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Chapter 25: If You Want to be Angry…

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just after Wen Jin’s claws were swatted out for the second time, Dewitt grabbed them. The latter turned his head and squinted at Wen Jin, who was accustomed to this look and hit him with his claws stretched out without moving.

He pinched the soft paw of the little fox, took the little fellow into his arms and scratch the tip of his nose with a slight curl of his fingers. “What do you really want?”

Wen Jin was hugged by him with his belly facing the sky. He felt the heat on the tip of his nose and subconsciously extended his tongue to lick it. Finding that the man’s finger was still tapping his face, he became a little unhappy. When he thought about what had just happened, he raised his chin and bit Dewitt’s hand. His sharp teeth crunched down on it without breaking the skin.

As soon as Wen Jin looked at him, he found that he was still looking at JU in the distance.

Wen Jin’s body was stiff, and he could not help biting Dewitt with great force.

He only used a little bit of strength and left two concave holes in his finger. The edges of the holes were bleeding slightly. Dewitt’s eyebrows wrinkled up, and he bowed his head to look at the fox. Wen Jin turned over in a breathless manner, ears drooped behind his head. The move that usually stirred his extra tail did not do anything, and his face was unhappy.  

Before Dewitt could speak, he heard an exclamation coming from the side, “Hey, is that GQ? The one in the black mask? When the curvature fleet was flying, I saw him!”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, I saw it then too! Why did he come here with a white beast? Wait a minute. There was another game before. It was he who broke God J’s record. Now God J is here. He’s here too. This isn’t going to be a challenge with God J, right?”

“Will it be fanatical fans or something like that, like God J, overthrowing his records everywhere and then arousing concern…”

“It’s possible that the news of God J’s coming has already been released and we all know it. If not, why does this man keep holding on to God J? You don’t know, the first record that this man broke was God J’s!”

Discussions around him grew, and Dewitt frowned. Meanwhile, JU on the stage noticed the commotion and his eyes fell on Dewitt.

Dewitt’s aura was really too powerful strong. His body was amazingly strong as a third grade S class. The strong aura emitted by Dewitt was enough to fascinate a large number of people easily. Dewitt hardly needed too much maintenance, and his figure would always remain in the perfect column. When they brought Wen Jin to Gourmet Street, they changed into casual clothes temporarily. Dewitt was wearing very ordinary sportswear. Although the cloth looked loose and flabby, it could sketch out his strong muscles in the right place. Unlike the exaggeration of a fitness master, Dewitt’s muscles were fatal.

Although his face was covered by a black mask, the deep blue eyes and the prominence of the sexuality exuding from his neck could still make many people intoxicated.

For example, those just now discussing whether he was the GQ who broke the five records, a few hostile girls could not help stopping their mouths, their eyes fell on Dewitt, and then they swallowed their saliva together. The second wave of discussions arose; “seems very strong,” “good figure” and “very handsome.” 

JU squinted, looked up and down at Dewitt for a moment, then looked sideways at the man who was wearing hardcover leather next to him before saying, “Who is he?”

The latter pushed his glasses frames further onto the bridge of his nose and behind the exaggerated mask came a pair of pointed ears. He sniffed and nodded at the end of his arm. Two seconds later, the man whispered something in the JU’s ear.

JU’s red eyes moved. “Bring him here.”

The man next to him paused and asked again.

“Yes,” said JU, sweeping a disdaining glace over the fans who cheered for him and finally fixed his eyes on Dewitt. After looking at Dewitt from top to bottom, JU licked his lips. “I want him.”

Dewitt, who was 108,000 miles away from the stage, couldn’t hear what JU was saying, but he was surprised by the emergence of this Uttar alien. Since the last World War with Uttar, the relationship between Assyria and Uttar has been at a freezing point, not only between countries but also between the people. There was great exclusion among the people.

Assyria and Uttar were obviously of poor physique, so what made it possible for an Uttar to come to Assyria at risk? Or did they do such high-profile activities? And according to Archie, this man had only recently become famous.

