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Chapter Five

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The rain was pouring down like a dense network of water, covering the whole city. In the rain, Xia Chuan dragged Xu Ling to a remote alley nearby. Before Xu Ling opened his mouth, he gave Xu Ling a hard blow on the left side of his face.

“I’m going to kill you, son of a bitch!” The thought of Xu Ling trying to kiss Jiang Qianqian just now made Xia Chuan angry.

“You are sick!” Xu Ling immediately returned his punch. He did not show mercy at all and Xia Chuan fell to the ground with one punch.

“Yes! I’m sick! It’s all your fault…” Xia Chuan rose from the ground and rushed to Xu Ling. He was sick, blind and hopeless. It was all the son of a bitch’s fault. He made him like this…

Like two beasts, they fought wildly in the rain. Today, Xia Chuan was like a desperate man, totally forgetting the pain, desperate to beat up Xu Ling. He was still hurting and jumping on the ground.

Finally, both of them were tired, Xia Chuan fell to the ground and no longer had the strength to climb up. Xu Ling also gasped for breath before offering a truce.

“Come here!” After a short rest, Xia Chuan reluctantly gritted his teeth and sat up, screaming at Xu Ling.

Xu Ling tried to pass by but Xia Chuan grabbed his shirt and pulled down his mask before kissing him. This time Xu Ling did not push him away and responded to his kiss. He opened his mouth and let Xia Chuan stick his tongue in and the two tongues entwined violently.

The rain grew heavier and heavier, but neither of them felt the slightest chill. They were almost burnt to death by the hot flame of the other side. Xu Ling didn’t ask anything, didn’t say anything, just kissed Xia Chuan furiously and madly. He knew that Xia Chuan should be very clear about what he was doing this time.

Xia Chuan had never been so excited as he was now. He was willing to admit that he longed for Xu Ling; he liked Xu Ling. He loved Xu Ling! What happened just now made him understand that he couldn’t escape. He was hopeless! He didn’t want Xu Ling to be with other women. He was his…

“Let’s go to a hotel!” Xu Ling let Xia Chuan go and stared at his eyes burning with fervor.

Xia Chuan was stunned for a moment. He immediately understood Xu Ling’s meaning and then nodded decisively. He knew that Xu Ling said this on behalf of what Xu Ling wanted to do to him. He also knew that if they really got on a bed, they wouldn’t go back, but he couldn’t control it anymore. He wanted to be with Xu Ling. Even if he and Xu Ling were playing with fire and self-destruction, he didn’t care! He was going to hell with him…

Xu Ling’s eyes flashed with a trace of joy as he helped Xia Chuan up. They left the alley, with their fingers clasped and their hands tightly held together. Xu Ling and Xia Chuan couldn’t wait to go to the hotel. They found a small hotel nearby where the condition was very bad. Not only was the hygiene was very poor, but they didn’t even have a bathroom. But they didn’t care at all. As long as they had a bed, it was enough.

In the room, neither knew who started first, but they hugged together and kissed wildly, desperately pulling on each other’s clothes. If Xu Ling was usually ice, then at this moment he was a fire, a fire that could burn Xia Chuan alive…

Xu Ling pressed Xia Chuan to bed and stripped him of his clothes, leaving him with only his pair of underwear, acting like a long-hungry beast gnawing at every inch of his skin crazily, leaving love marks on his strong bronze body one after another…

“Hey, you’re littleone has stood up!” Xia Chuan was not idle either. He put his hand into Xu Ling’s trousers and pulled on the giant dragon that had come to life.

“No shit! I’m not a eunuch! Young Master Xia is also already hard…” Xu Ling pointed to the black bullet trousers that had a small tent.

Ignoring Xu Ling’s sneer, Xia Chuan took off his trousers eagerly, took out his own and his gripped both, rubbing them together. The two big parts were close together, just like their hearts.

There was a heavy gasp in the narrow room, probably because they were so excited that they both shot quickly and white liquid sprayed on their abdomens and thighs. But the two did not cease. Xu Ling pushed Xia Chuan’s legs high, lowered his head and reached out to touch the pink flower hidden in the beautiful buttocks.

“What a beautiful color you have here, like a cute little mouth!” Xu Ling playfully said while stretching his long index finger in, the light exploration found the sensitive spot on the road and pressed it gently.

“Ahn!” Xia Chuan immediately uttered a joyful moan.

