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Chapter 2: “Such a cheap temptation, the Demon World is really in decline.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


When the two had finished exchanging pleasantries, Han Tian wiped the $2.05 million yuan watch with a tissue, slipped it into his jeans pocket, and said with a little apology, “I’m so sorry about today. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s fixed.”

Qiao Xi smiled. “It’s okay, I don’t really care. Ah yes, you can just call me Qiao Xi from now on, no need for such polite honorifics.”

“Okay, Qiao Xi,” Han Tian said in a gentle tone. He paused, and with a touch of appropriate regret explained, “But… I can’t get the watch fixed now. I actually came to pick up a cake, and I have to go now.”

“Pick up a cake? Oh, so this cafe has a take-out service. Then you’ve worked really hard.” Qiao Xi sighed.

“… Yeah, I’m still working part-time… Delivering takeout.” The corners of Han Tian’s mouth twitched slightly, a slightly strange expression on his face.

“By the way, where do you deliver your takeaway to? You… Are you delivering it by bike or running?” Qiao Xi asked kindly.

Han Tian thought about it and replied cautiously, “Mn, I deliver on the run.”

“It’s too hard, isn’t it? It’s still raining outside, and I’m free anyway—why don’t I drive you?” Qiao Xi thoughtfully and enthusiastically proposed.

The corner of Han Tian’s mouth tilted up, but he didn’t object. “Really? Then I’ll be grateful.”

Qiao Xi smiled extremely brightly. “Okay, wait a minute, I’ll bring the car over.”

Ten minutes later, a fiery red MINI pulled up in front of the cafe.

Han Tian had already put on the black jacket, and was waiting obediently at the door carrying a paper box in his hand.

When he saw Qiao Xi coming, Han Tian pulled open the door and sat down in the passenger seat in a regular manner.

“By the way, what’s the destination?” Qiao Xi asked politely.

“Just deliver to the entrance of Medical College. I’m going back to school after delivering this take-out,” Han Tian replied politely.

Qiao Xi didn’t ask any more questions and stepped on the gas.

When the car drove out, Qiao Xi realized that it was a mistake to drive this MINI out today.

The MINI’s interior was not spacious, and Han Tian was sitting in the passenger seat, but the aroma from his body was just going directly to his head.

It smells too good. He subconsciously closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Ah ah want to bite a bite…

“Ahem.” Perhaps noticing his disorder, Han Tian coughed gently.

Qiao Xi, who realized he was thinking about this man’s soul, hurriedly found a topic. “Ah, by the way, that watch you’re holding is quite a novelty. It’s a smart watch with a communication function, right?”

When Han Tian got into the car, he realized that this person was wearing a novel watch on his wrist, with a solid black dial, no hands or numbers, and only a red light dot that pulsed from time to time.

“Right,” Han Tian replied briefly.

“Wow. So, the red dot on it—does it mean someone is looking for you?” Qiao Xi continued without words.

“Yes.” Han Tian remained brief and concise.

“Then don’t you want to open it and take a look?” Qiao Xi reminded him thoughtfully.

Han Tian smiled. “No.”

He paused, stroked his finger on the dial a few times, and with a smile, he slowly said, “I guess it must be to urge me to deliver the food as soon as possible.”

Medical College was not far away. Even after driving around a bit, it was only a ten-minute drive.

After Qiao Xi stopped the car on the side of the road, Han Tian put on the hood of his jacket and stood in the drizzle with a grateful face. “Thank you so much. I will fix the watch and send it to you as soon as possible.”

Qiao Xi waved his hand gracefully and drove away.

On the way back, he couldn’t hide the smile on his face, and his fingers tapped on the steering wheel involuntarily.

This start, simply too smooth!

As an intern demon who had not yet graduated, Qiao Xi had only been lurking on the earthly realm for a month.

In the past 30 days, he had been seriously studying creatures like humans, trying to understand their emotions, and finally wrote his graduation thesis that he was proud of: “On the inevitability of the demise of charm, and on the feasibility of luring humans with money”.

At the end of the thesis, he creatively proposed that the desire of the flesh was too fragile and too difficult to capture. Only money was eternal and profound. As a new generation of demon, he should try to abandon the ancient art of seduction and instead subjugate humans through the “money trap”, and other more noble and elegant ways.

Just today, he received a review notice from the Demon Academy.

[Qiao Xi, the judges were impressed by the novelty of your paper.

Based on this thesis, the judges have designed your graduation project.

Within three months, you will find a human with a pure soul, seduce him, and finally make him give his soul to you.

You may use any means of seduction, including but not limited to the “money trap” you proposed in your thesis, and any other means you can think of.

Upon completion of this project, you will be promoted directly to a real demon as an outstanding graduate.

In order to make your project go smoothly, Academy is giving you a copy of the “Intern demon Project Guide”, please follow the requirements of the “Guide” and record the progress of your project in time.

Good luck for your early promotion, the great demon will be with you.]

Following the hints in the Guidebook, Qiao Xi immediately understood that the sweet aroma he had smelled in the past was the unique smell of “pure soul”.

So, he found the prey without much effort, and easily laid the “money trap” for the prey!

Next, he will take good notes in the Guidebook, and then carefully plan how to make the prey willingly give up his soul.

When Qiao Xi was full of joy, his “prey” had already put away that thin light smile and turned into a nearby alley with a cold face.

After walking in the rain for ten minutes, he pushed open the door of a club.

He bypassed the noisy and crowded lobby and went straight to the private room in the depths.