While Dewitt was thinking, he suddenly felt a slight movement on his shoulder and lowered his head. He found the little fox who was lying quietly on his body had suddenly jumped on Chen Xiong who was beside him.

The little fox was agile. He grabbed Chen Xiong’s shoulder with his claws and big, fluffy tail swaying behind him. He drilled into Chen Xiong’s arms. While drilling, he emitted a small whine. Listening carefully, Dewitt found that the sound was very grieving.

Looking at Wen Jin with his little buttocks in other people’s arms, Dewitt’s eyes darkened. He looked at Chen Xiong with a frozen look of minus N degree and stared at Chen Xiong with trepidation at the hand that the latter subconsciously wanted to touch the little fox’s fur.

With a slight clenching of his lips, Dewitt reached out and grabbed Wen Jin’s neck. He had also done his homework these two days. It was said that the place of pinching a baby beast was particularly useful. It would make the other party feel comfort. When he associated the violent temper of the young beast and the act of jumping directly to others, Dewitt’s heart darkened. He decided to educate Wen Jin. Should he do something about him or the others?

However, just as his hand touched the white fur, Wen Jin strongly resisted.

Wen Jin’s rebellion had never been calm or quiet. The handsome little fox was punching and kicking incomparably hard and could not be taken from Chen Xiong. Seeing this, Chen Xiong showed a very helpless expression to Dewitt. He looked passive and distressed. Then he put his hand around Wen Jin’s body. When he met the fox’s back fur, the black bear’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of longing.

Feeling the hand on his back, Wen Jin subconsciously stiffened, obviously not used to it, but from the beginning, Dewitt’s expression was going to make him angry, suppressing the discomfort, Wen Jin stubbornly turned his head and stared at Dewitt.

“Chee!” Go away! I don’t want to listen to you. What’s the use of being my little tail? You can be someone else’s little tail.

When Wen Jin turned his head, a pair of claws still clutched Chen Xiong tightly, and he felt the aura of a high-ranking contract beast. Chen Xiong squinted comfortably. Here, Dewitt could not help it completely. His face was black, and he could not stand Wen Jin’s resistance any longer. He quickly forced the fox back into his hands.

“Chee!!” Feeling his body float for a moment, Wen Jin let out a miserable fox howl.

His little tail not only bullied the monarch but also murdered him with his eyes!

It was the first time that Dewitt heard Wen Jin scream. Although it was a false one, Dewitt could not help feeling a little sad. Rethinking that this little fellow had just drilled into other people’s arms, he still looked like he didn’t want to come back, he could not help feeling a little upset.

He really wanted to give the fox the best. He could give him anything he wanted, but just like that… No, even if the kid screams, no. Dewitt thought, embracing Wen Jin, frowned and said, “Let’s go.”

Wen Jin’s mood was not very good since he came to this place. Before that, he just made a noise. It was the first time that he drilled into other people’s arms. It must be that the local atmosphere was not good. The A-level competition was enough. As for the JU… At the moment of turning around, Dewitt had opened the terminal and sent a message to Cassey.

“He seems to have a contract beasts.” On the stage, the man in hardcover shoes crooked his head and came up to JU and said.

“Yes.” JU also noticed Dewitt’s shifting eyes and saw the latter’s movement to the white beast. JU’s eyes flashed a trace of disgust, “Kill it.”

The man was not surprised by JU’s disgusted eyes and fierce words, but still said, “Your Highness, he has just broken five competition records, his energy level is likely to be the same as yours, or even above you, to do so… we might not succeed.”

“Oh?” JU said, with a faint glow in his red eyes, “Then bring him over, untie him and let him kill himself.”


When he realized that Dewitt was going to take him away, Wen Jin was still a little unhappy. He really wanted to see the special effects of the big hammer under Dewitt’s attack. When he came to the world, there were too many things Wen Jin was curious about. Those things that really blew up patterns in front of him were especially attractive.