Xu Ling satisfactorily smiled and added two fingers, until he had three fingers thrusting in and out, carefully expanding the tight and suffocating cave.

“Ah, ah… Ah…” Xia Chuan, who had thought through it, no longer felt ashamed and groaned boldly unlike last time.

“Are you that hungry? Your mouth is moving so hard that it’s sucking on me all the time!” Xu Ling scratched the sensitive intestinal membranes, which led to another high-pitched cry from Xia Chuan.

Xia Chuan’s lower body hardened again. The strange itching behind him made him crazy. He twisted his sexy body uncomfortably. Xu Ling expanded that tight little entrance enough to accommodate his dragon. After pulling out his fingers, he lifted Xia Chuan’s strong buttocks, and place the scary long gun on the narrow hole.

Xia Chuan closed his eyes. He knew what would happen next. If he let it happen, he would be absolutely doomed, but he did not push Xu Ling away.

With the great pain of tearing heart, Xu Ling entered Xia Chuan’s body. Xia Chuan painfully opened his eyes, it hurts!! His whole body felt like it was being cut in half by Xu Ling, and he felt like dying would cause the same pain…

Sensing his stiffness, Xu Ling quickly stopped, looked at his pale, frightening face and asked worriedly, “Is it very painful?” 

He thought that he had already opened him up enough. It shouldn’t hurt Xia Chuan. He didn’t expect Xia Chuan to be in so much pain. After all, this was his first time…

“Did Lao Tzu tell you to stop? Hurry up, soft-footed shrimp(1)!” Xia Chuan deliberately scolded. Since it hurt, it wasn’t like there was anything that would hurt more.

  1. Basically someone with ED. 

“You’re seeking death!” No man could stand being scolded as a soft-footed shrimp, Xu Ling raised his sword eyebrows and continued to move forward, with all his strength into the body of Xia Chuan.

“Ahn!” Although Xia Chuan had some psychological preparation, but did not expect it to be so painful, as Xu Ling buried himself deeply in his body, he felt that his body was torn to pieces by Xu Ling’s sharp blade…

Hearing his scream, Xu Ling quickly lowered his head and found that he was bleeding. Unlike a woman, it was not a place for celebration after seeing blood because of his inhuman ravaging, bright red blood flowed out along Xu Ling’s body.

“Sorry!” A trace of heartache floated in the cold eyes, Xu Ling apologized guilty in a low voice, no longer moving, quietly buried in Xia Chuan’s bloody chrysanthemum cave.

“Nothing, do what you want to do! I can stand it…” Hearing Xu Ling’s apology, Xia Chuan heart was soft and he shook his head slightly, looked up at Xu Ling and said this. His voice trembled slightly because of the pain, but his eyes were incomparably firm. He was also a man who knew how painful it was to plunge in and not do it.

“… I’ll go slow.” Xu Ling looked at him, hesitated for a moment, bowed his head and kissed his pale lips, gently thrusting up…

Although Xu Ling’s movements were light, Xia Chuan was too tight. The huge weapon made Xia Chuan wrinkle his eyebrows in pain, grit his teeth tightly and tried not to let himself cry out in pain.

Of course, Xu Ling also knew that Xia Chuan felt pain. In order to alleviate his pain, Xu Ling pinched his brown and black milk beads on his chest and provoked his little one that had withered because of the great pain.

“Ah… Ugh… Ahn… Mnn…” Xu Ling’s method was very effective. Xia Chuan couldn’t help opening his lips and groaning because of the pleasure in front of him.

Hearing Xia Chuan’s lovely and seductive moan, Xu Ling’s mouth raised slightly and a touch of excitement appeared on his face. He gently pushed in the tight and narrow virgin bud, while rubbing and playing with Xia Chuan’s nipples and penis. The sensitive Xia Chuan slowly overlooked the pain in his behind, groaning and writhing under Xu Ling’s body and the identity that just shrunk down hardened again…

“Sorcerer, you stood up again!” Xu Ling, holding Xia Chuan’s hard penis, sneered wickedly.

Xia Chuan blushed with shame and scolded with embarrassment, “You are the crock!”

“Dare to scold me and see how I punish you!” Xu Ling pushed hard and a fiercely hit the deepest point. The huge gun head reached the most sensitive and delicate point.

“Ahhhn!!” Xia Chuan screamed. The heat from hitting the heart of his chrysanthemum quickly spread throughout his body, and he slightly trembled.