“Dr. Han! Dr. Han is here!” The people in the room exploded with cheers when they saw him.

“Dr. Han! Is this a cake! I, I, I’m so honored!” A girl with a small golden crown on her head, holding the cake handed over by Han Tian, seemed to be so moved that she was about to cry.

“You’re welcome,” Han Tian’s reply was polite and distant.

“By the way, I heard that besides being your birthday party, today is also a welcome party for new colleagues?” He asked motionlessly.

“Oh yes, Dr. Han, a new colleague has arrived during your month of leave. He is your little fanboy and has been wanting to meet you.” The girl laughed and pointed to a man sitting in the corner.

Han Tian turned around and saw a gorgeous-looking teenager sitting on the sofa.

When the young man saw Han Tian, he slowly stood up and walked towards him step by step, while an extremely attractive smile spread across his face. “Dr. Han, I just graduated this year. I’ve been wanting to get to know you and learn from you ever since I met you at a school lecture.”

Han Tian stared at the teenager’s overly excited eyes and slowly said, “What do you want to learn?”

The teenager seemed not to mind the eyes of the people around him and licked his lips. “Well, can I ask you to teach me, privately?”

A dark shadow flashed under Han Tian’s eyes. He pushed open the door of the private room with one hand, and hooked one hand at the teenager.

The teenager’s bright red lips curled up in a charming arc as he lightly followed.

The moment the door of the private room popped back, the lights of the entire room suddenly flickered a few times.

The originally laughing and joking crowd, suddenly with a collective aphasia, was all quiet.

After a few seconds, someone said, “Hey, did anyone go out just now?”

Someone replied, “No, I don’t think so.”

The girl wearing the little crown said, “Yes, Dr. Han came to deliver a cake, and then he left by himself.”

All of them had forgotten about the teenager who had appeared.

By now, the teenager had followed Han Tian to a dark alley behind the club.

“Why, Dr. Han likes such an exciting place,” the teenager teased skillfully.

Han Tian did not reply, but just stood two meters away from the teenager and watched him quietly.

The teenager grunted, stared into Han Tian’s deep eyes, and unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

“Don’t bother.” Han Tian spoke up, his voice full of disgust.

“Oh, if you’re in such a hurry—then I’ll save you the trouble. I’ll just come and taste it, the blood of angels, is it really more delicious than humans!” The teenager’s eyes turned blood-red, and his fangs appeared in his mouth as he lunged straight towards Han Tian.

However, before the teenager could even touch Han Tian, there was a blazing flame that abruptly surrounded his entire upper body.

“Ahhh!” The teenager, or rather this blood demon that only had the form of a teenager, let out a shockingly creepy shrill sound.

“You… You’re actually a Seraph… Aaaah!”

Han Tian’s eyes did not have the slightest ripple as he gazed expressionlessly at the constantly twisting flames.

This blood demon was not mistaken.

The real identity of Han Tian was a Seraph, who was responsible for guarding the city.

As a Seraph, who was known for his combat prowess, his abilities were extremely special.

His body, naturally, was a weapon against demons. But whenever a demon dared to approach him, they would be scorched by flames. If it was a low-level demon, it would soon be burned to ashes; even if it was a high-ranking demon, it would definitely leave a large and shocking scar on the skin.

Therefore, in the Demon World, the name of “Seraph” was enough to scare the average demon.

Before the flames completely engulfed the blood demon, Han Tian made a gesture.

The flame disappeared in a flash. But immediately afterwards, countless streams of chains emerged from the void, firmly binding the blood demon, which had lost its shape.

“What a pity, according to the truce agreement, I can’t end you immediately, I can only send you back to hell to be judged.” With a wave of his right hand, Han Tian summoned a white teleportation array and threw the blood demon in.

Soon, the alley regained its silence, only echoing with the slight sound of raindrops falling.

Han Tian’s face was indifferent as he leaned his back against the wall and absently tapped on the dial.

In an instant, a soft white light enveloped the area.

The dimly lit alley was gone. In its place, there was a quiet, serene white space.

If Han Tian did not leisurely light a cigarette, leaning against the wall and exhaling smoke rings, this space could be considered “holy”.

Across from Han Tian, a blonde figure gradually appeared.

“Miquel, you want something from me?” Han Tian’s face was a little tired, a little impatient.

The figure called “Miquel” flickered a few times, and with a bit of humility, said, “Sir Seraph, the way you expelled the blood demon just now is as sharp as ever.”

Han Tian looked at the changing smoke ring in front of him and sneered, “Such a cheap temptation. The Demon World has really decayed.”

“However, Your Excellency,” Miquel hesitated, “in addition to that low-level demon, just now, in your guarded area, seems to reveal a trace of a strange demon aura? And… This trace of aura seems to have entangled with you?”

Han Tian looked at the other party and raised his eyebrows slightly. “I know.”


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Han Tian is cool. That stupid blood demon didn’t know what hit him😁
I’m liking this story. Nothing better than good vs evil❤️ Thank you for the update ❤️

July 11, 2023 10:50 pm

Poor Qiao Xi, rumbled at the very start and blissfully unaware.
Wonder why Han Tian didn’t deal with him from the get-go though, like he did the Blood Demon; perhaps with this truce agreement, he has to be challenged first.
I think, unless the prey is already extremely wealthy, QX is right about money over flesh.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Ooh, I wonder how Han Titan will fall for Qiao Xi! He knows of his identity, I wonder what he’ll do next!

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