These things were different from magic. Magic often depended on divine perception, and it would become blurred because of the relationship between distance and the strength of the magic itself. But these things were really displayed in front of them, especially true and very clear.

Dewitt, who felt the fox’s interest evidently curtailed, was in an equally bad mood. In his view, Wen Jin was angry, and he took it out on Chen Xiong.

Both men were unhappy in their hearts and did not notice that almost all the eyes of the people around them fell on them. The group could not help but show their disappointment when they saw Dewitt leaving with a little fox in his arms.

But the next second, they screamed because a man in suit and leather was approaching.

“! That’s God J’s assistant. Wait a minute. Is he going in GQ’s direction?”

The moment the voice appeared, Dewitt stopped and looked at the man in front of him coldly.

Among the Uttarians, this man was absolutely tall, but when he stood before Dewitt, he was still a whole head shorter than him. He was obviously inferior to Dewitt in both height and temperament. By contrast, the voice of the discussion about Dewitt being stronger felt accurate.

The man paused, and a faint smile appeared under the mask. His pupils flashed almost the same light as before with JU. Although it was much weaker, it still could not be ignored. After a short pause, the other side said, “Hello, I am JU’s assistant, Karst.”

On the other side, Archie looked at the message on the terminal, and Chen Xiong nodded his head to show that Karst man was real and that JU did have such an assistant.

Wen Jin was in a bad mood. He didn’t want to take care of the man who came by, but he couldn’t help turning around because of the slight smell floating in the air. The black pupils fell on the man, and Wen Jin squinted his fox eyes.


The man’s original goal was obviously not Wen Jin. His magic ability was not strong. He needed a lot of concentration to be effective. So he was staring at Dewitt wholeheartedly. However, when he felt a trace of energy floating in the air, which directly inhibited his enchantment, he subconsciously looked in the direction of the energy source.

At the same time, his pupils subconsciously shrank.

JU’s red eyes claimed to be genetic, but if the person standing next to him also had red eyes, it would inevitably arouse suspicion, so the pupil color Karst used was changed by the terminal, showing a light grey, looking especially like a… Blind person and when they shrink their pupils like this, they are more like them.

His eyes fell tightly on Wen Jin, and his face showed a trace of incredulity.

Chen Xiong frowned, breathed less and his dark eyes showed a hint of hostility. Karst seemed to be looking back, looking at Chen Xiong a little coldly.

Wen Jin acted as if he had not noticed it at all. He lowered his head and licked his paws. The taste of magic in the air was not gone, just broken up at a touch. So he thought about it and added an adjective to that magic, low-grade.

Wen Jin thought, tilting his head, thinking that the world was really interesting. Whether it was a copper wall, iron wall, or a thin spiritual spirit, it seemed to be distinct from the Honghuang Continent. But the black bear spirit behind him, the inner Dan of Dewitt and the enchantment of the people in front of him all had something to do with the Honghuang Continent.

Although they were all low-quality editions.

The sudden change of atmosphere was only an instant matter, but looking at Chen Xiong and Wen Jin, Karst recalls JU’s plan just now and showed a trace of hesitation in his eyes.

Karst had not yet figured out what to do, and JU could not help frowning at the slow progress. He simply went directly to the master of the competition, bending his eyes to show the lady a sweet smile, a flash of light in his eyes, the master immediately seemed to be in a magic shock, as she showed a blushing face.

JU reached out gently and quickly took off the microphone on Miss Ceremony’s collar. His finger accidentally brushed the latter’s cheek. This action was released through the close-up screen behind the stage, which instantly caused those to see the scene to scream one after another.

JU did not hesitate to raise the microphone, and the crisp teenage voice echoed through the microphone throughout the venue.

“Sir with a black mask.” JU squinted and laughed. “I want to challenge you.”

After that, the audience was silent for three seconds, followed by the cheers of the whole audience.

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They need to find a way to communicate properly, because, please, forgive my for saying this, Dewitt sucks at interpreting Wen Jin’s behaviours and intentions, and that makes them both unhappy, like here.

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