Xu Ling laughed happily and began to attack the heart of Xia Chuan’s chrysanthemum crazily. Every time he worked hard on the heart of the chrysanthemum, his two big hands continued to play with the other two sensitive points, so that Xia Chuan could enjoy three different pleasures at the same time…

“Oh… Ha ah… Don’t… go slower… Ah ah… Pain… No… Don’t go up there… Oh, ah… Hmm… Don’t… Um-huh… ah… Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan cried louder and louder and his expression became more and more refreshing. Although the huge dragon was too big and was still very painful, but when the dragon hit the heart of his chrysanthemum, there would be countless electric currents going through his whole body. Compared to the pleasure of being his by the big penis, that pain was insignificant…

“Your buttocks are so tight and so hot, mmn!” Xu Ling worked hard in Xia Chuan and enjoyed the feeling of being tightly wrapped up by the fiery heat. He was so happy that he couldn’t help praising the man beneath him.

“Ah, ah… Your brother is so big and rough… mm… Ah ah… It’s so big… You’re a little bit more… Ah ah ah… Don’t hit there all the time… Ah ah… I can’t stand it anymore… Ah ah… Uh huh…” Xia Chuan had never been so worked up. He held Xu Ling’s broad shoulders, shouting in fear, groaning loudly and the pleasant baritone was more sexy and charming than a woman’s.

The narrow and incomparable chrysanthemum cave was full of a fire stick which was much bigger than ordinary people’s poles. It may burst at any time. But when the fierce and terrible dragon rubbed through the fragile and sensitive intestinal wall and penetrated the poor intestinal tract, it would raise an unspeakable extreme pleasure, which made Xia Chuan feel refreshed, as if he was going to heaven…

“You’re really fit to be fucked. If you do it a few times, you’ll be perfect!” Xu Ling made the original small nipples as big as cherries and the lower part was about to explode. The back hole was getting wet and slippery and was about to flow with juices like a woman.

“Ah, ah… Shut up… You… Ah ah… You aren’t the right person to… Fuck… Bastard… Ah ah ah… yes…un oh…” Xia Chuan scolded angrily and was about to die of shame. But he was really too deep in the pleasure. He had always been a playboy and had done it with a lot of women, but he had never felt such pleasure. He didn’t think that being fucked would be one hundred times better than doing the fucking.

“Say you owe me. You still won’t admit it! Okay, let me prove it to you.” Xu Ling grinned coldly and let go of Xia Cuan’s nipples and separated from the lower hole. His big hands clutched Xia Chuan’s strong and beautiful waist tightly. With all the firepower open, the huge and amazing dragon pierced his cave and attacked fiercely and madly.

“Ah, ah, ah… Don’t! Stop! Ah! Ngh! Bastard, I’m going to break… Ah oh… God… Quick stop… Ah ah… It’s terrible. My ass is going to burst. Oh oh…mmmm…” Xia Chuan screamed wildly, painfully and refreshingly as the destructive pleasure surged upon him, drowning him.

“Are you a fucking scoundrel?” Xu Ling pinched Xia Chuan’s chin and forced him to look at him and asked obscene questions. At this moment, he was so evil that Xia Chuan could not believe that he really was the iceberg man who had never changed for thousands of years.

Xia Chuan was hit by Xu Ling and moved forward. The sensitive cave secreted transparent intestinal juice under Xu Ling’s fierce operation. With the dragon’s pumping, it splashed out and dripped on the bed sheet.

“Ah, ah… I… I am… Oh, ugh… I can’t… Ah ah… Kill me… Oh, ah… God… You’re too strong… Ah ah ah… Please slow down… Little less force… Ah ah ah… I really want to kill you… Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan’s brain was totally paralyzed by pleasure. He forgot his shame and that he was a man. He nodded his head and screamed obsceniously, a hundred times louder than a woman. The masculine and handsome body was dyed with a touching bright red and the handsome face was covered with a blush, which was very arousing…

Xia Chuan’s lovely and incomparable cries of waves excited Xu Ling, who had always been cold and heartless. With evil lust shining in his eyes, he ravaged Xia Chuan more ferociously, making deeper thrusts using more effort, hoping to break his chrysanthemum heart…

“Oh oh… You’re going to stab me to death… Ah ah… It’s so good… Put in more effort… Ah ah ah… Ah ah… Ah ah ah… I’m flying. Ah, ah, ah, ah…” Xia Chuan had never experienced such passionate and lustful sex. The experience of making love with a woman in the past was nothing compared to what he was going through now. The unspeakable crazy pleasure wrapped him tightly.

