that you’re clear, I will release you immediately.”

“I’m being manipulated by a monster?” Beck recalled that when he got home and entered the room, he suddenly lost consciousness…his expression became ugly. “Your Highness, after I entered the room, I did seem to have been attacked. I’m willing to accept your orders. Please make sure you investigate this matter clearly.” Beck said and obediently allowed himself to be taken away.

Long Yuan stood in the same place, looking at the sky gradually stained with the color of night. He should not have killed all the monsters off just like that, he could’ve left one alive. At least he could torture some information out of them.

Now where the hell was he going to find out about Ye Shao?

Long Yuan clenched his fist even harder. Now his heart felt a little fragile, enough to even think that it could all be a fluke. What if Ye Shao was not taken by the monsters, maybe he just went somewhere and did not tell him?

Long Yuan didn’t want to let go of any hope. But even if it was sure that Ye Shao had been taken, he would take Ye Shao back! Long Yuan’s gaze became firm. No matter what, he would find Ye Shao back at any cost!

Long Yuan turned around with the baby in his arms. He pulled up Ye Shao’s contact information from his communicator and searched for the home address he entered. After he found it, Long Yuan did not stop for a single moment. He took out the aircraft from his dimension necklace, opened its right door, put the baby in and fastened his seat belt. Then he got on from the left side and pressed the start button of the aircraft.

The baby was sitting on the chair, holding his seat belt with two small hands. He turned his head and looked at Long Yuan. His round eyes still glittering with his tears.

“I’ll take you to find your mommy.” Long Yuan’s fingers quickly input commands on the lit up control interface. A stream of gas was immediately ejected from the bottom of the silver gray aircraft parked on the ground. The aircraft slowly rose to the sky and then quickly flew forward.

The baby grasped his little hand on the safety belt. If only he and his mother had the same connection as when he was in his mother’s stomach before, it would be nice if he could talk with his mother telepathically. (>_<)

But after he was born, this kind of telepathic connection with his mother had disappeared. After all, this ability to communicate with the mother was only to facilitate the fetus in need of nutrition, and this ability could only happen when a flesh-and-blood connection with the mother was present.


The magnificent nebula was like a veil of lavender, and the light refracted by stars billions of light-years away flickered in the Dark Universe. The little stars, like broken diamonds on a whole piece of ink cloth, burst out in blurred brilliance. In the silent universe, a round black hole suddenly broke open, and a long and narrow shadow came out from it.

After the black shadow darted out, the round black hole slowly closed, and disappeared without a trace.

The black shadow leapt in the universe and flew to a blue planet not far away. When it was about to approach the atmosphere of the blue star, the shadow slowed down and gradually revealed its shape.

Cang Huo was holding Ye Shao, who was still unconscious, as he fell slowly towards the blue planet under his feet. His whole body was wrapped in a translucent ball like bubble.

When in contact and friction with the atmosphere, the surface of the bubble constantly flashed with little sparks, and even emitted white smoke. However, the bubble was not broken by the high temperature generated by friction, and even the temperature inside the bubble remained unchanged.

The long and narrow eyes of Cang Huo watched the distance between the land and itself under his feet, as he controlled the direction of the floating bubble, and let him fall directly outside the woods not far from the King’s palace.

The moment Cang Huo’s feet touched the ground, the bubble that wrapped his whole body burst and disappeared.

Cang Huo had just entered the forest, and a figure hidden in the shadows of the forest appeared. Seeing it was Cang Huo, he immediately knelt down to him and said, “Lord Cang Huo, you are back.”

Cang Huo slightly nodded, his silver eyes looking at the guard, that had a pair of sharp ears, half kneeling on the ground, “Rise. Is the King in his chamber?”

“The King did not go out today. Do you want me to report my Lord’s return to the King?”

“No, I want to surprise the King.” The corner of Cang Huo’s hardly ever raised lip upturned into a smirk.

Only then did the guard notice that there was a man with only half a face exposed in the arms of Cang Huo, but even if it was only half a face, he could see that this man was very beautiful and exquisite.

The guard couldn’t help looking at him longer. The man who was in Cang Huo’s arm seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep. His eyebrows were fine and his long lashes casted a faint shadow on his white porcelain cheek. The waist, which was held by Cang Huo, was so slender that it seemed that it could easily be wrapped around by one hand. The guard’s eyes could not help looking down along the smooth waist curve.

“Hm? Are you going to get out of the way?” The voice of Cang Huo snapped the guard back to his senses. The guard responded and made way for Cang Huo.

Cang Huo glanced at the guard who was just distracted, then stepped around him and walked towards the woods.


Cang Huo carried Ye Shao to the bottom of the biggest tree in the forest. The diameter of this tree was nearly 1000 meters 1 . When one looked up, they could only see the gray brown bark. The trunk of the huge tree was like a high wall in front of him.

Compared to the diameter of the tree, its height, while much higher than the other trees in the forest, did not break through the sky. After the first king ascended the throne, the tree, which was designated as the imperial residence, was restricted in height. It could only stretch its branches and leaves to the left and right, but could not grow any higher.

Because of this, all around the tree was covered by its shade, and other small saplings that couldn’t touch the sun under the tree shade couldn’t grow high enough to compete with the tree for nutrients, and soon died, leaving only the green grass stubbornly alive.

Cang Huo took out a green leaf from his arms and stuck it on the brown bark. The green light immediately ran through the leaves. Then, he saw a huge green leaf floating down from the top of the big tree, steadily landing in front of him.

After the green leaf landed in front of him, Cang Huo jumped on top of it with Ye Shao in his arms. The leaves sank a bit after bearing the weight, and then ascended rapidly towards the top. The bright sunlight casted down the foliage, and the clear sound of birdsong came from the distant woods.

The green leaf carrying Cang Huo stopped at the top of the tree crown, then with a “peng”, turned into a wisp of white smoke and disappeared. A large gray brown palace stood on the canopy of the huge tree in front of the dignified Cang Huo.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Approximately 3281 feet.


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November 25, 2020 6:21 am

Cliffhangers 😭😭😭 Go Long Yuan! Go Baby! Dont let mommy be snatched by a monster king!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 25, 2020 2:18 pm

Go baby and Long Yuan find mommy don’t give up thank you for another great chapter love it want more adventure 😊

November 25, 2020 5:19 pm

I love the planet Cang Huo lives in, and the description of the nebula is so fantabulous to imagine. The baby buckled in his seatbelt-Long Yuan you are a becoming a good daddy. Thank you for translating such vivid scenes.

November 25, 2020 5:21 pm

Finaly LongYuan is starting to bond with Baby. For both of them YeShao is the most important person. Hurry up, and save Mommy!
Cliffhangers are created so that the authors can bully us poor readers….. XD
Many thanks for your hard work.

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Elf like monster?🤔🤔

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