“Ahh… you are awesome! I am in love with you, bastard, I love you…” In the thrill of the annihilation, Xia Chuan called out his own voice.

Xu Ling’s smile deepened, turning Xia Chuan upside down, thrusting into his back more savagely and ferociously making Xia Chuan’s hole withstand abuse.

“I’m going to be fucked to death by you… Lighten up… Ah… Do your best to kill me… I don’t want to live… Put more effort in… Ah, ah, ah…” Xia Chuan’s small cave was fused by Xu Ling and the pornographic liquid flowed out directly, making Xu Ling’s abdomen a mess.

With Xu Ling’s super-hard insertion, Xia Chuan finally went to heaven, twitching all over and his penis, which was too hard to work, ejected a lot of semen. Then Xu Ling also climaxed a hot magma-like ejaculation into the hot intestinal wall, causing Xia Chuan to scream again…

When everything was calm, Xu Ling lit a cigarette, took a puff and Xia Chuan, lying next to him, grabbed the cigarette and held it in his mouth.

“Get your own!” Xu Ling picked up his eyebrows and snatched back his cigarette.

“Stingy!” Xia Chuan took a cigarette out of the box and lit one, then turned back and leaned on Xu Ling’s arm.

Two big men over 180cm were quietly crowded in a small bed smoking, leisurely enjoying the happiness after sex.

“What are you thinking about?” Xia Chuan asked boredly.

Xu Ling turned his head to look at him and answered solemnly, “I’m wondering if you will infect me with AIDS.” 

“What are you talking about, you son of a bitch?” Xia Chuan almost sprayed blood on Xu Ling’s face. He let him take him like a woman, but he said that…

Xu Ling spit out a cigarette smoke ring and talked about the matter, “You’ve been messing with so many women who probably have AIDS and I’m afraid it’s normal!” 

Xia Chuan sat up and scolded angrily, “What normal?! Lao Tzu has not messed with women since I contacted Lin YaTing. How could I have AIDS?” 

“Yo! You are so loyal to Lin YaTing.” Xu Ling grinned coldly, turned his back to him and seemed angry.

Xia Chuan realized what he had said. He quickly leaned on his back and explained, “Don’t do that. I don’t mean that! I just want to tell you that I don’t have AIDS, you can rest assured!” Xu Ling still ignored him. Xia Chuan was in a hurry. “How on earth are you angry? As long as you’re not angry, I’ll break up with Lin YaTing as soon as I get back tomorrow!”

“Really?” Xu Ling turned around with a slightly calmer face.

“As long as you are not angry, I’ll do anything!” Xia Chuan nodded hurriedly.

“A pig will always be a pig!” Xia Chuan looked so anxious and lovely that Xu Ling couldn’t help laughing again.

“Bastard, dare to deceive me, I’ll beat you to death!” Xia Chuan knew that he had been tricked and jumped angrily on Xu Ling’s waist, giving him several punches on his strong chest.

“Are you itching again?” Xu Ling grabbed his hand and suddenly lowered her voice in his ear.

Xia Chuan didn’t understand what it meant until something hot came up against his painful buttocks. Men’s waists were super sensitive! He couldn’t ride!

“Damn, you are a stallion! How long has it been and you want to do it again?” Xia Chuan blushed and scolded.

“I don’t want to do it! Sleep!” Xu Ling yawned lazily.

Suddenly, Xia Chuan felt a flash of inspiration and said with a sneer, “I don’t want to do it, but I want to be on top.” He also wanted Xu Ling to taste being attacked.

“You want to be on top?” Xu Ling raised his eyebrows.

“Yes! It’s fair to trade. I can’t always be on the bottom.” He must kill Xu Ling, let him taste his heroic style, ha ha ha…

“Dream on!” Xu Ling resolutely refused.

“What did you say? Why can’t I be on top? Why am I worse than you?” Xia Chuan climbed on Xu Ling’s belly in a rage and argued with him. Whether he was taller or in better shape, he was absolutely no worse than Xu Ling, so he should not be kept under Xu Ling’s pressure.

“Do you know how to be a good gong?” Xu Ling grinned coldly.

“I’ll figure it out! Just let me do it once! I will be very gentle, okay? Please!” Xia Chuan took out a set from the women he’d been with and gently seduced Xu Ling.

“There’s no reason to say that. You have to give evidence!” Xu Ling’s eyes flashed with a trace sinister smile. Since the pig wanted to deliver it to the door, he would be polite.

“I’ll show you Lao Tzu’s abilities in a minute, let you know what immortal desire is and wanting to die. I’ll make you want to die and kneel down and beg me to top!” Xia Chuan didn’t know that he had fallen into Xu Ling’s trap and still showed off his abilities.

“Then I’ll see how you make me want to die and kneel down and beg you to be on top.” Xu Ling turned a white eye.

Xia Chuan knew that he should seize this opportunity to serve Xu Ling well and let him succeed in his own skills, so that he could always be the one to attack. Although it felt good to be the shou, how could a man be kept on the bottom?

Xia Chuan took out all his skills to tease Xu Ling desperately. After kissing and touching Xu Ling all over, his eyes met the dragon who just made him cry.

Looking at the frightening giant, Xia Chuan could not help being afraid, but in order to conquer Xu Ling, he had to do it!

Xia Chuan took a breath, leaned down between Xu Ling’s legs and picked up the huge dragon’s sheath, which was still in full weight, although sleeping. He opened his mouth and put it in. But Xu Ling’s stuff was so big that Xia Chuan’s jaw dislocated and he could only swallow half of it.

Xia Chuan mouth was sore, he regretted it and wanted to spit out the dragon, but accidentally raised his eyes and found Xu Ling looking at him with a mocking face. His self-esteem immediately prevailed. He must not let Xu Ling look down on him…

Xia Chuan tried hard to open his mouth and put Xu Ling’s dragon into his mouth. After a short rest, he began to suck and puff. At the same time, his hands were not idle. He played with the two big eggs under Xu Ling.

“Hmm…” Xu Ling immediately gasped.

Hearing Xu Ling’s moaning, Xia Chuan showed a proud smile and tried harder to suck and lick Xu Ling. He had never thought that one day he would help a man using oral sex and eat him disgustingly like a dog! If it changed to someone else, he would kill that person, but the other party was Xu Ling and he was willing…

Xu Ling’s dragon was still stained with Xia Chuan’s intestinal juice and Xu Ling’s semen. The unusual obscene taste in his mouth made Xia Chuan more excited. Like the most important treasure, he carefully served Xu Ling’s giant gun…

Enjoying Xia Chuan’s service, Xu Ling leaned back on the bed and smoked cigarettes leisurely. He was really happy, feeling like a god and from time to time he commanded out a few words unsatisfactorily, “Put more emphasis on the head. Suck harder. Don’t bite… Yes, that’s it!”

Xu Ling was comfortable, but Xia Chuan was feeling more and more uncomfortable. His narrow mouth was about to be penetrated by the horrible weapon. His saliva was all squeezed down the corner of his mouth, but he still tried to move his tongue desperately and suck Xu Ling, trying to make him more comfortable.

Xu Ling’s endurance, which had been vented twice, was very astonishing. It took nearly thirty minutes for Xia Chuan to shoot out. Xia Chuan wanted to pull out Xu Ling’s dragon, but Xu Ling held his head tightly and forced him to drink his semen, so that Xia Chuan almost choked to death!

When Xu Ling left Xia Chuan’s mouth, Xia Chuan immediately coughed up and beat Xu Ling with anger. “Damn, you want to murder me!” Helping him with oral sex had already given him face and he dared to shoot his stuff into his mouth! Bastard…

“Come on up!” Xu Ling sat up and ordered.

“Why?” Xia Chuan asked angrily.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“You promised me that I could be on top! You can rest assured that I will serve you well…” Xia Chuan jumped up happily and climbed up to Xu Ling.

“Ah!” But just as Xia Chuan was just about to open Xu Ling’s legs to look for Xu Ling’s chrysanthemum, his butt was suddenly caught and the pain from the cave being poked open came again… Xia Chuan cried out in pain, pointing at Xu Ling incredibly and shouting, “How can you deceive me, you insidious little man?” He was fooled by this bastard again!

“I didn’t lie to you. Didn’t I let you fuck me with your little ass?” Xu Ling grinned, grasped Xia Chuan’s waist and began to sweep across with thousands of troops.

“Ah ah… You cheater, let me go… Mnn… That’s amazing! That’s it. Put more effort on it. Pull it out quickly, or Lao Tzu will kill you… Ah ah ah…”

With the shouting and moaning of Xia Chuan, spring was boundless all night in the narrow and humble room.

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